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Collecting Star System Light Keys

The bull's foot Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys is a symbol from the constellation Taurus and the solar system Pantella, which is what we beings from the Galactic Federation call that solar system. Pantella means the Realms of Pan, a being also known as the Archangel Sandalphon, who is one among us. The symbol represents a type of masculine energy that is hard to define but we'll try.

Out in the Universe, or inside in the Universe, however you prefer to perceive it, there is a masculine energy called Armaton roaming the galaxies. This energy is bound by intergalactic rules to provide assistance wherever it is needed, and in return the energy pattern is allowed to inseminate the Great Mothers, those beings we know as galaxies. They are immense, fertile women who produce black holes through which Armatons can travel and inseminate. The result of the celestial fertilization is star systems and planets and all the rest - asteroids and other bodies of dark light that serve to keep the energy shifts in motion.

Now, Armaton is designed in such a way as to bring to you powerful masculine energy, if you can hold it. Can you? Because if you can, then you will be blessed of all the rest because Armaton protects, guides, enforces and reduces. By this is meant, Armaton makes your life so much easier, you cannot believe it. But do believe it, because it's true. The same power that germinates star systems is available to you for your use on everyday, mundane projects if you will just focus yourself in service to the Light, rather than service to the self.

By serving the Light, you serve the self, the Higher Self, to whom you need to be connected to achieve your blessed state of immortality. Do you understand this principle? It is very important. Your blessed state of immortality is achieved through service to the Light. What is the Light? This we will teach you if you don't already know it.

The Light is the Source of all Love and all Energy in the Universe. The Light is oneness and allness, the One and the Many, the all and the nothing, the everlasting blessedness called God. The Light is you and you are the Light. Therefore, to serve the Light is to serve yourself in the best way possible, but not by serving yourself do you serve the Light. Forget about serving yourself now and think about serving the Light. Then you will achieve all you have ever dreamed for, ever hoped for. Then you will achieve conscious immortality and Beauty, all at the same time. The wealth you seek will be more abundant than you can ever imagine. The wealth you seek resides within, wherein lives the Light. Go within, now, go within and seek for the Light. This is your directive from the Source of all existence. Go within. Search for God within. There you will find the power of the Self, to which you are eternally tied. Go within, dear one, go within. Not by going without will you ever find what you seek, but only by going within.

The skiff symbol is the boat of Isis Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys, her baris that sails across the celestial skies as she monitors her Beauty, the Universe. She sails along in the baris to see what she can see, and when she comes to this planet, what do you think she sees? She sees resource depletion and personal and private devastation. What do the people here really want, she asks herself? What do my children really want? If I am honest with myself, my Isis self, I can see they want more and more of me, but yet in response to their wants and their needs they continuously reduce me, so that by wanting more they are coming into a position wherein they will receive less and less. And this much is true about humanity, my precious children, that they only want what they think they need and they never want what they think they deserve.

What does this mean to you? Do you want only what you need or do you want what you think you deserve? Evaluate yourself this way and see how you feel about yourself, because if you only want what you think you need then you are cutting yourself short in so many ways. To want just the needs is not enough, is it? No, you want what you deserve, of course. And now what do you deserve? Ask yourself this question. "What do I personally deserve for the way I am living my life?"

If you can answer that question in such a way as to produce an answer satisfactory to yourself, then you can find out something about yourself that you never knew. Do you know what it is? Do you know what you can find out about yourself that you never knew? You can find out how you value yourself. And this is what we are asking you to do, find out how you value yourself. This is the most important question you have to answer today. "What am I worth to myself? What do I deserve in my life? Do I deserve wealth and abundance or do I deserve scarcity and fear? These are my choices, wealth and abundance or scarcity and fear. I choose wealth and abundance because that is what I deserve."

Now ask yourself this. If you do choose wealth and abundance, how do you choose to get it? Do you choose to receive it from yourself to yourself or do you choose to have someone give it to you, because if you answered "yes" to the first and "no" to the second, then you have come such a long way in life, haven't you? You know you cannot receive something from outside of yourself without strings attached to it, karmic strings. Now, decide right now to give yourself what you deserve, and you shall receive, dear one, you shall receive.

Join in the Limitless Light Formation now and see what benefits are there for you. Take a chance and join this organization and see what results await you, because you learn one really important thing -- that to give Light is to receive Light, and this we know is true. When you give of your Light to another human being you receive in return the exact amount of light you gave. It's the Light ratio of the Universe. You get what you give in exact proportions, don't you? That's karma. Now, give of your Light to these people who need it the most, and then, thus needy, you will receive Light of a much higher vibration than that which you just gave. You will receive Divine Light, and this is what you deserve when you give of your Light to those who need it. Join in this Limitless Light Formation and see what is the result. We can guarantee you one thing - you will never, ever regret it.


What does it mean to you, this sharp-snout fish symbol? Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys When Typhon chopped Osiris into 14 pieces, every one of which underwent a personal transformation, the only piece left behind was his phallus, which was eaten by the sharp-snout fish. Now, what that means is this. When the sharp-snout fish consumes the phallus of Osiris, it is a reference to how the physical world does business. The fish is a carp and a bottom feeder which, in business, is the kind of person who snorts around on the basement floors of business to find little tidbits of lost people to consume.

Do you know people like this? We do and we want to tell you about them for a moment. Not being negative, now, but just to make a point, let's say that these carps, who would consume your genitals if they could, are all around you, aren't they? Think about it. They are everywhere rampant and so we are here to show them to you and to alert you to them and to let you know that you do not have to swim in the same ocean with these fish if you don't want to. You can escape this 3rd dimensional mentality if you choose, and this is the way out. Give of yourself to your neighbors and let them know that you will help them if you can.

Now, another thing, join this Limitless Light Formation for purposes of helping others rather than for serving yourself and you will discover one very important thing. That the people sitting around you now are all interested in the same things you are - love, beauty, truth and honor. Show them you care. Be one of them and allow them to become one of you.

The Nile crab Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys is in partnership with the sharp-snout fish, and together they glean the river floors looking for pieces of lost people to consume. When they find them, the macerate them, chewing them up and gobbling them down. How many people in this world today do you know who conduct their businesses in this way? Plenty, you say. Now, what can you do about it? Did you not know you can set up an alternate and parallel reality that will compete with this one for business but yet, at the same time, relieve you of all reason and necessity to ever do business with these types of people again? Sure, and why not? Are you not worthy? Do you not deserve better than what this business world around you has to offer. Would you like to advance and become one with the Light and prosper as well. Certainly, why not? And you can. Believe it, you can.

The marsh grass sign Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys is one in which ascension is associated, because it is by floating to the top of the pool of sharks, carps and crabs can you ever expect to see the light of day, as mirrored by the marsh grass sign. The grass stretches up above the waters of the dank and dark underworld of humanity and reaches ever upward toward the light. Cling onto the marsh grass and let it take you up ever upward to the Light as it goes its faithful way toward sanity and humanity and away from insanity and inhumanity. Let the grass grow you ever upward as you reach for the Light.

Times have changed in some ways from those ancient days in Egypt, and in other ways they have not changed. Today, when we discuss the shape of the universe we think of it as spherical, do we not? Considering that our planet is spherical, and so many other celestial objects are spherical, we tend to believe the Universe itself is spherical. However, the beliefs were different in Bronze Age Egypt, wherein the beings there who participated in the Mystery Schools believed the Universe was shaped like a triangle and was like a large piece of fruit, something like a triangular shaped pomegranate. Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys They called it triangle-fruit or honey cake of Osiris -- the great environment in which they lived and which provided them with munificent bounty and great amounts of sunlight and moonlight and which filled them with awe. This particular symbol, honey cake and triangle fruit, also means that when you take up the study of the Light and all it involves, you will become blessed like the fruit on the trees. You will become a being filled with seeds to spread around you in your environment and to cause the Light to germinate and grow. That is the idea of this triangle-fruit symbol, a light code from the constellation Argo.


When Osiris was trapped in the coffin Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys by his brother Typhon and placed into the Nile River Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys, he became like the wood surrounding him as his coffin. He became very symbolic in his death because he was very much like the trees and the grass. He became destined to rule the underworld by virtue of his death. And so he did. He went directly into the water, where he himself was purified, and then he floated down the Nile River to a place called Byblos. There he was formed into the trunk of a tree, from which he grew to be a beautiful heather-tree. Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys

Now, what does all this mean? Does it have any bearing on your life today? Of course it does. It simply means this. When you take up your path as a being intent on becoming purified you will become pure matter, capable of being formed into many different things. For example, you will become a tree in that you will protect the trees and the plants from damage. You will become a fish, in that you will protect the fish in the waters from being destroyed by pollution. You will become a being upon a path of protection, by virtue of the fact that you will never again be able to live life the way you once did. You will become the purified purifier, and that is the meaning of this symbol on the Sirian Disk. You will become Osiris purified, filled with light keys and bound for immortality. Along the way, you will be blessed as the Son and Daughter of God, sent to Earth to make the place beautiful and filled with Love. And so you shall, dear one, so you shall. When you have completed your earthly journey, you will be raised up by all those loving beings whom you have met and merged with and you will begin a new life, closer to the Light and nearer to the Source. When you do this you will fold up your coffin Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys and throw it away, and that is the meaning of this next symbol, the discarded coffin. No longer needed, you will step out of it and walk joyfully on your way where you will begin your life anew, and your love for all life will blossom once again.

When you begin life at this next level you will be purified and so you will be symbolized by the 5-branched heather tree, Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys the ancient Sumerian symbol for the purified human. You will have undergone baptism by water, by fire, by air and by earth, and you will receive your god-head at the next level of beingness. You will ascend and never again will you live in scarcity and fear, as is so rampant on this planet now, because you will know yourself for the divine being you are and you will walk blessed with oneness and rightness and love and light. See it, believe it, know it. It shall become manifest for you when you decide right now to begin this life of purification and bringer of the Sirian light keys.


When, in ancient Egypt, you became encoded with the Sirian and Pleiadian light keys you formed a high five symbol to show it, so that whenever you met someone who was also receiving the codes, you gave them the special symbol - the high five Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys This is a variation of the salute to the Universe, wherein you call forth Horus and his falcon-hawk energy. But, in this case you simply raise your right hand a little bit lower, your elbow bent, and you slap the palm of the raised hand of your companion in the Light. Now, practice this for a moment with the beautiful galactic being sitting next to you, your new companion in the Light. Give that being the high five and just let it rip!

When you are giving them the high five, think in terms of all life on Earth and how you will protect it. Think in terms of the new paradigm shift and how everything that is upside-down will now become right-side up. Look at this curious sign on the Sirian Disk. Is this something to eat? Will you gobble this up and eat it like it was put on this planet to perform for you as a piece of food? This is a cute little pig Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys you might have had for breakfast this morning in the form of bacon or pork chops. What does this tell you, that perhaps you should honor all life as important and leave off eating meat? Yes indeed, it does.

Leave off eating meat. Why? Because when you are light-coded, your body and digestive tract will change and you will no longer be able to eat meat, to eat the little Babe pigs, so why not just start now in preparation for that moment in time when you will become so purified you will no longer be able to kill and eat the other animals on this planet. Consume the fruit of the trees and the grains of the field. They were placed here for your consumption, were they not?

Think about it. You do not require meat to exist, so why do you do it? Is it because you are programmed as a meat-eating consumer? Perhaps, but more likely it's because you just haven't given it a lot of thought, and your tongue is in charge of your thinking when it comes to food. Leave off eating the little Babe pigs, please, and all the other cute little animals. They have an absolute right to exist, just as you do. They have a God-given directive to Be, just as you do. Leave those poor little animals alone and stop consuming them for snacks.

What will it take to show you the way? What kind of energy is involved in your ascension. Is it watery, fiery, airy or earthy? Is it all four? Let's look at this from the point of view of the ancient Egyptians, who lived their entire existence on the Nile River. They believed ascension involved a watery process, in which your blood and your bodily fluids were removed from your body and transmuted through a chemical process they supplied themselves. This is where embalming came from, you know, from Egypt. Yet today, we see it Universally practiced. What does it mean?

Is it necessary to remove the fluids from the body for purposes of burial? No, good grief! It is so stupid, isn't it? What in the world is this all about these days? It has to do with making sure you don't smell up the room when you are laid out in your bedclothes looking silly with that benign smile smeared across your face. Please, let's get off it! This is the most ridiculous kind of burial there is, and so when you are finished with your laying there and looking dumb, be sure to write into your will that you want to be tossed into the river where you can become fish food, because that is all that truly makes sense when it comes to proper burial. And if you don't want the water burial, opt for the fire burial, the cremation. What about the earth burial, is that good for you? Sure. What about the air burial, how would you pull that off, do you think, by being flown at high altitudes and dropped out of an airplane? The point is, the entire burial process of this country, and most of the civilized world, is completely and utterly misbegotten.

The Nile symbol Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys on the Sirian disk gives an indication of how the ancient Egyptians felt about avoiding the embalmers. The members of the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt thought it was stupid, too. Typhon did not have Osiris embalmed. He threw him into the river.

Why focus on death, anyway? When your body and your brain and your mind have been transformed, you will have become light-coded to lead others in their own ascension process, for that is what we are speaking of here, an ascension process. When you become qualified as a leader by virtue of your own personal ascension, in which you received the Sirian light keys, and the other light keys as well, you will become Osiris purified, qualified to guide the Universe on its course. This is the meaning of the next symbol of Osiris holding the Shield Guide shield Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys and its Universal light code information. Osiris directs the Universe on its path, and as such is fully the Son of God, designated to follow God's directives and to guide the Universe. With this mind, think about what comes next for you. Will you join the service to the Light or will you continue to be one of the many, the mass group of civilization on this planet who follow blindly the willfulness of others seeking the fulfillment of their own agendas? No way, right? Right.


Perhaps you are feeling this way about life, now. Is this true? Are you feeling this way or are you filled with indescribable joy at the beauty of your own beingness? Think about this, because this question is so very important. If you are feeling like this world is a dog's life, Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys then you perhaps are wishing for a change, but you realize, also, that change at this level of existence is nearly impossible unless something very unusual happens. For example, you've already learned you cannot move from city to city and achieve a valuable change, have you not? Certainly. And you've already learned you cannot exchange people for people, husbands for husbands, wives for wives, and achieve a valuable change, correct? So what does it take to remove you from this dog's life and place you at another level of beingness while you are still here and breathing? Must you undergo a near-death experience just to get a glimpse of the possibilities and the ultimate realities? Certainly not, dear one. Good heavens, who is asking you to die? Not us. We are simply telling you that we know a way for you to ascend to the next level of beingness, and take the entire planet with you, if you so desire. Do you desire it? Let us know. We're interested in you and what you decide.

When you arrive at your new level of beingness and knowingness, what will you see? The New Jerusalem, the Sophia Above, awaits you there. The planetary ascension is upon you. What does it look like? Is it a beautiful palace in the sky? Is it a beautiful Eden floating in the air? Yes, both of these, symbolized by the Cosmic House of Horus Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys on the Sirian Disk. This is your new beautiful home, the place you always wanted to live but never could. Where does it exist? Out there, in there, above you, below you, all around you. The planet itself ascends with you, and when it does it looks like this. The architecture of the spheres contains many levels, many dimensions, all of them your home. Enjoy it all when you arrive. We enjoy it. We live here now and we can tell you one thing about it. It is beautiful beyond belief. Enjoy it when you arrive, you beautiful people. You deserve it. Truly, you deserve it.


This is a given, that the heart chakra will open when the Sirian light keys are assimilated by the individual, and this is one of the proudest moments of your life when you experience it. There is nothing like it, as the many will tell you who have already experienced it. When the heart chakra opens, the world begins again, filled with love and beauty, truth and knowledge, and all things eternal. This is the moment of existence when you know, fully and completely, conscious immortality is yours.

The heart chakra opens and your beingness is assured. If you have not had this experience you will be amazed by it when it occurs. Look within yourself right now and see if there is any reason you can think of why you should not follow a spiritual path that directly causes the heart chakra to open. Can you find a reason why not, because if you can we want to know what it is because we feel such a reason cannot possibly exist. So, see yourself for who you are, a person with a heart chakra waiting to open.

The wand of Isis Heart Chakra stands for purity, and so it holds four points at the top and is long at the bottom. This symbolizes the beaming light as it comes down from Source and touches you right at the crown chakra. The wand of Isis is magical, for it defies earthly experience to explain how it works, but yet we try. The wand of Isis is her gift, her tool she gives you to transform the world around you. Use it when it is given and you will see the astonishing results.

Take care now that you don't find the wand of Isis too much for you, because when it ignites itself and works within you, your world becomes transformed and you along with it. Take care now the wand of Isis does not dismay you, because when you look around you now you will see a world just awaiting your arrival into it and your purification of it. Take care now the wand of Isis does not detain you because in your hurry to lead your life, perhaps a dog's life, you may have to slow down a bit to see what the wand of Isis holds for you.

Take care now you do not lose sight of your beingness in this lifetime, because the wand of Isis will lead you and show you the path. The wand of Isis is a Sirian light code. Take care now you do not miss the opportunity to receive it. It may be offered you only once in a lifetime. Take care now, dear one, take care now. The wand of Isis is there for you should you choose to pick it up. Take care now you don't forget to accept the wand of Isis. She offers it to you today. Pick it up as a light code within your beingness, one that opens your mind and your eyes and your heart to the beauty of life all around you. Purify that beauty, purify it by your celestial presence, dear one. You are the Select of all the rest.


Who are the sheeple? They are the beings who exist for purposes unknown to them and who accept anyone else's version of the reason for their own existence. Are you one of the sheeple? Can you define your existence as extraordinary, because if you can you are not one of the sheeple, and if you cannot then perhaps you are a sheeple. What is a sheeple, exactly? A sheeple is a person who follows blindly like sheep Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys all the tinkling bells and calls of the leaders around them, those people with their own agendas to fulfill who need sheeple to help them get ahead in this life. Those people are the flock herders of the sheeple.

Are you a sheeple? If you are, you may wish to define your life differently, right? You may wish to make some changes that take you out of the fold of the sheeple and put you into the fold of the Osirian leaders of the planet. Can you do this? Do you believe you can leave the sheeple and become an Osirian Heaven-Walker? Because if you can you need to decide right now for yourself what it is exactly you wish to do with your life from this point on. You can remain a sheeple, a guided being told what to do, what to think, what to feel and what to say, or you can become Osiris, Son of God, Daughter of God, empowered to change the world, empowered to help the sheeple out of the darkness and into the light. Can you do it? That is the question we have for you today. Can you help the sheeple? If you can, you become the shepherd Thoth-Hermes, the being Kriophoros, who helps the people into the Light. You can become this leader if you only decide to do it. Have you decided to do it? Why sure.

Put on your hood Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys of the Robe of Isis and of Osiris and begin to lead the people. Become an initiate and an initiator into the Limitless Light Formation and pick up your staff of purification and begin to lead the people. This is your challenge here today. When you wear the hood of the Robe of Isis and of the Robe of Osiris, you become qualified to lead the sheeple out of the darkness and into the Light. Do it today, begin today this greatest spiritual path known, the path of the Star People. Take up the staff of Osiris and lead the sheeple out of darkness and into the Light. You can do it, we know you can. Certainly, you can do it because you have received the Sirian light keys. Oh, have you not received them yet? Then find out how to begin your reception of your star-seeded heritage. Email to join the Limitless Light Formation and begin your beautiful spiritual path to planetary ascension and the Light of the Creator.

You can take this path and lead others as well because you are qualified to try to wear the Robe of Isis and the Robe of Osiris. You beingness is assured when you wear these mystical robes. Pick up your staff and become the leader you were always meant to be, the leader you were sent here to become. Do it now, not later, because now or later is the only real choice you have.


When you wear the wreath of victory, Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys you wear the symbol indicating your acceptance of the terms of the Universe and your award for that acceptance. Your award is this - you can conquer any situation in which you find yourself by simply applying your knowledge and skills you have learned by joining the Limitless Light Formation.

You will be able to compete in the physical world in such a way that cares for yourself and advances the values of the Light. Would you like to be able to do this and wear the wreath of victory? Then sign up now and allow yourself the opportunity to be the leader you always wanted to be, leading an organization you always wanted to lead. These are your awards - personal satisfaction, personal power and personal knowledge that you are changing the face of the planet in such a way as to enable all the beings on the planet to experience the same kind of joy you are experiencing as a leadership candidate. Take the first step now and see what happens next. You can't miss!

When you are on the Victory Path you will encounter many sneaky, mysterious blocking forces coming in your direction. They will appear to you as blocking forces, but always keep this in mind. These forces are quite mysterious because they cause you to increase your own personal resolve and your determination to achieve your Light goals. These forces are represented on the Sirian disk as a vertical serpent with a split tail. Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys It represents a negatively charged being walking upright. Do you know anyone like this? Sure, you do. Some animals are in human form, right? So when you meet this force encased inside a human being and it appears to be determined to stop you from achieving what you would like to achieve, then you know you are encountering a mysterious force. Embrace it. Give it love. It's helping you in ways you cannot begin to imagine. It's giving you the impetus to achieve your goals and follow your dreams. Love the being with the sneaky focus. It's your teacher in disguise.


The next symbol represents your own horn Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys that you blow to announce your new arrival into the next dimensional level of thinking. How do you blow the horn? Easy. You just open your mouth and start talking about your own ascension plans. This is how you bring people into the program, and when you bring them in you also receive remuneration for it - money, in other words. Why do we establish this program this way, with money in the picture? Because we are still living in 3d reality where money talks and commands respect, and we want people to realize we understand perfectly where our physical bodies are.

While our heads are presently in 4d and 5d, our bodies are still located solidly in 3d. Our heads are in heaven, like Osiris, reaching for the stars, while are feet are solidly grounded, toes wriggling in the dirt. This is our dual, and quite lovely, existence, isn't it? We are here and we are there, both at the same time. We can be in two places at the same time, bi-located as it were, both here on the planet and up above in the stars. How do we do this?

We begin by joining the Limitless Light Formation and learning these light code skills of moving back and forth between dimensions, doing our work, living our lives, loving ourselves. These are our goals and these goals we vow we will accomplish. So by all means, blow your own horn! Let people know you live an exemplary life and you feel blessed! Sirian Maylin writes these words and forcefully means them!

What does the Water of Life mean to you? Is it your own ability to bring forth the things you need in 3d reality? Look at that water-vase Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys symbol on the disk. That is your next attainment, the alchemical Water of Life. It means the light keys have merged with you and you with them, and now you are receiving the Water of Life immortality you so richly deserve. Why do you deserve it? Because you lead an exemplary life and now you will receive as you have given. You will receive the blessings awarded those who are to met their Creator and recognize her. She is all around you. Look around you. She brings you manifest all those wonderful things you need to live a wonderful life. Why do you refuse to see her sitting there beside you? Look deeply into those eyes looking deeply into yours. She is there within. He is there within. And She/He brings to you the manifested and immortal Water of Life for your consumption.

Drink of the Water of Life, now, drink of it and stay in the flow. The water is yours to consume because you have decided not to consume the planet anymore and all the people in it. You have decided to consume of your own blessed consciousness, the Water of Life. Enjoy it, it's yours forevermore, now that you have received the Sirian light keys, and not just the Sirians light keys but others as well. Is your brain blinking lights a little bit now. Do you see those beautiful brilliant white lights? Because if you do you therefore know for a solid fact you are receiving the light keys. Look within tonight and see what light keys you have received. Are they triangles? Are they spirals? What do they look like? Write down everything you see inside that beautiful brain of yours and see what lies therein to lead you to the next phase of co-creating your own conscious immortality while alive and well and walking on this planet. You can do it, yes you can!

The crescent moon Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys lies above you, the blue moon some people call it. Do you feel blue, these days? If you do then let go of all that sadness. There is nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. Everything is provided for you. Join in this beautiful new moon network, the new phase of the glorious moon, and allow yourself to feel the full moon energy. What a beautiful, sublime energy it is, the energy of the moon. Isn't it wonderful? What a sacred, blessed state in which we live on this planet. How beautiful, truly beautiful is this planet.

The moon sends you its own light keys and you receive them every night of your life. Did you realize it? Did you know you are every night receiving the light keys of the moon, as it steps down the powerful sun energy to a vibration you can receive. Without the moon we could not live here. Did you realize this? The moon is mandatory for our survival. The moon serves the beautiful function of stepping down the energy from the sun and making it possible for us to acquire and assimilate the sun's light keys at night. How else could we get them? The sun fries us everyday of our lives until we die, and that's our life on this planet - fried by the sun until death. But without the sun we could not live at all and without the moon we could not live here at all. Amazing, isn't it? Without these great spiritual and celestial objects we could not live at all. Incredible, isn't it, simply incredible!

Why don't you think about this for a time, because it requires a good deal of thought, doesn't it? Think about the moon and the sun. They are all-life, all-powerful formations of energy-light keys. All we need to survive here is the sun and the moon and all they produce for us. Thank goodness for the alchemical sun and moon that allow us to merge, to fuse, to bring about a fusion - an alchemy - with the sun's light keys. Thank you so much, God/dess, for supplying us this day with the sun and moon. Thank you so much for giving us these great celestial objects as gifts, and when we leave here, we are taking them with us. How will we do it? Because we have encoded into our minds and our brains their light keys and thus they go where we go. We are merging with those brilliant objects of celestial light and so we will always, always abide with them at whatever level we choose to exist. Thank you, great deities, for being here with us and for supporting us in all that we do. Thank you so much great deities for all that you do!


What you do now is so important, you really have no idea. Or perhaps you do. What do you think would be the next step for you to take, now? Would it be to cut the cord Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys to all your earthly, obsessive attachments? Do you live in scarcity and fear? Do you live in Scare City? Do you? Perhaps you do, perhaps you don't, but the point is this. When you choose this Victory path, this Limitless Light Formation path, you must begin to release all your fear. Why? Because this fear is keeping you here, attached to the karmic wheel. You must learn to release this fear and this concept of scarcity, and step off the karmic wheel. How do you do it, you ask?

You let go of all those things you think you love, all those beings you think you love, and you say to yourself, "Whatever it takes, whatever it means, I will release my fears, my negative emotions, my false beliefs in security. I will come to understand that my home is my physical body and my house is the Universe. If I allow the Universe to take care of me, then what do I need to do to bring that about? I need to take care of the Universe. How can I do this? How can I become caretaker of the Universe?

Simple. I just release my fear-based attachments and then I release my friends and family from my fear-based attachments and I begin to lead them into the Light." How is this accomplished? Easy. Just let go. Just let go and let flow. It's that simple. Just let go and let flow. And when you let go, say to yourself, "I will never again make decisions based on fear. I will never again make these fear-based, strange emotional decisions, because I know one thing for sure. I am a loving, caring human being who deserves better than I have ever gotten. I will release my fears right now and let go and let flow."

Let's do it. Say it together now. "I let go and let flow. My life is precious. I let go and let flow. I agree to serve my Creator, whoever She is, even if I don't understand it. I agree to serve Him, whoever He is, even if I don't understand it. It doesn't matter if I understand, it only matters if I act in that direction, and I agree to act now. I agree to act in the direction of the Creator right now. I agree to join with the Light and act in behalf of the Light right now." Done, dear one, it is done.

Now speak these words, "I agree to accept into my beingness the Sirian light keys, the brilliant geometries of the Universe. Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys. I accept these codes as my temporary guides until my true spiritual guides appear. If I already have spiritual guides, I request they guide me now in the acceptance of the light keys if they feel so guided to do so. Let me now open to the idea of my own conscious immortality because I believe in it fully and completely. I believe in my own ability to cleanse the Universe of much of its woe in the form of usury, consumption and greed. So be it. Amen."

Now, say these words with me. "I call upon Pan Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys. I call upon Prince of Angels Sandalphon, the god of all beingness, the black angel of hope. This angel will release me from my fears because this angel fears nothing and no one. Sandalphon will come to me and abide with me and release me from my dark, negative energies, those fear-based structures that regulate my life. Sandalphon will speak with me and call out to me to come home, to come home to the Light. Sandalphon will come to me and help me. This I truly believe, for I am walking in the Light from this day forth."

Sirian Maylin, President
Sirian Council
with Claire Grace Watson

Also: Sananda Buddha Jesus writes these words through Claire Grace Watson, M.S.T.
Also speaks Solon Centurion and Visarda Cumperreun Mariano/Watcher, Warrior and Angelic Logoi
Through God our Creator and Mother Mary, Amen



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