Melchizedek is the Christed image of God the Father, when God is conceived of as male. Melchizedek arrives within domains for living and realigns environments according to divine patterns of existence and divine values. Melchizedek is important in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, with all three naming him as a prophet. Called the Priest-King and the mysterious King of Salem, Melchizedek materializes onto the planet through the Mary Mother energy-power of manifestation.

He was also called Zorokothora, identified with Zoroaster and thus Zarathustra. He can intervene on behalf of any living thing for sustenance from Above. He appealed to the Father of Greatness once on behalf of Abraham of the Bible and had him reinstated. Melchizedek materialized on August 31st during Limitless Light Formation channeling meeting, and we were initiated by Melchizedek, who we saw open and close the front door to our home and enter invisibly to lead the initiation.


Some Accounts of Melchizedek

Psalms 110:4 The LORD hath sworn, and will not repent, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek.

Hebrews 5:5 So also Christ glorified not himself to be made an high priest; but he that said unto him, Thou art my Son, to day have I begotten thee.

6: As he saith also in another place, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec.

7: Who in the days of his flesh, when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto him that was able to save him from death, and was heard in that he feared;

8: Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered;

9: And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him; 10: Called of God an high priest after the order of Melchisedec.

Hebrews 7:17 For he testifieth, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec.

18: For there is verily a disannulling of the commandment going before for the weakness and unprofitableness thereof.

19: For the law made nothing perfect, but the bringing in of a better hope did; by the which we draw nigh unto God.

20: And inasmuch as not without an oath he was made priest:

21: (For those priests were made without an oath; but this with an oath by him that said unto him, The Lord sware and will not repent, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec:


Second Initiation, Tuesday, July 14, 1998 10:00pm EST

This following material was removed from the biblical archives in the early 1st to 4th centuries CE because of its highly positional quality. The Christians were trying to institutionalize their religion, so they took out all the inflammatory material, the parts that might make someone turn away from their organizational efforts. At the same time, and with the Emperor Constantine's blessings, they directed the Roman legions to burn the great library at Alexandria, destroying most of the collected books on the planet, and they also dispersed the Gnostic communities far and wide.

Generally, their interference disrupted the harmonic flow of material from spirit to those early channelers. Most of this beautiful material was destroyed but some of it was saved. The Nag Hammadi Library, for example, was buried in a jar to be dug up this century and examined by scholars. Predictably, that discovery was overshadowed by the near simultaneous discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, so the material was once again occulted by the more popular, less positional material of the Christian, or Essene, writers.

The problem with positional material is that it always offends someone and it always elicits a response from someone. But then, perhaps this is good and not bad. It depends on why you are releasing the material, I would suppose. If, for example, you are trying to organize people so that you can fulfill some hidden agenda, then you wouldn't want to distribute material known to be incendiary. You would not do anything that might drive people away, not toward, your organization's agenda.

This is exactly what the early Christians had in mind, but they were further determined to establish themselves by divisive measures, so they disrupted spirit's declinations in place and they ousted as much as possible those people who were singularly and directly connected to spirit. Therefore, they destroyed much of what we could call our spiritual consciousness heritage by their acts, had that heritage been vouchsafed to us. But then, who is to say this was not part of the Divine Plan, so we could continuously discover ourselves and our spiritual beliefs in the light of always having to defend them. So, here we are again, fighting this same old battle to have ourselves and our beliefs widely accepted. Or at least, to have them be not mocked.

Some of the material that was buried is, to my mind, the most important things we need to know. For example, the relationship of spin of the planet to our own immortality quests is especially important. This material was well under development by the Sethian Gnostics at the time they were routed and dispersed by the Roman legions under the direction of the newly empowered Christians. What the Sethians were interested in was the availability of planetary spin as it cycled mortal souls, something we hear absolutely nothing about, unless we read Dan Winter, who is also interested in this relationship of spin to personal immortality. But this, again, is where we are with this. Dan does his best to familiarize us with it, but the concepts themselves are so foreign that it takes just about all our attention to get it. This is problematic for us, today, because we need so much focus just to survive in our dearly beloved and well established rat race world. We need our little gray cells for other things than to contemplate whether or not our planet is spinning to our benefit or to our detriment.

Yet, today, we need to organize ourselves to some degree to look at this because it is becoming more and more important to us as we see such things as pole shift phenomenon, planetary flooding and disaster phenomenon, and more or less archaic actions in terms of our biblical mythology. Whether or not the poles are shifting is dearly important to us, not because we maybe can do something about it, but at least we can allow the phenomenon to alert us as to whether or not it makes any more sense than usual for us to stop what we are doing and take notice of this thing. This is important, in that we can look back into the Gnostic material and see what the ancient Gnostics thought about this, even though they had no personal awareness of planetary poles. Or did they?

Indeed, they did. They knew, for example, that the earth was established in such a way as to have a north, south, east and west. They also understood the watchtower relationship to these directions. The watchtowers were, in part, their concepts of planetary poles. They believed themselves and the planet to be watched over by tall, gangly beings who resided deep within the planet somewhere and who came out occasionally to stand at the polar positions and watch over us, to check on us to see what we are doing and to see if we need any kind of adjustment in terms of polar realities. In Ritual of the Stonehenge Portal we raised the Watchtowers and called for Archangel Michael to bring his blue cobalt sword and make it spin. We were working with planetary spin in our first ritual (1996).

So the Gnostics did conceive of the poles and that they might need monitoring. But, different from us, they believed in those magnificent Titan monitors, as well. They believed God provided Titans for pole shift problems because the Gnostics knew, from reading the literature of the times, that God had an almighty power and a great big arm and hand to just wipe our slate clean or dump a flood on us like we increasingly see today, if our poles get out of alignment, because it means WE are of alignment. And that's how God can tell, without having to take up too much of Her time looking and without having to squint when we are out of alignment. God/dess does a pole alignment check. This is part of classical astrology, which states we are intimately tied to the earth and all its phenomena and to the stars. So, we see, there was a strong polar consicousness then.

Planetary spin was big on the minds of the early mystics. In fact, they actively worried about it and wrote about something we don't really even think about. We know they worried about it because we have their manuscripts to tell us of their concerns. They believed, for example, that if a soul did not behave according to that soul's highest and best capabilities, in terms of Right Actions, then the soul would gain a kind of density that kept it involved in planetary spin indefinitely - revolving revolving revolving around the sun, around the moon, around the earth, and never escaping the time-density realities of the place. This, they believed, was pure hell, and as they gazed up in to the twinkling night skies they could see all the dense souls lined up in the sky and forming the body and tail of the constellation Draco. The tail dipped into the darkest recess of hell, which they perceived to be eternal darkness, a place where no light ever shone and no divinity ever visited.

Therefore, they conceived of themselves as having been saved, in part, by the descension of Jesus into hell to release all the souls therein. And they were onto something important when they conceived of his salvatory power as regards spin. They said Jesus ascends the planetary atmosphere and releases all the poor, pitiful souls from the ceaseless revolution of the planet by reversing the spin. Jesus alone, they believed, had this kind of power, except for two others - Lord Sabaoth and Melchizedek.

Lord Sabaoth has this power because he rides the skies on his chariot and rules from his position of the pole star. From this vantage point he can, if he so desires, reverse planetary spin. So they prayed to him to do so. Also with this power, they believed, is Melchizedek, the mysterious "priest-king of Salem," but the route he takes to actualization is different from Jesus and Sabaoth. Whereas Jesus achieves his shareability power through sacrifice, and Sabaoth's shareability is pre-established by his position as Father Sky, Melchizedek's shareability comes through group consciousness activities.

He may appear onto the planet at will, when group is established, and alter the spin ratio. In this respect, he has something in common with Jesus - by arriving here and walking the planet in person, however etherically, he gains the power to reverse the spin. This is the reason we are channeling Melchizedek now, most of us, whether we really realize it or not. Melchizedek is here to help us with our planetary spin. And he is not always etheric. Many, past and present, have seen him materialize right before their eyes. I know someone personally who experienced this, and I myself and 3 others observed him invisibly open a door, close it and latch it, and then say his name to us. He personally led us in the first initiation of his Limitless Light Formation.

Melchizedek wishes to remind us that He can bring about salvific action in the forum of the world we live in today. Melchizedek can intervene on our behalf to God the Father and Goddess the Mother - Father Sky and Mother Earth - for purposes of saving us, our earth selves, for the next dimensional go round, should we wish to apply to Him. According to the Bible, it was Melchizedek who once saved the great patriarch Abraham by appealing to God on his behalf. So we know he can save us if we recognize we need saving. We have available to us, and all throughout time, vast Powers existing simply to serve us by helping us. But we have to request their assistance because they honor a policy of noninterference.

Melchizedek can assist by His appeals on our behalf to the planetary archons, those beings who profit by keeping us here involved in this spin density ratio. He really does not have to appeal. It's just a formality. According to the Gnostic writings, he can simply overrule them. Period. He has power over spin.

What does it take to alter this spin we are in? Prayers to Melchizedek for assistance can help because he holds the key to reversing spin on the planet now. We are following a very old and very established process for planetary ascension and arrival into 4th dimensional reality. The Harmony of the Spheres is ours alone to achieve, but for this we need Melchizedek to help us achieve the proper tone. Amen.

Claire Melchizedek
Channeling Melchizedek
and Sir John Warren, Knight of the Realm


Truth is Like an Elephant, Like a Prism, Like a Diamond
Like a Peacock, Like a Mirror

Second Initiation, Tuesday, July 14, 1998 10:00pm EST

Truth is like an elephant. Once upon a time, a rich Raja gathered up all the blind people in his realm and stationed them at the different parts of an elephant. He told them to feel the elephant and then report back to him what the elephant is like. One blind person says, the elephant is like a beast with huge floppy ears! Another one says, no it's not! It's like a beast with a very long snout! Another one says, no, it's not like that at all! It's like a beast with a long skinny tail! And another replies, none of those! It's like a beast with great big thick legs!

Pretty soon, all the blind people are fighting and hitting each other, yelling back and forth about what the elephant is like, while the rich Raja is laughing, laughing, laughing. But both truth and the elephant are too big to be seen from just one point of view. It takes many different perspectives to get the entirety of both.

This is why I have 104 guides and counting. I consider them all to be the different parts of the elephant, and I don't want to get stuck in just the ears, or the legs, or the snout or the tail. Ugh! I want to get up on top of it and ride! I can only do that if I accept as truth all the reports of the various parts.

I honor my ET guides as well as my Hindu divinity guides. I honor the Yoganandas as well as the shamans. I honor the goddesses as well as the elementals. I honor the ascended masters as well as the archangels. I honor those nameless people who have passed and wish to speak, the grandmother, the nephew, the father, etc., as well as the Mahatmas. I love them all! They all are parts of the big elephant, just as we are, all with different names and with different points of view. So much fun to ride this elephant!

On my website, you will see all kinds of material with all kinds of points of view. Just check it out and see what I mean. So many different and beautiful beings coming through me with their material. So much interesting material from so many different realities. I plan on having many different internet activities for us to participate in and for us to have all kinds of spiritual experiences and insights right from the comfort of our homes. We don't have to go anywhere to do this. We don't have to spend money to do this. We can just claim it as our right, and proceed on ahead with it.

These activities will involve all sorts of interested energies and guide networks. Not just one point of view - not just the head or the hands or the legs or the heart - but the whole being will become involved in this, from all sides. From our side and from Spirit's side - which ultimately is the same side. There is no division, only unity. Reality is like a diamond, and we want to see all the facets of it. Just as light passes through the prism and splits into many colors, so do we see ourselves from all different angles (angels) when we have group consciousness activities such as Ritual of the Portal, Limitless Light Formation and Initiation, and Cosmic Mass for Spirit Releasement.

In our world, we are the prism and spirit is the light. We let the light/spirit come into us and pass through us, so we can see all the colors, all the vibrations. From this we learn not only about spirit but about ourselves. Why? Because at another level of beingness, we are both the prism and the light. But we are here now to see it displayed in its many different facets of beauty, color and tone, displaying itself to us.

In tonight's initiation, we focus, center and meditate. Then, hopefully we become like a peacock, unfolding our beautiful feathers of beingness and displaying for ourselves to see all our wealth of colors. We are the peacock unfolding our feathers of light when do these light body activities.

Come on! Join in! Ride this elephant with me! Become a prism, be the peacock, be a glittering facet of the diamond. Tonight, we will be riding the part of the elephant we call Melchizedek, who brings with him his several family members from their part of the elephant we call Orion. This will be great! They will teach us about their parts, their realities, their points of view and what it's like to be them. We will, for a short time, merge with them and experience their reality, their part of the whole truth. We will be them and they will be us. We will co-exist for a short while and mirror each other's points of view. Just center, focus and allow.


"My Order consists of beings who are full of Light and expressing its power. We are all divine one way or another, yet only to discover our divinity. And thus we wonder about life, asking the meaning and purpose of it. What is your purpose, you may ask? To discover the divinity within, that is your former assignment before you touched down on this planet.

Who are You? Where are you from? Have you asked yourself these questions? Say, I am from many places and many times, and all of them composed of the parts of me I chose to share during that time. We are all sharing, one way or another, and when we share we reach out in such a way as to temper rules and regulations set down before us by offices not divine but by offices constitutional. These offices have no dominion over you, and so why sell yourself to them for bits of money and pieces of gold coin. Only to see what it's like. That is the reason and so it is a pretty good reason, but let us continue on this path for a while and see how it develops.

My most memorable lifetime was the one I spent in the ancient world of Sumer and the Euphrates area of the planet. I loved it there so much. Sometimes I am drawn back there through my sovereign being who I was then. That me, so long ago, still lives and I enjoy that me so much. How can I be there and elsewhere simultaneously? Easy. It is simply how the physics works. My dimension of beingness comprises a variety of physics to satisfy my desire to become whomever I chose to become whenever I choose to become her. We are one, she and I, and when we merged, St. Germain was there to mix the colors of the paint in the vat of the alchemists, and swirl them round and round in a beautiful spiral.

And thus we became one and I become manifest on this physical plane of endeavor. Right through the front door I walked, and closed and latched it behind me, silently, slowly, smoothly, easily, invisibly. How could I do it, you are asking? I applied a form of physics unknown to this domain for living because this physics has yet to be invented by the consciousness here. I applied the physics of levitational power in which I simply raised my arm, pointed my hand in the direction of the door and, whoosh, it opened. Simple wasn't it? Yet it astonished the people there, though they knew my name had done it.

This physics is so simple to apply. All it takes is 4 people gathered together to bring into reality the manifested Rays of divinity, and the Rays appear as beingness called onto the planet for preparation and pursuit of well-beingness. This is my order, the Order of Melchizedek Priest-Kings and Priestesses. Welcome inside when you arrive. You will see me there within you."

Melchizedek, Power Divine through Claire Melchizedek


In Melchizedek's Domain for Living, spiritual alignment and Sacred Geometry are the same thing. Spiritual alignment is the function of geometry. This is what makes it sacred. When we are out of alignment, we are "out of Spirit." Bringing into alignment means bringing into Spirit. When we decide to bring into Spirit, or bring Spirit in, we are simply saying we are aligning to divine values as we perceive Spirit to hold them. So when we come into Spirit, we also come into Sacred Geometry. Spiritual alignment is the purpose and structure of the Universe as spoken by Sacred Geometry.

How we study Sacred Geometry is essentially the question, because we are also saying how we interact with Spirit. Sacred Geometry is interaction with Spirit from an angle of refraction, whereby we can mirror Spirit to take a look at ourselves and to discover whether or not we are in alignment. When we are in alignment with Spirit, we are in geometry. When we are in geometry we are in the field of regularly occurring intersections of paths of light-consciousness in which we share with each other our personal perspectives about space-time values of love and concepts of logic, spoken all the different ways we speak them. But what our personal perspective represents is our level of interaction with Spirit.

Sacred Geometry is also a way to bring in the rays of Spirit, which we can identify by color because of the angle of refraction we are subscribing to, in this case Sacred Geometry. When the rays of Spirit enter our angle of refraction in total alignment with Sacred Geometry, the rays are aligned to Spirit as well because we live in a spiritual Universe of ever-reaching bountiful levels of Spirit.

As a group, we can experience Spirit most usually by Spirit's actions rather than by Spirit's appearances. For example, Spirit will appear from the angle of refracted compassion, and thus we see something compassionate occur right at that moment in time, living out of that moment in communication with Spirit.

Spirit can become known to us by the occurrence of something miraculous for which we have no logical explanation. Spirit can slowly open a door, close it and latch it, silently and invisibly, but we all can see it. Then, bliss, love and light embrace the group as a shared experience. This is group alignment to spiritual values, evoking the appearance of Spirit and manifesting divinity onto the physical plane by pure and simple geometric principles, wherein the appearance of Spirit, through principles of Sacred Geometry, verifies Aristotle's theory of a rational Universe.

Spirit may enter an aligned human being and, for a short while, merge with that person in an exchange of energy patterns. While embodied thusly, spirit can gaze over into the eyes of another person in the group, and Spirit looks into the eyes of Spirit - Melchizedek looks into the eyes of Mary Mother. This is human and spiritual alignment to spiritual values stated by geometry. When Spirit is aligned, the rays of divine light and the Sirian Light Keys for Ascension enter into this Domain for Living, and all in the room are gifted with Light of many shades - Allah's flicking, yellow and white rays of Mercy and Beneficence, Sananda's red and yellow light rays of energetic creativity, Santiago St. Peter the Divine's peaceful blue light keys, and many more in the Light.

Melchizedek's presence is felt by all, as we are initiated into the Light by Him, who takes the initiates in the Light to that plane of heavenly existence described by Enoch and Elijah and others, where is held the Treasury of Light. Each color ray describes its own essence and dispenses the Light, aligning all to the shared, reflected values of Spirit and Sacred Geometry. One is the other's mirror, reflecting the other's light, and both merge to reach as one toward the Light, as we ascend.

Claire Melchizedek
Channeling Melchizedek, Sananda and Mary

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