Subatomic Particle Prisoner

The atom, then, can be predicated as resolving itself into electrons, and can be expressed in terms of force or energy. When you have a center of energy or activity you are involved in a dual concept; you have that which is the cause of movement or energy, and that which it energizes or actuates. This brings us directly into the field of psychology, because energy or force is ever regarded as a quality, and where you have a quality you are really considering the field of psychic phenomena. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Substance, Alice Bailey, 1922)

Page 26 - SECTION X

Xenon and its properties - Metal xenon has many applications requiring specific gravity. In nuclear fizz666, xenon is used to destroy the environment. When xenon is used, the chemicals of life begin to dissipate. The beings that put xenon into the environment in this haphazard manner must take responsibility for it. Prosecute the xenon users now!

Xenon and its uses and properties relating to particle-nuclear fizz666 - Xenon is useless to anyone except someone trying to extract money from the government and the citizens.

Xenon and its uses regarding lifting the embargo against spiritual consciousness that particle fizz666 has produced by its work - As fizzassists, we create a great shield against enlightenment and learning on this planet, yet particle fizz666 is regarded as a holy science. In reality, it is the ugly side of alchemy, the side bred from pain and confusion. Our fizzassists are on podiums and being idolized as gods, but particle fizz666 is phony. It is fraudulent regarding a valuable contribution to the planet on which it parasitically exists.

Fizzassists are atheists and proud of it. How can we allow those of us who are atheists to continue along with their farce as if it means nothing, as though it is not dangerous to us and as though it does not define reality for us? Perhaps this book has dispelled some of that.

I wonder if Mars was destroyed by xenon? Look around you. Is planetary life flourishing or just fizzassists? Let us open our eyes and look around and see what is happening to our environment. Xenon can stop the spread of life and the possibility of the spread of life. Life is multidimensional, so it is important how we project life from this dimension to others. Our evolution is at stake. When we allow an organization like particle fizz666 to interrupt our evolution, we also allow it to interrupt the evolution of all the people who come after this. Can we afford to do this? Won't we be held accountable for this, for allowing it to happen? Think about it. Who else is responsible? God/dess? The fizzassists? Who? What if the earth is the Universe's cradle of life? Look what we are about to do to all the babies that the Universe has put into our care as Keepers of the Fall. Here is a dangerous scenario - fizzassists know less about radioactivity than they know about it. Where does that place us?

Fizzassists are assisting the Draconian forces of usury, consumption and greed without regard for anyone but themselves. Their behavior is rationalized by their atheism. Accountability is not an issue here for the atheists, and it is okay to play god. These are Draconian tendencies within our population. Thank goodness, people power is the strong force on the planet. Let's use it!

There is a future for every atom in the solar system. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Form, Alice Bailey)

Xenophile mesons - The kaon mesons, friends to all the world, are particles that live much longer than most other mesons, which is why they are called "strange." Fizzassists think it is strange when particles live longer than they are expected to after having been smashed. Another example of a meson is a pion, which probably is pronounced "peon" to more accurately describe fizzassists' opinions regarding this tiny lightbeing. (I love you, Stroya Montessa Ganesha, Serapis Bey, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.)



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