The Dread Messenger
The Dread Messenger



I can't think what else I could have done to save the trilobites from extinction. I used every technique in the book from temptation to intimidation to resusitation to indoctrination. I recycled a creature, I set up a clinic, I opened a repair station, I held a workshop, I transduced them, and I even offered them life as a future bug.

The trilobites were victims of the second-largest known mass extinction event in Earth history, the Late Ordovician mass extinction, 450 million years ago. But for me it was like yesterday. 85% of marine species were eliminated from the planet's population when cooling and falling sea levels brought on glaciation, which took out their habitats.


During this time, the Katian Age of the Upper Epoch of the Ordovician Period of the Paleozoic Era of the Phanerozoic Eon, the climate went from warm to freezing. Then, after the oxygen was depleted and toxic sulphide was abundant, after some species had barely survived, had adapted to this horrible new freezing climate, the climate changed again from freezing to warm and took out the habitats of those species that had adapted to freezing. It was a one-two climate punch like nothing we'd ever seen. Over 100 marine families became extinct, including the trilobites.

The good news is, this catastrophic climate change, lasting for appoximately 15 million years, did not produce major changes to ecosystems structures so that divisity of life could rebound in the next 5 million years. The bad news is, lifeforms that survived were less complex, so we had to start over basically. Through it all, I did what I could.

Time Off
Time Off

So, I was a little concerned when home office sent a message wrapped inside a copy of my contract, for secrecy. And the messenger was a bit of a shock. The message says that I am entitled to take time off to recuperate from a climate crisis.

I certainly did not expect warm smiles over the loss of an entire species I was overseeing. They were here for 300 million years, almost twice as long as the dinosaurs of their future, and now not a single one of them is left. At least I'm not fired, which tells me I am not being held responsible. What a relief! I do feel a bit stressed over the trilobite tragedy so I put in for some time off and maybe a vacation, if home office can spare it.

Om, Class 1 Engineer

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