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Oh, btw, the channeling last night was off the scale, and I wish I could have saved it, but it won't save on Yahoo. Five people attended, including me, and it was phenomenal. First of all, an archangel named Bernadette came in and connected us all together and opened our chakras, ALL OF THEM one at a time and we had the exact same experiences. We thought she was IT, the whole deal and everything. But once she got us all opened up, she brought in Martin. She said, someone is here who wishes to speak, and I channeled the name, Martin.

That's another amazing thing that I can hardly describe. It lasted for two hours and 15 minutes. When I first got Martin we had difficulties getting it synchronized, he and I, and really we couldn't. Sananda came in and totally stableized us. Martin did a parable and a poem (with Sananda's help, I suspected) and it just blew us away. It was about a man who took a raft across a river and met a woman on the other side. He told her, you and I are the same person, and she said, no way, or something like that. He said, see that raft? That raft and I were one when we came across the river and you and I are like that. (He told it better than this. It was mesmerizing.) The woman said again, no way. And he said to her, madam, you are a fool. And she said to him, sir, you blaspheme yourself. And Martin just started laughing laughing and it knocked me out of the chat room somehow. Too much energy, I guess. I had to get back in while they waited.

He did a poem that went something like this:

There was a old man who lived in a shoe, stop me if you've heard this. (Everyone chuckled)
He had so much money he didn't know what to do.
He decided to go look for a bride
He went out of the shoe but it was cold outside.
So he decided to seek for a bride from within,
And accomplished it with email, my friend.

I forget exactly. It was funny.

Martin said that, in life, he was crazy about Sarah Vaughn :-) He also remembered about a little puppy he had when he was a child. He did tremendous material, once we got in the flow, about life and fear, and he knew something secret about everyone in the room, and spoke to them. He made someone cry, he got so close to them. He said, the illusion is that the world is frightful. He said, "The dream is freedom." He told us there is much work to be done. He said a lot and he really was talking directly to our hearts. It was beautiful. I want to channel him again.

I had the wildest time with this crew because both Bernadette and Martin wanted to play with my computer equipment and my microphone, and kept me involved with that for at least 15 minutes, off and on, while everyone waited. I typed in, I'm trying to wrestle this equipment from these angels. And Bill Brown typed back, Just when you get a body you want to play with the toys. When I first got Martin, he kept saying his name with my mouth over and over, at least 10 times, like he just wanted to hear it spoken by me or him or something, I don't know.

And guess what? You won't believe it, but Sananda never said ONE WORD. I was stunned. He just sat around and checked it all out and helped me and Martin get organized. So I channeled Bernadette, Martin, and Sananda, who said NOTHING. Then, towards the end, in came a Sirian and a Pleidian. I could hold 4 but not 5, so the Pleidian left and the Sirian only stayed long enough to say hello to Char (Bill Cunningham) who Sananda promoted to Sirian Commander a couple of years ago through me. Then Bernadette left and took Martin, Sananda stayed behind silently, then Bernadette came back and visited with everyone again and then with James, who had come in late and hadn't had the benefit of her energy. James emailed today to say she has been with him all day, and Char said the same thing. It was awesome, just awesome, and I was so tired by it. This morning when I got up I felt like I was wearing a football helmet :-)

Do you know Bill Brown (Zapphoton) from the Ashtar list at Spiritweb? He was there and if you know him you could email and ask him about it. Get it from his perspective. It would be so great it you could attend personally. I'm getting information on the next one that sounds like, tentatively, Archangel Bellaron, Angel of Death and Dying, and Lady Di. That ought to be something!


Channeling Session To Host Archangel Raphael
Tuesday Night, February 1, 2000
8:30pm - 9:30PM EST
Yahoo chat room

Dear Club Members: We have been very successful with the archangels we hosted, though we didn't expect a couple of them to appear. That tells me our beacon of light is bright. It is beaming into the highest realms, and They can see it and are coming toward it!

This week we hosted several winged beings of light, all either angels or archangels. We experienced the feminine energies of Goddess when Archangel Bernadette swirled her white gown over our heads and magically opened our chakras. We experienced the masculine energies of God's Holy Legions when a flock of angel-eagles with talons landed in us. We hosted the Egyptian God Horus, whom we were not expecting, and we connected with the spirit-soul of Martin King, the name he prefers. We hosted Bird Tribe, who came in vast flocks and interacted with us. The Lady Di is preparing for her time with us.

We are hoping to host the archangel Raphael on Tuesday night at 8:30pm EST. (Note the new time, spirit's request). My guidance is to prepare for his arrival and the appearance of his healing teams.

We have requested this appearance of God's Healer to come heal us of our sorrows, whatever they may be, and of our physical discomforts and ailments. We pray to the mighty Archangel Raphael to come and bring his healing staff of Hermes and touch us with it. Last week, I brought through the word Hermes and I felt the connection to Raphael and to that Higher Power yet to come. What an experience!

When archangels visit our channeling group, we gain the physical experience of them. This is because we are an experiential group rather than some other kind. There is really no pressure or need to bring through words or to otherwise obey any perceived concepts about channeling. Eventually, words do come and they are beautiful and profound. But it seems the energy is focused on kundalini awareness and the chakra system rather than speech, regardless how high the podium :-) We benefit more from kundalini yoga-consciousness expanding aspects of this work than from the analytical organization required for speaking words. I speak what I hear, but I experience more than I speak. I try to express that, also, but some things, no words can ever tell.

The best results we have been getting, imho, are those that are dynamic, physical and real - the personal interactions with the energies we call for. If we can feel them, then we can believe in them. And if we can believe in them, then they are real. The great gnostic writer Basilides said, "It is belief in the invisible that brings it manifest."

My personal goal is to experience the beings of light with all of my senses. The main thing is to feel the touch of the Divine Finger (or the grip of the divine talons, or the swirls of the divine gown, whatever :-)

Here is my personal understanding of how to do this kind of channeling, and it has been working for me. The archangels and angels are just as interested in us as we are in them. We can merge with them and share some of our commonalities as well as our personal areas of expertise. They have vast healing powers, we know this, particularly the Raphael Powers. They also have the ability to make real whatever we beseech them to make real, because they are our co-creators in many ways. But we have divine capabilities that the archangels are interested in; we have the ability to project reality. We have the Powers of Projection.

Here is my channeling formula, which is the old and simple alchemical formula for making yourself divine by merging with it. The alchemists would say the formula is simple but the alchemical preparations require many stages of development. There is mixing and re-mixing involved, with plenty of Mercury and Phospherous added. Then you heat it, then you chill it, then you take it out and test it and you put it back. You do this over and over until you make lead into alchemical gold. How does this relate to us?

It seems to me the physical experiences we have been having in the beginning of the sessions, when the archangels work with our resonance and frequences and get us all in tune, are like the alchemical mixing and re-mixing metaphor. And I have felt the presence of the Great Alchemist St. Germain behind the scenes of our sessions, mixing and stirring and helping out. I have also seen the spinning pink CD of the Lady Quan Yin, which tells me she is working with our tones. I have been intoning during the channeling sessions.

A simple way of expressing this channeling is the Alice Bailey way. She called it the externalization of the hierarchy. "As within, so without." Everything on the outside of us is also on the inside us, but not everything on the inside is on the outside. If we want divinity outside of us so that it can act upon us, then we must place it there. To do this, we externalize the (cosmic) hierarchy, which dwells within in the vast, inner-dimensional World Soul.

Another simple expression is I AM THAT I AM. The idea is that the eternal and pure is seeded within each one us, and we can access It and activate It by conscious intent and repeated tries like in Alchemy. Here is how to do it.

To merge with the angels and archangels, we have to embody them, take them within us. But they have to be outside of us for that to work, and we already know that everything outside of us is illusion. The only thing real is on the inside. So, we awaken them from within, project them outside of ourselves so we can experience them as "powerful other," and then take them back inside. Then, they can move in and out of the crown chakra and nest on the head like Eagle :-) and keep the Water of Life flowing by piercing the crown with talons. In this way, we share realities. This channeling works well as a group activity because we are all at different places along this path. When we do this as a group, we empower each other and amplify our capabilities like in the portal rituals.

Oh, btw, the membership list of the channeling sessions club is now my main mailing list. If you are a member of the club you will get email :-) If you are not a member, then probably you won't :-( If you are a member you can schedule chat room time on the club calendar and send invitations. (I AM still figuring out how the calendar works. Right now, I can't get it to send invitations.) Let me know when you schedule time and I will send invitations to the club. Good ideas always welcome :-)

To become a member, follow the links below. If you have any problems, email me and I will send an invitation direct from the club, and you should be able to join that way. Hope to see you there!

Peace and Love,
Shield Guide
Claire Grace Watson


Merkaba building continuing nicely after the session. How bout you? I still have Raphael with me. Is he working with you? Also, Metatron is requesting personal time with us, "My own time slot," he says. He left last session with the comment that he was leaving because he wasn't schedule.

Oops! I'm happy to host him, even though my experience of him last week was that he was a large lump on a log that came to sit inside me and stare without blinking at my computer screen. I have never "not moved" so much in my life as in those minutes when we merged. There was intense pulling energy, and I had the deepest and most peaceful sense of NOTHING. NO-THING. No-think, no words, no nothing. (Wasn't it after Metatron that Buddha came in, but not as heavy?) I stayed in the No-thing for as long as I could. Metatron never spoke. I think he cleared his throat a time or two is all. But, whatever. His guardianship of us is sublime, I'm sure. He's powerful enough to short circuit all our computers, so it may be just as well that he sits quietly. I know he has something to bring us or he would not be requesting time. Also, he's a guardian angel of very high rank. I think he is probably known around the divine realms as Mr. Metatron. :-) I think we will be hosting the Archangel Metatron on Tuesday night as our "main provider," he says.

It would seem that we schedule one lightbeing, but so many are interested and wanting to "play with us" that they share the time. There was Archangel Uriel. I sure would like to get him back, big as he is. He told me his favorite nickname, right when we got him, but I didn't want to type it in, even though he asked me to. (He caught my block. I'll do better next time, Sir Uriel.) It's "Buffoon." He said he was the biggest buffoon in the Universe and that he holds up galaxies. He was huge and entered smiling, and we sure got the sense of just how big he really is. He is one big buffoon. (I apologize, I haven't seen Char's notes, but who brought in Uriel? Was it Aoriel or Kirombi? Gentleheart channeled him, and he was very sweet.)

Wow, weren't the lovers, Tristan and Isolde, something else with their twining energy? Their energy was so profound, I was knocked right out of the chat room. Still online, but I couldn't remember where my page was and how to get to it. Then, I noticed I was on my page! Some more of that NO-THING. I came back into the chat room feeling absolutely great! The image of Cupid with his arrows comes to mind. Zapped by the arrow of Love!

Archangel Raphael came and brought us the LOVE, and it was wonderful and lasted 20 minutes or so. Just being infused, all of our particles, in pure, healing love. I'll take it anytime I can get it! Love love love! We absorbed it for as long as we could, and then Shiva Bala Yogi appeared and congratulated us on our ascension. He said we were causing a ruckus outside the Peace Palace in Heaven where John Lennon was giving a concert, and that he and his friends had come out to see what was going on. Then, he implied that he was facilitating our group and our ascension, and had been the whole time! He said, "Listen. Can you hear it? John Lennon is singing. He's giving a concert."

For several moments, I was there, hearing him sing and seeing how he looks. He was singing, "Get your gear because we're moving on!" Something like that. He has long, angel white dreadlocks, and he still wears the glasses. He was wearing a light beige linen suit, loose shirt and pants, very casual and relaxed. His shoes were dark brown and like slip-on wooden shoes, that modern style, whatever you call it. He was strumming his cherry wood guitar. I saw him in concert for a second, then a longer view of him sitting on a stone pillar and lying back against another one, like lounging on the steps of an ancient building.

I remember his hair the most. It was angel white and glowing white, like fluffy cotton, in long matted dreadlocks like Bob Marley. In fact, I wondered when I saw him if it wasn't another twining, this time of Lennon and Marley. I got an impression from them that they were "Facilitators of the organic process in heaven of Rastafarian palaces." Humm.

Char is working on his notes of the session and I am trying to get a chat room set up on ICQ, where everyone can save a copy of the chat or print it out from the screen. I think too much is happening not to have a transcript of it. And Char misses out by typing. A transcript will carry an energy that you can re-connect to just by reading it.

As soon as Char's notes are done and I've added in my notes, I'll send them. I'll also keep you updated on the ICQ possibilities. Also, as the angels, archangels, energies and guides learn the capabilities of the group and the chat, I'm sure we'll see some innovative opportunities for inner connection come out of this, some we haven't even thought of. One thing that occurs to me and that I can kind of overhear guides talking about, is the way Raphael connected us all together with those DNA spirals. Then, he flowed the love juices through the spirals and infused us with love. Wow, that was something else! I think more will happen with that and some new ways of connecting will come about. That will be cool!

Peace and Love


Feb. 1, 2000
Hosting Archangel Raphael

Claire (CL): temple touches... blue.. Chills ... Deep breathing... inward focus

Char (CH)...solar plexus

Gentleheart (GH)... new chakra energy, above heart



Kirombi (Kir)...blue... Heart filled

CL: raphael present... many others attuning us

Aoriel (Aor)...crown

CL...looking thru tops of eyes like bifocals

CH...swirling spirals of love connecting us all


Zap...chills upper body

CL...Rock of Ages

CH..lots of kundalini.. All day

CL...archangel metatron... opened the door... brought the energy

...another.... lighter energy...calm... a lady power...beautiful

CH...heart expanding

CL: Tristan and Isolde...lovers divine

[everyone feeling heart]

GH...green and gold

CL...interwoven divine love energies...two spirals... head to toe...tree energy...

Kir: feeling sweet sadness in heart... reunion

CL: [blasted off the puter]

[Lynny too]

Everyone: throat...crown...colors...

Thru CH: "We are so very pleased to find you all so very open to our presence...thank you for allowing us to join you.

Our intertwining reflects your oneness with each other...with all, as you continue to allow your frequencies to be raised... as you continue to remember who you are..."

CH: feeling them inside me so strong

CL: eye of horus ...eagles eye... gods of all kingdoms... rulers of the light... bringers of dawn... pharoh kephren

CL: we've been passing thru frequencies, thru spectrums of light...each individual ray identified itself to us...

CL: now a new one... a soul unborn

CH: such a pure light

CL: instilled in each lies one... and where you go it stays

GH: asleep but fully conscious.. Knowing each of us by rote

CL: by each is known the timbre of the forest and the song

GH.. Is the great goddess-god present

Kir: fingers warm

Thru CL: "Archangel Raphael attends you now..."

Kir: seat of my soul

Aor, GH, Kir: throat...tight like a bowstring

CL: totally emobied...thirsty

Pkt: fingers pulsing

CL: if you sit still and focus on top of head, help activate opening so the archangel can come in... he's sending waves of energy from me (CL) reaching out to connect you... intertwining... Like dna spirals, activating every particle of your system if you let them... merkaba initialized... unitary chakra enabled

CH, CL: feel the energy coming in thru face

Thru CL: (Raphael) "here is the master you wish for... the healing keys of the creator... collecting light, bringing it to you... healing... be refreshed and renewed... be whole and happy"

CL: Archangel touching my fingers

Thru CL: (Raph) "Remember..."

Kir..chair shaking

CL: all my particles just thrilled

Everyone: feeling gratitude

CL:. make love to us, archangel!

Aor: feel light... so grateful

Everyone: hugs around... all... so much love... love is all you need... love is all there is... wrapping in blankets of love... love is the base of all... love is what is happening

Aor: Uriel is here with me... a heavy one... sitting on my head

I (CH) got booted... missed some

GH: [something about the]..Milky way

Zap: saw Milky Way shooting from his hand (Uriel?)

everyone feeling connected... at higher self levels

GH: Uriels says we usually encounter him when deep in astral, and that the Milky Way is his prized project, and that we're very close to successfully completing our tasks, and he's proud of us...we've far surpassed their expectations of us... he sends and as always sends his deepest love and gratitude for volunteering for such a challenging assignment

Kir... feel like only beginning

Thru GH (Uriel): "Therein lies the error, Kirombi... aspects of self... it only looks like they're beginning... the alpha and omega look the same from 3D limited perception"

Aor: never felt him as fat.. Just so BIG and immense in his nature... grateful for his protection and love

Thru GH (Uriel) "I work with GH a lot, but not used to utilizing physical form. Frustrating."

GH: he's a jolly being, whom we call Saturn or Old Father Time or St Nick

CL: Shiva Bala Yogi

GH: but his true name is Uriel

CL: Feeling the presence of a yogi: Shiva Bala Yogi... sends his love to us... wants to work with our group...has some friends to introduce to us... heard about our channeling group

GH: Uriel is the energies we asign to Saturn, but also aligned with Pluto and Cronous

CL: walking thru the cosmic grapevine

CL: Shiva Bala Yogi wants to talk with us.. Something important... something going on, big time, in the upper divisions... something right outside the Peace Palace on high... "Censored"

Thru CL: (SBYogi): "Well maybe just a word or two, but keep it to yourselves. : ) Listening to John Lennon concert.... "Get your gear ready cuz we're movin on"

CL: that's it..that's what's happening...we're having an ascension NOW

Thru CL (SBY): "I am your ascension guide for this evening's ascension. You may call me Shiva Bala Yogi"

[then I kept getting booted and got no more notes.... sorry : ) ]


ParthenonBuilt during Solon's lifetime, the Parthenon is the masterpiece of Greek architecture. Solon is thought to have contributed both architectural insights and governmental funding for the project.

Born into a noble family in Athens, Greece about 639 BCE, Solon was a famous lawmaker and established Athenian democracy in Greece. He was known as one of the seven wise men of Greece. He uses Centurion because he was a commander in the Greek army and also because he reincarnated as a lawmaker in ancient Rome. As a Greek commander he conquered the island of Salamis and was elected chief government official of Athens and given the authority to change the laws.

Most of the wealth in Greece was in the hands of a few powerful citizens. The farmers had been forced to mortgage their lands and to borrow money, offering themselves and their families as security. Solon immediately passed a law which canceled all these debts and mortgages, and freed those who had become slaves. He also changed the monetary system so that foreign trade was made easier. Solon made many other changes to the benefit of the citizens, allowing all classes of citizens to become members of the assembly and the public law courts. When he retired from office, he made the Athenians promise to keep his laws for 10 years. Solon is here with us now giving us benefit of his great logic and his brilliant beingness of light.


"Solon was the greatest lawmaker Greece ever knew because he understood logical skepticism in a way no one else could. He used it in battle, he used it in life, he used it in law and he used it in love. He was told he would be divine while he lived and he believed it, acted upon it, understood it, and became in life who he became. He furthered himself, his people, his land and his learning through the knowledge of his divinity and never doubted it, never once.

He stood tall among men, for in that time only men ruled in such a way as Solon could be called to rule. In the Golden of Ages, he was pure gold and so everyone said so. And when he was asked his secret of success he replied to the people, "I am divine and so are you. Now what will you do about it?" he asked them. "What can you make of it?"

They looked at Solon and knew he was divine because he could speak this way to them. They worshipped him and he told them, "No, do not worship me for I am no more than you are, but I am only applying my knowledge in such a way as was given to me to use it, but you, you are standing and admiring me, and where will this get you? You have better things to do with your life than to stand and admire somebody else. You are divine, now go be divine like I told you. Go be God. You are God. Go be God."

Solon writes:

"We are skeptics, all of us, are we not? We are made this way for a good reason. We are also imbued with logic as part of our tools for living. Logic and skepticism combined make for a powerful tool of discernment.

SolonAnd discernment is everything, in the sense that, without it, we are lost at sea in a vast ocean of decisions and energies, pulling this way, pulling that, and no way to decide this or that, here or there, what or why. We are in dire need of logical skepticism to help us navigate this sea of possibilities, this ocean of yearning and desire, needs, wishes, hopes and dreams. What a place this is, this life, this universe, this selfhood! What a fine place this is to be, and logical skepticism makes it all the sweeter for it helps us to define ourselves and our purposes, our joys, all the things that make life worth living, all the things that make life sweet.

This is the most beautiful of places and the most beautiful of lives that we have now, and we must strive, strive, strive to make it the most it can possibly be through both logic and skepticism. We are not puppets nor were ever meant to be. We are divine in all respects and our purpose here is to discover our divinity, whatever it takes, wherever it leads, whatever the cost. We are divine and so we will be divine through all powers given to us, one of them logical skepticism. Solon Centurion says this."

"I am a distinct personality from Claire. We are not the same being but yet we can come together this way and work as though we are. Claire and I have matched our frequencies so that we can unite and work together. So much fun we are having, so much joy and love we feel for each other. We are married, you know. We are husband and wife. We are having a great time!"

"Have you ever gone to the battle and known you would die and knew also the importance of it?"

"When in doubt, always withdraw from the fray. It is the wisest thing to do in all situations. Never be afraid to withdraw, for there is safety in hanging back until you feel a level of confidence to enter the contest again. For this is what this is, a contest to establish certain truths and ways of being. This contest is marked by casualties along the way, people who did not or could not continue in the struggle for truth. Such is life." (Solon Centurion, Commander of the Greek armies against the armies of Rome)

Solon's entry in Encarta 96 Encyclopaedia:

Solon (638?-559? BC), Athenian statesman and legislator, considered the founder of Athenian democracy. Born of a noble family, as a young man he engaged in foreign trade, gaining valuable experience. During his lifetime, a crisis occurred in social and economic conditions in Greece. An agricultural depression had taken hold, and many free Athenian small farmers who could not pay their debts were sold into slavery. In 594 BC Solon was elected archon, or chief magistrate, to reform the oppressive conditions.

Solon immediately forbade borrowing on the security of the person of the debtor and canceled all current mortgages and debts. He also encouraged those who could not live by farming to take up other occupations, thereby giving impetus to trades and professions. Equally important were Solon's constitutional reforms. He retained the older division of people into classes according to wealth: the pentacosiomedimni, that is, those whose annual income equaled 500 medimni (1 medimnus = 1.5 bushels or 8.5 gal) of grain, wine, or oil; the hippeis, or knights, who could supply a war-horse for military service and whose income amounted to 300 medimni; and the zeugitae, or teamsters, who could supply a yoke of oxen and had an income of 200 medimni.

To these classes he added as a fourth class the thetes, who in general were without property. Political offices were open only to members of the first three classes, but to the thetes he gave the right to take part in the public assembly. This step was important in the development of popular government, because the selection of the assembly out of the entire citizen body gave the people control over the administration.

A new council, composed of 400 members, was formed to prepare proposals for the general assembly. The council assumed many of the legislative functions formerly held by the council of the Areopagus. On each of the four classes Solon also imposed certain duties. The three highest provided the land army of Attica, while the thetes, as rowers in the triremes (ancient ships with three banks of rowers), formed the most important part of the navy, later to prove the salvation of Greece and the mainstay of the Athenian Empire.

Solon's regulations ranged over every province of life, including marriage, adoption, clothing, farming, and the calendar. Although many details of his legislation are obscure and disputed, Solon undoubtedly emancipated the individual and took the first decisive step toward complete and true democracy. The keynote of his reforms was moderation, and he believed that each class should receive privileges in proportion to the public burdens it was able to bear.

The reforms met with dissatisfaction, however, being too democratic to please the wealthier aristocrats and not democratic enough to suit the people. In fact, tradition indicates that Solon met with such opposition that, following his year in office, he withdrew from Athens for a period of approximately ten years.

The First Athenian Poet

Solon occupies a prominent position also as the first Athenian poet. His poems are statements of his personal beliefs and political concepts. In Plutarch's Life of Solon is recorded much of Solon's poetry.

Ganesha says, "I AM Ganesha, all Worlds Within.
My face and the face of the particle are ONE."

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A Spiritual Revelation about the Enlightenment and its Social Repression

Kundalini Awakening, Chakra SystemThis is a Shield Guide portal. We are a vast organization of beings from all parts of the universe and an interdimensional organization of life systems that represent a winged body of planetary systems. We assist in developing light-network domains and appear when requested to shield and guide civilizations on ascension paths. We form portals bridging this evolutionary domain to others in the universe on similar ascension paths.



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Buddha Shaman

1600 BCE, Crete
Phaistos Disk
Phaistos Disk My exact tracing
of the Phaistos Disk
with pictographs color coded
Phaistos Disk
Phaistos Disk
Overlap the two sides at the matching line segments
Phaistos Disk
My exact tracing
of the Phaistos Disk, pictographs removed
Phaistos Disk Infinity
My exact tracing
of the Phaistos Disk with pictographs
Phaistos Disk
Phaistos Disk


The artist(s) of the disk puzzle populated the spirals with pictographs as place holders for the hidden large pictographs (patterns), revealed when the matching pictographs are connected with lines, as in connecting points with lines in geometry and stars with lines in astronomy to produce constellations.

Phaistos Disk, Constellation Argo
Phaistos Disk, Pentagram, Heptagram
Phaistos Disk, Geometry
Phaistos Disk, Interior Great Pyramid
Phaistos Disk, Sacred Cave
Phaistos Disk, Right Triangle
Phaistos Disk, Great Pyramid Geometry
Phaistos Disk, Great Pyramid Geometry
Phaistos Disk, Cone
Phaistos Disk, Inverted Pyramid
Phaistos Disk, Inverted Pyramid
Phaistos Disk, Octahedron

































Claire Grace Watson
Phaistos Disk Solution
by Claire Grace Watson

Claire Grace Watson


The Source of Life is Transcendent of all of our concepts including our concept of Source.
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