Star Sirius, Star System Light KeysStar Sirius, Star System Light KeysStar Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Chakra System Light Key Receptors

...perhaps the behavior of normal cosmic matter that we attribute to dark matter is brought on by something else altogether: a living state that manipulates luminous matter for its own purposes. (Is Physical Law an Alien Intelligence? Caleb Scharf, "Nautilus," Nov. 17, 2016)

Chakra SystemThe Sirian Light Keys are revealed in the great mystery-myth of the ancient Egyptians - the story of Isis and Osiris. As the ancient story goes, when Osiris is dismembered by his greedy brother Typhon, many realities came into existence that need repair by Isis - a kind of a Goddess-in-Skiff on the celestial Nile River in the night skies. This is the meaning of the dismemberment of Osiris into 14 pieces, that no matter how far in life you go, you can never achieve your fullest potential until you have distributed yourself in a multidimensional way. You can only acquire conscious immortality by pushing yourself as far as you can go in service to the Light and then by distributing yourself in as many places as is possible. We see this archetype demonstrated over and over in religions all over the world. Now when we see it, we know one thing for certain, that when we distribute ourselves this way throughout time, throughout dimensions, we become immortal and thus shareable.

When Osiris is dismembered by Typhon, he grows to be immortal, and that is truly paradoxical. But Paradise is plural for paradox, so we see Osiris, by his physical death, in the process of achieving Paradise. But first he must receive his light keys and begin his merger with his higher self. So we see at the center of the disk, Side 1, the Flower of Life Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys, representing the beautiful beam of light sent into the top of the head at the location of the crown chakra. The chakra is represented by the flax flower and also by the spiral pattern of the round disk. The pattern also portrays the left side of the brain, something of vast importance to immortality. There is a part of the brain called the cerebellum containing Arborvitae, or Tree of Life -- the cerebellum in cross section. This is the key to life eternal. The only question is, how to activate it, how to introduce to it the compatible light keys?

The next Sirian symbol found on the disk (moving from the center of the disk outward) represents the bald head of Osiris Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys as he receives his own beam of light, making him immortal. Osiris is not the Source, not the Creator, but he is the Mind of God, the Logos given form. He is Divine Son of God Osiris, the being most cherished by the Divinity but temporarily separated from his higher self. On his cheek is the symbol of infinity, which is his symbol of beingness, because he, above all others, is infinite in scope. He is beyond time, beyond space, and beyond all corruption of physicality. He is immortal, indeed, and so he believes it.

Therefore, he takes up his broom Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys, his tool of purification (knowledge), and he sets out to share his purity and to cleanse the world of all its woes, all its sorrows and its misguided concepts, all its loosely formed opinions and its unholy beliefs. And this he does most admirably. He cleans up the entire planet, as well as the Universe, and he continues on his journey of purification because he knows most definitely his path is Good, his soul is Just, his beingness is Confirmed. He is Osiris Most High and he is doing his given position of purifying the world.

When Osiris sets out to purify the world, he begins as a Divine Heaven-Walker Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys because he is receiving his light keys of conscious immortality. He walks along most joyfully, loving himself in his physical body and his physical life, and in his physical job of maintenance man of the Universe. He is blessed in his position, as he strides along beside the tall stalk of the Papyrus plant. The concept the ancient Egyptians had of the Papyrus plant Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys was that its use, for making paper to write upon, gave one a certain dignity they never could hope to have any other way, for they were Intellects Profound because they could read and write. So the Papyrus plant shows how brilliant is the Divine Osiris. He is truly brilliant and so also is completely trustworthy because of his brilliance. He is spreading his brilliance through the written word, as well.

The next Sirian light key is quite complex and shows more information regarding Osiris and his place of residence, his House, represented by the light key Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys, implying two symbolisms; one, As Above, So Below, by which is meant Osiris lives both above, in the celestial Heavens, and also below on the physical plane. Osiris is archetypal for our own existence. The other symbolism is this, and it is certainly unique in all linguistic concepts. The E derives from the ancient Sumerian symbol for House of the God and means, in this case, House of Osiris. His home is the same as our home. His home is his body and his House is the Universe. Osiris is cleaning his house, the Universe, purifying it for those who come after him, and we also can follow this path.


The next Sirian symbol belongs in the family of herbs, although it is a sign of regeneration and life eternal. It is a Thyrsuses Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys and here the length of it is important, for it extends down into the next circle or dimension on the Sirian Disk. This extension becomes symbolic later on, when we see that Osiris can regenerate himself to exist in full magnificence and potential in the next dimension of reality by extending himself, as a being both mortal and immortal, by becoming shareable.

This long Thyrsuses, then, shows that possibility for Osiris and for ourselves. As he heaven-walks past the long Thyrsuses, he looks forward into the future to see himself purified, represented by the 5-branched tree or Chen-Osiris Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys, the ivy consecrated to Osiris, who is a time lord, among many other divine potentialities. When he sees the Chen-Osiris, he knows himself as a purified being, and so he says to himself, "I am Osiris Purified. I am Divine Being of Light. I am All-Mighty and All Divine." These words are prophetic for Osiris, but then, he is himself prophetic to say the least, being the Son of God.

What, then, is our relationship with God? Are we not divine, as well? Certainly we are but our divinity is discoverable. Begin to discover it today, please, as the Light is upon us.

The long Thysuses represents part of the secret formula for mummification and purification following death, used in the mummification of beings who were bound for the celestial realms dedicated by the god-being Osiris, whom they conceived to be their overself. There they merged with him and became divine. The Thyrsuses is a kind of herbal treatment designed to preserve the body from wear and tear during the long journey home to Source and to Light. It is an ancient herbal prescription.

Osiris is building a house in the Light for the beings who will soon arrive after death, a house built of Thyrsuses plants. Osiris is the being who can do this because he is the Divine Creator of life force herbs like the Thyrsuses.

The body of Osiris Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys, chopped into 14 pieces by Typhon, appears 15 times on this religious artifact. The body of Osiris symbolizes that portion of the god-king that is physical and is unable to transcend the limitations of physical matter. However, the body itself is only a vehicle and should be regarded as such. When you die, you will leave your body behind, and this you must realize and stop identifying with your body. It also is important to understand what part of yourself continues on in the afterlife, and this too becomes an important realization. Only when you understand this concept of conscious immortality will you begin to understand the value of mortality.

The 15th body of Osiris stands for his immanent shareability and his own ability to regroup himself into a large coherent form and pattern. By this is meant, Osiris can reform his position within himself and then re-start or regenerate his own body. This is possible only because he is a God and perhaps because he hails from the Sirius system, which was considered, by the ancient Egyptians, to be the home of the Immortals, particularly Isis and Osiris. When Osiris is scattered around and then is re-membered, with the help of his consort Isis, he becomes immortal again, but this time at a new dimension of beingness. And most importantly, no opposing force can prevent it.

Osiris becomes so divine and shareable that he can now deliver other beings into their own divinity by beaming at them rays of various colored lights to help them achieve their own immortality in the archetype of Osiris. By this light the Egyptians knew that the beam of light many people felt coming into the tops of their heads at their Crown chakras is the Light of Osiris, the Holy One, the God Divine, the Being Most Resurrected. This is what the ancient Egyptians believed and this is what they thought would happen to them if they studied their geometry and astronomy and learned as much as possible. They would become worthy of the god-king Osiris and they would thus receive his brilliant stream of light coming into their minds and making them immortals.

The symbol of Horus-in-Sirius Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys appears beside the symbol for the visible universe Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys. The shield contains 6 dots in the shape of the hexagram. According to the Egyptians, the visible universe was the 7 planets and the star Sirius. The round shield is accompanyed with the Horus-in-Sirius symbol on the Sirian Disk because this is the dark companion of the star Sirius known as Sirius B. This delineation of these two stars is made by joining together these visible universe signs on the Sirian Disk (Phaistos Disk).

Star Sirius, Star System Light KeysThis design produces what is known in modern Hermeticism as the Hermetic Star -- the star Sirius in the center of the 7 planets. This is derived, of course, from the ancient Hermeticism which we are reading about right now. Alongside the star and to the bottom right is its dark, invisible companion, Sirius B. Not surprisingly, the Egyptians detected the dark companion, as did the Dogon tribesmen in Africa. This image is derived by playing connect-the-dots with the disk. Just place tracing paper over the shields on Side 1, place dots on the shields and then connect them with lines.

When ancient people could detect invisible celestial objects such as Sirius B, the most well-known of these invisible objects, it means they had celestial connections to the objects in such a way as to gain inner access to the electrical-magnetic field of the moon or the star or the planet or whatever the object turns out to be. The electrical-magnetic connections are designed in such a way as to be palpable to the people who experience them. They have visions of the celestial object and they have experiences in which they believe they travel directly to the object. They also have the strength of vision to be able to make a determination about exactly where the object is the night skies. This information comes from becoming light keys - in this case, Sirian light keys. Thus we see, the Sirian disk portrays a group consciousness light code experience of the Sirian light keys by Bronze Age people, something we are achieving for ourselves.

The shields with the interior hexagram, connected to produce the Hermetic Star, symbolize the visible universe and are microcosmic representations of the two sides of the Sirian Disk. The idea is this. Side 1 of the disk is the left side of the brain, correlated by these Mystery School students to the Northern Hemisphere. Side 2 is the right side, correlated to the Southern Hemisphere. The Universe is both within/without and above/below. The light keys facilitate the left and right brain connection.

The shields Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys also are the symbol of the group of celestial beings known as the Shield Guides, and they are present at this time as you read this material. Simply by reading the material invokes the Shield Guides. This is part of the purpose of the Sirian disk, to impart to you the essential experience of connection to Spirit in such a way that you can relate to it mentally as well as spiritually, activating both sides of the brain for the mystical experience. This disk is quite profound in that respect because it gives you an insight into the experiences of Bronze Age people, experiences very like our own. The only thing separating the two of us, the two groups, is time, and even that is transcendent reality.

The hexagrams inside the shields relate to the form of geometry most prevalent in the Universe, for the hexagram can take up the least amount of space - is most compact - but at the same time can hold the most amount of information. Virtually everything of profound significance has the hexagram design. Many other forms exist, of course, but not with the same capacity to hold information like the hexagram. Overlapping hexagrams form the Merkaba symbol, the Star Tetrahedron. This means whenever you see the star tetrahedron in use in Merkaba workshops, you see a symbol meaning information is compacted and delivered as light keys and can be used to create the light-body vehicle.


The following Sirian symbol, shaped like a Y Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys is a light key from the dimension of time known as star time. This dimension is prevalent today in our own reality but we don't truly perceive it. The fact is, star time is the only real time there is inside the window of time, for star time is astrological, astronomical time and is called systemic time or tempus reducto - Latin for reduced time. This is paradoxical of course, since star time would seem to be much larger, not much reduced, than time as we know it in 3rd dimensional reality.

Star time is reduced time because it regulates a massive amount of space-time and therefore must be separated into little boxes of time, so to speak, little interconnected cubicles of time. Think of the way you save space on your computer's hard drive by compression. This is the analogy I would like to use for reduced star time. It makes the amount of software on your computer more manageable. Reduced star time does the same for massive amounts of space-time, and then the massive body of star time is manageable by the star time lords, the Angelic Logoi.

Now, these beings, the Watchers, Warriors and Angelic Logoi are often confused with the angels, of which we know a great deal, do we not? But the Angelic Logoi are a different group of beings and as such must be defined as time-line time lords - beings who inhabit the time lines of star systems and who distribute themselves throughout that reality in such a way as to be accessible to all other beings who encounter them astrally or mentally, such as human beings.

The time lords or Angelic Logoi are star time mechanics like Osiris, men and women who mechanize time and bring it into a malleable reality, such as the one we experience here as physical time, separate in meaning from star time, but time regulating the surfaces of large celestial bodies such as the planet earth. This we are calling physical time because it refers to spherical bodies or divine beings known as planets, and thus the people on the planets are physical in nature and are thus regulated by physical time. But the tempus reducto we referred to earlier is star time and is cubical in nature - sectioned into little quadrants for purposes of manageability. The managers are the Angelic Logoi, those beings who reside in the time lines between and throughout the star systems.

These beings, the Angelic Logoi, beam down to humans the light keys as they are gathered by them from the star light and from interdimensional areas of spherical light called angels and Ophanim, beings who are composed entirely of light. These beings transfer their light from themselves to humans by the Angelic Logoi, the managers of energy-light, sometimes called the Watchers. They never sleep but only meditate and so they are called the Watchers. They are also called Warriors because they defend the time lines against the other side of the equation, the dark light beings, the Dracos, as they are commonly known, who come to gather the light and to warp the time lines to their own agendas.

The problem with the Dracos is this, and we all know problem people, don't we? The Dracos have agendas other than serving the Light and they recruit humans into their concepts. For more about this, see their dark work in the field of particle physics at The Spirituality of Atom Smashing. This personal agenda-seeking mentality of the Dracos' is really the only thing about them that is a problem. But it prompts them to behave badly, upon occasions. Otherwise, they are alright folks but they have yet to learn there is no place in the service to the Light for personal agendas.

The Y symbol Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys is a light code bearing the values of Sirius system light. This particular form of light is highly conducive to materialization and methods of organizing beings for purposes of establishing group consciousness. When the Angelic Logoi form a time line path to the star Sirius for purposes of channeling that light to human beings, it becomes important to the receiving civilization to take advantage of this opportunity, for it only comes seldom. It came once in ancient Egypt, and this we see on the Sirian Disk as an account of that moment in time when the star system of Sirius, in the constellation Canis Major, was organized by the Angelic Logoi for purposes of transferring light from the star to the beings who organized themselves to receive this light.

It is certainly possible, and highly likely, that such an organization can be formed again. In ancient Egypt, from whence the Sirian Disk originates, the beings who organized for these purposes were called Isis-Osiris and Thoth-Hermes. They were enlightened by the light from the star system Sirius.


The following symbol, arm and hammer, is a kind of interlocking device designed to stretch the part of the brain capable of receiving the light keys. In other words, this device does not exist physically but is symbolic of a process performed by the Angelic Logoi when they are preparing the individual brain for light encoding. What they do is this. They merge with the brains of willing participants and they fuse certain parts of the brain with other parts, and then they also release certain parts of the brain from other parts. The result of this action is that the brain forms a cup or crater, a small indentation, that allows the Sirian light code to function as a permanent enlightening service to the individual.

Such an arm and hammer device does not actually exist, of course, but is only symbolized on the disk to suggest the encephalic process which is occurring when the Angelic Logoi are working within the brain so that it can receive the light keys. This is not painful in any way and is quite pleasant, in fact. Just ask people who have undergone this process and they will tell you. Receiving the light keys is a beautiful, pleasurable experience.

When the star system light keys are received, they act upon the individual to make that human more aware of certain spiritual beings around them and more attuned to those beings so they can receive them as Heavenly Partners and work with them in service to the Light. Without this spiritual partnership in full operation, the human is resourceful and understands the point of working in service to the Light, but cannot fully be as co-creative as possible. The merger of the Angelic Logoi in the form of light keys is performed for the pure and simple function of bringing the individual into the state of conscious immortality so that the human can become divine and begin a life of service to the Light.

When this happens, the light keys available to that individual at that time are given them and they become more than human - they become Osirian in scope. This is the purpose of receiving the light keys, to perform as immortal Osiris in purification and cleansing of the world in which we reside. When Osiris goes out into the Universe to sweep it clean, he also goes out as a purified man who is receiving his light keys from his Source connections. Osirian humans are beings who are receiving the light keys from the star system Sirius and are thus empowered to change reality by creating a new world view where they live and work. These beings are forming now as the Limitless Light Formation, and so here you are among them. How does it feel to be so blessed? Good, we hope, because the Work has only just begun and you are an essential part of it. Now is the time to open to the Sirian light keys.

The symbol that looks like a part of a vertical serpent Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys is also a light key, It represents a systemic light key from the star system Serpens Cauda. This type of light code involves the use of certain forms of electromagnetic energy for purposes of activating parts of the brain that perform best when assimilating this form of light code energy. So when a person receives this form of energy, then they become encoded in such a way as to receive information that comes to them in this energy form. In the case of the serpent, the energy comes in the form of electromagnetic waves of information.

What is the purpose of the information? To inform the individual as to how to achieve personal conscious immortality via assimilation of light keys. When this material in the form of light keys is assimilated, the individual then becomes immortal with the exception of this one thing - until the individual accomplishes the mission to which they have been assigned they cannot use the light keys for purposes of ascension. They must first accomplish their mission. Do you understand this? The light keys are useful only as long as you are on the path of the Light. When you step off the spiritual path onto the material path, a path filled with personal agendas, then the light keys are no longer useful to you. What it means is this - you cannot begin your ascension process as long as you are filled with personal agendas and private motives. You must remain in the service to the Light in order to use the light keys for ascension.


The Sirian symbol of the flying bird is the Golden Hawk flying towards heaven with the "Bone of Horus" the lodestone clasped in its claw. This is the exoteric meaning of the symbol but has nothing to do, really, with its deeper meaning of ascension and how it is achieved. The hawk represents ascension, of course, but the object clasped in its claw is not the lodestone but the hardened dirt of the planet that the hawk is taking with it. This means that ascension occurs in only one way - planetary.

Do you think you can surmise what will be the result of a planetary ascension? Let me explain. A planetary ascension does not mean the planet is going to ascend because, indeed, which way is up? The planet is instead going to produce a planetary offspring, a divine child of its own. By this is meant, the planet will produce an interdimensional spherical being capable of carrying with it, on its interdimensional journey, all the beings who are vibrating at the same interdimensional rate of frequency. In other words, the planet itself will become the mothership for all the interdimensional beings - those who have received and assimilated the light keys. The planet will actually ascend into the next dimension, an area nearer to the Light Source than this particular area.

Were this ascension visible to us, it would look like this. There would be the original planet Earth and then alongside would be a spacious mirror image floating there, identical but much less dense. There are already several planet Earth's like this now, you just can't see them unless you go astral or light-body and visit them, which often enough you do. Are these spherical mirage planets Heaven? Indeed they are because you can form this reality anyway you choose, and because you have arrived there via collective group consciousness with the same light keys, you will all be in agreement about how this reality should look and feel. Like the idea? Go for it!

When will this ascension happen? When enough people have assimilated the light keys so that an interdimensional group consciousness has been formed. How many will it take? 144,000, maybe more but not less. How do we bring these people on board for purposes of ascension? We don't. They volunteer. We cannot by ourselves bring off a planetary ascension, but the people who want to ascend can themselves cause it to occur. They simply come together for purposes of reordering and restructuring reality on this planet. They form themselves into a group called the Limitless Light Formation and then they determine to change the way things are done on this planet by co-creating a parallel reality. Once this reality is formed and growing, the requisite number of 144,000 will occur. It's that simple and it has been done before, even during times when so few people inhabited the planet that 144,000 represented the entire population of the largest cities. Therefore, to bring about an ascension now should be a piece of cake. Let's do it! Email Limitless Light Formation and join now!


Among us now is a group of interdimensional beings called the Sirians. We know them well, do we not? They are us. We are part of a larger organization called the Galactic Federation, and this federation is part of the Sirian Council. We, the Sirians, are capable of bringing off the planetary ascension completely by ourselves, but we don't do it, of course, because it's technically not our planet. So we leave it to you to do it, and this is as it should be. It is your planet and your ascension, and any group that comes in and tries to take it away from you is a bogus group of beings fulfilling their own agendas - the Dracos. No matter who they say they are, they are still what we call the Dracos - defined as beings fulfilling their own agendas of consumption, usury and greed.

We, the Sirians, are here to assist you in bringing about your ascension and to show you how to hold the light keys for ascension. We have come before, of course, most notably in ancient Egypt during the time this Sirian Disk was created (about 1600 BCE) and this disk records the ascension activities of those times. We are here again to help you and we have brought with us our friends the Pleiadians, the Venusians, the Arcturians, as well as many other groups. These are the some of the members of the Galactic Federation, and the time has come for these groups to step forward and reveal themselves, which they are doing most appropriately. Right now, we have several groups coming forth to identify themselves.

On the Sirian Disk appears this symbol of the Sirian Armada, a Starship Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys beside a pyramid Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys. What does this mean to you? To us it means this. We entered the interior of the Great Pyramid known as Cheops and worked with the beings there who were holding Light meetings as the priests and priestesses of Isis and Osiris or as the Thoth-Hermes Group. While we were there, we worked with these people and showed them how to acquire and assimilate the light keys.


This Sirian symbol of Isis Unveiled Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys displays the most beautiful being in the Universe. Do you doubt it? Then think about this. When Isis Unveils herself it means she is showing you the beauty of the world because she is representative of it, and as such she is the designer and family architect for whom Osiris is sweeping clean the world, in preparation of her arrival.

Isis is all Beauty, all Love, all Life and all Honor. She is Life Complete and so she unveils herself and shows you her breasts of benefaction and her nursing of the child Universe, the baby on her lap. And while she nurses the baby she beats her breast with her left hand in time to the rhythms of nature. It is her heart chakra she is awakening with her thumping on her chest. Her heart chakra connection is the Universe, and there is nothing she will not do to protect and guide it, for she, too, is a Shield Guide.

The lesson of Isis is this. When you are walking the world as a human being, you are at the breast of Isis and you are her child. Do you want to defeat her nursing of you by going about the planet and desecrating it? No, indeed not. You want to realize the blessed state in which you live and how sincerely happy you are to be here. And you also want to take this Beauty, this Love, the Compassion and this Honor with you when you leave. You can take it with you! You can! When the ascension occurs, you will leave on board the mothership Earth and arrive in your new and beautiful dimension of Love and Light, where all the beings around you want exactly what you want - peace and serenity.

Who are you? You are the Buddha disguised as a human and you are searching the Buddha consciousness for the discovery of yourself. And so you shall find yourself when you work with the concepts laid out for you by the Limitless Light Formation. You will become Divine. Simply Divine. Certainly you require this for immortality, do you not? No one who is mortal is consciously immortal without acquiring the light keys of Isis as she brings them to you from star Sirius. She is herself the largest living light code. Accept her symbol as your symbol and know deep within yourself you have come home to the goddess Isis - the Earth Mother Divine.

Sincerely spoken. Sincerely written. Sincerely Believed. Sananda Buddha Jesus speaks these words to you today. Believe them as you believe me. In my own life I embraced Isis and she embraced me. Together, we live and breathe and so shall you.


There is a concept here we wish to share with you and it is somewhat complex but very interesting. There is, "out there" in the Universe, a kind of energy that is all-encompassing, all-embracing, and that energy is called falcon or hawk energy by the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt. The falcon-the-perch Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys represents the god-king Horus, son of Osiris, or Son of the Son of God. Get this meaning, please. This beneficial energy can be transmuted and passed on and on and on, and so there is no reason whatsoever that you cannot be Osiris purifying the world of its dark energy.

For one thing, you can call upon the hawk energy or the falcon energy of Horus to help you do your work, and these two energies will appear and assist. How do you do this? Simple. You raise your right hand high in a salute to the Universe and you speak these words, " I call upon the Shield Guide Horus. I call upon his hawk and his falcon. I want these beings to attend to me and assist me in my endeavors. When these beings appear I want them to be guided by me in the Light." Say this and you will receive this help. That is the meaning of this falcon-on-the-perch symbol. It is your energy gift created especially for your use. Use it, then, and see what happens. We guarantee you one thing: your life will change for the better.

When you call upon the hawk and the falcon, you also call upon the beings who harness them, who control their energy, and these beings hail from the constellation Bootes, the Ploughman. In this case the yoke of Bootes Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys is a yoga symbol and not a ploughman symbol. This is the secret of the Mystery School, that you can be shown one thing but it means something quite different. Yet when you receive the true meaning, it suddenly all makes sense to you. The yoke you see here is your yoga, your yoke to god-king Horus who will assist you by unyoking his hawk-falcon energy so that it will fly to you and become part of your tools you use to get things done around you. Call upon Horus then and ask him to send you his hawk-falcon energy, and he will oblige as long as you are working within the Light.



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