Subatomic Particle PrisonerIf we are right in our fundamental concept, if there is a grain of reality in our hypothesis, and if there is a substratum of truth in our idea of the atom from which the elements are compounded, it is to be recognized as a life working intelligently through the medium of a form. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of the Thinker, Alice Bailey, 1922)


Claire Grace Watson Welcome to this book, the first book I wrote, and it was many years after writing it that I read Alice Bailey's The Consciousness of the Atom and realized I had surprised myself by becoming another writer in the field of particle metaphysics. In my book I quote liberally from my sister Alice's brilliant book.

How my book came to me is interesting. I had been experimenting with prismacolor pencils, filling in circles with color in an attempt to open my chakras so I could "channel" a higher being of light or myself at a higher level of knowing, whatever. I wanted to connect with some higher intelligence and learn something I could not learn any other way. Everyday, I made deliberate attempts to do this and everyday I colored the circles and invoked whatever powers could hear me to reach me from within. I wanted to hear the inner call

I had almost finished all the circles when I heard a voice within say to me, "Ok, you can put the pencils down now." Telepathically I asked, "Who is this?" The answer came, "Sananda." I knew of him. Sananda is the name the new agers call the ascended Jesus, and I know two things about Jesus: he is not afraid to confront wickedness and he claims to have the power to resurrect the individual who "walks" with him. I meditated a bit on the idea that I was hearing the voice of Jesus and I tried to hear more. I wondered what great wickedness Sananda had in mind confronting. I hoped also I would not be required to die to win the battle, the way Jesus did. (Did it ever occur to you that we all die to win the Battle? Food for thought...) But I figured, well, I will just take my chances since I know he will rez me. I was onboard!

Alice BaileyAbsolute consciousness, to the ordinary thinker, is practically impossible of recognition. It has been defined in one book as, "That consciousness in which everything is, the possible as well as the actual," and concerns everything that can be possibly conceived of as having occurred, or occurring, or going to occur. This is, possibly, absolute consciousness, and from the standpoint of the human being is the consciousness of God, Who contains within Himself the past, the present, and the future. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey)

We got off to a great beginning because what I heard him say next amazed me and made me laugh out loud. I heard Sananda say, "Let's write a book together, a book about particle physics." What a hoot! I laughed and said, "But I don't know anything about particle physics." Actually, that was not entirely true, but I certainly didn't know enough to write a book about it, not even close. I had read some enlightened books about it, all having the same generic approach of "Zen and Particle Physics," where the authors are either physicists or metaphysicists. Usually, they're using science to prove Zen, as if there's any separation and as if Zen needs any validation by science.

When the scientist, for instance, speaks of force, or energy, and the Christian speaks of God, and the Hindu uses terms analogous to the 'I am that I am,' or the Self, they are all speaking of one and the same great life, but have lost much time in endeavoring to prove each other wrong, and to demonstrate the accuracy of their own interpretation. (The Consciousness of the Atom, Cosmic Evolution, Alice Bailey)

Sananda said, "But I do know something about particle physics and I will help you write it." He also advised me to smoke marijuana while channeling as it would help relax me so I could hear many voices within and not just his alone. I didn't have any pot at the time but I knew where to get it. I went and got some even though my social programming interfered with my internal truth, so that I wondered if I really had Jesus "on the line," if the real Jesus would advise smoking pot. Then, I realized that he might think our marijuana laws are worthy of his confrontation, as well. As I wrote, as explanation, in my book Dictionary of Early Common Era Gnosticism:

The being I channeled identified himself to me as Sananda, the ascended Jesus, perhaps to inspire me to take it more seriously and stop everything and channel the book, which I did. It seemed like Jesus, though, because the gist is that we kick the tables from under the moneychangers at the temple of quantum physics, a kind of created religion in the field of science. Perhaps I could sell the book if I would just state that I went into a trance, like unto Edgar Cayce, so that profound words came flowing through my sleeping mouth, but the problem is that I enjoyed too much getting in there and throwing my own punches at the particle physicists since I had long resented their ridiculous claim to sanctified status on account of their golden calf Albert Einstein, onto whom I also landed several right hooks and a karate groin grab. It was extremely satisfying, so I can't honestly say I "Edgar Cayce'ed" the book. I did, however, as a not-unpleasant compromise, "Cheech and Chong" the book. (Dictionary of Early Common Era Gnosticism)

What follows is the "fizz666" book we wrote together, and by the time it was finished my sides hurt from laughing so much. When the book was finished, and it happened very fast, in only a few days, I knew something about particle physics and a lot of other things, too. It also left me wondering if I had channeled the Cosmic Joker, a kind of angelic "counterfeiting spirit," pretending to be Sananda/Jesus. I feel, in retrospect, this may be more likely.

It was during this time I channeled the Atlanteans with Rene Mueller as interviewer. I learned more about these beings who were communicating with me, and the more I learned about them the more I followed the voices, via dreams, throughout the universe. My perspective became more and more universal and my ideas about reality began to change. I recorded those events in Heavenly Partners. That book changed things even more and I loved writing it.

Subatomic Particle PrisonerThis book portrays particle physics as a concentration camp for the poor little particle inmates. It also points out that these inmates, the little particles in the death camps, are divine beings of light that compose everything in the Universe, or at least our sector of the universe. Each one of us is a life structure composed of subatomic particles. In this book, abuse of the particles is the focus of particle physicks (spelled with a "k" to denote it is sick). According to Sananda, this abuse infiltrates all levels of existence. It heaps abuses upon abuses until finally it culminates in global warfare, and next thing you know--KaBoom! Another bomb goes off and still we ask, "Why?" We do not seem to draw the connection between mass destruction of tiny particles at CERN, the world's largest particle accelerator, and horrific destruction of large, physical world constructs, such as Twin Towers, and war and famine on the planet in general, not to mention pandemic. But subatomic particles facilitate life at one level by mirroring it in another. Think hologram. The particle accelerator at CERN does most the damage on the planet today, but it is only one of many. (Addendum - 3/30/20: And is it possible the reflection of this abuse of the infinitesimal particles comes back to haunt us in the form of coronavirus? All life is a mirror.)

The Large Electron Positron Collider (LEP) at CERN (below right), at a circumference of 27 kilometers (nearly 17 miles), is situated at Meyrin near Geneva in Switzerland. At about 100 meters below ground (330 feet), the tunnel circles under the foothills of the Jura mountain range and out past the French border. There are 4600 magnets, used to force bunches of electrons and positrons round the ring. The particles are treated to an environment of radio waves in hollow cavities made of copper at two points on the ring. Spinning round the ring inside a narrow aluminum pipe, they pass through regions in which they are accelerated by successive kicks, until each bunch is travelling around the 27 kilometer ring 10,000 times every second. Electrons and positrons are accelerated in opposite directions around the ring until they are travelling at close to the speed of light.

CERNFour bunches of electrons travel one way around the ring and four bunches of positrons travel the other way around. Each bunch contains a hundred thousand million particles to be smashed, for a total of eight hundred thousand million particle vivisections each time the experiment is carried out for the purpose of research (i.e., money) every 22 millionths of a second, mostly nonstop since the 1950's. (It may stop every now and then when the funding temporarily stops.)

My calculator will not do math at this level, so I have not been able to figure out exactly how many subatomic particles are permanently transmogrified in the space of one second times how many seconds there are in a day times how many there are in a year times how many years this particle accelerator has been operational since the 1950's. It will continue to be operational because the U.S. Government gives it $500 million dollars a year at least. I guess the funders figure it is a pretty sweet deal, so many randomly destructured particles for so little money. But IMHO, that money could have gone into the Junior Achievement Awards Program to send smart kids to college who could not otherwise get there without it. Seems a much saner investment to me and one that promises great returns instead of a world full of negatively charged particles that did not start life that way and might be looking for someone to blame.

Once accelerated to maximum speed, the paths of the particles are crossed at four evenly spaced points on the ring, smashing the electrons and positrons together. ("Allowing them to collide," is the euphemism the fizzassists use, as though the particles really want to commit hari-kari and are not trapped by magnets.) When the particles are smashed every 22 millionths of a second, electrons and their antiparticles, positrons, all are mutated and deprived of their light. Huge and massively expensive detectors at four points on the ring are used to track and analyze the streams of particles produced by the smashing. The LEP ring has to be this huge because the particles give off energy as they travel in a curved path, and the aim may not be to destroy the composition of the particles and to rob them of their God/dess-given power to create as intended, but that may be the effect, nevertheless.

You know, I admire this accelerator operation when it happens naturally at the galactic level. My world view does not include a mad scientist/insane god at the helm, flinging us around endlessly and killing us with centrifugal force just to see what will happen next, but that's the reality we're handing the particles. Something is definately off the spiritual path, at the least, and on the path to ultimate destruction, at the worst.

Yes, I am stoned as I am writing this, written mostly to amuse myself and obviously an attempt to drop some of my social programming, but still it seems to me to be blatantly compassionless to aim particles at each other and propel them at the speed of light so they will get bloated with energy that can be converted into mass when they are smashed. It is also silly, like loading Uncle Frank up with turkey and dressing, putting him on a jet and then colliding his jet into Aunt Bethel's jet to see what happens when the pieces fly apart. With all those kabillion million gazillion negatively charged particles in our atmosphere linked by the common experience of particle accelerator collision torture, the thought might just mysteriously occur to some person or other to do something like collide jets, just to see what would happen. Subatomic particle realities mirror each other, whether we can see it or not, but everything is connected and when we cannot understand the mind or motives of a person who would do such a thing, let us look deeper into our relationship with subatomic particles to seek answers.

A fizzassist will defend the need for accelerators by saying, "But if we speed particles faster and crash them together harder, something new will be created!" Oh, really? I don't want any, thank you. Besides, what was created from their collision, mass or mess? And what about poor ole' Uncle Frank and Aunt Bethel? Are they just there to be destroyed for the purpose of gathering data on horrific collisions so that fizzassists such as Stephen Hawkings can announce to us that the universe is hostile? Of course they would think so. Or maybe they are making it that way so to validate their hostile universe theory? People have been known to do things like that, just not exactly at that level of evidence creation.

Just because we started out with this planetary physics doesn't mean it's all the physics there is to have. What if we are supposed to graduate beyond this physics? Instead, we are fiddling with it, at the least, and manhandling it, at the worst, and since it's obviously bigger than we are, my suggestion is we leave it alone and figure out another way to progress. Like funding education, for example, for people too financially strapped to achieve it on their on. That would increase our chances enormously of getting different, less invasion and destructive therapies for cancer than the one particle physics offers us.

Humanity Perspective on the MatrixThe problem with acquiring information in this smashing, vivisection way, involving nearly 8000 scientists and engineers at CERN alone, besides that it is horribly apathetic, is that it dies with us. Our knowledge of the universe that we gain from this kind of investigation is not the kind of knowledge that can be interwoven into our DNA strands or built into our merkabas (individual light bodies that survive death.) Oh, you don't believe in that? Well good, go stand over there. More room for me in the Beamship.

Suppose nothing can convince the pseudoscience of particle physics to stop doing what it does? The only way we can save this disaster is by empathizing with these tiny space commanders. Our empathy, our understanding of the tragic little particles put off their purpose in life, is the best way to recover from this monstrosity. Compassion can be taken with us when we pass, the word itself a promise of this. Compassion is real power. Try it, feel it, it works.

Our abuse of the particles demonstrates our lack of understanding of who we are, who the particles are, our lack of respect for them and for ourselves, and our disconnetedness from them and ourselves. In our universe, intent is everything. The particles are designed to do whatever we need for them to do, their intent being to serve. They comprise all of reality and they serve by transforming themselves to mirror our needs and intent. When we manhandle them with the intent of making money, making destruction or making power, then our motives become their intentions and they obey the Universe's law of reciprocal. They reciprocate but, in this instance, reciprocate is spelled a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e. It is a brilliant failsafe, a way for the planet to protect itself against its ravagers, should there be any, i.e. us. But with compassion embedded in our individual souls - how does it get imbedded? Well, the particles do it - the apocalypse will "compassover" us, as it always has done. As for the scientists and engineers who participate in this mass transmogrification and mutation of the tiny space commanders, their fate will be spelled b.a.d. k-a-r-m-a.

The key to longevity on the planet is to admire and respect all life, recognizing that everything is alive and deserving of honor. Everything is sacred, everything is God/dess. Our planet is sacred; it is our Earth Mother. It is unique in the solar system because of its qualities of water, earth, air and fire. Our planet is the Garden of Eden, and we are in the Garden. As prophesied, there is a snake in here with us. It is the snake of our abuses! The snake is our enemy until we acknowledge it and own it. Then, it becomes our friend and we partake of its wisdom and share in its knowledge of how we abuse ourselves. This is enlightenment, to realize our true relationship with everything in the Universe, including the snakes of our abuses. And it does not take a genius to figure this out but an enlightened possum like Pogo, the great swamp philosopher, who said, "We have found the enemy, and they is us!" Pogo and I came literally from the same place, the Okefenokee Swamp where I grew up, so I understand his philosophy completely because it is also my own. Now I would like to introduce you to my supernatural, supernice co-authors who usually are playing possum. Just think of them as the particles themselves.


Welcome to this book written by Claire Grace Watson, M.S.T. and her Angels. We are so pleased for you to read it. This is what is called a "channeled" book or an allogeneous book (book from God). This book is in the genre of surrealism and is considered to be "automatic writing." What follows was written in the spirit of fun yet it is entirely designed to connect you with your particle self, that part of you that functions at the subatomic level. It is designed to help you open your chakras and become more aware of yourself as a compassionate individual. If it achieves that, then it is successful. The "co-authors" of this book will now address you from somewhere in the right side of the author's brain where the ganja particles are stored.

Lord Sananda Particle

What, then, is universal consciousness? It might be defined as consciousness thinking time and space, consciousness with the idea of location and succession involved within it, or, in reality, group consciousness, the group itself forming either a greater or a lesser unit. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey)

Atlantis, ChannelingAs the co-authors assisting in the production of this material, we are interested in hearing from you. I AM Lord Sananda. I am deemed by many in the New Age communities to be the Second Coming of Christ. I am the Son of God/dess, as are we all Daughters and Sons. As prophesied, our Second has Come, and Christ is in the Many this time, rather than just the One because in the Many do we behold the One. This is the Second Coming of Christ and the second teaching of the World Teacher Maitreya. Now, the Atlanteans will speak.

The Atlantean Particles

AtlanteansWe are the Atlanteans, ultraterrestrials who exist innerdimensionally, fully formed and functional, but very, very light. The Atlanteans exist both innerdimensionally and Earth-physically in Atlantis, beneath the South China Sea. We wish to introduce you to Claire Sarasvati, a Shield Guide and member of the Cosmic Shield Guides, an intergalactic, innerdimensional organization of lightbeings dedicated to leading lightwork projects. Now, back to Sananda.

I AM Sananda, a male/female divinity known to many as Jesus. I came here in the past to rectify some misdeeds, and I am coming back again. Distractions and diversions on the planet draw me here to investigate. I am sickened by the field of particle physics, a sick fizz666 spelled with a "666." Many trillions of little beings of light, close relatives of mine, are being destroyed each day, and billions of dollars fund the destruction. My purpose for being here, and the purpose of this book, is to overlight those activities, to bring light to a dark corner of human reality. The Atlanteans are here to underlight it. That way, the Light has the dark surrounded!

May I ask you something? Do you feel loved and do you love enough? This book is about love and caring, laughing, having fun and getting serious/Sirius. In this spirit we are here to overlight with love and laughter the dark field of particle physicks. Are you aware that particle physicks is seductive as well as dangerous? It seduces so many of us with its quiet whisperings of power, greed, fame and glory. These are vices. But here we wish to speak of beauty, love, art and magic. These are virtues. Let us make the distinction clear. The vices are usury, consumption and greed, and the virtues are love, wisdom and compassion. We are hoping for more virtues in this planetary development but instead we see more vices. Need I say more? Now, allow me to introduce another friend of mine, Sri Krishna.

Sri Krishna Particle

KrishnaI AM Sri Krishna and I am interested in you. I hope this book holds for you some magical formula, else why read on? My administrative position within the Cosmic Hierarchy is to design planetary systems. I create them to be beautiful and functional. Do you know that not everywhere in the Universe are organizational matters, such as planetary arrangements and disbursements, so perfect as they are here on this beautiful, blue-green model? When designing planetary systems, I have a menu of choices: different places in the Universe, different particles and different material allocations determine my selections. Here on earth, we have certain divine beings, my troops you might say, on the job--protons, electrons and quarks. These space commanders are specific to this Melchizedek Domain for Living, also called the Milky Way. These special materials are not found in all other areas. Unfortunately, our space commanders are being abused by some of the people on this planet. Because of this, my associates and I are beginning a planetary re-sponsoring project. Administrative positions are available. If you are interested, apply within.


What is planetary re-sponsoring, and why do planets need to be re-sponsored? In most cases, planets need re-sponsoring when their particular physics runs off the rails like trains sometimes do and when it threatens to overrun and destroy everyone and everything. This is symptomatic of excellent design on my part; when it works, anyone can operate it. But to try to operate it without partnering with me...well, there simply is no telling what the result will be. Utter confusion and mayhem, if not total annihilation. My department handles this scenario as well, since the buck stops right here with Sri Krishna. However, I will not enjoy reporting this to Mother, will I? How would you like to awaken the Mother to let her know one of her planetary systems has self-destructed? No, I didn't think so. I am the one who must do it, and it will sadden her immensely.

Planets in need of re-sponsoring are like men and women in need of second chances. A planetary re-sponsoring project is a second chance for the planet. But if the project fails, so does the planet ultimately fail. Unfortunately, planetary re-sponsoring projects are last resorts, as well as second chances. In re-sponsoring, divinities give a new response by taking up the navigational controls once again to help change the flow of physics activities on a planet. This is the meaning of December 21, 2012. But we are limited in our intervention because we are mindful that the planet belongs to the beings who inhabit it. Therefore, we can only guide. Thankfully, the galactic alignment puts us in the position to guide with a heavy hand. Why does Earth need a second chance? Well, look around you. Do you see it blooming in love and kindness, or do you see it culminating in desire and destruction?

Do you wish to participate in desire and destruction or would you prefer love and beauty? I think I know your answer. Now, here is a message from my friend and brother Arjuna, who travels with me throughout the galaxies as my companion. Our combined Merkabas, which are our personal enlightened souls and space-time vehicles, make up the space of all space-time. Do you sometimes feel as though you are traveling through time inside a big mothership called planet Earth? Indeed, you are. I AM at some of the controls, and my friend Arjuna participates at the helm. Right now, we are going in perfect circles within the womb of Mother. What is born is determined entirely by us. And you. Now here is Arjuna, my friend and companion.

Lord Arjuna

Dear One, I wish to speak of things near and dear to my heart chakra. I AM a man of the heart. I AM your brother and Lord Krishna's brother, and I AM waiting for intelligence to come through the matrix regarding particle fizz666 on planet Earth. I AM helping to formulate the re-sponsoring project. While I wait, I wish to speak about this book. This is an allogeneous book, which is to say, a channeled book or automatic writing. As such, this book exemplifies the genre of Surrealism. An allogeneous book is a book from God/dess, our Father/Mother. To bring this material from God/dess, we go through our co-author, Claire Sarasvati, who names us and acknowledges us throughout the material and who smoked good pot when she wrote it. Heightened her sense of awareness, you know. In the book, we talk about the funded field of particle fizz666. This field has outlived its usefulness, as everything does in natural evolution, and this is why planetary re-sponsoring projects are helpful.

Re-sponsoring projects function in various ways. The one we are proposing in the case of Planet Earth restructures large amounts of government money so that the funding for one of the government programs ceases and funding for another begins, using the same money. For experience in restructuring government money, the great lawmaker and architect of ancient Greece, Solon, has been consulted. In his time he was considered to be the greatest of generals in the Greek army and is noted as the Father of the Golden Age of Greece. As one of the seven wise men of Greece, Solon is experienced in re-sponsoring projects, having re-sponsored Greece and produced its Golden Age.

All of us being channeled by Claire are known collectively as the Cosmic Hierarchy. When we reside on the planet and involve ourselves in planetary affairs, we are The Atlanteans. We live beneath the crust of the planet in a subcontinent called Atlantis. There, we function as caretakers of this solar system. Numbered among us are: The Virgin Mary, Solon Centurion, Lord Sananda, Sri Krishna, myself, Buddha, Jesus, Sarasvati, the goddesses Serena, Diana, Mother Teresa, the Yoganandas, the Shamans, the Elementals, the Masters, the Prophets, the Magi, the Human Aeons, the Extraterrestrials, the Ultraterrestrials and the Angels and Archangels, you name it, we got it.

We are co-authors of this book. We speak through Claire, who has a spiritual connection with us. We communicate our thoughts to her, and she hears us. She types what we are saying via automatic writing and, thankfully, she types 90 words a minute even stoned. Channeling is an old art and science from as far back as the Garden, where Adam and Eve lived. As you recall, Adam heard God speak to him, and he channeled the messages to Eve, who could not hear the Voice. Later on in time, this was reversed so that the messages usually came through Eve and not Adam, as it was discovered Adam was more susceptible to the call of outside voices, not to mention the fact that he was apt to point the figure of blame at poor, innocent Eve.

Oh, I hear it now! I must leave. Information is coming through the matrix of the World Soul! May I ask you something in parting? Do you love synchronicity and do you follow the signs? With that in mind, I leave you now to enjoy this book, which is arranged alphabetically for your convenience, though not perfectly alphabetical. My peace be unto you. Now here is my friend Claire.

Claire Grace Watson, M.S.T.

Halo again. I have laughed so much while bringing this material through. Of course, I did have a good case of the giggles from all that pot I smoked. I have been so enlightened by this book and, combined with the "enlightenment herb" as I call it, I had a blast writing it. My praises to both the great Beings of Light who have gifted me with the sounds of their Voices and to the good fortune of having a mind secure in its own sanity.

Finally, individual consciousness may be defined as just as much of the universal consciousness as a separated unit can contact and can conceive of for itself. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey)

The special physics of our planet is studied by particle physics, which is one of our modern Holycosts. We have several Holycosts, all mirroring each other. This Holycost is special, in that it has a golden calf or sacred cow -- Albert Einstein. Einstein's work in the world helped to produce sick physics, spelled "fizz666" to differentiate it from physics of the natural world. Sick fizz666 corrupts and destroys. The people who work in particle fizz666 are fizz-assists -- those who assist the fizz. I am not mad at them, I just want to poke fun at them and their sacred holycost.

Here is something exciting, I think! Particle fizz666 is the vulnerable little brother of Goliath -- nuclear fizz666. Their relationship is very close. Goliath is possessed of his little brother and he cannot do without him. All his little brother's data, all the research, all the testing in atom smashing belongs to Goliath who uses it however he likes in nuclear fizz666. Here is the point I am making. Perhaps we cannot win a waged war against Goliath, but we can remove his little brother from his side, and without any bloodshed at all. This will be a huge problem for Goliath, who cannot function without him. Then, their support money will be used to educate the people who were forced to support them, so that they cannot return to control the planet. If the truth be known, I think the fizzassists are recruited by the Dracos, but let's not go into that here. We can go into here, though ;)

With this book we are suggesting that the time has come to bring particle fizz666 out of the realm of sickness and into the realm of light. To do this, we offer the fizzassists and the governments a way out of the current dilemmas regarding funding, and we empower the people to lead the way. On December 21, 2012, (12 21, 2012) we are entering the new universe where all things may be possible, but our path must be peace and love not abuse and destruction. We want a path strewn with roses, not with the battered bodies of little subatomic particles, our tiniest space commanders. And there is the possibility that, as a race of beings, we may not survive the next millennium if particle fizz666 cannot be diverted.

When particle fizzassists tell us their beliefs, that life is a random event in a hostile Universe, we can surmise something is sadly wrong. Or we can believe them. If we believe them and internalize their negative concepts, then we mirror those beliefs in two of our other godless creations, nuclear fizz666 and modern medicine. Is it because of internalized beliefs handed us by particle fizzassists that we have a kill-or-be-killed mentality? After all, if we are only a random event in a hostile universe, do we really care who we harm or what destruction we do?

Where do the fizzassists' destructive beliefs come from, Evil? Evil is the word live spelled backwards. Evil is pro-death and live is pro-life. Good and goodness are God/dess (Father/Mother god). But with compassion, death can be transformed into Daath, the ancient word meaning portal to the otherworld. Through this portal you may step and view the eternal realities. Eventually, you will pass through this portal, not in death as a new lost soul but in daath as a new enlightened spirit. But this is your choice, death or daath.

Is life evil or is it good? Life is good or it is supposed to be. Life is good when we can see Intelligence at work in the Universe and when we are divinely connected with that Intelligence. But if, in life, we see we are an abortion occurring in a meaningless void, then we connect with that belief. When we do, life becomes struggle, hate, dilemma and resentment. Because we create reality out of our beliefs, it is very important not to listen and internalize the negative dogma coming from the field of particle fizz666, where Albert Einstein, Father of the Bomb, is worshipped as god.

I hope you enjoy this book. I loved writing it.

Claire Sarasvati Yogi, Shield Guide

Chakra System, Dangerous Abuses in Particle Physics

Whale's Burden - Our Mickey Mouse Planet


This book is dedicated to all the people who are helping in its conception and publication. Our gratitude goes to the various groups of individuals--planetary, intergalactic and innerdimensional - who are assisting. This includes the Sirian Armada, the Board of Directors of the Intergalactic Council for Interplanetary Association and Trade, the Interplanetary Council of Foreign Affairs and Material Development, members of the Galactic Federation and distinguished individuals.

The Sirian Armada participated in the conception of the material as well as the distribution of the book to parts of the Universe. The Board of Directors of the Intergalactic Council for Interplanetary Association and Trade are instrumental in forming many of the ideas contained in the book. They also make it possible for the book to reach distant galaxies of the universe, where there are planetary groups interested in re-sponsoring projects.

The Interplanetary Council of Foreign Affairs and Material Development participated in the conception of the material, particularly the concepts regarding interplanetary associations for ascendancy over global affairs. With this group's participation we are able to contact beings that are our mentors in intergalactic relationships, interdimensional contacts and associations and innerdimensional causative forces. We also send our love to the Atlanteans, the ultra-terrestrials and Beings of Light who are cited throughout the book and who helped in the inspiration of the material.

The Galactic Federation participates by supporting the concept of particle physics realignment toward spiritual values. Many individual lightworkers anchor the Light and support this planetary re-sponsoring project. Concealment of lightworker identity is purposeful in matters such as these, and these lightworkers know the results of their actions. If they want to let their rewards be known, then they can. We thank you Andrew Glass, Ray-el Soline, Shan-Dur-Ray, EaTrom (Terry Romine), Orea De Sa' Hana, Bill Brown, Pat Hillson, Greg Stump, Merri Wright, Ronnie Williams, Terri Steiner and especially Moniko, for her editorial support.

To the people assisting in this first effort, their actions based mostly on faith and belief in their creative ability, thank you for helping to bring this light-work project forward. We are united in our belief that everywhere in the universe are sister and brother planets to our Earth. As evolved Earthians, we want to join them in council.

Claire Sarasvati Yogi, Lord Sananda and The Atlanteans

To be capable of being inspired means that a human mind has reached a stage in his evolution where he is consciously and positively under the control of his own higher self, the God within. That inner ruler, the real self, can, by definite contact, control his physical brain, and enable the man to make decisions, and to understand the truth, apart from the reasoning faculty altogether; this inner God can enable the man to speak, to write, and to pass on the truth without the use of the lower mind. Truth lies within ourselves. When we can contact our own inner God all truth will be revealed to us. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey)


"I love it!" (Andrew Glass, Woodland Park, Colorado)

"This book is wonderful! I feel closer to God." (Priscilla Andrews, Dothan, Alabama)

"This is a beautiful way of getting to know yourself and the Universe at the same time!" (Vea Busche, Cornell University)

"This book offers a quiet revolution for the Earth and her people, and for the rest of our Universe. I ESPECIALLY love Section C." (Moniko, Minnesota)

"I finished this book and loved it. It blew away most of my concepts on the subject. I know that everything has life, but this book gives personality to our tiny brothers, the subatomic particles." (Andy Glass)

"It gave me hits on all levels, not just the spiritual. All the levels of myself are now living the grandest, happiest, most optimum life experience that I can!" (Susan James, Virginia)



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