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Subatomic Particle PrisonerAttraction and repulsion in the solar system is but the discriminating faculty of the atom or of man demonstrating in the planets and the sun. It will be found in atoms of all kinds; we can call it adaptation, if we so choose, or the power to grow and to adapt the unit to its environment through the rejection of certain factors and the acceptance of others. It shows itself in man as free will, or the power to choose, and in the spiritual man it can be seen as the tendency to sacrifice, for a man then chooses a particular line of action in order to benefit the group to which he belongs, and rejects that which is purely selfish. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Uranium, its causes and properties, and its value to humanity - How valuable to humanity are the radioactive properties of uranium? They are detrimental to the survival of the planet. Uranium was not meant to be excavated. Its purpose in the Universe has to do recycling and with assembling particles useful in the breakdown and disposal of matter. Uranium is designed to function as a chemical removing system. It removes harmful chemicals from the environment. Using uranium to bring about the breakdown and disposal of matter is destruction, pure and simple. As nuclear fizzassists, we are destroying the Universe by using uranium.

Uranium has detrimental effects on the environment, as well as usury effects on humanity. When people have to live alongside the uses and exploitation of uranium, it means that usury and greed are the forces at work. We completely disregard the designated purpose of highly toxic uranium, and use it as we please to get money. This is insane!

Uranium can be used in many ways, all of which are detrimental to the environment and all the beings therein, including trees, shrubs, rocks, plants and animals, and especially humanity. Humans can withstand many harmful chemicals in the environment but not uranium.

We pay dearly for tampering with uranium because we also tamper with concepts such as Holycost and planetary death. Uranium is used to extract money from the government and to mystify taxpaying citizens. It is used to gain funding and has no other verifiable use at this time. Perhaps later on, some genius will find a way to use uranium without it harming everyone but we cannot imagine how this could possibly come about. Currently, in the field of particle fizz666, an argument is being made that uranium has an important use in medicine.

Uranium destroys the environment in so many ways that it is impossible to list them all. Uranium is designed by God/dess to reduce matter to dispersed subatomic particles. It functions in a destructive mode of creativity, as part of a natural process, because it can substantially remove matter to make room for the creation of other matter. Uranium does this because it is designed to do it, and it cannot be placed inside lead-lined nuclear reactors and be prevented from doing its job. Uranium must remain undisturbed in our environment. The federal government of US (the federal department of energy) proposes to transport highly radioactive waste throughout the country to Yucca Mountain, Nevada. The perpetuation of nuclear waste continues and during the next thirty years, all the nuclear waste in the country will be traveling by rail across the country. Over 2500 shipments through Georgia alone are planned. What about the rest of the country? What about your state? (I love you, Edgar Cayce, Nostrodamos, Ramanamaharshi.)

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Uranium and Atlantis - Environmental damages are now being seen in Atlantis, subcontinent of the planet. The Atlanteans can intuit certain changes in the environment of the planet, as well as contact other beings in the Universe and inquire as to their opinions regarding these changes. The Atlanteans stay in touch with beings such as the E-joe-sa from Orion and the Sirians from Star System Sirius. These extraterrestrials are very interested in our activities, both below and above the planetary crust. Lately, Atlanteans find it difficult to communicate via telepathic channels because of the environmental problems from the upper crust of the planet. The Atlanteans are trying to remove particle fizz666 from the face of the planet.

Uranium can destroy Atlantis, our subcontinent. Uranium is impinging upon the city of Atlantis by penetrating the bubble shield. Atlantis is contained within a bubble canopy that protects the city from invasion of negatively charged particles and other foreign substances. Even though Atlantis is deep beneath the earth's crust, it still must be protected from environmental properties of the upper crust of the planet. Atlantis is defending itself against many of the poisonous parts of our environment of which we are not aware.

Damages indicative of disruption to the environment are becoming apparent to the E-joe-sa, extraterrestrial beings who live in the Orion constellation near the Horsehead Nebulae. These damages indicate disruption to the core currents of the star system grid lines that the E-joe-sa travel. (Atlanteans.)

We have a deep connection with intergalactic beings because our population is composed of starseeds, individuals whose genetic components and histories connect with certain constellation areas and solar systems. Some of us are striving to re-establish connections with beings such as these, because we perceive them to be our forebears. We do not seem to understand that we are creating an environment in which none of these intergalactic beings will choose to participate. And why should they? They have learned how to master their Draconian tendencies of usury, consumption and greed, and we are still fully endowed with these depraved tendencies. Where are the Virtues? We do not seem to embrace them now.

For us to become intergalactic citizens, we must end this environmental corruption by poisonous and toxic materials, or else no one except the most depraved will choose to join us in any interplanetary ventures. The poisonous effects of uranium and its allies, plutonium, radium and tritium, cannot be escaped once loosed. Yet, the government buys and uses these materials to make nuclear weapons. This is our reality. Can we imagine it will cease to exist if we take no action to stop it? (Edgar Cayce, Nostrodamos, Ramanamaharshi)



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