Stonehenge Portal
Ritual of the Great Stone Portals



The axis of all spiritual beliefs is the idea that we are solid matter but that we are capable of so much more. This must mean we are spirit, as well, otherwise our capabilities reside solely with our beingness at the planetary level of nature.

Many of us believe we are somehow connected to the planet and that we actually are the planet because of our composition of the same planetary materials - fire, water, air and earth. This planetary connection, too, must be as evolved spirit because we know we are more than just spiritual in nature, we are planetary and earthly, as well. Therefore, because the material connection is also a spiritual connection, it is just as profound as the spiritual reality in which we strive to exist.

We explore our selfhood as both matter and spirit whenever we come together as a group to hold the portal rituals. We begin to experience ourselves as beings capable of total consciousness reality. When we do the rituals, we open up interdimensional doorways for patterns of reality and glimpses of otherness to come through. We gain the transcendent experience of "I am That," because we instinctively know, that when we open up an interdimensional doorway, we open up a part of ourselves that was previously closed and awaiting our knock upon the door. As we welcome this knocking at our own doorway, beings of light begin to arrive to show us, through revelation, who we are, where we are and why we are. We call these beings Spirit; we could, in fact, call these beings, Us.

One significant value of the portal rituals is this: we find out for ourselves how these material-spiritual interconnections work and how, deep within us, they merge to make our unique planetary/spiritual reality. We want to discover these connections because, through self-discovery, we uncover more than just material-spiritual relationships. We uncover mass identities, mass movements of thought and mass collective consciousness behavioral patterns.

Ritual of the Portal

We can make determinations, for example, about why certain events occur at the mass level of beingness, that level wherein the mass events are played out before our eyes for us to consider and deem worthy or unworthy for review or continuous occurrences. We decide - and this is the key feature of our peculiar reality - WE decide what occurs, what re-occurs and what may never occur again. This is why, when we look at huge events such as the recent horrible holocaust called World War II, we have a right and a responsibility to question these events at the karmic level. We want to know - we need to know - why? And we cannot afford to accept anyone else's tangential explanation as to why it happened. We are all ONE. Why, then, must we have these duels and horrible events? Portal ritual can help us to understand this and can help us to heal.

Most of us know, that in the early to mid-20th century, some people in Germany decided they were definitely superior to some other people, but that those other people held sway in the marketplace and hoped to keep for themselves most of their market profit. This describes simple capitalism and its inherent resentments, does it not? "I am so much better than he is. Why does he have more money than I do?" The real question is, why must we have a monumental war over something like this? ( I realize I am simplifying this, but I do not want to focus on it right now as a topic for in-depth discussion.)

Does it not seem to you that, for some unknown reason, something more was occurring at other levels than our own level of physical awareness? Something was occurring at the not-awareness level, that level where we play out the karma involved in mass events. If we can see this, then it is only natural that we can see this war as a karmic pattern erupting into our physical reality for purposes of resolution. We do not have to understand how this works, but only that it does happen this way. This allows us to attain some degree of objectivity regarding this matter, which in turn elevates our thinking to the realm of the Divine Impersonal.

As to this mass event we call World War II, all of us at some time and some place have to get involved in this situation, even if just by pondering it and trying to work out what really happened. And so we all have done this, haven't we? We all have given it some deep thought. Our media never ceases displaying for us those images of WW2. But we have not yet resolved it because we have not yet come to understand it, or even to acknowledge it as a costly but incredibly valuable world lesson. Not a lesson about wars and disputes, but a lesson about the nature of mass events. Why is it we cannot gain the lesson from this expensive and all-consuming human experience?

Forces seek to block enlightenment, and thus our understanding of this hugely disruptive 20th century mass event. Those blocking forces include the media, which would like to suggest that we begin to assimilate it as a war movie and to think of it that way. Other forces insist we never forget about it, but also never examine it objectively. Again, this dangerous duality.

Will it occur again if we do not get the meaning of it? War never stops occurring, does it? This century is all about war. I am suggesting war itself is all about lessons for us to learn, lessons we are not learning. The people at the end of World War I most likely thought it would never happen again. But it did happen again, and worse, because the central karmic issues were not resolved and the technology was advanced and massively destructive. If only we could circumvent those forces blocking our understanding. If only we could do something to bring us into spiritual alignment and help us heal.

Ritual of the Portal

The time for defensiveness is over. There is no longer any reason to sublimate these events and our thoughts surrounding them. As long as there is injury being held in our heart chakras, as long as there is finger pointing, anger and accusations, as long as there is silence and a refusal to acknowledge what happened, there can be no spiritual evolution.

Who suffers from war? Some suffer more than others, but all suffer. How can there be, then, any moral imperative based on who suffers the most? As long as someone suffers the most, then someone else must pay for it to bring it into balance. And how does this vengeance balance the scales of Justice? It does not.

We all suffer and still continue to ache. Nearly everybody lost at least one family member in this conflagration we call World War II. What about Vietnam and the other "little" wars all over the planet? I recently counseled a woman who lost her husband this last February because of war. He finally died from the illness he got from Agent Orange in Viet Nam 30 years ago. Did he suffer the most? A friend of mine lost his 35-year-old father in India during the battle with England for India's independence. The father was an associate of Ghandi's and destined to become Prime Minister. Instead, he died when the British imprisoned him and fed him ground glass and cement. Did he suffer the most? The point is, how do you measure suffering for purposes of ranking your injuries against someone else's?

When we allow ourselves to be divided into two groups - injured and injurers, victims and victimizers - we injure ourselves again and again because we deny our own divine powers, along with the essential reality of Oneness. Moreover, our insistence upon separation in terms of who is to blame only supports and vilifies the same divisive force that brings this karmic event into the reality basin of our consciousness and onto the surface of the planet.

There is literally no way, as enlightened spiritual beings, we can deny the fact that Hitler was our brother, the Nazis were ourselves, and the Jews, the Poles, the North Vietnamese, the Iraqi's, the Koreans and on and on and on - and all the others who die horribly on all sides are our brothers and sisters in God. The transcendent reality demands this acknowledgment - "I am That."

Were you alive during WW2? No? How do you know you did not die in that war? You don't know it. You may have been a Nazi or a Jew, a Pole, an American, an English spy, a neutral Swiss citizen, a French resistance fighter, or any other involved individual. The point is we must own WW2, for it belongs to us whatever our age. And as one of our possessions we have the responsibility of examining it. We are entitled to examine it and we must, for the sake of all those people as yet unborn but destined to come here. This issue, unacknowledged and muted, will prevent us from achieving our personal and planetary ascension. It is not my intention, as part of the portal rituals, to give treatise to this subject, but just to set you upon the path of thinking about it somewhat differently than perhaps you did before you read this.

Where this issue resides within us, there can be no room for the light. And with that individual and collective space taken up by this unresolved, hateful issue, we cannot ascend. I, for one, will not be held back by it or by anyone else's opinions and ideas regarding how I should think about it in terms of duality - right and wrong, good and evil, victim and victimizer. This kind of thinking is not God-thinking. How do I know this? Because I believe God is the Transcendent Reality.

Join me in these portal rituals linked to sacred sites in both Germany and England - two governmental powers once at vicious war only a few decades ago. We will call upon the planet to connect these two power places in order to help us heal this deep, collective wound. The earth will help us and so will the powers of the places to which we connect our portal ritual. We are the earth - we are the planet. We walk this land as gods and goddesses, with power over the events that take place here. Together, we can call upon all spiritual forces to come and help us in our own directive to bring a healing to this planet. Together, we can prevail by removing the blocks to our insight into this mass karmic event we call war in the 20th century.

War is not what we think it is, and the only way to change this destructive human behavior pattern is to bring about a paradigm shift in our thinking regarding war. To sit around watching TV and allow ourselves the comfort of thinking none of it is our responsibility but is the responsibility of our governments, this is what gets us into wars in the first place. People start wars, not governments, and we have the ability to directly affect how people think on this planet. It is not necessary, or even desirable, to go out and protest and march. That type of activity is not meditative, nor does it involve the reality basin where change can occur at the collective consciousness level.

With this in mind, let us participate in these portal rituals designed to call upon our divine planet to help us change this erroneous and costly pattern of thinking about war. You know we can do it, and for the New Millennium to truly be new, some action in this direction needs to be taken. When we allow governments to supersede us in power, we can never expect to get what we like. We can appeal to higher powers for assistance. We have powerful spiritual-planetary connections. Let's use them.

Chapter Two - The Urge to Destroy is Creative

ExternsteineFirst venerated in prehistoric times, these 100-foot-tall stone outcrops near Detmold, Germany (above), still draw pilgrims of many beliefs. Some say the stones afford access to powerful energies within the earth.

ExternsteineNamed after the Externsteine was this German POW ship. Captured on October 15, 1944, by the cutters Eastwind and Southwind, in East Greenland, 800 miles from the North Pole, the cutters also destroyed a Nazi radio station.

The portal rituals give us the opportunity to look closer into our unique collective beingness and to experience the thrill of meeting spirit and Self face to face. When we begin to make our personal and collective discoveries, we learn, most remarkably, that no matter how far we go on our own to discover ourselves, and no matter how much we try to establish our personal sovereignty and beingness, we only become more valuable and contributory as members of the planetary and spiritual collective to which we belong. This is the a priori paradox by which we exist, and for good reason.

Until we learn for ourselves the value of our paradoxical nature of selfhood, we must always be set upon a path of searching and longing. This can become the basic definition and fulfillment of our beingness, if we accept it as we find it - the joy of our separation, merged with our longing for complete oneness, is the formula for our lives as humans. This duality in which we exist becomes the forum through which we seek to express our personal and collective selves and our multidimensional beingness.

Portal ritual opens a two-way interdimensional door to the unbounded, collective self, presenting us the opportunity for understanding our selves and how we can be so multidimensional. Portal ritual is a path to enlightenment, and if we are truly enlightened, the Buddha tells us, there is no way we can look at one another and see someone other than ourselves.

"Peace, my friends. I am Buddha, speaking to you from my own special Heaven, which I have created from my own special state of mind. I am the Buddha, not any other being, but yet I am manifest myself many times over in beings such as you. I am you, in fact. Does this surprise you? No way, because you know within yourself, you are me and I am you. This is Buddhism, wherein we know we are each other and so we remark, on the physical plane, that we are hoping to achieve this sense of knowing, this identification with each other, do we not? We speak of it highly, as though it is a virtue worthy of our achievement. But yet, it is more, much more, than mere virtue. It is complete knowledge and understanding of the way life works. It is mastery.

We are each other, indeed, and we are also ourselves at various other levels. Trust me in this, I used to tell my earthly disciples, trust me in this. Because just as I know I am you and you are me, so also do I know I am otherwise myself at five levels of existence at least, and more yet to be discovered. Do you see how life works, then? We are always on this path to discover ourselves at all our other levels of beingness, and so I tell you now, you are yourself several times over and over again. Buddha speaks, dear friends. Listen and smile." (channeled by Shaktinanda)

But just the moment we attain this enlightenment - this knowing we are each other - we look away and turn our faces toward the darkness, lending it recognition because we know we can define ourselves as individuals by our ability to shine as singular lights in the night. Yet, many take another path to enlightenment by first traveling through the dark forest of disillusionment. Just as many in the world are gaining in light, others are left behind, lost and fearful. Nevertheless, the forest is part of God's kingdom, and these unenlightened others are given to express their individuality, seeking definition and recognition in the darkness. As beings of dark light, they offer us both creative opportunity and destructive potential. They bring us back to oneness by putting our enlightenment to the test.

This is the truth of it, and many would say it is a sad and scary truth, and they seek to escape it. But there is no escape, only personal and collective responsibility. If we can accept spiritual evolution as being at the heart of all personal and planetary issues, we can see how we handle it in different ways. And since all ways are God's ways, we know there is no judgment here, only love and understanding. God created both the light and the dark, spirit and matter, as complementary opposites. Therefore, these are divine creations seeking to reveal themselves to each other. We can learn to view these forces this way, not as antagonistic in nature but determined to gain the recognition the other has to offer. The great Gnostic writer, Basilides, in the 3rd century CE wrote of this, saying:

"Some among them have said that the principles of all things are two in number; and it is to these that they ascribe good and evil, saying that these principles are without beginning and unbegotten. More precisely, in the beginning there was the light and the darkness which had arisen out of themselves...While each in itself, each of them led the life that was proper and suitable to it... But after each principle had arrived at the knowledge of the other, the darkness, having beheld the light, was seized with desire for it as for something better, pursued it and wanted to mingle with, and to take part in it. Such was the behavior of the darkness, whilst the light would not admit into itself anything of the darkness whatsoever, or even of desire for it. For all that, the light was seized with a desire to look at the darkness and, as it were in a mirror, did look at it: and thus, upon the darkness was projected only a reflection - something like a single color of the light - although the light had done no more than to look and then withdraw, without having taken up the smallest portion of the darkness. But the darkness, itself, seized upon this look from the light..."

We would not deny the light its peek at the dark, nor would we deny the dark its glimpse of the light. In spirit we find the light, and in matter we encounter the dark. And no matter which path we take - the yoga of enlightenment or the yoga of disillusionment - we will always meet each other coming and going due to the spherical nature of space-time and the reality of oneness. So we are not afraid to experience both the light and the dark during portal rituals because we are always seeking to discover and understand all aspects of the personal and collective Self

This portal ritual will help us to see this beautiful truth, that without the dark, the light cannot shine so bright, and without the light, the dark cannot strive. Ritual of the Portal attempts to reconcile these essential opposites while acknowledging their need to exist. Portal ritual offers us the transcendent reality by illuminating this understanding of our human, earthly beingness and our dual desire to both create and destroy.

Value of selfhood does not hinge on our ability to attain enlightenment but on our instinctual understanding that the darkness and the light belong side-by-side together. This is our soul trip this time around, the dual longing for separation and desire for bondedness with all others in existence. And no matter how far we go in our lives to understand our strange desire for creativity and destruction, we can never obviate the simple truth of our reality - all is oneness, all is togetherness, all is uniqueness, all is individuality. What a life!

Chapter Three - Locating the Portal in Your Home

Portals are interdimensional doorways leading into other different realities. Via portals you may enter these realities and experience them for yourself. The personal experiential moment is the basic purpose in both organized religion and subjective spiritual consciousness. In one, you are listening to or reading about a collective version of reality, and you think your journey/challenge is how to integrate that point of view. In the other, spiritual consciousness, you embark upon a individual journey to experience for yourself the constituents of your own reality, and your journey/challenge is to embrace your position while at the same time allowing room for everyone else and their subjective point of view. Neither approach is simple or easy.

Subjective spiritual consciousness is self-discovery, at the very least, and personal journey for selfhood promotion and building, at the very most. In spiritual consciousness, you can be on your own in the physical world unless you find other people who think like you and understand your need for this type of individual selfhood and self-discovery at the level of spirit. To begin this personal journey via portals, look for your portal in your home and recognize, also, it exists within you. You are a portal.

Many people seek daily for their portals, never realizing what they seek or why. How do they do this? By searching at work for self-esteem and personal financial stability. Do they find themselves this way? I don't know. Do they find their portals this way? No, not the ones they really need to find.

On a more personal note, do you suffer financially? I do and so do many New Agers. But this is to be seen, that the more you miss yourself financially, the more you find yourself spiritually whenever the path is such that you are on the road to supreme self-worth and discovery. Knowing this, why do you envy those New Agers who are becoming wealthy through exploitation of their connection to spirit? That's their business, right? Your business is not to envy them. Don't compare yourself to others financially. It is not appropriate to this path. (I'm telling me this at the same time I'm telling you this.)

Why is all this important to me? Because I am always looking for some way to firm up my position financially without making any personal sacrifices or devoting too much brain power and energy to it. I don't want to give up my spiritual path in any way just to support myself financially. And you know what's funny about this? For many people, including myself, this is in fact the path. How to do both - live in the physical world in some degree of acceptable comfort and participation, and establish a position in the spirit world. Can I do both? Sometimes, but usually I am concerned about wealth and happiness, and I have to slap myself on the face, figuratively, to remind myself that, hey! I'm not about money, I'm about selfhood and discovery/creation of my spiritual identity.

Most of you know I went on a year's journey to Boulder, Seattle and Atlanta. Do you want to know what I learned on that sabbatical? I will tell you. (Skip this part if you don't want to know :-) I found myself among like-minded friends, such as Rene Mueller of Spiritweb and Dan Winter of Sacred Geometry. And I learned from these two brilliant men that no matter how far along your path you are, you still need the support and love of friends, unless you are just simply determined to do it all by yourself, like I am, sometimes. And that's ok, too, only don't be a hard-head. (Not easy for me, I'm a Taurus.)

But you know what else? I found out something important about myself on my journey. Even though I could be concerned about my own financial well-being, I could find the power within myself to detach from it completely. When I left Seattle for Atlanta, I left with a single small suitcase in one hand and a pocketbook in the other. I completed a journey, wherein I stepped off the cliff without attachment to outcome, just like The Fool in Tarot, and I joined all those other minor arcana cards in their quest for nonattachment. I discovered for myself what it means to be alone in the world but at the same time supported by spirit. (I don't really recommend this path except to the truly brave-at-heart. But for people like me, there can be no substitute path.)

And I also discovered something within myself, a personal truth that probably is universal. No matter how many personal possessions you have, you don't need them, and no matter how much money you have, it's never enough. Your body is your house and your home is the universe. You can make it with just these two things if you believe in yourself and have faith in spirit. (You don't have to do it this way, just be sure you can do it this way. And don't delude yourself into thinking you can, when most likely you can't. Leaping without looking is never easy.)

Also important to know is this - spirit can make requests of you that seem designed to completely undo all you've worked for, and guess what? That's exactly what spirit does because it's spirit's job to do it. At spirit's request, I sold those things I was so attached to - my computer and my car. Then, I gave away the next attachment, the money I received from selling my prized possessions. At that time I was channeling Jesus and Mother Teresa, which explains, as far as I'm concerned, why I gave the money to the poor and to others who thought they needed it. Then, I gave the rest of my cherished personal belongings to a friend I met in Seattle. And while she felt delight at having received those goodies, I felt sympathy for her new burden of having them. That's when I realized why The Fool is smiling.

The point is, portals to self-discovery are all over the place and we create/discover them as we go. Your portal is where you think it is. Sit down in that tingling spot in your home and power it up in any manner you want to. Some people use crystals and others use prayer. Do whatever it takes to open up that portal because that is your personal doorway to spirit. I will send a suggested ritual for your use during the portal rituals, and over the next couple of weeks, as we do the rituals, I will continue to send information on the planetary sacred places, Externsteine and Stonehenge, we will be connecting with for purposes of ritual.

Do not fear portal rituals because, as many of you know, portal rituals bring into your personal environ-field spirit designed to benefit your spiritual growth. I know so, and many of you can already testify to the value of portal ritual. In fact, if you would like to write your own personal piece about this, I would be happy to publish it for you on my web site. Continue on this path, and hopefully we will find the means and the money to get together somehow for larger, more powerful portal rituals. Keep your fingers crossed as I negotiate ways to bring us together physically.

(This site is under investigation for negative extraterrestrial interference. We will be connecting with it anyway because we believe in life at all levels. However, be aware that Anund's Hill is controversial at this time.)

Chapter Four - Setting Up Your Portal


Here is tonight's ritual, and we will be performing this ritual two more times, culminating with the Summer Solstice. I am planning on sending out information on the Fire King - who he is and why we are calling upon him. Also, more information will be coming your way about these two portal places we are connecting and why we choose these two at this time.

For now, just set up your portals intuitively, and if you need more specific suggestions about how to do it, you can follow the links on Portal Pages on my web site (go into Ritual of the Portal section) and see what has been done in the past and what worked in the past. Use plenty of candles with this ritual. We are all hoping for a stupendous portal ritual this time, so let's give it all the energy we have available for such purposes as opening home portals and inner world doorways into the expanded Self.

Please be aware, also, that while we are performing the ritual at our level of beingness, it will be performed each time by spirit at spirit's level of attraction to us. We hope you enjoy this ritual as much as we have enjoyed conceiving it. My guides and I wish you the best of luck in this, and here's hoping spirit comes to visit you tonight and becomes known to you and known by you. Amen Yogananda asks us to begin our ritual with this prayer, which he initiated many times in his physical life while on this planet he so dearly does love. The following prayer is led by him in ritual. Before we proceed, the Yogananda wishes to say this to you, that everywhere you look is love, only look for it, that is all. Now the prayer:

"Let us pray in our hearts for a league of souls and a united world. Though we may seem divided by race, creed, color, class and political prejudices, still as children of the one God, we are able in our souls to feel brotherhood and world unity. May we work for the creation of a united world in which every nation will be a useful part, guided by God through man's enlightened conscience."

Chapter Five - Fire Ritual to Call on the Fire King

Call we now upon you, great king of fire.
Bring us your element for our specific uses.
We are destined to rule this world of love.
Bring us your fire, you great and mighty king.

I am come to you, my subjects all.
I am come to you, I heed your call.
I bring my fire stick, my flames and my pokers.
I bring my wands, my char, my ashes and my burnings.

Come to us, fire king, and bring us your fiery love.
Sweeten our lives with the tinges of your flames.
We wish you to lead us in this ritual of fire.
Great fire king, bring us your magic wand!

I am the fire king, I bring you my wand.
I am the fire king, I bring you my symbols.
I am the fire king, I bring you my life.
I am the fire king, I hope you adore me.

We call upon you, bring us this summer.
I call upon you, bring us this winter.
I call upon you, bring us this moment.
I call upon you, bring us the solstice one more time again.

I am the fire king, I am the one.
I am the fire king, I am the only one.
I am the fire king, I am the fool.
I am the fire king, I burn and I turn.

The fire king speaks and we all listen.
The fire king smiles and we all laugh.
The fire king muses, and we all heed him.
The fire king loves and we all love him.

I am looking for my fire queen, where is she, I ask?
I am searching for my fire queen, where is she, I wonder?
I am hoping for my one true love, to burn my flames,
To torch my fire and to light up my life, where is she?

I am the fire queen, are you the king?
I am the love you lost once long ago.
You are my fire, you light up my life
And now I have found you, you most lofty being of light.

 I come to you now to bring you this ritual.
Ah ha! I have found you, you beautiful soul.
You must join with me as I burn and I turn.
And bring you once again the summer solstice.

Fire king, open the portal at the old Stonehenge!
Fire king, open the portal at the old Externsteine!
Fire king, open the portal at the old Anund's Hill
Fire king, bring us those beings who know how to love us.

Amen, my people, I belong to you now.
And once more you can call upon me and smile.
I am yours if you want me, yours for all time.
You are the beings on this planet who know how to love.

Fire king, were you ever lonely? Were you ever sad?
Fire king, we doubt it, but we want to ask you anyway.
Were you ever hoping ascension would come?
Were you ever thinking we would never begin again?

I was once chained, I was once bound for being myself.
I was once persecuted for bringing you fire and love.
I am an old god, tall, slender and wise, a Titan among men.
I am the fire king, lonely no more but delighted with life.

Ascend with us, we need your flaming fires and your burning thoughts.
Ascend with us, we need your help and your elements of fire.
Bring us together one more time again after this time, at least.
Be with us now for all time as we enter the new world of light.

I know I can help you with your ascension.
I am the fire king, I can light flames of love and light.
I will help you with your ascension, bring you to that moment.
I join in your prayers and thoughts as you become volumes of light.

 Fire king, come! Fire king, dance! Fire king, love! Fire king, whistle!

The ritual is over. Now, just sit back, meditate and enjoy! Listen for the whistle of the fire king and let me know what you hear.

Chapter Six - Setting Up Your Portal 2

Deposition From the Cross

Deposition From the Cross, ancient carving at the Externsteine.

Here is tonight's ritual, and we will be performing a fire ritual one more time on the Summer Solstice. Also, more information will be coming your way about these portal places we are connecting. We have added Anund's Hill, Sweden, where about 100 people will be performing ceremonies over a 24 hour period and will be connecting with us in Ritual of the Portal.

For now, just set up your portals intuitively, and if you need more specific suggestions about how to do it, you can follow the links on Portal Pages on my web site (go into Ritual of the Portal section) and see what has been done in the past and what worked in the past. Use plenty of candles with this ritual. Let's give this all the energy we have available for such purposes as opening home portals, inner world doorways into the expanded Self, and for opening these great stone portals.

While we are performing the ritual at our level of beingness, it will be performed each time by spirit at spirit's level of attraction to us. We hope you enjoy this ritual as much as we have enjoyed conceiving it. My guides and I wish you the best of luck in this, and here's hoping spirit comes to visit you during the ritual and becomes known to you and known by you. Amen

Chapter Seven - Fire Ritual to Call on the Fire Queen

We are the people who call upon you, great Fire Queen.
We are the ones who want to know you, Fire Queen.
We would like for you to visit us now, fiery one.
We want you to work with us tonight in power and light.

Dearest Ones, I hear your call and invite you all to my realm below.
I live in the middle of the planet, near the Equator poles, lonely and windy.
I love to hear you call my name, for it ignites my fire and causes me to glow.
Be my guides tonight on the face of the planet, and let's do ritual tonight and today.

Dear Fire Queen, do you hear us when we call your name?
We are with you in spirit all the time, day and night, as well.
We want you to speed to us your divine light from below.
We want you to ignite our portals with your fiery eyes and breath. Can you hear us?

Yes, I can hear you, my lovely ones, I hear you well, indeed.
Yes, I will light your portals with my fiery eyes and breath.
I want you to know I am aware of you all day and night, through all time.
I have seen so many of you come and go, I have learned something of you.

What have you learned of us great Fire Queen, what is your story of us?
We wish to hear it now, will you tell us your story of us?
We wonder if you can remember those old days long ago when we called you?
Do you remember us, fiery queen, from those solstice days long ago?

Yes, indeed, I do, I recall you well, you people of the planet above me.
You walk around on top of the Earth, you beautiful beings, I know you well.
You call upon me at solstice times, or at least you should if you only knew me.
I will come to you anytime you call, you beautiful beings of planetary love.

Fire Queen, will you tell us your story of us, we wish to hear it, long and well.
We tell you our dreams, don't we? We tell you our desires, don't we?
How do you hear us if we do not speak to you directly? How, please tell us?
How do you hear us when we forget to call upon you, tell us how?

Dear Ones of mine, I hear you through my wishing wells and my fiery flames and fires.
I hear you through my own dark nights, when fire lights up your sky, I hear you.
I hear you when you appeal to me whenever you think to ask of me a question.
I hear you when you laugh and talk, at night around the old camp fires, I hear you.

Here is my story of you, beautiful people of the planet above me. Here is my story of you.
I wander through the heavens sometimes and look down upon you, as well. I travel the skies.
I see you there below, struggling sometimes and playing sometimes, my story of you is this.
You are a fine species of being, a fine group of children, I love you all. Be not unhappy, I love you all.

My story of you is one of life and laughter, tears and love. My story of you is one of hope.
My story of you is one of promise and loving, my story of you is one of sheer endurance.
My story of you is one of life and living, my story of you is one of laughing and joy.
Be at peace, my loves, you will prevail. Be at peace, my loves, you will ascend. Now help me find my Fire King, and bring us together through all of yourselves.

There is one above you who seeks your tears and your love. He is the one I love, as well.
He is the Fire King, I miss him so. He is the one I desire so much. He is my husband-man.
I miss him so much, can you help me now? You are my children, be well and be happy.
Unite us, that husband-man of mine, unite us, that man I love so much, the Fire King.

We will unite you, our great Fire Queen. We will unite you with that husband-man of yours.
On the summer solstice you will be as one, never worry. On solstice day you will be as one.
Fire Queen, prepare yourself in your beautiful veils and your white, fiery dress.
Fire Queen, be ready to marry that husband-man of yours on summer solstice day.

The ritual is over. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the encounter with the beautiful Fire Queen. Be sure to join in for the finale ritual on Sunday, June 21st, at 10:00a EST. Please email me your ritual results as soon as you can.

>Chapter Eight - Fire Ritual to Wed Mother Earth and Father Sky

The ritual is channeled to us by Paramahansa Yogananda, above. Who he is and why he is working with us this way will become clear to you when you read the material about him on his page. He is a very dear friend of mine and one of my cherished guides. In the ritual, the Yogananda tells us we have already experienced a planetary ascension in our own time and that we would do well to realize it. He also says we are all we ever will be right now.

"Doing this ritual on the tide of the Summer Solstice will increase our awareness of spirit and our belief in the living life to come. Do you see how this works? Settle yourself into your own personal vibration and say whatever you would like to say to the energy we call the world pillar or serpent power of the times.

This is the best of times and the worst of times in many ways, is it not? We fear planetary devastation at the same time as we are preparing for personal and planetary ascension. This is the key to enlightenment, as well, and so you should both acknowledge it and use it for yourself and your own personal abilities to communicate with the spiritual realms.

Trust in this moment, for it belongs to you and only to you. No one else in the universe anywhere shares this moment with you because it is assigned to you as spiritual beings walking the face of this summer-tide, summer solstice, planetary moment." Amen.

Fire Ritual to Wed Mother Earth and Father Sky

Now we are come together, Dear Ones, to marry these two beings within us.
Do you know the meaning of love? Let us learn by doing this ritual together.
Love is the joining together of all elements bound in the earth with all elements present in the sky.
Love is all there is in the Universe, and love is all there is in the earth and the sky.

So now we begin:

Dear Ones, wedded here today are Mother Earth and Father Sky on the Summer Solstice.
Bring us together again just this time, and for all time, and allow us to be within you today.
Mother Earth calls out to you, "Be my children, be my loves." Father Sky calls out to you,
"Be my loved ones atop the planet and at the breast of my own true love, Earth Mother."

You are all you ever will be right now. Realize it, for no more will you try to ascend.
You have ascended. Recognize it. Do you realize you have achieved your planetary ascension already? Well, you have. Now, know it.
Nothing more need be said, but embody these great beings within you and realize your ascension is NOW.

Earth Mother, do you take Sky Father in marriage?

Earth Mother replies, "I do."

Sky Father, do you take Earth Mother in marriage?

Sky Father replies, "I do."

Now, be wed, for we are beholden to you no more and now we pray to you both,

"Be our guardians for all time and let us be wed with you." Amen

The ritual is over. Be wed with Mother Earth and Father Sky on Summer Solstice day.

Shaktinanda (Claire Grace Watson)
Channeling Paramahansa Yogananda

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