Trilobite Alarm at Encountering Strange, Menacing Humanoids with Tentacles



Microthin Platform
1) How is the Microthin Elevated Platform used?
a) To stabilize the ocean floor
b) To raise Zap equipment off the ocean floor without damaging the environment
c) To stand on while building the Zap equipment
d) To levitate Zap equipment


Curious Robots
3) What were Twin Curious Robots used for?
a) To intrigue trilobites
b) To attract humanoids to the platform for recycling
c) To keep Om from getting bored
d) As a clone geneticizer in case the elongated geneticizer doesn't work


Elongated Geneticizer Generator
5) What is an Elongated Electrical Geneticizer Generator?
a) Equipment that provides additional DNA to a project
b) Something longer than it has to be
c) Generates elongated DNA samples
d) Electronically stabilizes a cloning process by using electromagnetism


Head and Leg Attachment Clamps
7) What does the Control Panel Head and Leg Attachment do?
a) It connects Om to the Zap Recycle via Artificial Intelligence
b) It guarantees additional body parts from humanoid recycling
c) It gives the platform additional functions
d) Something that amplifies some power or other


9) What did Om do with the humanoid body parts?

a) She fed them to the trilobites
b) She threw them away
c) Ew!!
d) She saved them for useful salvage
Zapadapt Recycle
2) What is a Zapadapt Recycle used for?
a) To recycle organic material destroyed by climate change
b) To recycle old trilobites into new ones
c) To recycle Om's leftover genetic material
d) To render useless dangerous organic material


Wide-Mouth FunnelrWide-Mouth Funnel
4) The Input-Output Extrudomatic Wide-Mouth Funnel System does what?
a) It extrudes large pieces of human remains
b) Ew!!
c) It is wide-mouth so it can recycle larger organic material
d) It automatically processes organisms


Directional Energy Flow Arrow  ConductorDirectional Energy Flow Arrow  Conductor
6) What are Directional Energy Flow Arrow Conductors?
a) They direct the energy to go right or left
b) They direct the energy to go up or down
c) They work together to produce a turbine force
d) They conduct the energy released by the platform into a usuable power source


Internal Grinder and External Teeth
8) Why did Om create an Internal Grinder with External Metal Teeth?
a) She wanted to recycle humanoids into body parts
b) She wanted the grinder to work better by giving it teeth
c) She wanted the equipment to scare the you-know-what out of the humanoids
d) She thought Zapadapt had forgotten to install that equipment


10) What was Om doing when she first saw the humanoid?
a) She was sailing in the lightship
b) She was watching TV
c) She was checking on the trilobites
d) She was holding a seminar

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