Isis and Horus

Here are the first initiation results. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. As usual, I am stunned at what a small, focused and spirit-guided group can do.

Char, Sirian Commander of Ground Forces and all-around good Brother writes from New York state:

Was on the road Sunday 10/10 from almost 11:30 AM til about 2:15 PM, and was focusing on and off between 11:30 and a little after Noon... then more constantly til about 1... then on and off again after that. Felt a great deal of energy moving. Felt Natalie's presence and your presence through pretty much all of it. Can't say I was specifically aware of you calling to me.... but no doubt was on some level, since I found myself also calling to you, even though I was visualizing you in Georgia.

Felt and kinda saw pyramids everywhere.... the pyramid Natalie and I often form with Haenig in meditation, and also overlapping sometimes with one formed by her sister Nadine, her roommate Donna, and I'm not sure who, and the downward-pointing pyramid formed by three Guides: Bernadette, Gryqus, and Archangel Michael descended and overlapped us, as I described had happened in previous meditations... and I noticed that all this was taking place inside another larger pyramid... each of them and all of them appearing as bright lines of light... filled with moving, glowing 'clouds' of light... against an outer space-like dark background... light that radiates outward in all directions, throughout the global grid... connecting with similar light pyramids in MANY places throughout that grid... and as more and more were connected, it seemed they'd ALL glow a little brighter... Also at times aware of even brighter light from 'above' coming into the top of each pyramid. Sensed the Energy of Oneness being radiated more and more through all.

It also seemed (and more so, in the aftermath SEEMS) like another whole level of awareness being activated. I specifically opened to the Pleiadians and Sirians (always asking, "Are you I AM I AM?" before allowing) several times... felt their presence rather powerfully at times. Also, during the meditation, the concept of 'DNA restoring and restructuring' occurred to me enough to make me realize that that too was part of what was going on with these energies. I can't say I 'remember' more now, in terms of past lives or my Spirit's consciousness... but somehow feel that much closer to greater clarity and understanding. Not exactly sure of what yet. LOL Kind of a broader level of awareness somehow. Bigger picture perspective, maybe.

Isis Initiation of a PriestTuesday I received a little info from Bernadette while talking with Natalie Hawkmoon: Me: "We're still just only beginning to open more circuits... or to allow more circuits to be opened... but we're in a bit more of a 'leap' right now... more than baby steps... sort of a crossroads... or interchange of a rural road with a freeway... or the difference between looking out a sunroof window and standing outdoors. I'm getting some help here... LOL" (recognized that Bernadette was trying to write through me, so I turned it over to her:)

Bernadette: ~~~Pyramid energy. You are the most powerful pyramids... you are the most powerful crystals... you are the most powerful instruments of Light and Love in the world, and you progress well... far more so than either of you realizes, though you get enough glimpses to know the direction. You have both been aware of a lot of energy moving... both in your waking hours and your sleeping hours, and have both been aware on some levels that you're busy doing a lot of work. This is so very true. And it's such good work that you are doing. You will enjoy easing into recollection of who you are on other levels and what you ... the whole you... are now accomplishing. We are part of you. We are One with you, as you are One with each other. ALL are One with you as you are One with each other. This brighter light will shine forever. Thank you. We love you. Keep up the great work~~~

Natalie Hawkmoon received some information regarding our DNA restoration and restructuring... that it was in harmony with the global light grid that connects us all on this plane... the global light grid that keeps getting brighter, keeps vibrating at higher frequencies, as more and more of us on that grid open to the highest frequencies of Light and Love. We went back and forth a few times in email conversation, and right now I don't recall exactly who 'remembered' or figured out what, but the bottom line of it is that our restructuring DNA is synonymous with the light of that grid... synonymous with the earth level collective consciousness... and more directly in contact with Universal Mind.

She was told that she and I share a strand of DNA, which would help to explain the close spiritual kinship we've experienced since we met here. Then I received that we each share strands of DNA with many others... 12 each... and each of those 12 share strands with 11 others... and so on and on... such that it's something in our DNA that connects us all... and our collective consciousness.

Before, I'd always 'seen' the grid as a 2 dimensional gridwork of light around the globe... like a fishnet. Now I'm seeing it as being 3 dimensional, in terms of having 'thickness'... or more of a full substance than that flat grid.... and that 'substance' is formed somehow by the geometric lights and interconnected spirals of our DNA somehow. Still not as clear to me as I'm sure it will be.

And Claire, the stuff you just sent yesterday, describing the Oneness of two beings merging... that's very much like the Oneness Energy that Hawkmoon and I have been shown. And there was something about this in St. Germain's writing on those Spiritweb pages... or maybe it was Archangel Michael... about different ones of us being brought together to experience that energy... to give us a better idea of the energy of Oneness that we truly share with ALL... if and as we allow ourselves to be taught... and to unlearn what we need to unlearn, to make room for the broader understandings of who and what we are.

Light, Love, and big hugs to you, Sister Friend : )


Eric Griffin's Hathor Initiation Results from England:

I went through a routine I have to relax, but didn't anticipate anything, however I tried to mentally walk my steps through the Great Pyramid again, nothing for a long time, but occasionally I got a flash of a face, not well defined, neither could I tell it male or female.

In my mind I imagined that I flew from the Pyramid and tried to do what you described. flying around the Pyramid at Gizeh, this didn't last long, and I was back once more on my bed, I had not physically flown.

Tonight I will burn a candle, I used to do this a long time ago, watching the flame and allowing myself to drift, I had managed to get my body to completely relax, it took a long time, but then like all disciplines it is meant to, for nothing is gained if it is not worked at.

Back to last night, I can not say that what I saw was in fact what I saw, if you get my meaning, but it looked like a column of white not very bright, nor very large, which slowly changed into a figure, there were no features, no hands or feet. It looked like a fuzzy white head on a flowing white robe very ill defined.

It slowly seemed to be ascending from a position about where my loins would be, I was not afraid, but fascinated, it dropped back and then began to rise again, then slowly dissipated, my eyes were closed the whole time from start of the proceedings to the end, so possibly I saw it in the minds eye.

There was nothing else, I tried to send energy, I don't know how I do it, but sometimes I can, from somewhere in my forehead, I send heat and warmth down through my body I do it especially if my feet get cold, and last night I set my mind to try and radiate this outwards, whether it does I have no idea, nor where it goes.

I thought to get this to you today.
Blessed be the goddess Isis.

Eric Griffin

Another Hathor Initiation result from Eric

I waited until late last night about twenty to twelve, then tried to assume the Lotus, I find this very difficult, as I am rather over weight, but I sat with my back against the head board and got my legs into almost a half lotus. My hands were on my thighs palm upper most.

A blue candle was glowing in the corner, I watched it for a long time, some times if I concentrate, I can make the flame increase and decrease, I didn't do it this time.

At first there was nothing, I can only say that I THOUGHT I felt a funny tingling in my hands, there was nothing in the room, save myself and the candle.

Placing my hands over my eyes I waited, nothing, then I think I saw an EYE, yes a single eye, very faint set in a light grey background, then two, this all faded away. I am not sure of any of this, I must be very weak at doing this, or out of practice from before, then I got a White face, I mean white, but not a brilliant white a much paler shade, just the outline, the eyes and a mouth, then it faded away, and there was nothing else, I got an odd flash of white off to the side of my vision, but I couldn't hold onto it, funny distorted odd shapes occasionally, then after about ten minutes I became tired. I opened my eyes. I got up, extinguished the candle and went to sleep.

Diana's Isis Initiation results :

What time were you doing the work on Sunday the 11th? I had the strangest sensation that day of being stretched. very very very far. It was quite odd.

Donna Cook's Isis Initiation results:

You want to know what happened to me?

Before you ask, I'm going to tell you. It's kundalini time! Not that for the past 3 years I haven't been opening up the kundalini and dealing with it, and opening more, and more....

Yesterday though, on a list a flurry of messages came out on K, and right in the middle pop, zing, pow, and I was getting clear messages on my own work with chakras and K. as I work with others in chakra activation, and on my life mission big time!

So, along come the flu symptoms... :) nice easy way for the body to say, hello, vibrational changes, let's take it easy while it's going through :) hahaha...

love it, love it love it!

Eva's Pleidian visit results from Indianopolis, Indiana:

I went to my room, Sat eve, and did my meditation. In deep meditation I find self on a bier, this seems to be my spot. I did get the messages of new thoughts . Androgenous was very evident They chose not to transfer me . I got the idea that pyramids were not for the dead ,and not for the keeping of the physical body .Enoch is such a source of wisdom for me, He is a joy in spirit, bram, Seth I combine. don't like to put names on sources, t becomes untruth. Names put me inside the physical, which helps me in balance. Perhaps they leave a tarnish,that allows me to walk the earth.

Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the foot that has crushed it.

Love Eva

Hildur's Isis Initiation results from Iceland:

Life 5 or 6 hours east of Virginia. Could make no preparations, have been working through karma and temporarily need both hands for crutches and the mind and even breath has been shallow or closed. But it is a passing state - like driving through heavy fog.

Sensed something light if hesitant in the air during an eventful Saturday. Went to bed at 10 o´clock and tried to concentrate on the Pleiadians and Isis - their being and quality. Quite suddenly someone said four. I knew Claire said four keys - not corners - but they brought out a very dark blue, square cloth with diagonal lines or folds and put me on it for contact and healing.

They woke me up in the middle of the night and measured my vibration and kept on healing and reminding me of former contacts and contracts. The Pleiadian Energy Beings were not big, intangble and enveloped in different atmosphere from ours.

Isis´s energy or what I could understand of it I will not forget. Said she embodied the vibrations of the colour blue and I went in very deep and have been playing with colours since and renewing my personal vigour. The Pleiadians said they lived? or thought? in layers. And more things they showed me - like for a split second the phenomenal kundalini energy of a zig zag portal - like the plates of the earth were moving - so strong it was.

Natalie Hawkmoon's Isis Initiation results from Bedford, Virginia

! Had alot of work being done with me Monday night.......experienced such intense energy and sensations that I truly thought that I had crossed completely over to insanity........Even cried and then Dear Char came through for me and gave me a simple reminder.....just ALLOW what needs transforming and I did and handled it all much better......I've no doubt that the energy experienced Sunday played a roll in the activations I was feeling, seemed to help finalize and culminate alot of the work Char and I have been doing for the past few was intense I can tell you that, still experiencing some of it just not quite as intensely as Monday evening.

Another Isis Initiation result from Natalie Hawkmoon:

Gee Whizzzzzzzzzzzz..............don't blink anymore, this pace is phenomenal. Have some writing to share with you Love, so here goes, have to say first that I think and feel that Merkaba and DNA are pretty synonymous words here, there is the DNA that in and of itself is refracting the grid point and creates so to speak the vibrations within each of you.......thus the restructuring of your DNA and the importance of this restructuring for spiritual growth and accession, Your DNA and Merkaba and Grid sector are all extensions of one light that when aligned creates the you that you really are with all..................... OK that just popped out there and might give a little more clarity to the rest of this.......did for me! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))Wow.....just read that......interesting! here goes

Isis Initiation of a PriestGreetings dear light, I AM I AM as the composite, a composite. Have been with you for several weeks and always. There is much being done at this time in Earth's History and make no mistake that you are involved and a part of it. So much is being altered and activated within you now. Do not be fooled into thinking that you are becoming for you already are. What is simply taking place is your conscious remembrance of all that you are, this state of recall, it vibrates at another frequency and what is altered is the resonance needed to receive these memories and reflections without you have heard many times and know in truth, if the physical vehicle is not prepared for higher vibrations it will be destroyed on some level of existence...............Each of you does possess your own Personal Merkaba, this is a significant point, it is important for you to access this within yourselves for the many travels that will and already do take place. Your Merkaba is a unique blend of geometry, unique to you and as individual as your particular case dear light your Merkaba is shared by another..............this other you call Char..... this same point that is shared by you two is your personal Merkaba field and it reflects and mirrors your DNA of which you share a single strand is not of importance to understand why this is as to understand how you can both utilize this field that you share...........What is being done is a switch, so to speak, Rather than your point on the grid mirroring you as one, you are crossing over to a new level of vibrations so that it is you as one who mirror the grid. This was your work with the grid, this was your restructuring of your Merkaba and realigning it as you yourselves we're realigned. Once the two, or three as in this case, were balanced and resonating harmoniously, your transformation from reflection to refraction began. It is still occurring now and will continue for some time. Know that your willingness to be light's instrument has propelled you both quickly to this transformation and this process will aid you both in stepping outside of yourselves on many levels to view from the other side of this two way veil, with conscious recollection.....Always remember you share a field, a central point of light and energy and have both done extremely well at allowing your field to activate, allowing for the preparatory alterations needed for this activation.......This point and vibration and light that is shared is ever evolving and shifting and growing and you are often asked to grow with it, know that this will intensify as you are now refracting the light of your grid position to all here on Earth and beyond. We see you always , growing brighter, as we have always seen from this side of the mirror, Soon you too will see from this side and recognize the difference, you are feeling it now and as you are conscious of the feelings so too will you be conscious of the sight, Welcome and congratulations dear ones. Many Many Many have interest in your work and thank you dearly for your willingness to be love, always, and for your willingness to innately struggle with the vast unlearning you've endured. Your path is a bright one, The Universe is grateful dear one.

As I understand it within now I think that what is being said is that the alignment of our spiritual DNA with our point on the grid creates and activates the Merkaba? Could be way off here............

all my deepest and brightest

Natalie Hawkmoon

Jaraya and Selenna's Isis Initiation Result from Tasmania:

During my initial meditation, I called on Isis and she quickly made herself known. I quietened and simply allowed myself to breath Love through my Unified Chakra. Isis then 'crowned' me and drew me into her fields. We merged into a disk of light and it felt like this energy field was so vast it emcompassed the planet in its effect.

After the meditation, I stayed with her and she with me.

That night I dreamt I was in a temple of some kind with you and a number of others. I'm sketchy on the details.

Next morning, Jaraya (an aspect of Osiris) and I were Willed to perform a sexual ritual. I also noted that Set was with us. This ritual was performed in the Temple of Isis in Rome in pre-Christian times. You were the High Priestess at that cross of time. Both Jaraya and I were virgin novices and became at a much later time the High Priest and Priestess. It was very powerful!

Following this, I had a very quick meditation which brought Isis back through me and she stayed with me for the rest of the day... more consciously than is usual, anyway.

Sexual ritual has been 'pushed underground' and so much 'darkness' surrounds it! The mission, Isis and Osiris gave us long ago was to use sexual energy to help transform this darkness and denial in the consensus reality... allow the Light in. We certainly have been through an Initiation into a deeply profound dimension! Thank you for facilitating that powerful opportunity! :-)

BTW, another aspect of the Isis Initiation, my father 'returned' from dementia last week, after I'd wrapped him in a blanket of intense Love gathered into me during the meditation with Isis. It's really incredible! Certainly, a miracle!

Much Love,


Jim's Hathor Initiation result from Washington, DC:

I did not have time to tell you, but when you placed the seal on my head a vision of Blessed Mary of the Icon came into my third eye. I can't wait to see what is next!!

Joanna's Isis Initiation result from Bedford, Virginia

I had a beautiful drive home , stopped at the Peak and took a short hike thriough the woods . When I got home I went to bed at 7;00 and slept through till 7 AM !! I sent the Reiki last night though I fell asleep doing it and don't remember. OK , here's my experience :

Aout 14 yeas ago when my son was a baby I was sitting outside on the back steps drinking coffee while he was sleeping . Out of the blue I was given a vision; I was shown that all humanity would be passing through a portal and that I would be one of the first through to help others on their way through . I was told it was a matter of critical mass and that when critical mass occurred then all would move through the portal . Well, at the time I thought that I would go straight to Bliss and from that state help people. wrong. It's been more like going through the jungle blindfolded with a light machete.

For me my experience of sitting in the Temple , I know things that I didn't know before . the first thing is about judgement . As long as we judge anything, we are in duality , and that is a part of us that cannot go through the portal . There is absolutely , positively nothing in this universe on any level , in any experience that is not Love . It is an impossiblity . Every thing is an expression of God , EVERYTHING. Everyone is on a spiritual path, EVERYONE . There is no other possibility . And it is not up to us to judge who is on a spiritual path and who isn't . From the soul's view point we are all on a spiritual path , and there are myriad expressions of what this is . ALL are vital to the plan . All have their place . All are valid . To judge denies that part of ourselves access to moving through the portal , as well as that which we are judge. All is love . I know now that absolutely , positively , beyond a shadow of a doubt that All will be ascending . In chronological time We all will ascend in our own personal moment , unique to our soul's purpose and expression . Outside of time , we will all ascend at the same moment . The moment of ascension is the same for all . And as Isis told us , no one will be left behind . Right now the most important thing we can do is to give up judgement . We can only go through the portal with all our pieces intact , to judge another will only keep that part of ourselves from passing through . The last judgement , don't judge .

Discernment and choice .. Choose your experience . And be discerning . I know now that my work at this time is to hold this energy pattern matrix within me ,this pattern of knowing that all will ascend . So that holding this resonance within me I will plant the seeds of this resonance within all that I come in contact with . So they will know it also. And their moment of ascension will come to them in the highest expression of their soul's purpose . To look at another and , no matter how they may appear to me , know absolutely that they will ascend . To see the perfection of their being and the beauty of their expression .

more to follow ......

In Her Name , Joanna

A Pleiadian visitation result from Joanna in Bedford, Virginia

Something else I wanted to share with you , I was telling friend about sat. night and the Plieadian visit and she looks at me and says , what time was that ? I told her and she proceeds to tell me about how for her at that time she was driving through mountains that she had been in all her life , knew like the back of her hand and kept getting lost . To the point where she realised that something else was going on . She couldn't tell the difference between north and south .The same thing happened to me at the Peaks of Otter , I lost my bearings and actually was driving in circles looking for south ! The area that my friend was in was North of Harrisonburg near where your friend ( his name just dropped though my swiss cheese brain ) saw the activity and it would have been around the same time .There has been a lot of activity reported by many people in that area for a long time .

The main effect I've been feeling as a result of sitting in the pyramid is that my doubts were removed . Those demons are just gone ! And in their place there is a profound sense of Knowing . I Know Absolutely that she is taking care of me now . And I feel it operating in my life .

Going back to the idea of the imprinting of the mother's energy on the crown chakra at the time of birth. Saw what is meant by the virgin birth of Jesus. He was born with the imprint of the christ energy on his crown chakra. Mary carried the pure,virgin energy of The Mother Isis at her root chakra and so therefore that is what was imprinted upon the crown chakra of Jesus. The Christ energy was intact for him anchored in the physical body at birth . So for all these years the symbolism of virgin Mary is as the physical carrier of the pure energy of Isis. She never left us.

I also saw how we are at this time giving up the energetic imprint of our birth mother and recieving the crown chakra imprint of our true Mother. Does it make sense to you? Jesus is on the airwaves today.

As always , more to follow .......

Karen Langdon's Sirian visitation in New Zealand:

I am seeing golden light pour forth from a doorway, it is the doorway into the heart of our soul..... our souls are being guided at this time to merge more with us........

The sirians are here as guides of discipline at this time, to maintain our focus on this process....... it takes great discipline to become a Spiritual warrior......

Adeious is here, he is a commander of the light ship Tron... Tron is the ship we train in during our sleep time. It is the ship that many gather too....... for those still needing a physical object to relate too..... it is place that is not a place, it is a ship that is not a ship..... it has several purposes but for now training is all we need to know...

He is very large, red(fire) hair, green eyes, like emeralds.... in his heart center is a huge emerald sparkling..... sending out rays of green energy...... which are now surrounded by pink energy....

the overall extent of this being ranges from this planet to beyond the void..... the void being beyond the 12 dimension...... his energy ranges through all these dimensions and beyond..........

he is one of the new Arch Angels here to assist, the others are called Faith and Glory, they are named that for a great reason...... which will be known to a certain few within the Sirian force's here on earth.....

The key to this portal is soul light! see it shining from your heart centers, in golden light, and emerald green...... see these two energies surrounded you and engulf you in their beingness....... and breath it in........ this is soul energy and blueprint you are breathing in......... and within the soul energy are the keys many have been waiting for........ the keys to their divine mission ........

p.s. not sure of his spelling....

Well Claire there you go, when you started talking of the Sirians, I could feel them gather, I have been remiss lately and have only been dealing with the Pleiadians, and so they were sending me a wake call...... message received loud and clear......... :-))

They have allowed me that time to deal with emotions and other 3d matters, that needed my full attention, but are being guided back to the realm of light and discipline again......

blessings in light, I hope this is of some use to you all.....

Another Sirian visitation result from Karen:

this morning I dreamed of the Orion constellation, it was flashing like one portion would flash then another till all of it had lit up etc...... then it would start over again...... I was not worried about it, thought it was odd during the dream, but nothing really bizzar.... just wondering what is in the Orion area that is important.....

I am very drawn to that system, maybe I come from there....

Mayan's Isis Initiation result from Sacramento, California:

Claire another thing I forgot to mention is a chant saturday that just came to my mouth and I caanted it numerous times as I was guided to do so Similar to, I remembered it like it was like a part of me and sunday I couldn`t get it to come out....something like (ananakaten....) similar but not exactly,I hope you can make sense of this this happened in the evening before the presence of The Plaidians....

Lillians Pleiadian visitation result:

Hi Claire - just a brief note. i'm having trouble with time limits and keeping up with the interesting things I'm getting from you. Wasn't able to participate in anything you mentioned in your first note or two, but on Sunday evening, Oct. 10, between 9 and 10 pst,I was "grabbed" by an energy I couldn't ignore (and didn't want to) and I had to stop what I was doing and listen. I heard "we are the Pleiadians", and I just let them do as much as possible to move out my emotionals blocks. Thank you. I may not have been so open to this if I hadn't heard from you and invited them myself.

Mark Sinclair's Sirian/Pleiadian visitation result from New Zealand

My sincere apologies at not answering sooner since the meditation ive been regaining my balance its not unpleasant just taking a little adjustment at first i thought i had forgotten something but soon remembered the disorientation i have felt before when passing through portals this is still with me a week after the meditation and ritual it was interesting that on Saturday afternoon a loud tearing shriek was heard followed by thunder the sound unlike a supersonic jet passing overhead (NZ have nothing this quick) and also in the last week a number of others in my area have experienced the same feeling more a shifting in awareness or dimensions and an increase in (ufo) sightings.

Yours in truth and light Mark

Having lightning strikes? Here is my information on that, from personal experience.

That lightning is portrayed on the tarot card, The Tower, in the Rider-Waite. On the card, the lightning strikes the top of the tower and knocks off the crown. What's happening is, your crown chakra is opening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in alchemy, the lightning strike is one of the progression markers, so you'll know where you are on the path. If you look at old alchemical drawings from the 12th-18th centuries, you'll see lightning strikes portrayed as part of the Great Work. It's a baptism by fire! Hang in there.

Are you measuring your head lately, lightworker? Sometimes, heads grow when the lightwork begins, when the higher light bodies reside inside the cerebellum and other parts of the brain. But how will you know if your head is growing if you don't measure it? In November of '96, when I first connected with Ganesha, he gave me the project of making myself some hats. Now, I see why he did that. My head has grown 1/2 inch in circumference since then, but if I had not made the hats I wouldn't have known it, because it didn't feel like it was growing. I can pick up a lot of signals, now. What about you?


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