Ocean Longing
Deep Ocean Longing for the Way Things Used to Be



Trying to explain to trilobites why they can't become amoebas again just isn't possible and a huge waste of time. They don't understand it and they don't want to understand it. They want what they can't have and they turn their backs on reality. Refusing to face the inevitable is going to be their downfall. They have more cells than amoebas but you wouldn't know it by the way they behave.

Across a great gulf of space and time they yearn to be amoebas again while the amoebas want to be trilobites. I fear this may become the way of the world. A poet I met once in the Meghalayan Age, Percy Bysshe Shelley, wrote, "We look before and after and pine for what is not."

Unhappily, I can connect a dot right here from the trilobites to homo sapiens in the Meghalayan Age. Hard to believe, but these two species have much in common. One is barely more advanced than an amoeba and the other is full of concepts, solutions, and obstinance. Neither accepts climate change reality even when it hits them where it hurts. Amazing!

Lightship Argo

In the meantime I do what I can in this forsaken environment. Well, it isn't entirely forsaken, I AM here. For this special project, I invented a Cloud Dirigible for Deep Water and uploaded the plans to the Argo. I was amazed to observe my lightship transform itself into deep sea vehicle specifically to deliver my dirigible, which it had manufactured from my plans. In order to descend to this depth, the Argo rendered itself nearly transparent by reducing its subatomic particle count to virtually nil, but still was capable of cargo storage for my dirigible. The vortex form it adopted allowed it to descend by a clockwise whirling motion, spinning itself all the way down to the ocean floor.

I downloaded the dirible and set up a Zapadapt Trilobite Repair Platform in the dark, dark depths of an ocean abyss in hopes that the really angry trilobites, the fraud activists, can't find me down here. The Argo remained on the premises of the project which, I have to admit, made me feel quite safe even though I was so deep into the ocean I was sure I had discovered an endless abyss.

The platform grabs the trilobites right out of the environment, and should the angry ones happen upon me anyway, which of course they do, it whips them into the electronic force field and zap repairs the damage to their exoskeletons. Generally, that satisfies their grievances and they go away grumbling.

Trilobite Repair Platform
Trilobite Repair Platform

Although I feel the technology is proprietary, I will share it anyway. The platform is completely unique, a Cloud Dirigible for Deep Water, beneath a Vortex Centrifugal Force Supercharger, and placed atop a Zapadapt Blast Form Generator, with Triple Transformer Towers complete with Electrical Circuit Collection Node Projectors, and a Moon Recliner Relaxer Personal Power Plug (as backup generator).

I really do hope Zapadapt will adopt it as standard equipment. (I may have to wait a few hundred millenniums to see how that pans out.) At the very least the platform will repair some of the damage caused by climate change and it will also delay matters until I hear back from home office about the litigation issues. If I didn't know better I would think home office is on permanent vacation.

Om, Class 1 Engineer

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