U.T. and the Secret Science
Minoan Cylinder Seal
(Is this 3,600-year-old Minoan filming a selfie???)


In this new book for children and adults, extraterrestrials teach geometry in an unforgetable way! This is the great mystical tradition of Hermeticism of Egypt as it teaches pre-Euclidean geometry and the geometry-based number philosophy of the Bronze Age. One book, over 325 images, 7 dynamic art pieces, and one interactive Light Credit exam towards your B.E. [Benefits of Enlightenment] Degree.

This is a geometry lesson delivered in an unforgetable way - by ultraterrestrials! Mostly intended for children, adults tell me they love it too! Emphasizing the special relationship of spirituality and science - one is the invisible companion of the other - this book is really for children of all ages. I wrote it for my own amusement and enjoyment and for the child within.

The books takes the reader on an amazing educational journey back to the Bronze Age and recounts the incredible story of ultraterrestrial intervention in early Earth civilizations, which was accomplished in order to teach the Secret Science - the study of living astronomy and sacred geometry.

The book begins with beautiful color images of 25 ET's from the world over, taken from pottery, stone sculpture, cylinder seals, and rock and wall drawings by ancient citizens who perhaps experienced close encounters. The drawings are followed by graphics depicing how the interstellar flight was accomplished, and the book continues with the geometry-based number philosophy prevalent during the Bronze Age and finally with the Euclidean geometry found on the Phaistos Disk of the Bronze Age.

The book makes basic geometry fun and unforgettable, by associating color, pattern and ET's, and it encourages the reader to take an interest in ancient pictographs and interstellar flight. The book ends with a "Sirian Slide Graphic Computer," a navigational device that can be cut out and played with, along with the slides that also can be cut out and inserted in the slide graphic computer. The book concludes with a secret code language that can be used to pass secret messages!

With a focus on:

  • The sciences of astronomy, geometry, archaeology, linguistics, anthropology and history; increase in IQ level
  • Basic Euclidean geometry and definitions of diameter, straight lines and points, vertical angles, adjacent angles, triangles including isosceles, scalene, right, obtuse, acute, and quadrilaterals, associating them with color
  • Sacred Geometry and the beautiful geometry-based number philosophy of the Bronze Age
  • Pi and how it relates to the interior of the great pyramid of Cheops, with images
  • Archaeoastronomy (the study of the astronomy of ancient cultures); the relationship of the constellations and geometry
  • Astronomy and identification of the constellations and stars, especially Argo and its stars; Canis Major and the star Sirius; the constellations Orion, Bootes and Octans
  • Pattern recognition and hidden patterns in art and in life
  • Archaeology and linguistics, especially mystical pictographs, hieroglyphs and petroglyphs; images of ET's from Nazca Plain pottery and Sumerian art and artifacts
  • History, the Bronze Age civilization of Crete, the buildings and the people there; ancient Sumer and about Oannes, the fish-beings who historians say guided that civilization to greatness, images of them
  • U.T. images taken from around the world - rock drawings, cylinder seals, ancient art and Nazca Plain images
  • Astrophysics and electromagnetism; how to fly a UFO through a demagnetized field and through space-time portals
  • Expanded consciousness by contemplating spatial realities relating to distant space
  • Fun games; an ET navigational computer (fun to cut out and play with); constellation maps of the Northern and Southern hemispheres and the Nazca Plain as slides for the computer (cut them out and use them with the computer); large images of the Sirian (Enochian) alphabet (very useful for secret messages)
    Chapter One - They Look Like Us

    Long ago in ancient Crete, ultraterrestrials called ET came to earth from the stars to teach the Secret Science. Some of the ET's looked like us.

    U.T. and the Secret Science

    Some of them looked like us but slightly different.

    U.T. and the Secret Science

    U.T. and the Secret Science

    Some of the ancient gods and goddesses may have been ET's who looked like us.

    U.T. and the Secret Science

    Images from top of screen are from the ancient worlds of: Crete, England, Sumer

    Chapter Two - Other U.T.'s Don't Look Like Us

    Some of the ET's looked really different from us. They were fish-people named Oannes.


    Some were bird-people or fish-people who taught about the star Sirius, the largest star in the sky. Below, Sirius shown as a big eyeball watching over us. This is early astronomy, part of the Secret Science taught by the ET's.


    Some ET's looked like bull-people and some were scorpion-people.

    Rock Drawing

    About 9,000 years ago in Turkey, people built shrines to the ET bull-people and worshiped them as gods. Even today, the bull is sacred in India.

    Bull Worship

    Hagia Triada Palace

    The palace in Mallia, Crete was designed like the head of a cow.

    Chapter Three - Space Cadets

    Nazca Plain PotterySome ET's were space cadets with strange power supplies.

    Some were really scary looking!

    Rock DrawingHumbaba

    Chapter Four - Daath Bridges

    The ET's came here in starships. Starship

    UFO Flying

    They flew their starships Starship through the electromagnetic field


    when the field was de-magnetized.


    They flew through natural portals called Daath, in the electromagnetic field. They could enter Daath and at exactly the same time exit Daath billions of miles away in the universe, by traveling along the Daath Bridges.

    U.T. and the Secret Science

    When they flew through the electromagnetic field, they sometimes experienced weightlessness.

    Inside Starship

    The electromagnetic field is patterned with Daath portals at regular intervals. The starship flies into the portals.

    Interstellar Portals

    The electromagnetic field looks like this. The circles are the Daath portals.

    Field Fabric of Space

    The ET's used interstellar flight symbols to help them navigate the electromagnetic field.

    Field Fabric with Runes

    Some of them flew in starships shaped like UFO's Starship and some flew in starships like the space shuttle. The groundplan of the Hagia Triada palace in Crete is ET earth history recorded in stone.

    Hagia Triada Palace and Space Shuttle

    Chapter Five - Atlantis


    In ancient times, many of the ET's lived on the island of Crete. The isle of Crete was like the fabulous island-state of Atlantis.

    Palace at Knossos

    4,000 years ago during the Bronze Age, Crete was beautiful, ultra-modern and wealthy. The palace of Knossos, Crete, covered 6-1/2 acres, had 800 rooms and was as big as Buckingham Palace in London. One of the entrances to the palace was over a stone viaduct. In the background is the city of Knossos.

    Central Court at Knossos

    The huge palace was designed with advanced architectural technology for those times.

    Queen's Bathroom

    The queen's bathroom had 5 entrances, a flushing toilet, running water and a bathtub. Many of the people of ancient Crete enjoyed these modern conveniences. They lived in adobe town homes with rooftop patios and tiled floors. They traveled on paved road, paved with rock and shell.


    Chapter Six - The Secret Science

    One of the ET's who lived in Phaistos, Crete, almost 4,000 years ago made a small piece of pottery out of red clay. This pottery is known as the Phaistos Disk because it was found in 1908 in Phaistos. On the pottery is a starship Starship. Invisible on the pottery is the star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. The star is surrounded by the 7 planets. This design is called a pentagram inside a heptagram. This is part of the Secret Science.

    Phaistos Disk with Pentagram inside Heptagram

    Part of the Secret Science is a geometry-based number philosophy taught by the ET's to the people of ancient Crete, Egypt and Mesopotamia.

    The point within the circle is the number 1. Point

    The cross within the circle is the number 2. Cross

    The triangle within the circle is the number 3. Triangle

    The square within the circle is the number 4. Square

    These first 4 forms combined create the triangular architecture of the great pyramid of Cheops. The Secret Science was used to build the great pyramid. Base of Cheops

    The great pyramid Pyramid on the Disk also is invisible on the Phaistos Disk. This shows all the people inside the pyramid.

    Pyramid on the Disk

    The pentagon and pentagram are the number 5. PentagonPentagram

    The hexagon and the hexagram are the number 6. HexagonHexagram

    The heptagon and heptagrams are the number 7. One of these heptagrams is invisible on the Phaistos Disk. HeptagonHeptagramHeptagram

    The octagon and octagrams are the number 8. OctagonOctagramOctagram

    The enneagon and the enneagrams are the number 9. EnneagonEnneagramEnneagramEnneagram

    The dekagon and the dekagrams are the number 10. DekagonDekagramDekagram

    The endekagon and the endekagrams are the number 11. EndekagonEndekagramEndekagram

    The dodekagon and the dodekagrams are the number 12. DodekagonDodekagramDodekagramDodekagram

    Chapter Seven - Cool Geometry

    The Phaistos Disk is one of the oldest artifacts, and certainly the most unique, recording the Secret Science, which is the study of geometry and astronomy. The Phaistos Disk records the Secret Science as it was studied in ancient Crete and Egypt, especially at the Pyramid on the Disk

    On the Phaistos Disk is recorded Euclidean geometry of 1100 years before it was taught openly for the first time in Egypt. To learn this geometry is to learn the Secret Science, which is the study of the properties of a circle and the geometry of a sphere for use in astronomy.

    In geometry, points are connected by lines.


    A. Diameter
    A straight line may be the
    diameter of a circle.

    Parallel Straight Lines

    B. Parallel straight lines,
    same length
    Straight lines may be parallel
    and of the same length.

    Parallel Straight Lines

    C. Parallel straight lines,
    different length
    Straight lines may be parallel
    and of a different length.

    Straight Lines, Not Parallel

    D. Same length, not parallel
    Straight lines may be the same
    length but not parallel.

    Vertical Angles

    E. Vertical angles
    Two straight lines may intersect,
    producing vertical angles.

    Adjacent Angles

    F. Adjacent angles

    Adjacent Angles

    G. Adjacent angles

    Two straight lines may produce adjacent angles, two angles in the same plane which have a common vertex and a common side but have no interior points in common.

    Rectilineal figures are contained by straight lines, trilateral figures are contained by three straight lines, quadrilateral figurse are contained by four straight lines and multilateral figures are contained by more than four straight lines.

    Of trilateral figures, an equilateral triangle Triangle has its three sides equal. This equlateral triangle is seen on the Phaistos Disk. Can you find it?

    Isosceles Triangle

    H. Isosceles triangle
    An isosceles triangle has two
    of its sides alone equal.

    Scalene Triangle

    J. Scalene triangle

    Scalene Triangle

    K. Scalene triangle

    A scalene triangle has its three sides unequal.

    Right Triangle

    I. Right triangle
    Of trilateral figures, a right-angled
    triangle has a right angle (90 degrees).

    Obtuse Triangle

    L. Obtuse triangle

    Obtuse Triangle

    M. Obtuse triangle

    An obtuse-angled triangle has an obtuse angle (an angle more than 90 degrees).

    Acute Triangle

    N. Acute triangle
    An acute-angled triangle
    has its three angles acute
    (3 angles less than 90 degrees)


    O. Quadrilateral


    P. Quadrilateral

    Quadrilateral figures are contained by four straight lines.

    Quadrilateral Triangle

    Q. Quadrilateral

    Quadrilateral Triangle

    R. Quadrilateral

    Quadrilaterals may be formed of two triangles.


    S. Orion

    Seen on the Phaistos Disk is the constellation Orion, the constellation of the giant hunter, as it appeared nearly 4,000 years ago.

    Canis Major

    T. Canis Major

    Canis Major

    U. Canis Major
    Two large stars

    Also on the disk is the constellation Canis Major as it appeared long ago. Murzim and Sirius are two large stars in Canis Major, the constellation of the Great Dog.


    V. Bootes

    Also seen on the disk is the constellation Bootes, the constellation of the Herdsman Yoke of Bootes the Herdsman
    on the Phaistos Disk. Can you find it?


    W. Octans

    Seen on the disk is the constellation Octans, the constellation of the Octant. An octant is an airplane navigational instrument.

    Chapter Eight - Sirian Slide Graphic Computer

    The star Sirius in the center of the seven planets may be a Sirian Slide Graphic Computer used for interstellar navigation and for flying high above the planet earth. On the Sirian Slide Graphic Computer, the star in the center rotates and the entire area inside the circle revolves as the outer circle remains stationary. In this way, the Sirian Slide Graphic Computer computes density altitude, air temperature, pressure altitide, air miles flown, longitude and latitude, airspeed knots, as well as other complex calculations, including linguistics.

    Navigational Computer

    The Slide Graphic Computer helps to navigate the stars. Can you see the geometry in the stars?

    Northern Hemisphere

    Northern Hemisphere

    Southern Hemisphere

    Southern Hemisphere

    Nazca Plain

    Here are the dead straight lines of the Nazca Plain in Peru as they appear on a prepared disk that slides in beneath the clear top of the slide graphic computer. Did the ET's fly a flight pattern between the great pyramid of Cheops and the Naca Plain in Peru? The great pyramid was built with the Secret Science and perhaps with the minerals and ores the ET's collected from the Nazca Plain.

    Sirian ET's from the Sirius system in Canis Major used the Sirian Slide Graphic Computer and spoke the Sirian language. (Very useful for secret messages.)

    Sirian Language

    Pe = B

    Veh = C or K

    Ged = G

    Gal = D

    Orth = F

    Un = A

    Graph = E

    Tal = M

    Gon = I, Y, or J

    Na-hath = H

    Ur = L

    Mals = P

    Ger = Q

    Drun = N

    Pal = X

    Med = O

    Don = R

    Ceph = Z

    Vau = U, V, W

    Fam = S

    Gisa = T



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