Join us in welcoming to this planet the E-joe-sa from quasar Appollonius in the star system Orion, where the Horsehead nebulae lies. The E-joe-sa are a diverse group of sentient beings who are complex and psychic beyond what we can imagine. The E-joe-sa exist in a form designed to provide them with easy access to all star systems of which they can locate the core currents or grid lines. They are very capable in terms of thinking their way to any location: they simply think themselves there, and there they are. This is how they travel to this planet each year during middle to late Spring Equinox. They follow the star system grid lines to our planetary grid lines which are aligned more in a North-South direction rather than the usual East-West. This is due in part to the sun's location in reference to the earth and to the transformative effects of the sun. The grid lines mark the planetary electromagnetic currents which follow a certain symmetry expressed throughout the universe. When the grid lines are in alignment, the E-joe-sa take the opportunity to come to this planet.

While they are here they spend most of their time enjoying the sun's rays and basking in the electromagnetic field that is produced during the equinox. The E-joe-sa are not really aware of us in the sense that they do not know of our plans for ascension nor are they aware of the political unrest on the planet and the other issues to which we are tied as Earthians. Therefore, we welcome the E-joe-sa to our world and we are hoping to make clearer contact with them and to learn certain things from them. For example, we would like to learn from them more about the Horsehead nebulae and the quasar in Orion. We would also like to know how the E-joe-sa think their way to a position in space. We have some idea already of these answers but it would be enlightening to get the E-joe-sa sayings regarding these things.

To this end we have called into existence the guide Serapis Bey, Channel for God, Channel for Light, channel for beings who cannot for whatever reason speak directly to us by themselves but must come through Bey, as we all call him, to communicate with us. This is a great link in the chain of being, where you are linked to us, the Atlanteans, we are linked to Serapis Bey and Bey is linked to the E-joe-sa. This is how much is handled in our universe, by our linking together to get to the truth of matters. For this reason we have called Bey onto the planet.

Because of your work with the portal rituals, your vibratory rates are being steadily raised, and those of you who participate know this without our telling you. So we thank you for your work in this field, which is highly sensitive in terms of vibrational frequency.

Sir John Warren
Shield Guide/Atlantean
Channeled through Claire Sananda

Krishna Teaches Physics

This is the title of the book we are currently channeling through Claire Sananda. (This book, which was renamed for a while The Spirituality of Atom Smashing is complete and published online as Lampoon Dictionary of Partycall Fizz666.) This book lays bare the types of methods used to extract from subatomic particles their quanta of information for the purposes of selling the material to corporations who are being duped into believing such research will benefit them in some way. The book is a dictionary written in plain language and made palatable for any educated reader to grasp what is being done in the field of quantum physics and what the results are, which as you know are being kept secret at this time. The book describes fully the methods by which the information is being extracted from the particles and also gives the results of the trials so that humanity can be informed of the knowledge acquired by the physicists through their Draconian techniques.

The book will run several hundred pages and will be filled with information useful to the planet to take us into the new millennium with a better understanding of quantum physics and that the particles are undergoing a great amount of stress and abuse so that we may acquire the knowledge. Certainly, quantum physics is a field of endeavor worth pursuing but not in its present form of operation, requiring particle accelerators, boron projection testing, determinative results derived by stress applications, particle synthesis as a result of destabilization techniques and more such Draconian approaches in this highly sensitive field of endeavor. Therefore, we would like to see the book published and see Claire in seminars and touring, as well, as part of a team of people who are working in this field of sacred realities.

We are planning to move to Boulder, Colorado (I moved to Boulder in 1997 and lived for several months in a beautiful, octagonal house with a panoramic view of the Continental Divide in Wondervu, Colorado.) to begin a campaign designed to stop subatomic particle testing on this planet and to spread knowledge of light and love found in the study of sacred realities and in discovering for ourselves the true importance of our place in God's universe. To this end we are organizing a large group of people to work together in their various fields of sacred realities and in support of each other in this most trying time in which getting the word out and getting the light spread is such an important endeavor meeting with resistance from Draconian forces distributed throughout the world. By Draconian forces we mean the side of humanity that is least able to hold the light, the side most closely aligned with beings of the universe who are not interested in spreading the light to the benefit of the common good but who are more interested in their own self-involvement to the exclusion of what we consider to be values that benefit humanity at large. By their actions do they perpetrate such destruction on this planet to its resources, its people, its well-being and integrity within the planetary alignments, as well as the general insistence on self-serving modalities of greed and insensitivity to the desires of the collective whole. These are the Draconian forces we speak of and these beings do exist, and are entitled to exist, but yet we must organize and fight their seeding within humanity their genetic qualities of self-interest and hate. Join us therefore in Boulder.

We are the Atlanteans. We are the beings who have lived at the bottom of the sea on this planet since its beginnings. We have been here all along and we appear throughout time to assist in the continued well-being of the planet. We are the Atlanteans of myth and legend, the technologically advanced civilization that was supposed to have been destroyed, but it was not destroyed, nor ever will be, because it is beyond the touch of physical beingness to destroy us. We are the most advanced physical civilization in the universe and we are here among you. Our technology is completely spirit-based. We are channeling this through Claire Sananda while we are with her now in astral body but we also are at the bottom of the ocean. We have vast powers and are able to bring about a complete reality shift on this planet. We can bring the planet into a new level of being, a new level of seeing, a new level of journey through ascension. So join us in Boulder, we invite you. We can make a change and this we will do.

Sir John Warren, Shield Guide/Atlantean
Solon Centurion, Shield Guide/Atlantean
Honorable Lawmaker of Greece and Rome
Sananda as Claire, Seer and Guide
Hermes, Mayan Spirit-Soul
Hermes Trismegistus, Soul Signature
Bar Mitzvah Praetorius, Sentinel and Shield Ontomarra Mary Mother Most High
God's own Beings of Light
Sovereignty and Silence, Surety and Life
Our Motto - Be One, Be All, Born of God to live as God

Searching for the Key

Now is the time for all to come together as one in a union for all that we hold dear. The time is come to go forth, as it were, as soldiers under the might of God's army, for the time has come when all that went before now requires reclamation, and by our efforts will certain of these things occur, for it is not often that we see such moments as these and it is not often we are graced by God to be called to participate. Forward shall we go as God's soldiers carrying the banner of Light and Love and looking neither forward nor back but always within to the Source, our goal and destination in both this day and all these days to come. We are Christ's crusaders and in this sense we are armed for battle with thoughts of love, with thoughts of light and life and with thoughts of beingness as becomes us, not beingness as is told us or as is learned but beingness as is between us and our salvation in the Light.

Beingness is the cause of our battle and beingness is the reward of our efforts, and in all such cases as these, beingness is the soul's salvation, for without it, without beingness, the soul dissipates and is lost yet the spirit lives on, but the spirit has no memory of the soul's experiences and thus the spirit begins again while the soul is lost without beingness. Never doubt it. There is no other way to memory of self and this life's experiences. Beingness is all and everything, beingness is the soul's salvation. Beingness is the soul's reclamation, beingness is immortality and the road to eternality. Beingness is the purpose of life. Find your beingness and you have found your eternal self. (Solon Centurion)

Beingness is most easily acquired by standing up for yourself and your beliefs and refusing to be lead by anyone or anything other than yourself and your own senses, your own thoughts and your own reasoning. Thus, in this way can you learn discernment, for you are not dependent on some outside source to help you decide what is right for you, and you are not dependent on some other being to guide you in your decision making, for your decisions are critical to the development of your self and your being. Life is about making decisions and coming to the right conclusions and then acting upon them. Life is about learning rational thought and learning common sense and learning your belief system and where it is centered within yourself.

You are gifted at birth with certain qualities which you must begin to develop or else you will become lost at sea in this universe of decision making. Life is about making all your dreams and beliefs appear before you in concrete form and then observing your creations, your projections outward of your innermost abstract concepts. Life is about beingness, and in this sense all life is the result of your being able to decide between this and that, left and right, tall and short and constantly taking a measure of the world before you and then comparing it to your concepts of self. This is beingness in formation and without this you are destined for nothing, where instead you could be destined for immortality, not a given at all, as many believe. Immortality is not the norm as many believe but is just like everything else in this world, it is earned. Through your life and by its actions do you earn your immortality.

Do you think all who live, live on for eternity? How can this be? Think about it. Even before you became a believer in the afterlife you first believed most likely in no such thing as the afterlife, but instead you believed sincerely that when you die you go straight to the grave and not beyond, and you were in fact correct. But you can avoid this fate simply by being somebody living a life worth keeping, a life your spirit, separate from your earth self, can acquire by matching vibrations. Everything depends upon it. Your level of vibrations are the key to beingness and you don't gain the proper level by sitting around and having a general love-in and tossing back and forth words of love and endearments. If this were so, the entire world would survive this thing, for all of us at some time or another have feelings of love, even the worst among us have feelings of love, but this does not resurrect us from the grave, no indeed.

Love is not the key to survival of death, and if you are spending your time acquiring loving words and ideas with the thought that this will save you from darkness, then you are deluding yourselves. Only beingness can acquit you of the crime of life and only beingness can release you from the prison of death. Beingness can release you of your imprisonment in the cycle and dance of death, and beingness can become the only thing that you should focus upon. Your self depends upon it, this focus upon beingness. Your self depends upon your beingness. (Solon Centurion)

What must you do, you ask, to become a life worth keeping? You must first become aware of this situation and then act upon it. You are living in a world right now in which there are oppositional forces at work. One side to protect you and the other side to attack you, and for good reason this is happening. This is the shape of destiny, this is the force of existence, this pushing back and forth. One side is constantly pulling toward the light and the other side is constantly pulling toward the dark, and words are used on both sides to entice you in one of the directions. But here you must discern the meaning of something critical to your salvation of this cleaving into of the self. You must realize the value of your situation and then begin to find in it the key.

Searching for the key at this point is utmost in gaining access through the door to life. Searching for the key is the meaning of this situation. Where lies the key, on the side of light or on the side of dark? Where lies the key, to the right or to the left? Where lies the key, above or below? Where lies the key, within or without? The key lies within, and thus in you go to continue your search for the key. Once inside you can begin to look around at the inner world landscape and you will see the key. The key is the secret self, the self lying hidden within the self and holding the kernel of beingness. The secret self holds the key to immortality and the secret self holds the key to beingness. The secret self is salvation. Go within. (OntoMarra Mary Mother Most High, Queen of Heaven and the Angels of Light)

Before you return to spirit you will have lived a life in some such way as can be tested for authenticity. By this is meant, you will have lived a life that is either outstanding or without purpose and this is the choice you make in life, the major choice, that is. Whether your life shall be outstanding or not is entirely up to you and no one else. An outstanding life is one in which all your decisions were made with the common good in mind and in this respect you have determined your position as relates to the world at large. All life whether small or large is led in respect to some other life, and no life is lived entirely alone without contact with any other life. So for the moment assume you are living life amidst life and thus you are required to make decisions in your life which will affect the life around you. This is beingness at work, and so you make your decisions with others in mind, and hence your decisions will affect those around you. When you can see this, then you can begin to relate to the concept of beingness and not to the concept of selfishness, which is the opposite of beingness. (Sir John Warren)

Whatever you do in life, you do with yourself in mind but this does not mean you are to focus completely on self to the extent that you give up all thoughts of making life for those around you better as can be. But whether you make those lives better is entirely up to you and you can either focus exclusively on self or focus exclusively on beingness, which is inclusive of life around you. This organism form of thinking is what we have come to teach, that when you think in terms of organism rather than individual selfhood, then you begin to formulate an idea of what it means to be divine, for divinity alone is organistic in concept, not individualized as you are taught and as you might want to think. God does not exist as a distinct individual with long beard and hair but as an organism of which you are a part and of which you must make a contribution if you wish to remain a viable part of Godhood. Otherwise, the organism will sluff you off like dead skin and continue on its way without you. Is this too graphic for you? It is life and life only at the highest level imaginable and it operates exactly the same as life operates at the lowest level imaginable, and you have no distaste for that concept of sluffing off dead skin at the lower levels in which this replenishing of the organism occurs. But yet you do not wish to be included in such concepts, I would imagine, but there you have it whether you like it or not. You will be sluffed off if you do not make your contribution to the good of the whole, and in the process of being sluffed off you will be gobbled up by beings who exist for such purposes. Does this frighten you? Good. Now lets get down to the basics of making you a viable member of the organistic whole. (Sir John Warren)

What will be the results of your learning this, you may ask? Plenty, for you will learn how to make your contribution to the good of the whole and you will learn how to apply your knowledge acquired by such pursuits to the development of your being. For starters, you will learn how to develop yourself as a viable member of the Godhood, and you will learn to retain your identity after death, and this is critical for you because only if you can remember who you are can you continue as you are at the next level of being. If you can't recall who you are then you must begin anew and all your memories, all those things that make you you, will be lost forever and you along with them.

So it is very important for you to begin by acquiring the ability to remember who you are when you journey throughout the universe in astral body. For this, you must begin your astral journeys and go through certain stages wherein you have no idea who you are, as is only natural for most people. Others will begin by knowing who they are, and they have a kind of headstart but then they most likely were sent here for specific purposes, having lived a life or two worth keeping and being selected by the organism to perform particular functions at this set level of being. They will awaken to themselves without too much trouble for they have already been saved and are now working full time for the good of the whole. They have been hired and are under contract, as it were, and their jobs are secure. They are protected and they are guarded and they have nothing to concern themselves with except awaking to their purpose and then picking up where they left off in another life in which they acquired the quality of beingness.(Sir John Warren)

Wherever you find yourself in life, there is your starting point. You are never so near to beingness as when you are walking and talking and just being human, but that is not enough. You must begin to see that there is more to existence than just being, for you have yet to discover your purpose for existence and until you do you are only a being who lacks beingness, which is to say you are without purpose and therefore without worth. This may seem harsh to say such a thing but yet there it is. You cannot fulfill your purpose for existence without at least gaining an understanding that you have a purpose to fulfill. So much of life is spent in working and striving and just trying to stay afloat in terms of money, clothing, material possessions, things that sustain the physical body and well being, but this cannot be used as an excuse to avoid striving to gain an understanding of beingness and your purpose for being. Here again, we wish to say that there is little that can be done to save you as you exist at this moment unless you are willing to put down your tiresome excuses for nonexistence and go forth with a firm desire to discover purpose and meaning in life, which is not to say go forth with a firm desire to discover what can be done to further your comfort and your wallet, or so you would say. Your wallet will be filled in due time if you will only search for your purpose, and then your comfort will follow. See what we mean by this and you will see a new perspective and you will gain a new leverage in the ball game of life. (Solon Centurion)

What would you prefer, ask yourself this. Would you prefer to be saved to complete some purpose on behalf of God and God's army or would you prefer to be sluffed off so that God and God's army can continue on unabated and triumphant? This is the question at hand and the one you must answer right now. There is no time to waste, but the solution to the problem must be gotten right away. If you decide you would prefer to enlist for all time in God's army then say so now and someone in the army will hear you and will come to you to assist you. From this point on, you have some help in determining what it is you are to do next.

But for the moment let us say that you have called for assistance and you are waiting for assistance to appear. What should you be doing? You should be organizing yourself for astral travel in the dreamtime, for this is where your beingness will begin to develop itself and where you will begin to learn to remember who you are. You will begin your organization by first of all keeping a dreamtime journal. This is more important than you can ever know because the dreamtime journal puts you in a position to be able to recall your dreams. And why is this so important? Simply this, being able to recall your dreams is the first step in being able to recall who you are, in being able to come wide awake in the dreamtime and say, "I know who I am. I am me," and being able to say your name so that you can hear it and identify with it and gain the confidence of knowing you are someone somewhere in the wide, wide universe and that you count for something right at the moment in which you utter your name in your astral body.

That is why you keep the dreamtime journal, to teach yourself to remember who you are, and if you don't begin right here at this point with the journal then you may as well not begin because there is no other way to teach yourself recall of self during astral travel. And it is astral travel which will teach you of the next reality to which you will go when you die, and when you go there you need to be able to reference back to the self you were, so that you don't disappear into cyberspace in a poof, which could very well happen if you don't have a point of reference because you will not be very substantial at that time, and you need something to build on. And that something will be your identity you just experienced in life. So for now, begin to keep a dreamtime journal, either in writing or record into a tape recorder. There is no other way to get started on this educational, salvational journey. (Sir John Warren)

The Last Ritual of the Portal

This will be the last Ritual of the Portal for awhile because I need time to channel the book Time, Space and Beyond Matter: The Planetary Guidebook for Removing Quantum, Particle and Nuclear Physicks. Despite the great success of Ritual of the Portal as an internet, spiritual consciousness activity, this next project requires all my time and energy. Channeling a book filled with physics terminologies is challenging and so I want to focus on it exclusively.

Ritual of the Portal really has been great, and I have so enjoyed working with you. I appreciate your participation and all the encouragement we gave each other. The rituals and all the material surrounding them are archived on Spiritweb, and anytime you want to perform a ritual just go into the Ritual of the Portal section and select one that suits you or perform one from this book. Of course, you can always follow the portal set-up format and compose your own rituals, and I certainly encourage you to do this. Ritual of the Portal has brought about for me an ascension and so for me to continue with the rituals is the same as refusing to ascend. It was always my intent, that by use of the ritual format in conjunction with a dimensional portal an ascension could be experienced. I recommend this as a path to the next level of being and I wish you a spiritual journey filled with love and light and beingness. I am hoping you will be interested in this next activity I plan which will begin after my move to Boulder, Colorado. If you are interested in continuing with me in spiritual consciousness activities centered around quantum physics, let me know and I will keep you informed of my progress, plans and scheduled activities. Until we meet again,

Be of Love and Be of Light,

Claire Sananda

Fire Ritual to Welcome the Ejoesa

We call now upon the mountains, the skies, the plains, the oceans.
We call upon the beings of light and the beings of dark.
We call upon the powers of the universe most high.
And we call upon the World Soul to which we belong.
Join with us now in welcoming the E-joe-sa.
Who have come here to visit and who we are glad to receive.

Welcome E-joe-sa to our planet, this spot of blue green in black space.
Welcome E-joe-sa to our world and come here whenever you like.
Welcome E-joe-sa to our homes and come through our portals tonight.
Welcome E-joe-sa to our flames and join with us to celebrate life.

Now just relax and enjoy the experience with the E-joe-sa.

Sir John Warren, Shield Guide
Channeled through Shaktinanda, Shield Guide

Ritual of the Arapaho Portal
Arapaho Spirit Mountain
Boulder, Colorado
May 31st, 1997, 9:00p Mountain Time


Hello! Just a quick note to let you know I am living at 9,500 feet in Boulder, Colorado, at Wondervu, looking out onto an expansive, breath-taking view of the snow capped mountains of the Arapaho National Forest and the twin peaks of Mt. Arapaho at 14,000 ft. What a beautiful place to share space with wonderful people like Vincent and Darlene Bridges of Mt. Gilead, NC, and Rene Mueller of The cosmic community of Boulder is involved with several new spiritual consciousness projects, and only two days ago we attended the first meeting for the creation of the Boulder College of Sacred Earth Geometry.

Also, I am planning a Ritual of the Arapaho Portal workshop and gathering at this beautiful mountain home called Visions Retreat Center, and as I type this I hear spirit rapping throughout our mountain chalet. I was just sitting outside channeling the spirit mountain and the Arapaho Indian spirits. Only yesterday, a big black bear sat at our front door and a big white-grey wolf trotted past the front porch. Little black and white birds eat sunflowers seeds out of our hands, and the chipmunks sneak into the kitchen looking for nuts and seeds. This chalet and the one nearby are situated on an powerful energy line, or mountainous Feng Shui ley line, and milky quartz is covering the ground all around. The mountains are made of it. This is an incredibly beautiful sacred place, and the Arapaho Indians are here in spirit. When I was channeling a few moments ago, the mountains told me "We are the Indians!" and I had a vision of Arapaho Indians sitting in a wide circle, singing hymns to nature and laughing and crying as they told of their exciting and wonderful experiences in the spirit mountains. Each hymn is 5 or 6 lines, and the last line of a hymn is taken up by the next Indian, who creates a new hymn from that last line.

Where the rivers meet
We laugh and cry
Where the rivers meet
We live and die
Where the rivers meet
We fly away.

Little Bird little bird
Fly away with me
Little Bird little bird
Fly your luck to me
Little Bird little bird
Sing your song to me.

Dear One, open your mind to the concept of nature as being fulfillment of human emotion. So much of life is built upon the tenderness of emotion. Whenever you see a tree, you see yourself suspended in the midst of life and death, and the tree bespeaks your awareness of it. You are life itself and death itself and when you cry, when you laugh, you are all knowledge, all Self awareness, all Self bestowed upon all Life. (Sir John Warren)

Flower sing and flower bloom
Drop down low upon your knees
Spear fly above the sky
See above you and below you
And know yourself complete.

So much of life is built upon the basis of life, which is to say, life is in and of itself complete. We try to live life in such a way as to be spoken of as one worth living, but is it not true that life itself asserts its own beliefs, having little to do with valuations and deceptions. (Solon Centurion)

You are wolf, now howl
You are bear, now growl
You are all and one complete.

Would love to hear from you!

lo phi

Sananda Destiny
Sir John Warren
Shield Guide Solon Centurion
Shield Guide
Arapaho Spirit Mountain.

Arapaho Spirit Guides

Dear Ones, allow us to introduce ourselves. You have been reading our material for several weeks now and we know you are perhaps curious regarding our identities. Well, then, you shall learn of them now. We are the Arapaho spirit guides and we have brought our leader Claire Sananda Destiny to the peaks of these mountains for reasons we would like to tell at this time.

Arapaho Indians are the sole survivors of military invasions in this country. By this we mean, we have survived intact with our spiritual beliefs secure and our powers complete. We were divinely inspired Indians who felt the presence of the land and learned most favorably of its healing powers and its structures and beings of light. We spoke often with the quartz people and the devas who inhabit these lands. They are here now and responding to our leader, Claire Sananda Destiny, who has returned to us at this time to continue our spiritual progress on this planet. We are therefore desiring your attendance at the Ritual of the Arapaho Portal because we have great plans regarding this country and this planet, and we wish to tell you of them.

First of all, do you realize how depleted this planet is becoming? The energy slowly flows away from it, not towards it. We can see this and we are surprised to learn that you cannot. Energy of a planet is the most powerful thing in the universe, and without energy flowing directly to the planet, then we will suffer a depletion of energy ourselves. This we know to be true and we have seen its work. Look around you and you will begin to see the depletion, but it is nothing to the depletion of your own Self. And this is what we are here to discuss, how the Self and the planet are interactive beings of light, macrocosmic and microcosmic relationship complete, for without the energy we emit being recycled within the planetary eco-spiritual field, then we are in a depletion relationship with God and the Universe. Now, let's discuss the ramifications of this, please.

God/Universe are assumed to be one and the same being, are they not? Perhaps your concept of God involves separatist and dualistic thinking. Could this be true? God and the Universe are the same being, are they not? Give this some deep thought, please. When God and the Universe are the same being, then the Universe and God are One. Therefore, you and God are One, because you are a being in the Universe, which is defined as the macrocosmic self, the larger self, where you are the microcosmic self, the smaller self. Now what does this mean? It simply means the smallest part contains the whole, and the smallest part has infinite power over the destiny of the whole. This is the great compromise the Universe makes on behalf of the smallest parts, giving them total power over the whole. Now, what does this mean to you?

It means you are designed to be effective over the events on the planet and also over the destiny of a planet, as well as a galaxy. This planet, in its energy depleted condition, can no longer propel itself effectively through the spheres of reality because the planet is becoming depleted. This means the Christ consciousness grid and the planetary gridwork are losing structure and energy. Can this be averted? Yes, indeed, but it requires a commitment on your part to reverse this trend, and your commitment lies in your ability to stay focused on your spiritual paths and to integrate into those paths other, perhaps divergent, literatures that express a common desire to release the planet from the beings who hold it captive. Do you suppose you have the power to do this? We suppose it and we are working to releasement of planetary spirit for purposes of realigning energy on the planet. What does releasement of planetary spirit involve?

Planetary spirit, the way we are using the terminology, means simply those spiritual beings who hold the planet's resources and life in balance. These beings are pure consciousness with the God-given directive to hold this planet together and allow life to flourish. This planet is divine and we would preserve this way.

Ratay Shaman
Arapaho healer and Spirit Guide

Arapaho Chanting
Oh-way-nah-tay-day-o, Oh-way-nah-tay-day-o, Oh-way-nah-tay-day-o, Oh-way-nah-tay-day-o
Call for the beings on the mountains, the collective intelligence of these mountains to come to you. You are going to command them.

Tah-nah-tay-o-nah-tah, Tah-nah-tay-o-nah-tah, Tah-nah-tay-o-nah-tah, Tah-nah-tay-o-nah-tah
Make the grasses grow, make the flowers bloom, make birds to sing, make the mountains tune.

Con-tah-nah-tah-o-con-ta, con-ta-nah-tah-o-con-ta
Come to me wolves and bears. Come to me wolves and bears.

Wolves and bears go home and stay there until I call again!

Lo-toe-ma-die-yo-nata, lo-tah-ma-die-yo-nota, lo-no-mah-die-yo-nata
The Sun and the Moon will come to me and become my servants!

Chapter Nine - Work of the Magesty in Creating Indians

A time can come in the universe when the creation of Indians is key to the survival of a planetary ecosystem, and the time has come. We refer not only to the ancient Indians and the post modern Indians, but also the newly created Indians who exist now within society and who live their lives in the certain knowledge that they are Indians in all respects. These people are come here to guide this planet and they are Bird Tribe, those angelic beings with wings who fly low to the planet and sometimes touch down in human form. Bird Tribe is angelic royalty and well worth the effort of being human, for Bird Tribe in human form can command galaxies. But first this planet must be repaired.

Ratay shaman speaks now. Yo-tan-da-may-de-o Yo-tan-de-may-te-o Ratay shaman leads a band of Arapaho Indians into the Battle of the Little Big Horn and is slain by the calvary, all dressed in blue. Ratay shaman lives again in Arapaho territory and bleeds his shamanic blood over the great rock and lives still within the canyon. Ratay shaman calls to you. Come forth, Indians, come forth! We have much work to do now and we need all our blood together to complete this watch over humankind. We are calling you, brothers and sisters of the sun and the moon, brothers and sisters of the worlds combined.

The creation of Indians is the universe's way of saving a planet. Come forth!

Sir John Warren, Shield Guide
Sananda Destiny,Centennial and Guide
Ratay Shaman,Arapaho Healer and Spirit Guide
Solon Centurion,Centennial and Guide

The 10th Dimension of Time
Ratay, shaman leader of the Arapaho people in the 10th dimension of time, known as na-ta-wa-man-day-dee-na, Place of Long Ago. We are alive in the mountains, hidden deep within the crystal vaults. We are long forgotten by our people but we are not forgotten by our God, who supplies us with sustenance of all kinds, spiritual and material, for we are the Arapaho spirit mountains, and we are alive and calling to you.

No-dee-tak-ee, no-ta-wa
We are alive and breathing air again. You have done it.
No-taka-ma-day-na-doe, see-ma-da-ta
We have about us all our arms and legs, fingers and toes.
We have flesh. We speak.
Na-da-na-dee, nah-toe, man-da-na
We feel ourselves complete at least. No home for us ever was so sweet.

Tee-no-taka-man-da-wah, no-takas-man-da-wah
Sweetness of the air, children of the night, children of the night.
Dee-nah-ta-di-wah-ta, Hopi-ma-nah.
Within us lives the God of all Indians, Hopi also.

Yo-dee-ni-gah-wah Yo-dee-ni-naw-ta tien-nata-tien-nata
De na wah

Tell the sun to call my name
Speak to the moon on my behalf
I am always abundant
I am always abundant
What am I?

Sa-nan-da Bu-da

Arapaho channeling by Shaktinanda

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