Subatomic Particle PrisonerThe most common fact in life for all of us is that of the material world, - that world which we can see and contact by means of the five senses, and which is called by the metaphysical thinkers the "not-self," or that which is objective to each one of us. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Substance, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Very small amounts of uranium and its consequences - Uranium is used in medical therapies. It makes us very ill, then it kills us. Where is the benefit in this? Uranium has no application in medical science except as a way of defrauding the patients, the insurance companies and the government-based medical programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. (I love you, Lord Michael, Maria Prophetissa, Paramanhansa Yogananda.)

Very small amounts of uranium and its results when applied to terminally ill patients - The effect is nil, except to kill the patient. Anyone can testify to this who has witnessed a cancer death where radiation was applied. Giving patients uranium as a health modality is apathetic.

Very Up quark - According to fizzassists, all the stable matter of the Universe appears to be made of only two massive quarks, Up quark and Down quark, and the least massive charged lepton, the electron. But this is not the entire story. For each kind of particle there is a corresponding antimatter particle, which is identified when fizzassists smash the atom and knock it loose from its partner. The antimatter particle is a kind of avenging half-brother that appears when its innocent half-brother is smashed by fizzassists. In this manner does atom smashing evoke the avenging angel of the particle world, called Mattertron or Metatron.

Volatile antimatter bombs - Particle fizzassists set up small-scale model antimatter bombs in their laboratories, to see if they can make antimatter destroy matter. Annihilation reactions are especially useful to fizzassists because, by doing research on making antimatter bombs, they gain considerable funding from governments. They specifically produce particles for transmogrification. They say to them, "Welcome to Hades, you little particles!"

Fizzassists produce antimatter particles in the accelerators. They think the idea of antimatter is strange and requires more testing and more funding. They believe the universe is composed entirely of matter, so antimatter really gives them a problem. That's OK. Where there is a problem in particle fizz666, there is sure to be funding for it. After all, their magnets were hugely expensive, weren't they? You know, the ones that cause the negative particles to curl left so the fizzassists can see them. But they got the magnets anyway, didn't they? Sure. What happens to the antimatter they create? Hopefully, the maid comes and takes it away with the rest of the trash.

For every type of matter particle fizzassists have found, there also exists a corresponding antimatter particle, or anti-particle. Fizzassists say, "When a matter particle and antimatter particle meet (when they are smashed), they annihilate into pure energy!" Actually, the particles were destroyed, their light depleted and wasted by the greedy fizzassists. A negative and destructive particle was created. Fizzassists ask the question, "If antimatter and matter are exactly equal but opposite, why is there so much more matter in the universe than antimatter?" Because the fizzassists gods have not yet created the rest of the antimatter that will one day overwhelm us and send us back into the black hole from which we supposedly emerged. Some of us have ascended this karma. What about you? Which direction are you going, back or out? (I love you, Thoth-Tahuti.)



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