Sarcophagus of Lord Pacal

The Sarcophagus of Lord Pacal


These are the ritual results of some of the people who participated.

Tom Yudai    Sharon Bibb    Roger Kerr    Dawn/Wunjo
Chris Hamilton    Anonymous    Claire Grace Watson    Eduardo Terrero
Charbern    Krista    Janet Sunderland    Charbern    M.Z.A.    Krista
Roger Kerr    Janet Sunderland    Roger Kerr    Jon Locke    Charbern    April Lubold    Jon Locke    Hector Brown Diaz    Dawn/Wunjo    Barbara    Tow of West Hollywood    Glenys and Rangi    Georg    ShriBarbie    Hildur Hakonardottir    Bluemoon    Larry Dobson    Sharon Bibb    Katra Marie    Frank van der Palen

Janet Sunderland:

You were in and out of my meditations today so while I am still in this half place between I will write of today. I'm on mountain time so the prayer time here was 10:30 a.m. and the conjunction at 12:55. I was in meditation from 10 until almost 1:30 with occasional stirring times to put another log on the fire and get a drink. The wind stopped at the time of the ritual.

I set up my altar with the same wonderful purple hula hoop. In the center I put a Mexican clay figure of a couple in intimate embrace. I realized these last few days while reading some of the net stuff that my wish was for the Sacred Marriage. Not a lover, or a partner but the Sacred Marriage. Around the edges I placed the Palenque stone, jade beads, a piece of onyx, and an angel in a crystal ball. It was interesting that as each hour or so of meditation ended and I moved into another phase, I added something to the altar circle. And at each session, I was in a different position. I began sitting in a chair, moved to cushions on the floor and for the last hour was lying down with my head to the east and touching the hoop.

The first hour was aligning with the Archangel Metatron and the light of Kether. I prayed for the earth, I prayed for all sentient beings, rocks included. I stayed in a prayer state for some time. In light. It must have been 10:35 when I saw a rush of golden light come through me, golden golden full. And then the light became a sun shape enclosed in a circle. What an enormous light came through. And then I sat on in such joy and thanks.

For the second hour, I concentrated on sending light and love into the earth and saw mountains, the great mountains in northern Montana I think, and the sea and whales jumping. All of me and all of the world was rejoicing. There must have been more but I don't remember. I remember the joy. joy. Oh, yes. I remember. I was a clean channel of light, down through the lower chakras. What was that? Like a cylinder of light through me. Wide. Clear. At some point I peeled an orange that was still here from the meditation on Sat. night and ate it. Grateful.

For the time of the conjunction, I was flat on the floor. I added money, bills and change, to the altar and a male figure god on a Mayan healing pipe. I placed a pink candle on the east side of the circle. It's Mexican style, a tall glass cylinder with a picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The candle and the male figure were opposite each other on separate sides of the embracing couple. Through all three house I wore a pink prayer shawl. As I was lying on the floor, I breathed in red earth energy through the bottom of my feet and breathed it out my crown chakra. And then I would breathe in white light from the crown and send it out through my feet. I went deep. I saw the three great pyramids, at Giza?, and saw them surrounded with a pink light. I forgave the elder priests, I forgave myself, I felt streams of old karma or old energy flow out of me. Whew. I opened. More open? And then I fell into a deep trance and I'm not sure what happened. I surfaced right at 12:55, offered my prayer for the Sacred Marriage, for the flow of money in and out of my life. Got up. Knelt and touched my head to the floor. And I was exhausted and filled with energy at the same time. I looked out the east window and it was still, so still, like the world was holding its breath. And then I simply climbed on to the couch and covered with the comforter and lay there a bit.

And now I will step into a hot shower and feel the blessing of wet. I will dress and walk into the world new. Peace to you my cyberspace sister and Shield Guide. Thank you for being part of the journey.

Roger Kerr:

Wow! What a day! I began my day with my usual clearing exercise. As I was finishing up, I sensed that you were waiting for me to go on a journey. Once I was ready, we departed for the Mayan world. We went to the Sarcophagus beneath the Pyramid of the Sun. There was a ceremony. I couldn't get a clear picture, but I sensed that it was a wedding ceremony between you and Lord Pacal. I got a few fuzzy pictures of you in a long white wedding dress. You were very beautiful. The ceremony went on for a while, but I don't remember too much detail. Then you and Pacal left through the portal on what I assumed was a Cosmic Honeymoon.

Again, I could feel a tremendous amount of Love, and I could actually hear you this time as we read the words. (I still can't pronounce the Mayan words.) At the part "Vision Serpent will take me there," I went into the light tunnel and emerged at the Pyramid of the Sun. All of the Maya were there to greet us. We all met in the courtyard in front of the Pyramid. Those of us from this dimension formed a circle around the courtyard, then we sat and watched the Mayan celebration. There was dancing and ceremony. Then you and Lord Pacal stepped into the center, with a large vessel or urn. They went completely around the circle, pouring a drink of some sort (wine came to mind) to everyone. Then we all drank a toast to our coming together as One. We all raised our hearts to Heaven and to the Earth Mother in celebration of our Love. Then all of the Maya intermingled and personally greeted each of us with embraces and hand shakes. We all joined together into several concentric circles, with each circle of people dancing round and round, and alternating circles going in opposite directions. After a while, I stepped out of the circle, and then I turned into a white eagle and began to soar in circles, higher and higher. I did make one special personal request. I asked that we all take a moment and focus our Love on our Mother Earth, that she may heal as we heal ourselves. That ended the Ritual for me.

Jon Locke

I was sitting in meditation for awhile when the thought struck me: with so many people meditating at the same time for the same purpose, it must have an effect even if there was nothing on "the other side" to help us. Then I was drawn to a point above the earth. There I saw a ribbon of light come from each person on earth who was meditating. These ribbons were varied colored and they all rose up to a pole in heaven. This reminded me of a May pole Then I saw all the ribbons of light mixed together as they would weave a tapestry. It was beautiful. And of course there is something on the other side that responded to us. The weather was overcast until 12:35 local time and then the sun came out bright and clear and stayed out all day.


Stopped for coffee and to just sit and think, and allow. Big E (the big Egyptian who's been 'shaking' me since Saturday...*s*) wrote a little to me as I sat at the counter with my coffee, pen and pad. He wrote: "You have no idea yet what has happened. You do feel the calm. That's good, but we are chuckling, for this has gone soooooooo very well. This meditation, too, will be on-going, as you figured. Thank you." Hermes [new Mayan guide] and Pacal and many others were identified to me as present... each letting me feel their presence briefly.

April Lubold:

Um, ok. I know that I've never been much for rituals so to speak. I tried, really tried, to somewhat follow the instructions you sent as suggestions. No Maya came roaring through my door. No brilliant white light flooded my room. But, I tend to gage my spiritual experiences through feeling and among other things, physical reaction. And I did feel something last Saturday. In particular, the left side of my body became very warm, if not hot. I cannot explain why, and the feeling still lingers. My dreams have gotten a little strange, if not urgent. When I first started meditating in June, one night I clearly remember a voice as I was drifting off to sleep, saying "Now, you are going to be experiencing some very different, strange things. You're path is different now." I guess that time has now begun. I will try to welcome these changes without fear & with as little apprehension as possible. Thank u for helping me be part of the ritual.

Jon Locke:

I have been forwarding your Rituals to my friends locally as well as on the internet. The service you are providing for people to coordinate prayer and ritual and meditation is truly God-sent. There is a need for action on the planet; not just metaphysical talk. I thank you from the bottom (and top) of my heart on be half of all those wanting to release this civilization from its current plight.

Hector Brown Diaz:

This is the first Ritual that I've done, I missed the last ones for several and unexcusable reasons. Anyway. The 18th I did the Ritual approx at 12:00pm, no chance to do it at 8pm. I used amethyst, topaz, pearls, a crystal sphere to build the portal, I lit incense and two violet candles. The portal that I sensed is located very close to the bathroom, in a small hall between two rooms and a closet. I did relaxation and then light meditation to balance my chakras. I stayed in a very relaxed state of consciousness for about 20 minutes, and just felt calmed, loved, in balance. That night I had a very strange dream, I have never dreamed with whales. I dreamed that I was in a sort of a room with somebody that I couldn't see and I was holding this very small whale (at least that is what it looked like) in my hands in a sort of a protection wrap. Then the individual that was with me took it from my hands and put in a small pool. And I felt very good. I felt the happiness of the tiny whale (like a killer whale).

I can't exactly recall which event happen first, but also dreamed about being in the open, like in a back yard of a farm house and there were all this types of ships "flying" over us, I wasn't not alone but I can't tell who I was with, I was sort of in a contemplation state, and felt love and secure. It was night and a not very dark. But I saw some different ship formations, like geese on flight, then like forming a kind of a geometrical shape (squares and rectangles). That's everything that I consciously can remember. Yesterday I did the Ritual and felt the deepening very fast, felt very calmed and loved. This time I didn't use nor candles nor incense.


Well I did the Ritual everyday from the 18th to the 23ed. I did not experience anything out of the ordinary. But I did do a tarot reading and I made some really good connections. So I feel I was opened up a little.


I am sorry to say, I didn't do the ritual. So last night I had headed to bed about 8:30, just after finishing reading "Ritual of the Sarcophagus". When I came to 'Air Ritual for Spirit Soul to Walk the Sky" I read the words aloud. Then I went straight to bed. Sometime between 9 and midnight, a large clap of thunder sounded, waking me, and as I was facing the window, I noticed that the whole sky lit up pink, it was beautiful pink clouds. I realized then that I was with you when I was wakened. I was so tired last night that it didn't dawn on me quick enough to write down anything. So I don't have a recollection of anything except you and the pink sky. A friend had just told me yesterday that the night before she was out driving close to midnight and a thunderstorm blew in, and she remarked that the lightning was a beautiful pink and blue. Isn't this all weird?? If you was with me last evening and was skywalking, would you please clue me in!!~~~grin~~~ Thanks!!!

Tow of West Hollywood:

I did my meditation on 1/23/97 from 9:25am to 10:10am...I placed crystals on all my chakras and I laid underneath my pyramid...first I moved forward to an alter with a brilliant white flame in the center...I began to get frightened by this and backed off a little. Then, I realized this journey was about love. So I proceeded to the flame, and I was projected throughout the universe it was beautiful... then, as I came back I saw the earth surrounded by triangular gridwork...it too was beautiful...I felt a jolt of energy shoot through my body... and, then, I was part (connected) of the gridwork... this was a little frightening to me. however, I calmly accepted the energy, and had an amazing meditation...It was mostly cloudy, so mister sunshine peeked down on me occasionally throughout the day...

Glenys and Rangi
New Zealand:

It's been very windy here on and off. Rangi tells me it was very windy last night after we did the ritual. It was also windy during our first ritual. I remember because I wanted to go for a walk and couldn't because of the wild wind. While Wellington does have a reputation for being a windy city, it's been unusually windy over the last few days. A week before the ritual we also had a freak lightning storm. I thought about Hurukan then. It was like he was directing it at my window to let me know he was there and very much aware of me.


I am just reading an old mail of yours on "what is a portal," how to find one, etc. There I find the following paragraph:

"Before you begin portal activation, stand or sit outside it and look inside for any unusual activity, such as speeding specks of dust, black lightning, heavy air, shadows, etc. I usually see very wispy clouds of air and speeding specks of dust. I know people who have seen "black lightning" and heavy air. Gossamer clouds are easy to see inside the portal. When performing Ritual of the Portal, "magical" items, patterns of movement, and invocations create an important atmosphere and gestalt."

There I remembered a thing a dear spiritual friend of mine has been writing. His name is Hua Ching Ni, he is an 84 year old Chinese healer and teacher, and he told the following story: in an ancient Chinese text he has found a ritual of invoking a highly evolved starry person. It was sort of a magic ritual, that had to be done on 49 days in a row. Within that period of time an event that we today would call the opening of a portal would occur. And sure it did (took him only 12 or 13 days, btw). When it started it began with a "black light in the middle of the room." On seeing this he started doing the appropriate invocations and so forth.

He did make contact with a starry person, which was his first contact of that sort. He was fairly young then, and in the meanwhile he has had many and has made good use of the contacts as well. But this is another story. I just though you might be interested in the report that comes from a very different angle.


Wow, what a day. I got into my portal at 12:20pm, There was a distinct double knock on the wall, The incense I was burning began to circle around the four candles, and you could hear a noise that was encircling the room. My son was in the room and heard both these things. He said it was like something was circling the room. I felt it more like an energy vortex. I closed my eyes and then felt lifted. I opened my eyes and saw a dimly lit arch. I was walking on large stones and it felt like I was inside a ruin. It was dark and musty and it smelt dank and must. I was looking around trying to decide where exactly I was, trying to see something because it was dark. I turned to my left and saw a luminous figure seated. I was pulled back to the bedroom because my son was trying to get my attention that it was 12:30pm. There was a white mist in the room. I closed my eyes again and was in a white mist. Many beings were there and they all seemed to be native American. I was searching for Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce and my heart sent out a message to let him know how sorry I was for the terrible things that the US government did to his people and that hopefully someday they could return to the Wallowa valley which was their earthly home. Then I whispered to God how much I loved Him. I was back in the room and I sat peacefully for a half an hour. Then I closed the portal and left the house. I was in a store checkout line. The man standing next to me started to stare at me. Then he began smiling and broke out into a song, He sang loudly. I felt radiant and all aglow. What a wonderful day.

I forgot one important detail of my eternity in 17 minutes. I was in the mist again. Very lovely white light. My heart spoke and made a commitment to Gaia to do whatever I could to be of service in the healing of the mother, the earth, so her spirit could once again express itself in its fullest beauty. It is almost unfathomable to me that I could experience so much in such a short period of time.

Hildur Hakonardottir:

I was stranded on a Greek island during rainstorm. At night I crawled under the covers reading Robert Graves interpretations of the myths. During the day I often climbed up the mountain where the cubicle houses huddle against each other over labyrinth paths to avoid pirates attacks - clinging to the slope below the monastery and castle ruins. I sat in the monastery church for a long time drawing the ornamental icon stand - watching the monk add oil to the little lamps. The walls covered with icons some dark and old, some shining bright and silvery. This day it was not blowing quite as much and I climbed all the way up to the castle at the top. But it started raining and I huddled under a vaulted roof to avoid getting drenched. I wasn't meditating - I sat smoking on a dirty piece of wood, watching the clouds.

The mighty all powerful Goddess was there - was everywhere
The white foam her petticoats hem
The rain her fine veils
The wind her breath
She was so big that no-one noticed her
so much of everything that she was taken for granted.
The monk with his black cap bent over the icons never looked up -
He never noticed her.
Nor do we.

The 17th I meditated long in a beautiful olive grove high on a hill and got some interesting insights into what I saw in Delphi on Saturday. Asking to go to Meso-Amerika I was made aware of Pacal Votan's mother and her role or quest keeping and holding the "diplomatic" strength/strings for the time before Pacal could take office. She seemed to work with a certain group of people that "knew" the importance of this task while others didn't. Though she and her group had very strong connections with the heavens - I saw forms in the sky - it was both - like knowing totally and not knowing quite enough to be able to draw the connection through - yet feeling it should be done - conferring much with priests and elders. She was not wholly a queen in the sense that she knew that didn't matter - though the queenship and kingship were very important to carry out the intended mission. I found this interesting in the light of what you wrote about yourself and I had not seen because I was away.


Well I did a meditation on the 23rd...I felt as though I should lie down on the earth, so I took my blanket and went outside. I lay down on a N-S orientation with my arms spread out like a cross. The first thing I saw was a 'flower of life' pattern and then I was enveloped in a beautiful golden light. I focused on bringing in energies to all and to the earth and opening myself up to the higher energies. I saw star-bursts of purple and then a wonderful field of intense pink, then the gold again....Later when I sat up, the sky was filled with dark clouds and a hawk or an eagle (I couldn't tell which) was circling in the distance...there were also mysterious looking small pyramid shaped clouds in a row across the sky (I felt as if they were crafts!!)... Didn't see any beings or get any messages, but it was a very wonderful feeling and I knew I had connected with all....

Larry Dobson:

Four of us meditated at around noon pst on Jan 23. We read your email, but did not do the full ritual. My experience was one of initial extreme business in mundane world and non-physical realms...then an experience of extremely complex, richly varied "personality" textures, all interacting in very individualistic but harmonious manner. My experience at the drum-jam/dance the next night was similar...there was a definite new level of individual expression in concert with the whole -- quite powerful, enlivening and exciting. Many nodded enthusiastically that it was now indeed a New Age! Wow! That's twice now I've Emailed you & received your Email within seconds! The Universe works in magical mystical ways! -- What fun!

Sharon Bibb:

I wanted to draw a card from the Tarot of the Spirit on that night (22nd) to use in my ritual on the 23rd. I drew the "8" (lemniscate!) of Wind--The Power Shield. This was very significant to me personally, because of the power shield that I had told you about. I'm sure I never told you the way I set up my altar when I did my ritual. I did say I had to wait to do it on the 23rd. It was very sunny. A perfect day to do the planetary alignment. I had a strand of lapis and a strand of turquoise that I use to make a 6 pointed star. Each strand was a triangle. In each tip I placed a crystal. In the center I placed my power shield. On it, I placed my polished amethyst point. (It stands up). I had 2 very unusually colored blue candle holders and used them, lit, on either side of my star. Above my star, I had the 2 of Fire-Convergence, upright, with the 8 of Wind-Power Shield across it, like a "T". This was done in my portal. I sat at the edge. (The portal is much bigger than this now, I just used the original edge.)

I did the ritual right after the Gaia meditation. That night I had a dream about being shown what the energy looked like. I could see waves in the dream and I could tell by this how many entities were there. I also dreamed about being in a black tunnel and being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The light was blue. Today, at lunch with my daughter, the bill was $8.88. These numbers are on my power shield.

Katra Marie, Spirit of the Sun:

I did the ritual on the 18th and the 23rd. I actually kept it simple for a change. I have a wonderful white satin altar cloth the was a gift to me that I used. I have a meditation room that is a loft. I put the cloth in the center of the floor, I put a white candle in the center and then I did the ritual facing each of the four directions first and then I just sat in quiet meditation and repeated the ritual again. This is what I was guided to do. Well, the energy that flowed through me and around me was very very high energy. I then had to drink three glasses of water which helped to ground me. I was charged with electrical energy for several days. My computer went crazy, the phone line that I use for the computer went dead, hair dryer wouldn't work, curling iron kept going off, phone answering machine would not record messages. So, for a while I was cut off from the outside world and this forced me to stay in the energy. I went to the store and walked in TJ Maxx and the lights went out in the store! This was like that for about 15 minutes. Coincidence? I don't think so. This happens to me with electrical things when I am super charged with new energy. I don't know what was supposed to happen but I would definitely say a portal was opened. Also, I did some wonderful new chanting during the meditation. Thanks for all the information that you send us. I am starting a new group that will meet on Saturday evenings in my home and I will share all info that you send.

Frank van der Palen:

I performed the ritual in a school building, as I was working there at that moment. It was the 23rd Jan. 18.35 local time, which is 6 hours later than your timeline. There was a very intense fog and you couldn't see more then 10 feet. I was not able to make much of a portal and couldn't find the exact location of the portal in the classroom I was at, so I had to improvise. I made the portal out of a piece of violet silk. I made a cross out of the tarot card from the inner-child deck, in which I only placed a card referring to the star-people. I placed 2 crystals on both vertical sides of the cloth. In the middle I placed a burning candle which moved vigorously during the ritual. I put a piece of skin of a wolf and a stone that represent the "Little people" (elves I communicate with during Shamanistic rituals) at the end I was sitting at.

I started the ritual exactly on time and immediately felt a very high energy. It stayed very high for about 20 minutes after which I could feel a change. I felt like being pulled into a tunnel. The tunnel was very long and I knew it was a snake I travelled through. Then I saw a male Maya in front of me. He wore a green skirt which was decorated with typical Maya images, had wrist bracelets and a feather bonnet on his head. He just showed me a place to sit down, which I did. Then a sort of a curtain made out of mails was draped around the place I sat. I felt and saw a very bright light all around me and I "changed" into a Maya myself. The man in front of me said to me that he would show me my true face, which he did me putting a mirrorlike object in front of me. I was a completely different person and recognized myself by my eyes. I knew this person, I think from dreams. He told me I was a great healer and that I was to teach people about that. Than he pointed to a small house, which was square shaped, about 5 by 5 feet. I was to enter this and when I did I saw a very bright light. I immediately felt myself being pulled through a tunnel again, that was even longer then the previous one. This also felt like a snake. On the other side I came to a place with a huge rainbow underneath which there were 3 golden pyramids. In the middle one I saw a crystal pyramid and looking at that I also saw the earth inside it. It was turning and started to fade away. To me it was like there was a big change coming up for earth, which of course is exactly what is already happening and the pace is increasing. Seeing that I suddenly knew I had to get back. I was drawn into the tunnels again and returned at my alter. This ended the ritual. It all felt both very exciting and safe. I'll be doing the ritual again in March.


The next ritual will be March 8. This will be Ritual of the Cathedral Portal: Chartres Cathedral and the Knights Templar. This will be another powerful ritual, especially true because the Cathedral ritual will be Concourse of the Forces - Fire (Stonehenge-Ancient Celts) Water (Rock Eagle-Mound Builder Indians) Earth (Pyramids-Egyptians and Aztecs) Air (Sarcophagus-Mayas). During Ritual of the Cathedral Portal we will perform the Aether/Quintessence ritual in which we will anchor the energy/light of the Celestial Order of the Prophets of the Golden Masons. These are the orders of angels of sacred geometry and the orders of the geometry monks.

Claire Grace Watson, M.S.T.
Shield Guide
LVX - Light of the Cross



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