St. Augustine

Oldest School House, St. Augustine, Florida


     I call it 'peering into the bucket.' It's a scrying technique of mine. Most scryers use crystals balls or reflective objects but humans come with our own equipment to help us see the spiritual beings gathered around us. Some people call them guardian angels and others call them spirit guides. People make all sorts of attempts to connect with them and communicate with them, and they spend all amounts of money on psychics or on equipment to help them to do that. But we are all born with our own equipment, which I call a bucket. All we need to do is close our eyes and peer into the bucket.

      I am peering into the bucket the morning of my visit to Warner Thompson in his office. I want to see the guardians around me when I call them in. No way will I go to that office without some guardians. Who knows what Warner Thompson has planned for me, and I have suspected him of being a killer so often I am beginning to be afraid of him. Reason tells me he won't murder me in his office, but what if he wants me to ride in his patrol car? Couldn't that be what happened to those women? They got an invitation from him to ride in the car and they trusted him. Maybe he offered them a ride home. They got naively into his car and that was the end of them.

      I call on my guardian angels to come to me, the ones who call themselves the Praetorian Guards, the Roman Guards to the Emperor. The first time I heard their name I asked them, "If you're the Roman guards to the Emperor, then who am I?"

      "You are the Empress," One of them said, the one named George. I gather from that we are all role-playing and my role is that of the Empress. I like my role; it makes me feel safe. If I am the Empress, then they have to come when I call.

      When I call them I call as the Empress, and here they come. Then, I close my eyes to see them by peering into the bucket. The bucket is that black space you see when you close your eyes and look straight out in front of you. It's like a dark theatre screen with nothing on it but it has depth, which is why I call it a bucket. Eventually you can project images into it once you know how and once you understand what you are doing and why.

     Sometimes, images will just automatically appear on the screen when you're falling asleep and you reach that strange twilight zone of half-awake, half-asleep. These are hypnogogic images of the hypnogogic state that is the moment a shift in consciousness occurs as a result of the interaction of different frequencies of brain waves -- awake waves and asleep waves. When this happens you are experiencing a range of alpha waves and theta waves that are said to have a frequency range of 5 -12 Hz.

     If you are pulled into the bucket by these frequencies -- I call it falling into the bucket -- at this point you will experience an astral projection. The bucket will lengthen into a spiraling tunnel or a deep cave -- really a portal into another dimension -- and you go through the tunnel. This is part of the near-death experience people describe. At the end of the tunnel is a white light, and sometimes it moves like a beacon. Whether you are dead or alive, if you go toward this light you will enter another dimension called the Astral Plane, also known as Limbo and Purgatory. It is considered to be something like a rest area before you continue your journey to Heaven if you are dead. Different theories exist about how the journey picks up from there.

     Traveling through the tunnel into the next dimension is an exhilarating experience, especially if you happen to be dead. If you are alive going toward the light, then you begin to have dream-like experiences. The pulsing sound of your heartbeat eventually pulls you back out of the tunnel and back into your body, whereupon you awaken and hopefully recall your experiences in the Astral Plane. But if you are dead, then you don't have a heartbeat and you don't return to your body, thankfully. You awaken into your new life instead.

     I believe many people who die in their sleep, my grandmother included, actually will their hearts to stop beating so that they don't have to return to their bodies. My guardian angels have been teaching me how to control my heartbeat. Hindu yogis traditionally are trained in this technique so they can control the exact moment they pass over. It's an idea worth considering.

     When you peer into the bucket over and over, eventually you will see something. First you will see pulsing color. I first saw slowly pulsing, cobalt blue light. After awhile, the blue light began to rotate like a beacon. A friend of mine uses beaconazul as her email name. In fact, that's how we became friends. I saw her email address and emailed her to tell her I know what the azul beacon is. It's that cobalt blue light moving like a beacon. Sometimes it's a purple-blue light, other times it's purple. People see all the colors, but usually their personal bucket is like a paint bucket with a certain color, or frequency ranges of colors. That makes it also like a radio transceiver.

      After several years of meditating on the blue light, which sometimes becomes a pure purple light and eventually becomes all the colors of the rainbow, I began to see the faces of my guardian angels where the blue light used to be. Sometimes, the black screen seems to me more like my shadow, and the faces break the shadow as their eyes look directly into mine.

     Now, after years of effort, I see whatever I want to see when I peer into the bucket. Sometimes, I want to see the light because I think it has healing properties, so I project it onto the screen or into the bucket and sometimes I project the faces of my guardians so I can see them break my shadow. I also see different living things like birds, animals, trees, houses, stars, temples, boats, pyramids, etc.

     If I am really serious when I call on my guardian angels I can call on them as the Bar Mitzvah Praetorius, but I save that name until I am really worried or frightened. I have only called that name twice. The rest of the time, when I want to feel more courage or when I want to feel protected by spirit or just want to feel the companionship of spirit, I call on the Praetorian Guards without using the other name.

      Today, I called out loud, "Praetorian Guards appear! Your Empress needs you!"


     "Stage call for the Shadow Breakers! Stage call!" announces DontBugMe.

      "The Shadow Breakers have a stage call!" announces MaliciousCode. These two citizens of the Astral Plane call out in all directions at the top of their voices and use the blue beacon so all the Shadow Breakers will see and hear them.

      "Stage call! Get your costumes on. The Praetorian Guards are due on stage in five," they call out, turning the beacon in a circle so that the cobalt blue light penetrates all the shadows.

      In the Astral Plane are people known as ThrillPill, which just means they took too many pain pills by mistake and it killed them. They weren't trying to commit suicide, just get high. DontBugMe and MaliciousCode are ThrillPills. Their history of reckless behavior bars them from dressing in the costumes and appearing on stage to play a part, but if everything works out well, and when some of the Shadow Breakers go forward, parts will become available and they hope to be cast in those parts. But it might take as long as two hundred and fifty years. They don't mind waiting. They can work as light and sound technicians until then.

     They made the big decision to work as technicians with the Shadow Breakers rather than play parts ready made for them with the Bored Players because they hope their psyches will evolve. Their decision automatically makes them enemies of StumbleBlock, however, who always chides them about what he sarcastically calls their 'real important jobs.'

      The Shadow Breakers work under the direct patronage of Saint George, the same saint whom the Bored Players enjoy portraying as a dragon killer. The group knows that George Truax has the ear of Saint George and speaks telepathically with him nearly every day. So when DontBugMe and MaliciousCode were asked to make a choice, they took into consideration the Saint's presence among the Shadow Breakers.

     DontBugMe knew he needed the presence of a saint in his life, which had been one of total rudeness and complete inconsideration, and MaliciousCode needed the presence of a saint in his life on account of all the computers he maliciously destroyed with his cleverly conceived computer viruses. Joining the Bored Players would have put them in about the same position they were already in when they arrived in the plane, and they were smart enough to know they needed to go forward and not go back.

      "Stage call for the Praetorian Guards," they both call out, turning the blue light. Hearing the Saint's voice is an honor and worth the wait of two and half centuries, if that's what it takes to join the players. The main benefit of their job is hearing the Saint's voice tell them to announce stage calls. That is as close as they can get to the Saint -- he speaks to them but they can't speak to him -- and they are thrilled about it.


     Meryl waited about as long as she intended to before pitching her corporate fit. She wants to produce the vision of the lady in St. Augustine and, admittedly, if the woman lived in Cleveland or somewhere else, she probably wouldn't be so interested. But a trip to St. Aug? Yes, that's where she's headed.

      Meryl knows Jonathan has been dragging his heels about speaking with Tom and Fred regarding the production team's trip to St. Augustine and she also knows why. Jonathan wants to ensure he is included on the crew and not left behind in New York City. But he is taking too much time, and something might go wrong if no one gets in touch with the woman to let her know their intentions and that they mean to make a television production of her work. Negotiations are involved, contracts need to be signed, permissions need to be gotten, and reservations need to be made. Someone should be working on this right now!

     Jonathan knows he needs do a few office memos, create a little minor discussion in the break room, and just generally wiggle his way into the crew that's going. As a junior vice-president, he will in effect be a fifth wheel. He has no technical knowledge about the equipment and he won't be needed to do anything, so it's going to take a little time for people to get used to the fact that he intends to go.

     Meryl doesn't want to go over his head with the senior VP and the CEO, but after all these years she knows them well and she will, if she has to, talk directly with them about the production. She decides to give Jonathan a few more days, and then if nothing has been decided, she will go straight to Tom and Fred herself.


     The Shadow Breakers begin to assemble instantly upon hearing the call and seeing the light. They prepare themselves by producing their costumes directly onto their bodies, with only a few approved variations. They are all trying to appear the same in terms of dress, which includes knee high, lace-up leather sandals, knee length metallic skirts made of down-pointing Roman swords fastened together at the waistline, and shining broad swords sheathed in metal casings. With their gleaming shields in place, they are the image of the Praetorian Guards of ancient Rome.

      "What about going as Zulu warriors this time?" Jack Tolvey suggests to George.

      "That act didn't play well, remember?" says Larry Welch. Jack agrees that going as Roman guards is probably better although he longs for a little diversity in costuming.

     George is the general and so his sword is cobalt blue and he can make it spin, but he only makes it spin if commanded by Saint George, and the Saint only commands him to spin the sword if the Bar Mitzvah Praetorius tells him to.

     If George is commanded to spin the sword, he holds it tip point up in his palm and, with his mind, makes it spin. It produces a beacon of blue light of a finer frequency than the blue light beacon used by the group technicians. This frequency connects right away with Saint Michael the Archangel, who instantly appears holding a spinning, blue cobalt sword that matches George's sword, only much finer and spinning much faster. But this has never been tried so it is really only theoretical. They would wish it to actually happen but that means the Empress is in a terrible situation and a state of emergency, and no one wishes for that.

     The Archangel appears with his sword if called, but only the Bar Mitzvah Praetorius can call in the Great Protector, and only the Empress can call in the Bar Mitzvah Praetorius. They were Jewish mystics in the time of Jesus who are now guardian angels in the Divine Plane. When they come in they inhabit the bodies of the Shadow Breakers and take on the costumes of the Praetorian Guards. The experience of having them in body is greatly talked of and much desired. Their presence elevates the consciousness of everyone involved to the Divine Plane. This is the only way anyone knows to suddenly go forward by six planes while still anchored in the Astral Plane.

     The Empress called in the Bar Mitzvah Praetorius twice before, so twice the Shadow Breakers were in the Divine Plane long enough for them to get a good look at it and to experience how it feels. It is much talked of because they describe it as "beyond bliss." Both times when the Empress called, it turned out to be false alarms, so the mystics did not see the need to call in the Archangel.

     Had the Archangel come in to serve them with his powers, his presence would have elevated everyone's consciousness one plane higher to the Creator Plane. But they would only experience it for an instant because the plane is too fine for their bodies, and protections are in place so that they won't by chance glimpse the Creator. The experience would be so intense it might injure them. Their minds would be scrambled because they would not be able to comprehend the concepts involved. If their minds got scrambled they might have to seek treatment at the Illya Arotina Hospital for the Mentally Insane in downtown Utopia in the Astral Plane, and no one wants that.

     All the Shadow Breakers yearn to see and experience the Archangel and the Creator Plane, but the chain of command is important and must not be broken. It reaches all the way from the center plane to the outer planes, where the Creator grants that the great Archangel be available as a GodSend should a human being on the Physical Plane require it.

     This is the system that originally caused the Great Debate when it was first set in place. Some of the archangels questioned being at the command of an inexperienced human in the center plane, comparing it to an Emperor being at the command of a servant. But the Creator showed them that the way to remain in command is to serve. The Archangel Michael went down on bended knee in support of the Creator.

     Eventually the archangels understood and acknowledged the beauty and perfection of the Divine Plan of the Creation, an infinitely spiraling circle composed of ten perfect rings. Five of the spirals are nested in the other five spirals, and all are separated and bonded by infinity with all the rings connected together by the angels. Beyond the Creation is an incomprehensible reality that only the Creator knows because the source of consciousness is transcendent of human concepts, including the concept of "source."

     Not everyone in the Astral Plane understands it that way and few in the Physical Plane give it much credence anymore. The way George explains it, when anyone asks, is that if they understand they can worship the Creator by worshipping a frog, then they understand the Creation. StumbleBlock commented that they might as well worship a frog, for all the good it did them to worship the Creator. Mavis commented that worship wasn't necessary, anyway, that the Creator really only wants them to be the best person they can be. That's how George knows Mavis is destined for the Honorable Plane if ever she realizes to let go of the Astral Plane.


     The most mysterious and miscomprehended being in the universe is the Black Madonna, but we will all come to know her. She resides in perfect stillness beyond the Creation in the Realm of Primal Darkness. She is the Great Mother, the ancient goddess with a thousand names. When we glimpse her, we see her face and skin are coal black because she symbolizes the deepest part of ourselves, the part that resides at the dark center of the greatest mystery of all -- the mystery of life and death.

     From nothingness she brought forth a child so there would be more to love, and that child is the Creator. The Black Madonna is the quintessential goddess who gives Love to all levels of the Creator's Creation because she knows she is needed at all levels. But she does not go there herself; we must go to her. In ancient times she was perceived to be the entire galaxy of the Milky Way.

     The Black Madonna shows us that anything is possible in the kingdom we create by demonstrating to us that out of nothing can come a child who will go forward and stand for the Truth. Her child we call the Creator, the polar opposite of the Black Madonna. Where she is female, he is male. Where she is dark, he is light. Where she is inaction, he is action. Where she is Goddess, he is God. Through their interaction and their knowledge of Love and Truth, they bring into existence the Creation and all the beings within. The Love of the Black Madonna for the Creator is what motivates the Creator to create. Mother's love inspires the child; unto the mother we return. This is the primal archetype of the universe.

     In existence at one time or another, mostly in Europe, are four hundred and fifty images of the Black Madonna. Most are found in churches, chapels, and sanctuaries, some in museums. Most are made from wood, some are stone. Some are paintings, a few of them attributed to Saint Luke, some are frescoes, some are icons. Some were originally black but were repainted white. In a chapel in Switzerland, she is called the Lady of Truth. What is her Truth? In a church in Belgium is a painting dated 1676 of the Madonna with black face and hands holding a white child. The Knights Templar were devoted to her. The list of her devotees is long.

     The Black Madonna brings us the knowledge of the time when the universe was nonexistent except for being simply an idea. Within us is a deep knowing of that dark void of nothingness, and many of us run from it. But there is nowhere to run. We must turn and face it, go into it. We must go into death and the void. In the end we must go into the Black Madonna. The Virgin Mary is the symbol of birth into this world. The Black Madonna is the symbol of birth into the next.

     When I peer into the darkness of my bucket I know I am peering into a great goddess who lives deep within me and far beyond -- the source of my consciousness. When I fall into the bucket I travel through the cave of her spiraling birth canal into the night. Through her I glimpse the vasty deep of the far reaches of silence. Through her I see what lies ahead -- darkness. More darkness. Then light.

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