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Pikaia Funhouse Mind Control Deception to Capture Pikaias for the Trilobite Workshop



I didn't waste any time trying to herd Pikaias into a scary cave because I knew they wouldn't go, but I really needed them to. It actually is the back entrance to the cave where I plan on holding the Trilobite Workshop. I need the Pikaias as an exhibit for the Power Pipe Display, and they have to be immobile for as long as needed. That means the Zapadapt Mind Control equipment is required. It doesn't hurt them in any way but it does render them under my control for a prescribed length of time, just the length of time I need to display them to trilobites as their last chance to avoid extinction. After that I will release them.

The Deception Cave was easy enough to fabricate from materials at hand, and the deception was helped along by the fissure nearby on the ocean bottom caused by a tectonic shift. I have to say, it's a very qualified Zapadapt engineer who knows how to make use of planetary disturbances. I made a notation of that in my diary just in case home office has somehow missed that fine detail about the work that I do.

I continued the mind control technique while I displayed the Pikaia to the trilobites attending the workshop. I had to make certain they would not misbehave and cost me some customers.

Trilobite Workshop
Trilobite Workshop

Despite the beautiful Power Pipe Display and an impressive Lightbox Creature Display Captivity Stand, the trilobites were not signing up in droves like I had hoped. I understand, I get it, I really do. When you've been around for 300 million years you think you are permanent. So, of course you don't believe you are headed for extinction just because a Zap Agent with a Transform Robot tells you so. They have fallen victim to an error in logic. The longer you've been here does not prove the more you're here to stay.

The other issue they had was the one I knew they would have and the reason why they would refuse their last option. It's aesthetics. Evolving from a bad dude with claws to a skinny worm-looking thing isn't appealing. I couldn't sell enough of them on it - I tried.

I could see it wasn't going well. They weren't at all eager to become Pikaia so I had no other option than to activate the Transform Robot to autotransform them into Pikaia. It took them by suprise to suddenly go from trilobite to Pikaia but that's evolution for you. When it happens, it happens fast, if you consider 300 million years fast. It might have been better to let them drift off and die off perhaps, but at the time I didn't think so. Just like I pushed the amoebas through the Zapadapt to become trilobites, the time had come to transform recalcitrant trilobites into Pikaia. Still, not enough were transformed to satisfy the algorithm.

I really did what I could and I don't think it's my fault. Which is what I told home office when I messaged them right after the ocean cave workshop. I haven't heard back, yet. Fired? Maybe, but I doubt it.


The fact remains, an entire ancient species went extinct on my watch. And more than that, I am a Zapadapt Climate Change Engineer, Class 1. It was my job to keep the trilobites around for another 300 million years in some kind of form other than trilobite, so anything that happens next is possible.

Om, Class 1 Engineer

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