Ocean Amoeba Seminar
Climate Change Seminar for Amoebas, Prefishtoric World



Ocean Floor Platform
1) How is the Ocean Floor Platform used?
a) To stabilize the ocean floor
b) Raise Zap equipment off the ocean floor
c) To stand on and yell at amoebas
d) To explain climate change to amoebas


Control Panel
3) What is the Secondary function of the Control Panel?
a) To control stuff
b) To control all the other Zap equipment
c) To tell amoebas what to do
d) Artificial Intelligence, sends project reports to Home Office without agent knowing


Extrudomatic Pipe Attachment
5) What is an Extrudomatic Pipe Attachment?
a) Part of an advanced plumbing system devised by aliens
b) Something that extrudes something that was attached to something
c) Output pipe on Zap equipment
d) Something attached to something


Water Turbine Power AmplifierWater Turbine Power AmplifierWater Turbine Power Amplifier
7) What is a Water Turbine Power Amplifier
a) A tuban the Zap Agent wears to increase power
b) Rotor spinning water to amplify Zap equipment power
c) Something spinning in the water
d) Something that amplifies some power, yo


Diary Attachment
9) What is a Diary Attachment
a) Recording one's thoughts and beliefs and then getting attached to it
b) A book nook on the Control Panel specifically designed to hold a Zap Diary
c) Misspelled, means ice cream addiction
d) A book fetish
Control Panel
2) Primary function of the Control Panel is?
a) To control stuff
b) To tell amoebas what to do since they only have one cell
c) To control all the other Zap equipment
d) To telepathically order pizza


Electrical Geneticizer Generator
4) Electrical Geneticizer Generator does what?
a) Generates new creature genetics via electromagnetism
b) Modifies old genetics into better ones
c) Plugs into a fissure for power, in effect exploiting geological events
d) Rolls back time by introducing genetic material into a temporal rift


Three-Spectrum Portal Transformer
6) What is a Three-Spectrum Portal Transformer
a) A rocket re-entry blast
b) Three portals together
c) Geological time period event
d) Portal teknowledgy using light spectrums to transform creatures


Zap Works Sign
8) What is the purpose of a Zap Works sign?
a) Zap Agent bragging rights
b) Property easement
c) Signage on the side of an ocean platform designed to intimidate amoebas
d) Entitlement sign


Observation Camera
10) What is a Zapadapt Control Panel Observation Camera?
a) A creature monitoring device
b) A fun toy
c) A way of photographing Zap equipment
d) Camera concealed in a light for recording Control Panel uses without the agent knowing

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