Isis Initiation of a Priest
Egyptian Goddess Isis


I've been having such joy, these days. How about you? Here is some joy I am looking forward to. I'm going to Virginia to initiate a fellow list member as a new Priest of Isis. He has built two large, replica pyramids THAT WORK. He built them based on the information he got from his inner guides and from ideas he got from reading our Ritual of the Pyramid Portals experience.

One pyramid, its inner chamber lined with selenite, sits inside the other and is a merkaba meditation chamber. He calls the pyramids, "Isis Crystal Meditation Center." I will be sending more specific information about the structure, soon.

I'm hoping you can join in, at least energetically, to help us out. We want to initiate the priest, activate two Wands of Isis (wands of manifestation), charge the pyramid portal, and then go through the portal to the next pyramid dimension, which we believe to be that of Ptah. Other rituals are planned, as well.

When I was initiated as a Priestess of Isis in 1993, it happened while I was sleeping. As I slept, I awoke on the inner planes and just inside the portal of a stone temple. Shadow people in long robes moved around in the half-light like lighted silhouettes, their leather sandals scuffing the old stone floor as they murmured prayers. I thought I heard them say my name.

SymbolsThe shadow people got incense from silent priests leaning against the stone walls and they placed it in long-handled ladles made of copper and bronze. They stretched out their arms and piled the incense onto the burning brick pillars that stood like smoking chimney tops. As I gazed dreamily upon the scene, I wondered where I was exactly. I began to hear the soothing chanting of priestesses somewhere in the hazy interior, and I felt myself relax into the atmosphere and into the room.

As the people moved around me in a circle, a sacred book materialized in my open and waiting hands, and I read the words, "Rituals of the High Priestesses of Ptah. Element-Fire. Regarding Element-Fire, follow the Rules of Congaylia." I felt the book's bliss enter me and again I heard the soft chanting of the priestesses, their song working on me like a lullaby. I feel into a deep sleep, and awakened myself in the morning by a prayer I was murmuring to Isis, to Osiris, and to Ptah.

In the initiation ritual, we will be following the Rules of Congaylia as regards the element fire in the initiation of a priest of Isis. Let me know if you want to be involved; I would love to hear from you and reconnect.

High Priestess of Isis


Sirian Stargate Pyramid Activation - Stage One
October 10, 1999
Sunday, 10:10:99, 12 Noon EST
Virginia and In your home

Long time has passed between us, but now let us close the gap of time. Once again your spirit and energy are called for in portal activation. Please be with us in this special time. The new High Priest of Isis is gaining initiation into the celebrated Order of Ptah. But first let us tell you something about him:

You will know him by his works.

Jordan has completed the initial stage of the three-part sequence to portal activation of the Sirian Stargate Pyramid. He has become a priest of Isis in the finest sense, for he is following Her instructions with great care, and now he is commended by Her in ceremony for his keeping of Her covenants.

On October 23, 1998, at 3:00 am in the morning, Jordan was transformed by a star system shaped like a 5-pointed, coin-shaped star. The star system transmitted to him information in the form of a brilliant white beam of starlight. Now, nearly one year later, Jordan has completed the project given him by the Light. He has built two pyramids, one inside the other. With this pyramid creation, as made with Isis at his hand and elbow, Jordan gains the highest honors due his art and architecture.

The High Priest initiation will be held in the inner of the two pyramids. As in the Great Pyramid of Cheops, and as Isis directs, the priest-initiate will lie upon the table as the priestess stands to the right and then the left and invites his Spirit-Soul to ascend to the realms of Isis, Osiris, Horus, and Ptah. As Jordan begins to experience merger with the One, the two pyramids act as according to their purpose - as a Divine Merkaba Chariot - and carry his spirit-soul to the inner circles of Thoth's City of Eight Gods.

As his spirit-soul ascends, we will ascend our spirit-souls to the dimension of Ptah, where we will see the stargate pyramid beam the brilliant white light that comes from the interior, where the great, blue crystal shines.

In all praises of Her, our guide and queen, Isis, we are

High Priestesses of Ptah


Isis: "My new Isis Crystal Meditation Temple is built on sacred ground, on land dedicated to me by the Atlanteans, living in the planet's subcontinents. They support my project of building temple-pyramids."

The Land

The temple stands in a vast forest of trees turning red and yellow in the Autumn sun. These are the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, part of a great chain of mountainous forests that reaches across the United States, from New York to Georgia.

In the forest the temple rests in the arms of nature (Isis be Her Name). It stands as Her leymarker of an powerful energy line in the western part of Virginia. The temple is shielded by an old Earth pyramid from days gone by, an big old dirt and grass codger with ancient stories to tell. Standing even taller above that pyramid is a gigantic, stone mountain pyramid. At the base a picturesque lake mirrors the mountain for a double pyramid effect. And whispered on the breeze, the words, "Isis made me!"

All is Bright and Beautiful. In the mountains, the energy is wild and strong. Isis feels its power and decrees, on a starry night and in a flash of blinding white light, "I made this Place! I cherish it! Here is where my double pyramid shall stand."

Jordan: "Suddenly, about 11:30pm, something woke me up and I found myself sitting up, and the entire meditation room was now brilliantly bright! So bright there weren't any shadows. Then I saw the candle that had gone out earlier. It was there in front of me, with a brilliant flame over an inch high and radiating white light. It seemed to have lit itself. I felt the most incredible feeling of a presence about me and it was soo peaceful. I remember getting up and going over to the candle, giving thanks, and blowing it out and saying good night."

And tonight, let us do the same. We shall say, "To Isis do we give all thanks for lighting us the Way." We are inviting the Pleiadians to appear at the Isis Temple at 10:10pm, on Saturday night, 10:9:99. You do the same at 10:10pm your time and let's see what happens. (Remember to set up your portal, temple, alter, or sacred space prior to this.)


Jordan: "The Isis Crystal Meditation Center is composed of wood and steel, and surrounded by wind, earth, water and fire. The pyramid is 14 feet square, and 12 feet 2 and a half inches tall. The center is part of a 45 foot square garden area. The design of the center is that of a double pyramid, with one wooden pyramid inside the other. The portal to both is protected by two lions cast in concrete.

Inside the first pyramid is an open area containing a garden and water fountains. Inside the first pyramid is another wooden pyramid. The portal of the second pyramid is guarded by an angel fountain cast in concrete. This pyramid is 9 feet, 6 inches square, and eight feet, 11 inches tall. Within it is the Isis Chamber, reached by a series of "S" shaped stairwells, 7 steps in height. The Isis Chamber is 7 feet in diameter, 6 feet high and hexagonal in shape. Trimmed with cedar wood, it houses the sacred circle/sphere of the individual who sits/lays in meditation.

The Isis Chamber is made of one and a half inch, flat plate steel and houses 5 steel rings forming the shape of the Solar Cross. The chamber is completely closed in with glass and specially designed doors. The chamber contains a ten foot high wooden bed platform that is 2 feet, 10 inches wide by 6 feet, 5 inches long. This bed area encloses 3 steel rings. The two outer steel rings at the head and feet level (locations) contain another steel ring, with crystals between these two inner and outer rings. The center 3rd ring, located between the heart chakra area and the 1st chakra, is composed of three steel rings 30 inches, 24 inches and 20 inches in diameter. (within each other). The interior of the Isis chamber contains 2 other steel rings to the right and left of the bed area. These will contain water, fire and crystals. These rings are part of a water/crystal transmission piping system used to carry charged water out of the chamber to the water fountain within the larger pyramid. The water flows outside to a large ground pond within the 45 foot garden area.

For Mother Isis to visit when she walks between worlds."


The Sirians have especially requested me to promote to rank of Sirian Commander a lightworker you may know of, named Char. This is his second promotion, having received his first in 1996, along with Dan Winter. This is the first time the Sirians have allowed me to reveal the Commanders promoted in 1996. Now, they are asking that I let you know who they are.

I earlier sent an email to this initiation group asking for special information regarding Key 4. This was probably an obscure question to everyone except Char, who responded immediately with Key 4 information:

Sirian Commander Char writes:

Wasn't aware of Keys, but in response to your question, I'm told I do have some information. Opening first to I AM I AM, and then to the Sirian guide spokesperson who's been with me (don't have a name yet), I allow:

"Greetings, Dear Ones. Key 4 relates to Chakra 4. Know that the primary key in this process of initiation, this process of further expanding, further evolving, further becoming, is the key of your heart. Know that all your chakras are vibrating, and will be vibrating significantly during this meditation on Sunday (and in all the preparatory meditations each of you does between now and then).

You can facilitate this process by consciously opening yourself to Source, and simply telling your chakras, "Chakras, unify!"... and then simply quiet yourself and allow.. permit... make room. This will help to get all chakras vibrating at a single, central frequency... the frequency of Love... the frequency most effectively radiated through the heart chakra.

The pyramid is many things... an interdimensional communication device... a portal... an amplifier... in some of the same ways crystals can be amplifiers, and can focus and direct energies. In these times, and for this upcoming meditation, please know that the pyramid(s) surrounding each of you, and the pyramids to which you will connect yourselves throughout the global light grid, will be anchoring very high frequency vibrations... higher and higher frequencies of Love... and emanating through each of you, and through those pyramids, and radiating out in all directions in the earth plane.

Pyramids and crystals can be powerful and wonderful instruments. Each of you embody all the 'instrumental' characteristics of both crystals and pyramids. You are interdimensional communication devices... you are tremendous amplifiers, augmented with the tremendous power of your free will and your emotional energy... you are conduits for the Light of Love that is Real Energy. Fully functioning, you are the perfect instruments in this universe, and in this project Awakening Earth, this process of leaping to a higher dimensional plane.

Know that the Key to your instrumentality is the Love you allow Life to flow through you and into the world. The point of balance for your 7 primary chakras is the Heart. Allow your heart to be also your point of balance in the universe.

Thank you,
a Sirian Emissary of Light,
in conjunction with Pleiadian Emissaries of Light,
in harmony with the Family of Light
Sirian Commander


We are so profoundly in this initiation energy, aren't we? I have been learning a new lightwork technique, called overlighting. The beautiful goddess Isis is teaching it to me. Here is how it works.

Isis is overlighting material I originally channeled from Lord Sananda, that has to do with our human relationship with subatomic particles. This book originally came through me as automatic writing (typing), and I laughed and laughed when I received it because it is so funny.

Sananda and I had such a great time sending all the enlightened particle physicists to hell for squeezing their enlightenment out of subatomic particles, God/dess's tiniest space commanders. In the energy of Isis, I am learning that any time we send somebody to hell, for whatever reason, a little piece of us goes there with them, and in order to grow and be whole we will have to reclaim that piece. This is an initiation I call "Descension," in which we make a reclamation (descension) prior to an ascension. So, whoever you sent to hell out of your judgement, now is the time, under this energy seal/shield of Hathor, to go down there and get them back. Working individually and as a group, we can reclaim dissonant parts of ourselves and our race and enjoy a planetary ascension.

The last two weeks, I have been overlighting Sananda's revelatory material with Isis' love and forgiveness, and oh, what a beautiful experience and healing it is. Do you remember the teaching in the Egyptian mystery-myth? No matter how many times Typhon destroyed Osiris, the husband of Isis, and no matter how many times he made Isis cry, she forgave Typhon in the end, and she required her son Horus to untie him and set him free. This is her teaching - forgiveness and unconditional love.

How wonderful it is to see how overlighting works as I overlight Sananda's humor and karate chops with Isis' love and forgiveness. The title of the book is Lampoon Dictionary of Partycall Fizz666. The purpose of the book is help us become master lightworkers by teaching more about our relationship with subatomic particles. We can understand more about how we manifest ourselves and our reality via their Divine Grace and the chakra system, which is the part of our body that operates at the subatomic particle level.

The book sends healing energy as it overlights the field of atom smashing, shining love and light on that reality where we subject particles to smashing, splicing, splitting and fusing. The book really tries to bring a paradigm shift in the fields of particle and nuclear physics through love and laughter and by bringing an important message to physicists and the rest of us - subatomic particles are units of pure consciousness, little beings of light. It means everything is alive and related to everything else - everything is sacred, everything is God/dess!

The message of the book is that we are the spiritual consciousness of the Universe working in the realm of merging spirit with matter. And rather than being fallen angels, we are coming fully into our identities as Keepers - administrative Spirit in the universe. As Keepers in the realm of Isis the Great Mother, we are gifted by her life, love and forgiveness. And as we come into our identity as Keepers, we see images in the mist of our identities as angels! Not fallen angels but working angels, just doing what we know how to do and what God/dess requires us to do. Isis requires us to untie Typhon and release him, though he has made Her cry, for when we set him free out of love and forgiveness, we set our own selves free to fly.

Isis, Maat

Activation of the Sirian Stargate Pyramid - Stage Two
Ritual of the Pyramid Portals
Ritual of the Portal for Planetary Ascension

Thursday, 10:14:99, 8:30pm your time
Friday, 10:15:99, 12:00 your time
In your home
Pleiadian Ring Invited to Appear

Isis and OsirisThank you for the ritual results you have been sending me. I'm compiling them and will email them after I get some more. I would be interested in reading about your experience with the Egyptian goddess Hathor. My experiences of her are included below and I would like to hear about your experiences. I will send these out in email to everyone on the list (about 110 people).

To receive the great goddess Hathor, sit in lotus position with the palms facing up. Pray for her to come to you and initiate you. Notice any sensations in your palms. After you feel Hathor imprint your palms, cover your eyes with them. She will then open the brow chakra and place her seal-shield. If you feel intuitively to cover other chakras with your palms, please do so and she will open those chakras.

My personal vision of Hathor is a beautiful young woman with black hair, about shoulder length and smoothed under. She is wearing a head band with a snake standing at the center in the shake of an "S." Her seal/shield is in the shape of an "S" and has gold and white energy diamonds and pearls.

My understanding of her, based on her energy and her revelations to me, is that she is like the Greek goddess Athena and goes forth as the warrior priestess-sister of Isis to prepare a place for her. After Hathor has marked you with her energy diamonds and pearls, you are more likely to be visited by Isis. I have read of the ancient Egyptian temple of Denderah, in which is a room for the mother and divine child. In the room is the image of Hathor holding the child.

She is like the archetypal warrior-mothers of Icelandic saga. I drew a picture, one time, of a woman like this for my Myth and Saga class in graduate school. (They didn't get it :-( My professor wanted to know what it meant. I was stunned that he didn't already know.) I showed her standing with a child in one arm and a double-axe in the other hand. On her head was a viking helmet. I considered it to be a true picture of a Viking mother. It was just a vision I had in my twenties, but now I think I connected with this goddess energy even then.

If I try to catagorize it, I think about guardian angels, and I wonder about guardian goddesses. I think of Hathor as a shield guide goddess with powers to heal us and make us whole. I am hoping to be in her energy for as long as I can. If you are already visited by Isis, then welcome Her sister Hathor as a personal guide, guardian and friend. I find her energy to be warm and loving. I enjoyed her visit with me last night, and when I placed both palms over my eyes, I was astonished by a vision of double-spiraling tunnels basking in white light.

From Eric Griffin in England:

"I have looking up my Hathor mysticism. She was, I believe, the Goddess of Love, music and dance.

The bronze sacred rattle, seshehet, or sistrum was sacred to her. There were several types of these; one was as a musical instrument shaken, and another was a ceremonial sistram which terminated in a shrine and was used as a votive offering to the goddess.

One of the ceremonial artifacts was the Menat, a necklace of thick beads and a counterpoise hanging from the centre at its lowest point, long enough to be held in the hand, like a handle. This was worn by Hathor's priestesses and was shaken at ceremonials."

Blessings be for the mercy of Hathor,
Priestess of Hathor


Please be patient with me. These initiations are continuing, and I am still gathering information regarding the energies involved. Here is some material I feel guided to include regarding the secret identity of His Majesty Horus. He is overlighted by His Brother Jesus, himself overlighted by the brilliant blue and white light of the star Sirius.

HorusFrom Magicwitch, this material: Son of Man is also Mote, the son of the goddess Asherah. She was a Phoenician deity, widely worshipped through out the mid east until the biblical Moses came around. She was revered as the wife of El. That was part of the Canaanite mythology. Asherah and El had seven children the most important ones are Mote, Baal, and Anath (daughter).

The Canaanite mythology: Mote defeated Baal as he tried to kill El. Mote took up arms for his father El. Anath the daughter, who was really fond of Baal, promised revenge. El liked Mote's effort, however he had to prove himself. Therefore, Mote had to walk the earth as a man, and had to die. While he was dying, Anath told Mote El doesn't love him anymore, that he has forsaken him. Mote says while he is dying, "El, El, why have you forsaken me." (Sound familiar ?)

That was precisely the reason the high priests, around the birth of Jesus (Yeoshua, his actual name), wanted him dead, because he was the son of Asherah. Another indication that he was indeed Asherah's son was where he started out and did most of his preaching.

All the hilltops around the sea of Galilee and the sea of Galilee itself were devoted to Asherah, pre-Moses time. Where did he perform his first miracle? Kapernum, former Canaanite city. Because of what the Hebrews did under Moses, Yeoshua was a nightmare come true. But back to the hilltops and the sea of Galilee. Asherah was known as the lady of the lake (sea of Galilee), the mother of Gods, the Queen of Heaven. Where did Jesus (alias Mote) go to when he felt troubled? To the hilltops around the sea of Galilee. Even in his last minutes before he was arrested he went to a hilltop. Was he actually talking to his mother Asherah ? That would make sense, if you want to unite with your father to whom to you go. Was the figure of the so called "Holy Spirit " actually Asherah ? Where did he go to talk to the people? The sea of Galilee.

Horus and HathorAsherah has several different names: Freya, Athena, and sometimes Astarte. From Astarte the name Star is derived ( A-Star-Te) and the word astart (the beginning). In 650 BC the Celts explored the mid and near east (nearly 50 before they got the British Isles) and got exposed to the Astarte cult. They grew very fond of Asherah/Astarte and took her with as Eastra or Ostra. The fest Beltane was created in honor of her. So Asherah is our mother. The more militant version of Astarte is Aanth her daughter. She is also known as Isis, Cerridwen, Dianah, and probably Hectate.

Bright Blessings Magicwitch


This is the day of spiritual insight, when we glimpse the reality we are planning for ourselves. Several projections become visible as Osiris divides himself into 14 pieces.

OsirisO, Fruit of the God!
Take, eat, this is my body which is given for you.
Do this in remembrance of me.
The Many and the One!

Osiris Osiris is giving us himself again!
Thanks be to thee, Osiris!
He is speaking!

"Rise my child and rest assured, I am with you always!"

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