Trilobite Graveyard
Trilobite Graveyard, Keep Out! (Exit to the right, please.)



I came to consciousness to see trilobite exoskeletons littering the ocean floor. After thoughtful investigation I discovered the reason why. Trilobites clearly have molting issues as a result of climate change and they won't accept my explanation that the change is caused by high CO2 levels from so much bacteria and fungi. (They don't assimilate new information well.)

They are alleging fraud because I told them the exoskeletons would keep then safe. I didn't foresee the CO2 event coming. I guess I should have, as a Class 1 Engineer. The trilobites want to be amoebas again and the sick ones are threating litigation on an apocalyptic scale if they can't.

I am reluctant to make a negative comment about any species, particularly one as ancient as this one, but it seems to me they are extremely hard-headed. I am beginning to think it is because their exoskeleton has made them this way, and if that is the case then I am in part to blame because I was the one who convinced them to take it on as armor. Actually, I forced them but that's beside the point.

Lightship Argo

So I can't really denigrate them too much when the armor I helped them get into is doing such a good job at making them obstinate that it is interfering with my ability to talk sense to them. I am going to need to come up with a solution of how to convince them to get out of that armor and into something with very little armor.

But that's a little bit like telling them, "There's a terrible climate change coming and you need to be naked to survive it." I don't think I would go for that, either.

They may have an inkling that they need to lose the armor, a kind of species-collective knowing, which could account for their recent grumbling about wanting to be amoebas again. After all, amoebas are awfully squishy. But that would be too squishy, too small and too round. No, that would be the inappropriate form for the upcoming climate change. What we need is something elongated, flexible, and slightly squishy, with maybe a spinal nerve for additional sensory perception. Hmmm...I may be able to configure that with my Elongated Geneticizer Generator.

In the meantime I need to provide trilobites with a healing modality. I set up a platform clinic to assist as many as I could. The clinic is phenomenal but I doubt they appreciated the pure effort that went into the creation of it or the fact that I have a smart lightship that automatically locates me in space-time and loads itself with the necessary equipment for my current needs.

Trilobite Platform Clinic
Trilobite Platform Clinic

I downloaded the equipment from the Argo and built a Zapadapt Floating Mesa Platform (with embedded flower motif and trailing vines for aesthetic effect), a Converted Star Generator/Hover Beam Amplifier, a Twisted Windmill Force Generator to maintain the hover, a Multispectrum Healing Beam, a Handy Zap Gun, a Crank Turn Bacteria Processor Extrudomatic Log Mill, a Project Identification Sign, and platform Neon Lettering. Clearly, Class 2 Engineer work!

Unfortunately, my handy Zap Gun only zaps a few zillion bacteria at a time and doesn't affect the fungi at all, so this solution won't work.

If ever I needed to hear from home office, the time is now. I need their legal department to get in touch with me, please!

Om, Class 1 Engineer

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