Global Lightwork Project


With a focus on:

How to release lost and wandering souls or ghosts from the astral planes to higher orders of purpose. The group lightwork project demonstrates the singular power of the individual to work as Lightbeing while still physical, helping to guide wandering souls along their right journey and their perfect paths.

Using a blend of imagination and invisibility to access other dimensions, we effect changes in those environments. Via enlightenment, we share the Light with others. The global Lightwork project, shows the great mystical tradition of Spiritualism in group lightwork.

With a focus on:

1. The Holy Trinity and its various possibilties, such as Mother, Daughter and Son

2. The idea of there being a Divine Mother

3. Astral plane entities and entrapped souls

4. Uses of ritual to effect transformation in other dimensions

5. The name Sananda and what it means - the ascended Christ

6. Philosophy of life after death and ghosts

7. Planetary population by beings from other star systems

8. The material path and the spiritual path and where they both lead

9. Ritual and prayer as methods of accessing the Divine realms for specific purposes

10. How group participation can be used for spirit releasement of trapped, lost or confused souls when nothing else works

Part One - Releasement Methods
Saturday, June 28, 1997
5:00PM Mountain Time

Spirit's Releasement and Methods of Accomplishment

The name Sananda means "mother's bliss." Sananda is a devotee of Sai, Divine Mother, She who is responsible for making the world go 'round. Sananda is her Divine Son and he also is Jesus in another aspect of that Trinity.

Sananda speaks: When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to sacrifice self on behalf of others, this we call human decency. When it becomes necessary to sacrifice self on behalf of spirit, this we call heaven-bound. We are not asking for a sacrifice from you. We are merely defining terms.

Now, on this planet are many entrapped beings, who for one reason or another, cannot find their way home to the Light. We can help them by offering them a small portion of self which is not needed at the time the offering is made. The offering, as we are calling it, is made for two purposes; one, to help spirit find the Light and; two, to help self find the Light. How does one involve the other?

Simply that one's self is often searching for enlightenment and so can seek in the direction of spirit, especially when spirit is seeking in the direction of the Light. This results in a twofold accomplishment, wherein self is enlightened and spirit is led onward to the Light. When this happens, self has sacrificed, although what was given is not lost, and Spirit has returned to the Light. We wish to give you an example at this time and we ask that you take this deeply into consideration.

When we were younger, by which we mean, when we were in the flesh, we were often confused about the direction to take. We were often lost in the physical world and wondering what to do next. This is perfectly normal and most people experience this. Usually what happens is, someone comes along to guide us or Spirit comes along to guide us onto the spiritual path. So many people are not on this path, are they? But nevertheless, we found the path and so did you. Now, stop and think about this.

Finding the path is only the beginning, is it not? What comes next is loosely defined as work, because spiritual work requires great sacrifices of you. It is not one of those things that can be accomplished without the laying down of other issues and interests, is it? And sometimes it involves the loss of money as well, as so many of you know who are on this path. Rarely, if ever, is money directly received as the result of taking up the spiritual path. But you know this. We are only reminding you of it. Now, to continue with our story.

When we were young we sought out the things most interesting to youth, i.e. bodily matters, sexual interests, physical activities, laughing, smiling and youthful play. This is life, is it not? But then we left these things behind and found ourselves searching deeper for portions of ourselves we knew existed but needed to find. Hidden portions, lost portions and just part of the self seeking reclamation.

When we begin to uncover the self, we begin to learn of spiritual matters, do we not? And so we find the path somehow, don't we? We find the path and then, if we are diligent and lucky, we stay on the path. This is reclamation of the self from it's lost life indulging in materialism and objects of the flesh. Not that the flesh should be denied but occasionally should be subordinated to spirit if the path is to be taken up successfully. Now, in our youth, this is what we do. Some of us, not all of us. We do what we like to do because we do not yet know what we need to do. This is what transpires in youth.

But in adulthood, well, that is something else, because unless we are careful and diligent we find ourselves squarely walking the path of materialism, and so we seek always in the wrong direction for spirit. And when this happens, when we die on this materialistic path, after death we remain somehow on it unless we can find the Light. But so many spirits do not find the Light and are still imagining themselves on that sad materialistic path.

To remedy this, we can grant spirit some energy without losing it, as it takes from us some of our energy which we can easily regain because we are physical and can generate energy. This is something spirit cannot do because spirit, while physical in spirit's perspective, has not the ability to generate personal supplies of energy necessary for spirit releasement. So we can give spirit a little boost by giving spirit a little piece of self that is needed to give spirit energy to understand where spirit is and why spirit is there, and also for spirit to get up and move toward the Light.

For this reason we are starting the internet activity called Cosmic Mass for Spirit Releasement and we hope you are interested in joining us. If you would like to know more, please email .

Sananda Buddha Jesus
Claire Grace Watson
Shield Guide

Part Two - About the Pearsons

The Pearsons: Panning for Gold in Colorado

The Pearsons came to Colorado from Georgia to find gold, and one of them found it: not the yellow kind but the better kind. One of them found love, and lost it, but she never stopped looking for it, and still the Pearsons roam the woods of Eldora, Colorado, searching, searching. The story of the Pearsons is a sad one, but much can be learned from it.

The Pearsons came West from the East Coast to build their family wealth, and they found themselves quite lost in the foothills of the Rockies. Still, they persevered until they found the little mining town of Eldora, Colorado, in a valley between two mountains.

There, they set up their mining camp and there they meant to stay until they became wealthy. The Pearsons were searching for material wealth, and so engrossed they were in their search for it that they completely forgot their purpose for being on this planet: to establish a new order of being from the constellation Lyra. They came from a long lineage of extraterrestrial beings who were trying to establish a new bloodline on this planet, and the net result of that effort was the Pearsons.

When beings from other constellations set out to establish DNA bloodlines on new planets, they usually go about it in two ways. Either they compose for themselves new beings who are in fact clones, or they begin new bloodlines from their own DNA pools and then set those beings onto the face of a planet in order to populate it. This is the case with the bloodline of the Pearsons, those Colorado rock hounds searching for gold and completely forgetting their lineage. This is not unusual on this planet. Everyone here is extraterrestrial one way or another and virtually everyone here has forgotten their lineage.

When the Pearsons left their home in Georgia to travel West they truly believed themselves looking for gold and material wealth but, at another level, they were searching for their lost past and they believed that they would find it in Colorado. And so they did, but not in the way they perceived they would. The Pearsons went West and settled themselves in Eldora next to some beautiful mountains covered with Aspen trees and then set out to discover their worth in the weight of gold nuggets. But they forgot their purpose for being on this planet, and until they find it they will continue to roam the woods of Eldora, Colorado, where they can be contacted there by channelers who key into them, such as Claire Sananda Destiny, our channel.

Now, Claire felt the Pearsons and right away discovered their sadness and loss, and with her companions at that time, Rene Mueller and Roger Kerr, discovered something else about them. They had burned down the little town of Eldora in an attempt to keep it because it was verging on being taken over by a larger mining company. So the Pearsons set fire to the place. This is not widely known, of course, and only a channel could attain this information, so it may not be verifiable in city hall records, but so it did happen and also it worked.

The mining conglomerate left without purchasing the little town, and the Pearsons retained it for their own use. But unfortunately for them they failed to realize the karmic consequences of their actions, for where there is fire, more fire will come and then water, and so it did in the form of a flash flood. And while the Pearsons were mining their claim they were overtaken by the flood and washed away into the gulch and drowned. Now they are dead and they know it but they simply don't accept it, and so they roam the woods looking for their claim and their mining equipment, searching for their lost gold and wondering when it will all end. Now, the story develops thusly.

When the Pearsons lived in Eldora, they gave birth to a beautiful young daughter named Cherise, who loved the woods, hills and mountains. As a young woman she climbed them every day, up and down, up and down, until her father one day declared her a mountain goat and began to call her Goat Lady. This hurt Cherise badly but still she climbed, for she was an avid climber, one of the first of her kind in Colorado, and so she was misunderstood by her family, who felt it foolish to climb simply for the love of it.

Yet Cherise would not be stopped from climbing the mountains until one day, her father forbade her to climb again. Still, she climbed while he panned for gold, and one day, during a climb, she met a young man who also was climbing simply for the love of it, and his name was Robert. Cherise and Robert met quite by accident on a mountain top and knew right away they were in love. Things can happen just that fast in the mountains, can't they? It's the air, the wonderful air and the springtime flowers growing low to the ground. Robert picked some of the blue and yellow flowers for Cherise and handed them to her, looking at her with deep love, and Cherise responded with a kiss, the first kiss Robert had ever received from a young woman. He fell in love.

Now, this went on, this climbing and hiking and flower picking and kissing, until one day Cherise's father heard of it and told Cherise to leave off meeting with Robert. But Cherise disobeyed her father and continued to meet with her true love. Together, they went deep into the wooded valley and came together, their arms wrapped lovingly around each other and they made sweet, passionate love in the cool shade of an ancient Spruce tree.

They were blessed and knew it but they were also cursed and didn't know it, but learned of it soon enough when Cherise's father found out about their love in the way the parents often learn of such a love. Cherise was with child and Robert was asking for her hand in marriage. But Cherise's father would have none of it, and in a rage he locked Cherise in the woodshed to punish her until he could determine what to do. But when she was locked in the dry woodshed she became enraged, and in a peak of anger she set the place afire. In the dry mountain air it went up in a blaze, taking Cherise with it.

Robert could not bear it and, inconsolable, hanged himself so he could join his true love. Cherise's father was hardened by it all, refusing to accept responsibility for it. He continued panning for gold, furiously now, ever more determined to find the wealth that would increase his life's happiness and relieve him of the heartbroken loss of his beautiful daughter. One day, as he and his wife and children were panning for gold, the water came to put out the terrible fire. Water in the form of a flash flood of the melting snow washed the Pearsons away. Today, they are wandering lost in Eldora looking for their claim and their equipment, and we can release their spirits and help them on their way into the light.

When the Pearsons lost their way onto the path of materialism they also lost their memory of who they were and where they came from. They were like people with amnesia, never realizing the significance of their lineage, never knowing their purpose for being here. They were, and still are, Lyrans looking for their way home. Cosmic Mass for Spirit Releasement will give them a choice and show them the way.

Sananda Buddha Jesus
Claire Grace Watson
Shield Guide

Part Three - The Cosmic Mass

This is the Cosmic Mass for Spirit Releasement to empower the Pearsons to move on if they choose to. Now, we would like to guide you a little in what to do and how to set up your altars, which can be a desk top or a table top or any form of altar you are accustomed to use. Place on the altar your sacred symbols and objects. The Cosmic Mass requires candles and water for spiritual baptism and also some dirt for burial transfiguration.

To begin, open your Bibles or the book you deem holy and allow spirit to fill your mind and your position in your home, and light your candles and have the water and earth ready. Here begins the Cosmic Mass for Spirit Releasement. Say these words out loud and follow these instructions very carefully. If we are successful we will open a portal to the light for the Pearsons. Now, to begin:

We call upon the Maker to bring the Light to our use because we have a purpose to fulfill.
We believe we can help the Pearsons, who are lost and roaming the planet near Eldora, Colorado.
The Pearsons can use our help and we would like to give it.
Please, Maker, deem us worthy of holding the Light to light the way for the Pearsons.

They are lost and in need of assistance in finding Your Grace and Your Glory.
The Pearsons are lost and need to find You. Can You open the portal and fill it with Light?
We beseech you, Great Maker, open the portal and fill it with light so the Pearsons can find their way home.
Great Maker, hear our prayer as we call upon you to open the Gates and allow the Pearsons to pass through.
Much has hindered them, much has impeded them, but still they seek You.

Now, Great Maker, open the portals and allow the Light to filter through.
We can see the Light You are giving us, but will it be enough for our Work here?
Please, Great Maker, open the Gates to Heaven and allow the Pearsons to pass through.
They are in need of You. They are in want of You. Hear them and believe in their need of You.

Now, Great Maker, see our candles how they glow? This is our light.
Allow Your Light to fill the room and speak to us of Your Love.
Great Maker, this is our water for spiritual baptism.
See how we sprinkle it upon our foreheads? This we do on behalf of the Pearsons.

Great Maker, this is our earth which we use to cover our bodies when we have passed on.
See how we sprinkle the earth in our hands?
This means we know we must die but also we know we live forever.
Do not allow us to live outside of Your Light. Bring us into the Light, now.

Bring the Pearsons into the Light now. Can You see them? They are coming towards You.
Can You hear them? They are calling for You.
Take them in, Your children in the darkness. Take them in, Your beings of Love.

These are our wishes and our prayers. Hear us Great Maker, for we believe in You
and we know of your great Mercy.
Hear us, Great Maker, for we are come to You in supplication on behalf of the Pearsons.
We wish You to take them into Your arms and hold them in Your heart forever. Amen

The mass is over. Meditate for some time if you wish and when you can, email your impressions and experiences. I would love for us all to share these moments, and I will compile and email them. Also, if you wish to use this mass for anyone else, just substitute that name for "Pearsons," and it will work just fine.

When we perform an activity such as the Cosmic Mass, we place ourselves into a position to save ourselves by saving others. This is the central tenet of Christianity, is it not? The Savior Saved is a very old concept originating in ancient Persia about 7,000 BCE, and that’s a long time ago. But it is an enduring idea, lasting through the ages because it is an idea worth keeping and one that works.

We are not always guided by spirit. Sometimes we are guiding spirit, and when we do, we guide ourselves onto the spiritual path. This is the concept of the Savior Saved when applied to spirit releasement. Spirit needs us, just as we need spirit, and together we can get things done on this planet. Is it not true? Of course, but it is also true that we must act to bring about spiritual involvement in earthly concerns, and when we perform a spirit releasement we are working the plan in reverse, but it works and works beautifully. We guide spirit and spirit guides us. Together, we are oneness in the Light.

Love to you all,

Claire Grace Watson, Guide and Channel for the Light
Sananda Buddha Jesus
God’s own Children of the Light
Be of Love and be of Light

Part Four - Spirit's Releasements

Dear Ones:

We have such wonderful news to report. Many people who participated in the mass related experiences of leading beings into the light and feeling themselves enlightened. We, too, had such an experience and we also contacted the angel Sandalphon for assistance in the mass. Sandalphon is with us now and wishes to speak directly to you through Claire Sananda Destiny, our channel:

Softly speak the angels of the deep.
Beyond forever, beyond time.
Where we are, you shall be.
So quietly go, and remember this peace.

This poem I wrote to express my gratitude and feelings for your assistance with the Pearsons. Wherever you go, know that I go with you for I am intimately connected to the ones who worked with the Cosmic Mass and I am with you always. I am Prince of Angels, Sandalphon, angel of the deep and forever endowed with glory. Close your eyes and you may see me there, my beautiful wings spread and my laurel wreath upon my head. I appear this way whenever I like to and I like to often enough. Look for me there behind your eyes for I am with you always.

Prince of Angels Sandalphon
Through Claire Grace Watson, M.S.T.

(I regret to say I have yet to find the impressions people sent me. I'm sure I have them somewhere, and I am still looking for them. They are astounding and beautiful.)

Part Five - Mass Impressions

Frank van der Palen

The cosmic mass was great, again. I felt so mutch love and light wile invoking great spirit. There was a overwelming energy of surrendering en releasement. It was like a silvery spiral that came down and filled me up. And when it did it was like I was being filled completely with it. Like a balloon. All the energy made me sit up so straight and made me feel about 10 times bigger in my physical body. At the same time, because of the build up of the energy, everything in its way flowed right out of me. I felt great confidence that everything would be taken from me that's holding me back from my lifes purpose.

My aura was getting bigger and bigger. It felt like the whole earth, the whole universe was being filled with my aura. I sang some songs in thanks and asked for a dream that would help to integrate all the changes that are occuring in my life. The dream: I was riding in a car, with 2 cars following me. I was the guide and we were driving toward an airfield. I knew exactly were to go. When I arrived there it turned out that it was relocated to another place. This was Utrecht (a city in the middle of Holland) so I went to the car behind me to tell the people there. For every one I had a other tone of voice, either funny, comforting, soothing, luring and even sexy. I told them were to go next and started to write down my name. I did this standing next to the second car but bending over easaly to the last car, writing on a piece of paper that lay on the hood of this 3rd car. I could see that my writing not only touched the paper but also the hood of the car. This 3rd car was in beautifull colors, like a Indian fabric, and inside was someone I know, he was smiling at me. I knew he was what I call the broomcar. He would make sure that nobody was left behind on the trip. I smiled back at him and felt sure of our destiny.

Part Six - The Unitarian Universalists

Sept. 13, 1998, 10:45 a.m. EST
Unitarian Universalist Church
Statesboro, Ga. and in your home

This is the mass of September 13th, including the spirit releasement of Major, a dog, and the Unitarian Universalist Church in Statesboro, Ga.


Greetings to you all. *:-) Love and be loved, that is my message to you to day. Dear ones, be of good heart and join us in our mass on Sunday, Sept. 13 (oh, luckiest of days!) We will be nearing the millennium soon and we will need all the extraordinary will and happiness to unlock that golden door and pass on through. During spirit releasement we release ourselves from all duties, all priorities, and all beingness pronouncements (such as "I should...." and "I ought to......") These things impede us in our prospect of spiritual enlightenment.

Let us release them and allow them go, to flow away from us in all directions. Let us just let it flow away today and everyday. This Sunday we will join our group light/merkabas and appeal to the greatest of spirits, Oneness of the Universe. In our communion, we give ourselves our love and our chi energy power to be as the body and blood of all beings bright and beautiful. We are privileged say:

"O, Great Spirit, release us today for our spiritual health and our soul's well-beingness.
We are loving beings of light who wish to be released from our natural confines of character and from single-mindedness.
Embrace us, Great Lover of All, enlighten us as well.
We are Your loving ones, your doting ones, we are your servants as You serve us. So be it."

Please add in your own psalms and praises and guide yourself in whatever manner you like to serve God/dess, however you conceive this power. Speak as yourself and you will be heard.

Now, say again, as closing: "Be quiet my soul and hear my highest voice in singing. I am of God/dess, I am of love." Amen.

Please record for me your experiences of our invoking the Great Spirit to release us from bondages. I would like to email them and to post them on my web site. Be of Light and be of Love.

In the Light and on the Wings of Love,

Yours in Spirit,

Claire Grace Watson
Channeling Sananda

Part Seven - Second Releasement and Results

Sananda speaks:

Dear one, take some time to evaluate your day you spent the other day when we did the Cosmic Mass for Spirit Releasement. Was it good for you? Did you enjoy it? Did the energy shift for you? I enclose here some information about what was experienced in Statesboro, Ga by the people there. Share with me your experiences you had in your home.


Hi, again. I'm excited about my experience in Statesboro, where I was able to release so many personal bondages that I feel quite relieved all the way 'round. My feeling is that some of the people there also shared in this experience. Also, enclosed is the account of the death of Major, our watchdog, and how we helped in his doggy spirit releasement, which we felt was right and proper to do.

In the Unitarian Universalist church in Statesboro, I began by telling the story of the rich rajah and the elephant and how truth is like an elephant. In the story, blind men are stationed at different parts of the elephant, so they can feel that part and learn it, and later they argue and fight over what the elephant is like, each one stating his part as the whole elephant. The story illustrates how much of truth (and the elephant) can be revealed to us if we accept all the various accounts of it as truth. Then, I said I was bringing to them my part of the elephant, Sananda's Cosmic Mass for Spirit Releasement. This lightwork project helps us to release our bondages and blocks, things that keep us from finding our true life's purpose and from connecting further with Spirit.

Next, I held up my channeling stone, a beautiful azurite on malachite piece, perfect size for holding in the palm of my hand. I called for the gods and goddesses of the blue light to appear - Sananda, Buddha, Krishna, Ganesha and Sarasvati (seafoam green). I felt their presences so profoundly and spoke openly of them to the group. In my 3rd eye chakra appeared Sananda, (his name meaning "bliss of divine mother") in his gold light body, appearing beside Krishna, in his cobalt blue light body, two circles dancing side by side like Krishna and Arjuna riding the chariot into action for Ganesha. (And even I said this.) Then, Sarasvati appeared to me as a green light, and she said her name through me, saying her presence to the group.

As we continued in our meditation for approximately 15 minutes, I finished by saying, "I have Ganesha in 3rd eye chakra vision, now. He is appearing as a red elephant with his left eye showing." I was charmed by this vision of Ganesha and wanted to share it. I hoped everyone could feel his presence. I told the group Ganesha is Lord of Obstacles, and that, if we pray, we may be surprised to find our prayers are answered, our blocks and bondages removed. I told them Ganesha has the head of an elephant because he is like the Indian elephant when it is used to remove the trees that block the roads so the people can pass. Ganesha does this at another level, a personal level, where he removes our blocks that keep us confined.

I didn't know how they would feel about praying to an elephant- headed god, but I couldn't let that stop me from presenting them with the opportunity. I prayed then and later in my car driving home to Atlanta. I communed with Ganesha at length as I drove, and he spoke of his happiness with my bringing him into a group so faithfully, even though they might not know who he is.

As I meditated with the group, I found I wanted to stay anchored in the blissful state I was in. I apologized to the group for keeping them waiting, if I had done so. We passed the pen (we didn't have a feather), so we each could speak, and the energy was very peaceful and serene. We talked of nonattachment, and I spoke of my experiences in Seattle, where I gave up my car and computer because spirit asked it of me.

It was beautiful to hear myself telling it, and I was shifted deeply by the expression of the entire experience in group. I was altered by it most favorably, I believe. The people who make up this group of Unitarians are very open and loving. Shari Barr coordinated this for the group and made an excellent effort in getting us all together.

When I returned home, I found my roommate to be concerned for his dog 9-year old dog, Major, who was dying of diabetes. The dog was lethargic and not in pain, but very sleepy it seemed. The dog appeared to be dying and Tony had already taken it to the vet and gotten the prognosis, which was being fulfilled as I arrived home. We prayed and called on Jesus to help us with Major. Jesus came and said Major was "passing," and asked us if we would like for him to take the dog. We said, yes, and Major died peacefully that night. We buried him in the backyard and said some words over his grave.

The next night, I saw Major in a dream. He was beautiful and covered with white-silver fur, when in life he had been black. His tail no longer drooped but stood up behind him, perky and curled at the end. He was not wagging it but it stood right up in defiance of death, I thought. His head was held high and he was looking up and to his left. His eyes were bright and he was a foot taller than before he died. He looked like an Alaskan Husky, a sled dog, but magical as well. He was standing beside the front steps to the front porch. He was standing

on one of the two brick pillars Tony had built on either side of the steps. The pillars are level with the middle step and a little bit lower than the front porch. When he made them with brick and mortar, he covered the tops of them with milky quartz. Major was standing in the quartz pillar to the right as you approach the front door steps. Major was the portal keeper, guarding it.

To see Major that way reminded me of Skipper, the Ghost Dog, and the experience we had that trip through Utah from Colorado to Seattle.

Tony and I walked through the portal at the front door steps and experienced the electrostatic charge of the space. This was a portal experience, something I personally have experienced many times.

The electrostatic field was very weak but feelable. By placing our hands in the same space with Major, Tony and I could experienced the dog's energy. Major was there and we couldn't see him, but he couldn't see us, either. Tony connected with Major's thoughts, saying Major felt obligated to guard us still. Major didn't know he was dead.

We began Cosmic Mass for Spirit Releasement, attended by another roommate, George. In this mass I used milky quartz, rock crystal quartz, azurite and malachite, and my quartz wand crystal. I placed the quartz pieces and the azurite in a vertical line on the three steps, and then I waved my wand around in the spot in which Major stood. As I did this, Tony read from the book, "The Little Prince," about invisible animals.

On behalf of everyone who knew Major and cared about him, and I named them each one, I asked for Jesus to appear and take Major with him as his dog. Tony then reminded me of the dream he had two weeks ago, in which he saw Jesus working at the post office as a letter carrier. Jesus was pulled by a dog sled with 12 dogs. In the dream Tony saw a beautiful woman who was Jesus' boss and who told Tony to go give him a message. In response to the message, Jesus told Tony to tell the beautiful lady he was quitting his job at the post office. The lady said to Tony, ok, but tell him he has to take his dogs with him. He can't leave them here with me.

Then, we asked Jesus to take Major anyway, even though he had enough dogs to pull his sled, as bequeathed to him by all the people who lose their beloved dogs. Tony said he didn't believe Jesus was present, but he felt that an archangel had come and taken Major up, but that Jesus himself had not appeared. I said, well, he sent the archangel to come get Major. And George said, maybe Jesus didn't come but his name was on the memo. Then, Tony and I read Psalm of David, Psalm 27. Tony read one stanza and then I read the next, taking turns until the end.

Tony began:

The Lord is my light and my salvation;
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life:
of whom shall I be afraid?

I continued: When evildoers assail me,
uttering slanders against me,
my adversaries and foes,
they shall stumble and fall.

Though a host encamp against me,
my heart shall not fear:
though war arise against me,
yet I will be confident.

One thing have I asked of the Lord,
that will I seek after;
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life,
to behold the beauty of the Lord,
and to inquire in his temple.

For he will hide me in his shelter
in the day of trouble;
he will conceal me under the cover of his tent,
he will set me high upon a rock.

And now my head shall be lifted up
above my enemies round about me:
and I will offer in his tent
sacrifices with shouts of joy:
I will sing and make melody to the Lord.

With this, we ended the Mass and felt great about it all.

In Light and In Love,

Claire Grace Watson
With Sananda and Yogananda



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