Trilobite Alarm at Encountering Strange, Menacing Humanoids with Tentacles



I was checking on the trilobites when I was thrilled to happen upon a creature not supposed to exist on land or in water. The trilobites were somewhat less thrilled. It appeared they had begun to organize some opposition to this intrusion by calling in the ground troops and the air force. I had to force them into evolving but just look how fast they respond to an immediate threat!

Perhaps they are finding new confidence in their thick, spiny shielding and maybe they have gained expertise in the use of sharp claws. Just give a creature a weapon, and the yearning to use it becomes the driving force in its life. I don't know what harm the humanoid intends the trilobites but it will not get past me. After all the effort I have made to shepherd them into the new climate age I certainly won't let them be taken out by a creature not supposed to exist.

Lightship Argo
I have no idea where this thing could have originated and I certainly never expected to find it in the Cambrian Period. Yes, there was an unparalleled explosion of diversity of lifeforms during this time, but I feel sure it was not THIS diverse. It certainly is an anomaly and does not belong here, should not be here and cannot stay here. This situation comes under the heading of necessary recycling and, luckily, I have the latest model of the Zap Recycle to harvest the parts, along with other useful equipment stored in my lightship, the Argo.

I'm finding it hard to contain my excitement. The creature offers some interesting creation possibilities. Right away, I had my eye on those tentacles because they are exactly what I need for a new model I have in mind. The rest of the parts I can shelve until I need them, and I'm sure I will need them at some point in time.

The Meghalayan Age comes to mind, when we may need to reassemble homo sapiens into something more considerate of planetary resources, but until that time I really have no use for the extra parts. Still, waste not, want not, so I shall keep them.

Humanoid Capture Platform
Humanoid Capture Platform

In a blast of creativity, which I certainly enjoyed, I created two curious robots to tempt the creature over to the recycle. My ruse worked, no doubt because this creature lacks sufficient brain power to recognize a threat when he sees it, even if it is wearing a dress.

To recycle this creature I assembled a Zapadapt Microthin Elevated Platform to hold a Control Panel equipped with Head and Leg Attachment Clamps for the Recycle and a Diary Attachment, Twin Curious Robot Attractors, an Elongated Electrical Geneticizer Generator, a Water Turbine Power Amplifier, two Directional Energy Flow Arrow Conductors, and the Zapadapt Recycle with Intake-Output Extrudomatic Wide-Mouth Funnel System, also with Internal Grinder and External Metal Teeth specially fitted by me to recycle humanoid body parts into usable salvage. This is clearly Class 2 Engineer quality work!

No word yet from home office. They're good at giving me a schedule and putting me to work but not at answering calls. Probably all engaged in a group meditation event.

Om, Class 1 Engineer

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