Great Pyramid
Stargate Ritual of the Great Pyramid Portal

Cheops Pyramid and Pyramid of the Sun

Ritual of Portal gains hundreds of active participates all over the world and gains power as a result of it. This ritual shows what is possible when a large group of people come together with intent to open inner and planetary portals. In this ritual we explore and invoke afterlife passwords and gatekeepers as, according to legend, consecutive gatekeepers require passwords from us to pass through the portals invisibly and with no obstruction. Buying into this old legend in mysticism, we see if we can make it work for us. And it does.


  • Cheops Pyramid, Egypt, and its interior and the Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico
  • Dreams involving Egypt and Mexico
  • Aztecs and the sun god
  • The Isis-Osiris mystery-myth of ancient Egypt
  • Portals of Eternity; Afterlife passwords and gatekeepers; I/Thou archetype
  • Classical astrology; planetary portals; the Game of Life, the Sacred Cosmic
  • Feathered Serpent energy; Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness
  • Invocation of Ptah, Great Creator; Prayer to ascend the Spirit-Soul and to
         merge the Ka with the Ba for the creation of the Merkaba
  • Invocation of Thoth
  • Ritual results include the apportation of an object; Golden pyramids
          materializing on Hong Kong beach
  • Crown chakra openings; Speaking with "the voice"
  • Visions of purple light, sparkles of light; Manifested Egyptians


    In preparation for Ritual of the Pyramid Portals, I will be emailing several articles to you that hopefully will enlighten you and involve you in the upcoming ascension activity. I am asking for more interest and involvement from you at this time because there a quickening occurring now that you probably can feel. The energy is changing and I am hoping we can have some input into crafting that energy more the way we would like it. It seems to me that love and understanding are key to moving the energy in a positive direction, and I believe a closer look at the energies at work in these ancient civilizations will provide us with valuable clues as to how we can shape our energy gift in all love and light.

    The first of these articles is Jungle Dreaming of Egypt, followed by Pyramid of the Sun - Teotihuacan, Great Pyramid of Cheops, Portals of Eternity, The Game of Life, Isis and Osiris, Deciphering Ancient Artifacts of the Mediterranean Area, Part 1 and Part 2, in which you will read a decipherment, Deciphering Abydos Temple Art, in which you will attempt a decipherment, What is a Portal - Locating your Portal, and Ritual of the Pyramid Portals. These articles will be posted in various places on the internet, and I will keep you updated on where you can find them.


    Several people have written telling me of the dreams they have been having of ancient Egypt. This has been within the last two weeks before anyone knew of the next Ritual of the Portal, which is centered on the Great Pyramid of Cheops and the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. If you are dreaming of Egypt and would like to recount these dreams, please email them to me. I would love to see them. Also, I have received email recounting jungle dreams and I believe this may be related to Pyramid of the Sun and the Aztecs. I am compiling these dreams so that we can all get an overview of the Egypt and Aztec dreams and see what our collective activity at this level looks like. Work that we do as a group at the astral or dreamtime level is important because we are forming paths of light as we construct a group consciousness, and at the same time we are creating realities at the physical level. The following is the Dreamtime Journal activity that many of you have seen before. It is an important activity, really essential, which is why I keep sending it to you.

    The Dreamtime Journal is the next step in preparation for Ritual of the Pyramid Portals. It is an activity to help you locate your portal. Keeping the journal helps create a heightened level of perception, so that you can sense the location of the portal in your home. The journal can be written, typed or recorded first thing upon waking. If pressed for time, talk into a tape recorder and then label and save the tapes.

    Keeping the journal also leads to a raised state of consciousness. The natural, safe way to astral travel is during sleep, but staying cognizant and alert while sleeping is a learned behavior. Keeping the Dreamtime Journal teaches you to remember your dreams, which requires you to pay attention while you're dreaming. Make a habit of this for even a short period of time, and you will awaken to the world of the Dreamtime dimension, where you can meet interdimensional travelers and become active in higher levels of group activity. When you record in your Dreamtime Journal that in your "dream" you were part of a group of people you didn't know, it means you participated in a higher level of group activity.

    I will be emailing you soon about the next phase of activity for Ritual of the Pyramid Portals. In the meantime, Sweet Dreams!


    Just a few lines to thank you for continuing to share with me those incredible dreams. When two or more people are having nearly identical dreams, then if desired I am sharing email addresses so you can connect with each other. I had a dream of my own last night. In my dream my guides said to me, "A healing energy is encircling the Earth right now." I can feel it, can you? What a wonderful energy gift for us! We have made errors on this beautiful planet and not always perceived the Mystery, and the same is true of those who came before us. But with a healing energy we can forgive ourselves when falling short of our potential and we can look into our past and come to understand our motives, our dreams, our desires, and our fears. We can build a bridge through time to those selves who lived so long ago and achieved so much, and share with them the quality of our great love and our continuing efforts to go toward the light. And as we hold out our hands to them, we just need to remember to go in the direction of up, for the Light will always come from above. Striving toward the light, just like us, the spiritual ancestors of the Toltecs built Pyramid of the Sun in the direction of up.


    Twenty-five miles northeast of Mexico City are the remains of the largest pre-Columbian city in the western hemisphere. Teotihuacan, House of the Gods, was begun as early as 400 BCE by people related to the Toltecs, who dominated central Mexico from the 10th until the mid-12th century CE. It is from the Toltecs that the Aztecs claimed descent, as they explained to their Spanish conquerors.

    Teotihuacan developed into an important city in the 1st c. CE until about 700 CE. The people who built Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan had close and probably friendly contact with the Maya, who also constructed divinely inspired temple-pyramid architecture. These civilizations were highly influential in the development of the Aztec civilization that flourished from the 14th to the 16th c. CE. Pyramid of the Sun is one of the largest structures ever built by Native Americans. It covers more than 10 acres and is over 200 feet high.

    The Aztecs worshipped several gods, important among them a sun god named Huitzilopochtli, god of war. He was depicted as a hummingbird or as a warrior wearing hummingbird feathers for armor. He required human blood and human hearts for nourishment. His sun disk is a reincarnation symbol known as the Aztec Calendar.

    Huitzilopochtli had a sun god counterpart in ancient Egypt in the deity Ra or Re, also a Bird Tribe being. This sun god was depicted with a human body and the head of a hawk. Ra was considered the creator and controller of the universe, his chief symbols being the sun disk and the obelisk. Ra is most memorable as Amon-Ra, father of the gods. The most massive temple ever built was constructed for Amon-Ra at Al Karnak. Amon-Ra's high priests were as powerful as the pharaoh and one of them in particular, Pontiff Zeel, was especially powerful. I have learned in a mysterious way that the face on the Aztec Calendar known to the Aztec as Huitzilopochtli is also the face of Pontiff Zeel. Pontiff means High Priest and Zeel means return. (Ze = Ra or Re, El = turn) At the center of the sun disk of the Aztec is the face of Pontiff Zeel, High Priest of the Sun God Re-turns.

    The name Pontiff Zeel was revealed to Yashah in 1988 when a UFO teleported to him a silver chain-link necklace and a silver shield, symbols of the Shield Guides. He was told at that time it was the Shield of Onfedei, having to do with the Queen's Chamber in the pyramid of Cheops, and the face on the shield was that of Pontiff Zeel. Recently, in meditation he was guided by Cheops to send me the silver chain and shield because I could identify the face of Pontiff Zeel. On the shield was the Aztec Calendar and the face of Huitzilopochtli. I translated the name Pontiff Zeel to arrive at its meaning, High Priest of the Sun God Re-turns.

    Huitzilopochtli/Pontiff Zeel is a being known as a Draco or Draku, Lord of Karma, from which comes the myth of Dracula. Cheops also guided Yashah to send me a cube from his undiscovered sarcophagus. The cube was teleported to Yashah in 1994. It is clear plastic and contains a single crying tear. My guides told me it represents the tears of the Elders, the tears of doom they cry for Pontiff Zeel. Because I am a Shield Guide I was asked to channel and transmute that grief and to bring Pontiff Zeel into the Light of unconditional Love. And so, I cried a month of tears and I have extended my hand to Pontiff Zeel and together we are moving toward the Light in the direction of up. Is there someone to whom you can extend your hand? Is there someone you can bring into the Light?


    Interior Pyramid, Phaistos DiskThe three major Egyptian pyramids at Giza are aligned to match the three stars in Orion's belt. This alignment is in accordance with Dwat, the art of placement as it was practiced in ancient Egypt, wherein the structures of the earth are positioned to mirror the architecture of heaven. Of the three pyramids, Cheops is the most significant because it contains a portal. In a fictionalized account of this, the movie Stargate, the portal links the pyramid to some far planet. The portal, according to the information recorded on the Phaistos Disk/Portal Disk, may be a direct link to a star portal/space station in the constellation Argo. On the Phaistos Portal Disk can be seen all three: the Great Pyramid, the star portal symbol and the constellation Argo. The disk also shows the location of portal inside the Great Pyramid (left). This image is revealed by connecting with lines the identical pictographs of the Golden Fleece. Other images reveal the Great Pyramid, revealed by dotting and connecting all the identical pyramid signs; the star portal Sirius, formed by dotting and connecting all the identical shield guide shields; the constellation Argo, formed by dotting and connecting all the identical star/pomegranate signs; the spirit tunnel entrance through the portal, revealed by connecting all the identical crested dancer signs.

    Phaistos Disk Phaistos Disk
    Phaistos Disk Phaistos Disk

    Like the constellation Argo, known as Jason's Ship, is the 125 ft. "solar funeral" ship of the pharaoh Cheops, discovered in 1954 near the Great Pyramid. Egyptologists have identified the ship as a funeral vessel constructed to transport souls through the heavens in the path of the sun god Ra or Re. It's not very likely they would identify Cheop's ship as a symbol of the constellation Argo, where Cheops may have come from and where he may have returned to. His body was never found in the Great Pyramid or anywhere else.

    Cheops' pyramid is supposed to have been built about 2700 BCE but no one knows this for sure. It could be very much older, but it is not as old as the Sphinx, which shows water erosion. Cheops is eroded by wind and sand.

    Egyptologists want the Great Pyramid to be concurrent with the Epic of Gilgamesh in Sumer, the Indus Valley Civilization, the earliest construction of Stonehenge and early North American Mound Builders. Widely accepted is the theory that the Egyptian pyramids were built as royal tombs, yet no pharaoh has ever been found entombed in the pyramids.

    Cheops, 450 ft. high, is believed by many to be built atop the convergence point of telluric energy at the symbolic geodetic center, the omphalos (stone navel), of the planet. Cheops could be a strong channel for earth energy that the human body converts to Kundalini energy moving through the chakra system. Sunk into the omphalos 600 ft. below the vertex of the pyramid is a 31x27 ft. subterranean chamber, like an electrical plug in an electrical outlet.

    Also situated on the vertical axis is the Queen's Chamber, 18 ft. 10 in. x 17 ft. 2 in. Inside the chamber is a large, recessed niche, about 16 ft. high and 3 ft. 5 in. deep. In the niche is a portal, about the size of your fist. The Phaistos Disk/Portal Disk decipherment indicates an astronomer-priest sect convened inside Cheops, and they may have held their own version of Ritual of the Portal in the Queen's chamber. On the Phaistos Portal Disk is a configuration that pinpoints the location of the Queen's Chamber in the pyramid. The Isis-Osiris sect studied sacred geometry and astronomy, held initiations and worked together as a group to create a living light-body or Merkaba. The word is ancient Egyptian and means M(e)r - place of ascending; Ka = Spirit; Ba = Soul.

    The Great Pyramid was known to the Isis-Osiris sect as Secret House, where they practiced their journeys in the afterlife by traveling in light-body to the 8th dimension, called the Ogdoad. This Heaven-Sphere, symbolized by the sphere atop the cross of the Egyptian Ankh, was called Thoth's celestial City of 8 and is symbolized by the infinity sign, or the figure 8. This appears on the Rod of Hermes as the intertwined serpents, Ida and Pingala, the subtle nervous system of the chakra system that is part of the mechanism for astral travel and mental projection. Thoth's City of 8 was believed to be the destination of souls after death when the material body is abandoned and the soul re-ascends the planetary spheres to merge with the dead god-man Osiris and with God. By building Merkabas, the members of the sect could preclude death by passing through the portal, thus negating the wheel of time and fatality.


    This article is meant to shatter walls. Can we continue to accept old ideas because they're established, respected, revered, even beautiful? Maybe they worked once, but does it mean they keep on working? Old structures must come down in order for new structures to be built. In this ascension movement, are we layering brilliant new ideas on top of unimaginative, old thought patterns? Some of the old ideas we have are keepers, but how are we to know which ones if we don't take them out of the closets of our minds and examine them? We don't want to go the way of established religion, where nothing is ever challenged. I believe we can collectively decide what we like and what we don't like, and that makes it reality. Anything is possible in the kingdom we create.

    This begins a look at the age-old idea of there being opposing forces in the universe, the interplay of these forces being responsible for creation and for keeping the world in motion. The light, or love-motivation force, and the dark, or fear-motivation force, are considered to be oppositional powers at work in the world. This is an ancient idea involving polarity, but is it now a dynamic, workable idea? By this I mean, even if it is true, are we required to subscribe to it, and if we don't collectively subscribe to it, or to any other idea we don't ourselves select, can we write it out of our reality? Before ascension can come to a planet, nonserviceable ideas have to depart. The following demonstrates this idea of positive and negative forces at work as it was widely expounded in the Mediterranean world between the 1st and the 4th centuries CE (Common Era). It represents the bringing forth and development of knowledge and ideas from ancient Egypt and the Isis-Osiris sect, ideas regarding the afterlife journey to the 8th dimension, called the Ogdoad, or Heaven-Sphere.

    The central focus of all religions is the afterlife and its mysteries. The Christian version we are familiar with offers an image of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates of Heaven. The idea is that when we reach this point in our afterlife journey we will apply for admission, whereupon this angelic gatekeeper will review our qualifications and admit us or reject us depending upon the quality of our thoughts and deeds while we were in the flesh.

    The gatekeeper will ask, 'Who are you or where are you from?' You are to say to him, 'I am a son, and I am from the Father.' He will say to you, 'What sort of son are you, and to what father do you belong?' You are to say to him, 'I am from the Pre-existent Father, and a son in the Pre-existent One'...When he also says to you, 'Where will you go?' you are to say to him, 'To the place from which I have come, there shall I return.' And if you say these things, you will escape their attacks. (The First Apocalypse of James, the Gnostic papyri) Brave ladies might try the response "I am a daughter and I am from the Mother," but this will presumably be moot because sexual orientation will be meaningless when we transcend duality and gain the perfection of androgyny.

    The Gnostics and Christians of the early Common Era who expounded on these afterlife ideas based many of their extensive accounts of afterlife passwords and gatekeepers on their own subjective experiences involving inner world journeys.


    These journeys begin by moving ever inward along a lighted, spiraling tunnel to the inner planes, where the individual meets with archetypal energy expressing as geometrical formations. The soul has the opportunity of projecting ideas and various notions of the self into the geometry-intelligences (angels or angles), creating a rainbow mirror of the aspects of the self.

    As one travels higher, or further inward, these expressions gain in perfection so that the desired goal is to meet the archetypes in the Heaven-Sphere, where there is perfection of expression and where the I/Thou archetype is transcended. There is no more duality, only Oneness, so that the angel the soul meets in Heaven is the Self. As you read the following material, you can begin to see how the gatekeepers are mirrors of the self along the soul's journey to the Heaven-Sphere, where the Treasury of Light is beheld and the desire for enlightenment is fulfilled.

    The Gnostics and Christians of the early Common Era circulated lists of passwords that the afterlife gatekeepers would accept, and many people kept lists of them written on their arms and legs in case of emergency. These passwords were also said to have been part of the teachings of Jesus.

    Passwords and gatekeepers are also part of classical astrology, which were the laws of physics of the ancient world, blending better with religion then than now. The ancient Gnostics, many of their ideas descended from the archaic world of Persia and Mithraism, gazed up into the dome of night and derived from the starry heavens a system of correspondences and beliefs in which the physical and spiritual nature of humanity mirrors that of the celestial residents of the heavenly realms. In this As Above So Below philosophy, the stargazers recognized in the movement of the stars the Aeons of the Powers - the supernal beings in their eternal realms. They noted the Pole Star, the ruler of the heavens, and the brilliant beings of light revolving around it. This living vehicle of light was as a revelation to them. Below the sphere of these stars revolved the seven planets, including the sun and the moon and excluding earth, each with its portal and gatekeeper.


    The Chariot in TarotIf these planetary gatekeepers were not supplied with the proper passwords by the human soul on its return journey to heaven, they would turn away a person and prevent that soul's progression to the upper realms. Without knowledge of the passwords, the soul and the remains of the physical body, having a specific gravity, would be pulled into the rotation of the sphere to revolve there forever or until an amnesty was given. An unfit soul might be forced to pass through the body of the constellation Draco, reptilian Lord of Karma whose tail dips down even into the deepest, darkest chasms of hell, the densest plane of existence. But high above the chasm and twinkling ethereally at the Pole Star sits Chasmodai, the Charioteer on his chariot-throne (The Chariot in Tarot, left), redeemer and ruler of the earthly spheres of heaven. And this is the first password - Chasmodai.

    Within this great allegorical scheme of things, the individual is not just a poor player, dependent on the mercy of gatekeepers, but instead a crucial partner in the operation of this system. In the incarnational process to birth, which serves the entire system and not just the individual, each person descends from heaven by successively passing from one planet and from one portal and gatekeeper to another. The gatekeepers gift each soul with positive and negative influences that become the spiritual energies that nurture the soul during a lifetime and that the soul assimilates by virtue of the chakra system. The human chakra system is an ancient Hindu concept that became interwoven with these Persian, Gnostic, and Christian ideas. It explains the physiological and psychic uses of these supernatural energies. Finally, at the moment of incarnation, the soul takes on the properties of matter - fire, water, air and earth. This idea of the four elements comes from ancient Sumer and was elucidated and passed on by Aristotle, to be embraced by the Gnostics and Christians as part of this afterlife philosophy. Upon acquiring the constituents of matter, the soul is born into flesh.

    During one's lifetime, the gatekeepers play upon the negative attributes of the soul to turn a person away from truth and knowledge, while the good angels work with the positive planetary attributes to bring the person to enlightenment and Gnosis (spiritual knowledge). Within one's body the sons of Light and the sons of Darkness wage a war for the human soul. Because of the expanded consciousness and awareness of humanity, our world of extreme duality becomes a stage whereon these lightbeings and gatekeepers actualize themselves by playing out the eternal, celestial drama of good vs. evil, error vs. truth, light vs. dark, and God vs Satan.

    At the end of life, and after the death transition, the soul begins its re-ascent to its heavenly origins, with individual access to the uppermost realms determined by the acquisition of gnosis and by knowledge of the passwords. The soul first encounters the Moon, its portal ruled by the charioteer gatekeeper we met earlier when we saw him sitting the Pole Star. He accepts his name as the password - Chasmodai.

    The password Chasmodai signifies the soul's understanding of a certain concept, that the journey into the physical world is the journey into the chasm. The password Chasmodai means, "I have ascended the chasm." Upon hearing this the gatekeeper will open the gate, and the soul will pass through the portal. Another password will unlock this gate, and that password is "Gabriel," the name of the planetary angel. This password indicates the soul has gained an understanding of the purpose of the journey into the chasm, which is to learn the lessons of faith, hope, charity, and love. These four qualities are essential when approaching the next portal and gatekeeper. The portal of Mars is ruled by the terrifying Bartzabel, who frightens the souls and turns them back. Suddenly he revealed himself to them, approaching them in the form of lightning... Because of this, they were afraid and fell down, since they were not able to bear the appearance of the light which struck them...Therefore they fell down to the pit of ignorance which is called 'the Outer Darkness,' and 'Chaos' and 'Hades' and 'the abyss.' (The Tripartite Tractate, Gnostic papyri)

    When the password Bartzabel does not work, and to prevent the return to the physical body via reincarnation, the brave souls must utter the password "Samael," God's blind planetary angel who cannot see the terrifying sight. This password indicates the soul's acquisition of endurance and enthusiasm while in the physical body, and these two qualities are an important shield against the powers of Bartzabel.

    Many souls can never pass through the Mars portal to continue their ascent but are always turned away because they lack the fortitude to face Bartzabel. For this reason the Cosmic Christ force, who is empowered to upend and reverse everything, sacrifices itself through incarnation and the involution of physical death (a "descent into hell") so that the evolution of human souls can continue. The Cosmic Christ force is said to have merged with Jesus, and it was in this spirit of sacrifice that Jesus, by his death, lighted for us the way onto the Sacrifice Path or the path of Christ.

    As the soul passes through the Mars portal and re-ascends to its heavenly origins, it sheds the planetary influences like layers of astral clothing, becoming lighter and lighter and gaining enlightenment.

    The next portal is Venus, guarded by the gatekeeper Kedemel, who accepts this name as the password. The Venus portal is the Portal of Life, the cosmic womb through which the soul originally passed in order to gain the density of physical body and the accompanying ability to manipulate matter. This two-way portal, when approached during re-ascent, opens to the password "Arnad," the planetary angel who recognizes the soul's acquisition of a certain gnosis - the understanding of the relationship of physical love and spiritual love, which also finds earthly expression through the practice of Tantra Yoga. Love is the key that opens this portal, and the soul passes through.

    Next, the soul must approach the portal of Mercury, ruled by the gatekeeper Taphthartharath, a name hard to remember and pronounce. The password to use here is "Raphael," the planetary angel who recognizes the soul's acquisition of memory, reason, and intelligence. These three qualities are useful when meeting this gatekeeper and getting his name right. The portal opens and the soul passes through.

    The next portal is Jupiter, ruled by the gatekeeper Hismael. Now, the soul discards the residue of the four elements of matter and the astrological influences of the lower, visible world. The soul may use the password "Zadkiel," which indicates readiness to be transformed into an abstract, creative being. The portal opens, the soul passes through, and the transformation begins.

    The next portal is Saturn, ruled by the gatekeeper Zazel. This is the penultimate gatekeeper, and a very dangerous one. The soul must not look back in yearning for the physical life, like Lot's wife looking back on Sodom and Gomorra. This gatekeeper has the power to chain a soul and cast it into the desert of Dudael on Saturn, which lies East of Eden. The rebellious angel Azezel, another name for the gatekeeper himself, was placed here on God's orders and chained by the angel Raphael, and he will do the same to the soul who looks back. And it has fettered them with its chains and bound all their limbs with the bitterness of the bondage of lust for those visible things that will decay and change and swerve by impulse. They have always been attracted downwards... (The Book of Thomas the Contender, Gnostic papyri)

    Another password that will work here is "Cassiel," the planetary angel who recognizes the soul's higher creative faculties. The portal opens and the soul passes through.

    The soul approaches the final portal of the Sun and utters the passwords "Sorath," the gatekeeper, and "Michael," the planetary angel. But, this portal requires more than passwords; it requires Mysteries. To pass through this portal, the earth self must re-unite with the immortal self - the twin self - before entering this cosmic alchemical furnace. Then, like the salamanders of alchemy, the soul and the immortal self enter the fiery furnace and safely exit this fire that does not consume. After this baptism by fire, the soul becomes a single being that is transcendent of the I/Thou archetype of existence. The soul feels no heat but experiences a blast of enlightenment in which all that remains of the physical self is burned away. Like the Phoenix, a new immortal soul shakes off the ashes and emerges.

    At this moment of rebirth, the Virgin of Light appears and officiates the ceremony in which She baptizes the new soul with five seals and with the Mysteries. This gives safe conduct through the void. The perfected soul is forever released from the dance of death of the birth-rebirth process. The soul ascends through the void to the Gates of Heaven, where the celestial portal opens wide. In Heaven the soul is One with the angels and attains to the Treasury of Light, which is the reward for journeying through the chasm to acquire the essential attributes of faith, hope, charity, reason, endurance, joy, goodness, creativity, and love.

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