Aborigines (see Australia) Absolute (see God) Abstract Lightmatrix (see God) Abyss Acausality (see Magic) Adam; Adam Kadmon Aeon; Aeonic spheres; Aeons of existence; Aeons; Primal Creatures Agam Lok Air (see Elements 4) Air-Fate AL Alakh Lok Alchemy: Alchemical bellows; Alchemical laboratory Process of creation;
Androgyny; As Above So Below; As Within So Without; Bath of the Philosophers; Celestial agriculture; Chemistry; Child of Saturn Son or Sun; The Cosmopolite; Elixir of Life Elixir Vitae; Fulcanelli; The Great Work; Jacob's Ladder; Luna; Mercurius; Philosopher's Egg; Philosophers Stone; Stone Pillow; Phoenix; Secret secretorium; Transmutation; Walter Lang; White Rite AllSoul (see God)) Alpha Anami Lok (see Creation structure of) Androgyny (see Alchemy) Angels and Archangels; Angelic choir; Angelic writing;
Angel of the Secret Regions; Archangels; Archangels of the Holy Sephiroth; Bene ha Elohim (Sons of God); Cherubims; Gabriel; Guardian Angel; Haniel; Neutral Angels; Principalities; Raphael; Raziel; Sandalphon; Zaphiel Animals; Crab; Crocodile; Eagle; Falcon Power animal; Sacred bird Anonymous 16th Century Gentleman; Bartolommeo Veneto; Cosimo de Medici; Italian Renaissance Anthropos (see Archetypes) Arborvitae (see Brain) Arca (chest) (see Ark of the Covenant) Archetypes; Anthropos; Archetypal Forces; Archetypal Form; Archetypal Human; Archetypal universe Ark of the Covenant; Arca (chest) Arthur, King; Excalibur Art of Placement; Dwat; Feng Shui As Above, So Below (see Alchemy) Astral world; Akashic Records; Astral body; Astral planes; Mental projection; Parallel dimension; Plane of the Mental body; Planes of existence; Subtle matter; Subtle energy systems Astrology Astronomy; Black hole As Within So Without (see Alchemy) Atbash Cipher (see Knights Templar) Atlas-Hercules Aubrey holes (see Stonehenge) Australia; Aborigines; Ayers Rock; Dreamtime; X-ray art Austria Ayers Rock Australia

Babylon (see Mesopotamia) Back of the head (see Brain) Ball game of the afterlife (see Maya) Baphomet (see Knights Templar) Barrows (see Stonehenge) Bath of the Philosophers (see Alchemy) Bene ha Elohim (Sons of God) (see Heavenly Partners) Beth Alpha Synagogue Bhanwar Gupha (Revolving Cave) Black hole (see Negative Space) 13.Book of (the archangel) Raziel (see Shroud of Turin) 13.Book of the Jaguar Priest, The (see Maya) Boundary (see Limit-Cross) Boundless Light Brahmand Region, The (see Creation structure of) Brain the; Arborvitae; Back of the head; Cerebellum; Cerebral cortex; Fontanelle; Grape arbor; Medulla; Occipital and Temporal bones; Skull; Soft spot; Top of the head; Yuzhen points British Isles Bull-god and goddess of Susa; Bull worship Burial Mound of the North American Mound Builder Indians; Dr. Dickeson; John Egan Buttresses (see Chartres Cathedral)

Cabala Caduceus Campbell Joseph (see Chakra system) Cancer (constellation) (see Ark of the Covenant) Carbon dating (see Shroud of Turin) Carnac; Brittany Cathedral of San Lorenzo Cathedral of Turin (see Shroud of Turin) Caves; Revolving Cave (see Vortex) Celestial agriculture (see Alchemy) Central America (see Maya) Central Pillar of consciousness (see Consciousness) Cerebellum (see Brain) Cerebral cortex (see Brain) Chains: Planetary; Vital chains Chakra system; Anahata; Anja; Caduceus; Crown chakra; Etheric substance fundamental; Ida; Joseph Campbell; Kundalini Sakthi; Manipura; Metaphysical centers of energy; Muladhara; Pingala; Sahasrara; Shiva; Spinal column; Subtle matter; Subtle nervous system; Subtle substance; Swadhisthana; Vishudha Channel, Open; the Dead as channels Charney, Geoffrey de (also Charny); Preceptor of Normandy Chartres Cathedral; Buttresses; Choir; Crypt; Druid's Grotto; Gothic; Gothic arch; Great West Door; Jason and the Argonauts; Nave; Pillars; Transepts North and South; Well of the Strong Chemistry Cherubims (see Angels and Archangels) Chi (Qi) energy (see Chakra system and Energy) Child of Saturn Son or Sun (see Alchemy) China; Emperor of China; Forbidden City in Peking (Beijing) Choir (see Chartres Cathedral) Christianity; Dante Aligheri; Medieval Christianity; Roman Catholic Church; St. Augustine Circle (see Geometry) City of 8 Gods Collective unconscious Consciousness: Analytical; Centers of; Central Pillar of; Collective unconscious; 4 levels of; Magical; Mystical; Neshima; Shamanic state of; Stream of; Trance state of; Unconscious mind; Waking Connect-the-dots (puzzle solution) Convergence points (see Energy) Coptic Magic Papyrus; Coptic shroud burial (see Shroud of Turin) Cosmopolite, The (see Alchemy) Crab (see Ark of the Covenant) Creator (see God) Creators (see God and Maya) Crocodile (see Maya Universe) Cosmic: Building; Cosmic Elements; Cosmic Engine; Cosmic matter; Cosmic Ocean Cosmoi Cosmos, the; Cosmic Building; Cosmic Elements; Cosmic Engine; Cosmic matter; Cosmic Ocean; Cosmoi; Etheric substance, fundamental; Great Green; Inner Cosmos Crater (see Cup, Mixing Bowl, Vortex, Funnel) Creation, structure of; Abyss; Agam Lok; Alakh Lok; Alchemical process of; Anami Lok; Akashic Region; Bhanwar Gupha (Revolving Cave); Brahmand Region; Cosmoi; Dante's structure of creation; Daswan Dwar; First principle of; Forces of; Hebdomad; Lowerworld; Macrocosm and microcosm; Maha Sunn; Ogdoad; Pinda; Realm of Silence; Progressions; Sach Kand; Sahansdal Kanwal; Sat Desh; Shabd; Terrestrial Paradise; Trikuti; Universe of Earth; Universe of Heaven; Vibratory frequency Crete; Minotaur; Theseus Crosses: Coptic; Crucifixion; Equal Arms; Latin; Maltese; Pyramidal; Tau; Triple Crown; Crown chakra; Crown of thorns Crypt (see Externsteine and Chartres Cathedral) Cup (of Creation) (See Mixing Bowl (Vortex) Cumaean Sibyl Curtain (of physicality); Curtain (field) fabric; pull; moat; serpent; Veil

Daath (see Negative Space) Dante Alighieri Dante's structure of creation Dark, the (also Darkness) Darwinism Daswan Dwar (see Creation structure of) David, King (see Jesse Tree) Dead as channels, the Dead Sea Dead Sea Scrolls de Medici, Cosimo (see Italy) Demiurge Deposition From the Cross; Externsteine; Urminsul; Joseph of Arimathea; Nicodemus Dimensions of existence; Parallel di Paolo Giovanni 13.Divine Comedy, The Divine Infant Divine Messenger Divine Mind Divine Sparks Divine Wisdom Doctrine of Two Contraries (see Dualism) Dolmens (see Stonehenge and Chartres Cathedral) Dove (of the Holy Spirit) Dragon current and Dragon's breath (see Energy) Druid college Druid's Grotto (see Chartres Cathedral) Dualism; Doctrine of Two Contraries; Yin Yang Dur Sharukin (see Ziggurats) Dwarfs Dwat (see Art of Placement)

"E" symbology Eagle Earth (see Elements 4) Earth energy Earth, Universe of Easter Island heads Eatonton, Georgia Egypt; Pyramids; Egyptian gods and goddesses; God of Darkness; God of Light; Horus; Isis; Maat; Nephthys; Osiris; Rhea; Thoth; Typhon (Seth) 8 (Eight) Symbology; City of 8 Gods; 8 Ahau; 8th Heaven; 8th Sphere (Ogdoad); Figure 8; Infinity El Electromagnetism; Electromagnetic energy; Electromagnetic radiation; Law of Polarity; Negative; Neutral; Polarity; Positive Elements, 4 (and Quintessence): Air; Earth; Ether; Etheric substance; Fire; Water Elf Elixir of Life; Elixir Vitae (see Alchemy) Elohim Emanationism; Matter; Mind and Idea Embriaco Guglielmo Emerald Emanuel Empress, The (see Tarot) Energy: Centers of; Chi (Qi); Convergence points of; Dragon current and Dragon's breath; Earth energy; Electromagnetic; Energy-Intelligence; Energy line; Energy-matter; Metaphysical centers of; Psychic energy; Science of energy transformation; Subtle energy systems; Telluric energy England Essences of the Lord Eternal Self Ether (see Elements 4) Etheric substance (see Elements 4); Etheric substance, fundamental (Akasha); Etheric world of Forms Eve Excalibur (see King Arthur) Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise Externsteine; Crypt; Pagan priesthood Eye symbology: Open eye; naked eye

Face forms (see Shroud of Turin) Falcon Father (see God); Father of Greatness Fence of Fire (see Limit-Cross); Fence of the Teeth Feng Shui (see Art of Placement) Figure 8 (see 8 symbology) Fire (see Elements 4) First principle of creation Fontanelle Forbidden City in Peking (Beijing) (see China) Forces of creation Forces of the universe; Occult Forefathers (see Maya) Forms of the universe; Etheric world of Forms; Face forms; Hekhaloth; Ideal Form; Fountain symbology; Fountain of Life; Fountain of Souls; Fountain of Youth (See Red Mass of the Great Work and Emanationism) 4 levels of consciousness (see Consciousness) 4 (Four) Symbology; Open Channel France; Normandy; Brittany and Carnac; Lirey; Paris Fulcanelli (see Alchemy) Funnel (See Cup, Crater, Mixing Bowl, Vortex, Vertex)

Gabriel (see Angels and Archangels) Galaxy, spiral (see Solar System) Gate symbology: Nine Gates; Tenth Gate Geometry: Circle; Geometry-based number philosophy; Golden Mean; Golden Rectangle; Hearth of the universe; Hexagon; Hexagram; Phi; Plain of truth; Plane surface; Sacred Geometry; Triangles Gnosticism; Gnosis God; Absolute; Abstract Lightmatrix; A E; AllSoul; The Boundless Light; Creator; Creators; Elohim; Energy-Intelligence; Essences of the Lord; Father; Father of Greatness; God of Light; Great Creative Current; Light Great Creator; Lord; The Maker; NoThing; Or En Soph; Source; That One Thing; That Which Is; Universal Mind Golden Mean; Phi (see Geometry) Golden Rectangle (see Geometry) Good Shepherd Gothic; Gothic arch Grape arbor symbology Great Creative Current (see God) Great Green Great West Door (see Chartres Cathedral) Great Work, The (see Alchemy) Greco-Roman period Greece; Hellenism; Homer; Oracle at Delphi Guardian Angel Gucamatz (see Maya) Gudea, King Guide (see Heavenly Partner)

The Hanged Man (see Tarot) Haniel (see Angels and Archangels) Hearth of the universe (see Geometry) Heaven; Crystalline Heaven: Primium Mobile; Earlier and Later; 8th; Heavenly Man; Heaven ocean (Great Green); Heaven of Fixed Stars; Heaven of Mars; Heaven of Mercury; Heaven of Saturn; Heaven of the Moon; Heaven of the Sun; Heaven of Venus; Heaven Sphere; Kingdom of Heaven; Motionless Heaven; Empyrean; Rose of the Blessed; Universe of Heaven Heavenly Partners; Divine Infant; Divine Messenger; Divine Mind; Divine Sparks; Dove; Guide; Higher Self; Holy Spirit; Master; Mind (Nous); Oversoul Heaven-walking (see Astral world) Hebrew Heel Stone (see Stonehenge) Hebdomad (see Creation structure of) Hekhaloth (see Form) Hellenism (see Greece) Hermes; Good Shepherd; Rod of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus (see Alchemy) Hermeticism; Hermetic orders; Hermetic Star; Hermetic Stream; Vessel Hexagon; Hexagram (see Geometry) Higher Self (see Heavenly Partners) Hinduism; Karma; Past Life memories; Reincarnation Holy symbology; Holy Bowl; Holy Grail; Holy Scrolls; Holy Scrolls of the Law; Holy Sephiroth; Holy Spirit; Holy Trinity Home of the Returning Spirit Homer Horos-Stauros (see Limit-Cross) Horus (see Egyptian gods and goddesses) House symbology; Pib na; 6 sky Human Aeons (see Aeons)

Ida (see Chakra system) Ideal Form Immortality India; Hinduism; Sanskrit Indians of the Americas; Central American; Etowah; North American; South American (see 8 symbology) Intelligence, Administrative (see Jesus) Intermediate principle; Urminsul (see Deposition From the Cross) Ishtar Gate Isis; Skiff of Isis Italy; Cathedral of San Lorenzo; Cathedral of Turin (see Shroud of Turin); Italian Renaissance­; Cosimo de Medici

Jacob's Ladder (see Alchemy) Jade mosaic mask (see Pacal Lord) Jaguar fur (see Maya) Jason and the Argonauts; Language of the Argo (Langue Argotique) Jerusalem Jews (see Judaism) Jesse Tree Jesus; Administrative Intelligence; Demiurge; Jesus the Fisherman; Wounds of Jesus Joseph of Arimathea Judaism; Hebrew; Jerusalem; Jews; The Law (Ten Commandments) Jupiter Justified

Kabalism; Adam Kadman; Anthropos; Christian Kabalism; Kabalah Tree of Life; Holy Sephiroth; Vessel Karma (see Hinduism) Kings; Arthur; David; Gudea; Pachacuti; Philip the Fair; Solomon Knights: Grail Knights; Knights of the Round Table; Knights Templar­: Geoffrey de Charny; Jacques de Molay; Grand Master; Poor Knights of Christ; Preceptor of Normandy

Lang Walter (see Alchemy) Law of Polarity (see Electromagnetism) Law, the (Ten Commandments) (see Judaism) Libation cup of King Gudea of Lagash Light symbology; Abstract Lightmatrix; The Boundless Light; Endless Light; Inner Light; LightBeings; LightBody Network; Light Great Creator; Light of Creation; Menorah; Metaphysical light; Psychic light; Religion of the Light; White light Limestone Limit-Cross; Abyss; Boundary; Horos-Stauros; Limit; Mighty Power; Palisade and Wall Lithosphere Longinus Lord (see God) Lord Pacal (see Pacal) Lotus Lowerworld (see Creation, structure of) Luna (see Alchemy)

Maat (see Egyptian gods and goddesses) Macrocosm and microcosm Magic; Acausality; Coptic Magic Papyrus Maha Sunn (see Creation, structure of) Maize gods (see Maya) Maker, the (see God and Maya) Manichaeism Manipura (see Chakra system) Mars Mary Virgin (see Jesse Tree) Master (see Heavenly Partner) Matter (see Emanationism) Maya; Cabala; Central America­; Creators; Crocodile; Forefathers; Gucamatz; Jade mosaic mask; Jaguar fur; Lord Pacal (see Pacal); Maize gods; Otherworld; Pib na; Quetzal; 6 sky; Tepeu; Universe Maze of Daedalus Menorah (see Light symbology) Mental projection Mercurius Mercury Menhirs Mesopotamia; Babylon; Bull-god and goddess of Susa; Bull worship; Dur Sharukin; Lagash; Persia; Susa Messenger of the gods Metaphysical centers of energy (see Chakra system) Mexico; Palenque Middle Ages Middle East Mighty Power (see Limit-Cross) Mind (Nous) (see Heavenly Partner) Mind and Idea Mind, Religion of the; Theosophy Minotaur (see Chartres Cathedral) Mixing Bowl (see Cup Crater) Mixing Space (See Cup Crater) Molay Jacques de; Grand Master Monks; Headless monk Monoliths (see Stonehenge) Moon Moses; Moses magic Muladhara (see Chakra system) Mummification (see Shroud of Turin) Musical octaves Mystical marriage Mythological creatures: Dwarf; Elf

Napoleon Nature Nave (see Chartres Cathedral) Nebuchadnezzar II Negative (see Electromagnetism) Negative space Nephthys (see Egyptian gods and goddesses) Neshima consciousness Netherlands Neutral (see Electromagnetism) New World Nicodemus Nine Gates (see Kabala) North American Mound Builder Indians Nothing (see God and Maya)

Philosopher's Egg (see Alchemy) Philosopher's Stone (see Alchemy) Philosophy, geometry-based number Phoenix Pib na (see House symbology) Pilgrims Pillars (see Chartres Cathedral) Pinda (see Creation structure of) Pingala (see Chakra system) Plain of truth (see Geometry) Plane surface (see Geometry) Planes of existence; Parallel plane; Plane of the Mental body Planetary chains Planets; Jupiter; Mars; Mercury; Moon; Saturn; Sun; Venus Poimandres, the Good Shepherd (see Heavenly Partners) Polarity (see Electromagnetism) Pole Star Ponce de Leon Pope Clement V Portals; Ritual of the Portal; Portals of Tarot (see Negative Space); Two-way Portal Positive (see Electromagnetism) Power animal (see Shamanism and Maya) Primal Creatures (see Aeons) Prima Realm of Silence Principalities (see Angels and Archangels) Progressions (see Creation, structure of) Purgatory (see Dante's structure of creation) Pythagoreans

Qi (Chi) energy (see Chakra system) Quetzal (see Maya)

Radiant heat (see Shroud of Turin) Ram Against a Flowering Shrub Raphael (see Angels and Archangels) Raziel (see Angels and Archangels) Reality; Objective-ordinary reality; Subjective-nonordinary reality; Ultimate reality: Realm of Immortality Red Mass of the Great Work, The; Crossed or flaming swords; Human skull; Longinus; Roscicrucians; St. John of the Cross; St. John the Divine Region: Inaccessible Region; Inconceivable Region; Nameless Region Reincarnation Resurrection radiance (see Shroud of Turin) Revelation of St. John the Divine Revolving Cave (see Vortex) Rhea (see Egyptian gods and goddesses) Rider-Waite Tarot Deck (see Tarot) Ring-Pass-Not; Ring Chaos; Ring Cosmos Ritual of the Portal (see Portals) Rock Eagle Effigy Mound Georgia Roman Catholic Church Roman flagrum; Scourge marks Roscicrucians Rose of the Blessed (see Heaven)

Sach Kand (see Creation, structure of) Sacred: Sacred Bird; Sacred Center; Sacred Prisoner Sacro Catino Sahansdal Kanwal (see Creation, structure of) Sahasrara (see Chakra system) Sakthi (see Chakra system) Sandalphon (see Angels and Archangels) Sanskrit Sarcophagus of Lord Pacal Sat Desh (see Creation structure of) Saturn Science of energy transformation Scourge marks; Roman flagrum Secret secretorium (see Alchemy) Self, Higher (see Heavenly Partners) Serpent symbology: Serpent; Serpent-bird 7 (seven) symbology; 7 golden candlesticks; 7 Souls; 7 Ahau Shabd (see Surat Shabd Yoga) Shadow between like a wedge Shamanism; Shaman; Shamanic state of consciousness; Power animal Shamash Sharpsnout fish Shield symbology: Hand Shield (Pacal) Shiva (see Chakra system) Shroud burial Shroud of Turin; Cathedral of Turin; Coptic shroud burial; Linen graveclothes and Mummification; Resurrection radiance; Roman flagrum; Scourge marks; 7 Ahau Sibilla (see Jesse Tree) Silver burns 6 sky Skull Soft spot (see Fontanelle) Sol (see Alchemy) Solar system: Planets: Jupiter; Mars; Mercury; Moon; Saturn; Sun; Venus; Pole Star; Spiral galaxy Solar tree Solomon King Sophia (Wisdom) Soul, the; Collective Soul Source Soul; True Home of the Soul Sound (see Surat Shabd Yoga) Source (see God) Space; Negative space; Space-time; Space-time continuum Sparks Spheres Spinal column (see Macrocosm and Microcosm) Spiral of creation (See Vortex, Mixing Bowl, Funnel) Spirit; Planetary spirits; Spirit Tunnel; Spirit vision Station stones (see Stonehenge) St. Augustine (see Christianity) St. Augustine, Florida St. John of the Cross; St. John the Divine St. Louis, Missouri Stone Age Stonehenge; Barrows; British Isles; Dolmens; German Stonehenge; Heel Stone; Long stone; Megalithic tomb; Menhirs; Monoliths; Passage tombs; Standing stones; Stone Age; Stone Circles; Trilithons Stone Pillow (see Excalibur) Strength (see Tarot) St. Saturnin, Jacques du Bourg (see Alchemy) St. Teresa Subtle energy systems; Subtle matter; Subtle nervous system; Subtle substance Sumer; Ram Against a Flowering Shrub; Shamash; Sumerians; Ur (see Mesopotamia) Sun Surat Shabd Yoga; Agam Lok; Alakh Lok; Anami Lok; Akashic Region; Bhanwar Gupha (Revolving Cave); Brahmand Region; Daswan Dwar; Maha Sunn; Pinda; Sahansdal Kanwal; Sat Desh; Shabd; Trikuti Susa (see Mesopotamia) Swadhisthana (see Chakra system) Swords 13.Symphonia Syria Syriac New Testament Tree of Life; Menorah; Phoenix; St. John of the Cross Syrian Knights of the Round Table

Tantra Yoga Taoism Tarot; The Empress; The Hanged Man; Portals of Tarot; Rider-Waite Tarot Deck; Strength; Tarot of the Spirit Deck; The Universe Templars, Eastern Temples: Beth Alpha Synagogue; Solomon's Temple; Temple mound; Temple of Inscriptions; Temple pyramid Temporal bones Temporality Tenth Gate Tepeu (see Maya) That One Thing; That Which Is (see God) Theosophy Theseus Third Eye Thoth; Thoth's City of 8 Gods Thoth-Hermes Three Primordial Principles; Holy Trinity 3 (Three) symbology Tomb, megalthic Top of the head Trance state of consciousness Transepts North and South (see Chartres Cathedral) Transmutation (see Alchemy) Tree of Life; Solar tree Trevisan, Bernard (see Alchemy) Triangles (see Geometry) Trikuti (see Creation structure of) Typhon (Seth)

Ugash (see Mesopotamia) Unconscious mind Universal Mind (see God) Universe, abstract (see The World Soul) Universe, Dante's Universe Maya Universe of Earth Universe of Heaven Universe, phenomenal Universe, The (see Tarot) Ur

Valentine, Basil (see Alchemy) Veil Veneto, Bartolomeo Venus Vertex (see Vortex) Vessel Vibratory frequency Vishudha (see Chakra system) Vital chains (see Chains) Vortex symbology; Vortex Portals; Vortex whorl; Vast Vortex (see Cup, Crater, Mixing Bowl, Funnel, Tunnel) V.W.IW.V.

Wacah chan xaman waxac na Wall (see Fence of Fire) Water (see Elements 4) Waterlily monster Water of Life Watervase, symbolic Well of the Strong Whirlpool (see Vortex) White Rite Word World axis World Building World Soul, The: Paths: Diagonal paths: Horizontal paths: Pillars; Air-Fate; Boaz; Central Pillar; Endless Darkness; Hermaphroditic; Jachin; King of Darkness; Left Pillar; Outer Pillar; Pillar altar; Right Pillar; Shadow; World pillar; Portals: Sacred Center; Faith; Atlas-Hercules; Foundation; Communion; Vessel (Sphere); Vertical paths World Tree House of the North

X-ray art

Yin Yang (see Dualism) Yoga Surat Shabd Yoga Tantra Yuzhen points

Zaphiel (see Angels and Archangels) Ziggurats; Dur Sharukin; Ur Zoroastrianism



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