Xipe Totec
Xipe Totec - the chakra at the back of the head

Dear Carol:

Did you think I had given up on reading fiction? Surprise! I just finished the last Lovejoy book, by Jonathan Gash. These are my favorite books that I have been meaning to tell you about. They're mysteries about antiques, and I know how you love antiques. You and Lovejoy are so much alike. He went out of business too, the way you did and for the same reason. You would buy anything anyone brought you and refuse to sell anything anyone wanted to buy. Ya'll are collectors, not dealers, although Lovejoy tries a little harder than you did to sell something. Made for each other! And it also gives me great pleasure to hobble you by quoting from one of your favorite writers, Rita Mae Brown, who says, in her writer's manual Starting From Scratch, "If people refrain from telling what they know, how long before they actively lie? Is there not a subtle and corrosive connection between withholding the truth and lying?" With that in mind, here goes.

I am happy to inform you that there is sex in the afterlife. If people were really honest about it, how many would admit they would prefer to go to a heaven where there's sex? Here's the deal, as I understand it, and this only represents my experience. My Heavenly Partners are invisible and they seem incorporeal, but they still have bodies and they have the ability and sense of touch. They can touch me on the inside and the outside. I have found a lot of literature about this sexual alchemy, but most of which is cryptic in the extreme. The way the literature is designed to work, unless you are in the midst of this process you cannot ever appreciate the written words about it. But I will show them to you, anyway. Of sexual alchemy, Basil Valentine in his Twelve Keys says in his "ambiguous commentary on the 5th key:"

"Moreover, as iron has its magnet which draws it with the invisible bonds of love, so our gold has its magnet, vis., the first Matter of the great Stone. If you understand these my words, you are richer and more blessed than the whole world."

See, I understand that completely but I also know there's no way I can explain to you what it means. And it is saying more to me that I'm willing to explain, and that's Alchemy, through and through. No one involved in it will ever tell you the deepest secrets of it. Asclepius, about 300 CE, writes:

"Therefore the mystery of intercourse is performed in secret, in order that the two sexes might not disgrace themselves in front of many who do not experience that reality. For each of them (the sexes) contributes its begetting. For if it happens in the presence of those who do not understand the reality, (it is) laughable and unbelievable. And, moreover, they are holy mysteries, of both words and deeds because not only are they not heard but also they are not seen."


I believe fully that sexual alchemy is the key to my spiritual union with the Heavenly Partners. Sexual alchemy is like the spiritual equivalent of Tantra Yoga. It involves Swadhisthana chakra, by which our minds become fused. I think this is possibly the meaning of the symbols of fusion on Guede's coat. I think it is because of this fusion with the partners that I can see the hidden realities and visit the nonspatial realms of the Heavenly Partners. I think the Maya knew this spirit world as Otherworld, so it has many names depending upon the cultural perspective. Otherworld is a very good name for it. My partners and I have overcome the dimensional barriers of time and space to enjoy an expanded life together.

It's funny to me, but the entire world thinks sex and orgasm are all about making babies. I think most people have missed out on this higher function that involves the chakra system and the stimulation of Swadhisthana chakra at the genital region. This is the chakra that the disciples of Tantra Yoga concentrate on. They say that all alchemy stems from their religion. I think they are right. With the world's overpopulation, now would be a good time to learn a new use for our sexual energy.

The ancient, oriental alchemists said the partners are "inner plane beings," and that they are the result of an internal alchemical process that manifests them. The process involves the psychic energy centers of the physical body and begins with a blinding white light and the taste of ambrosia. You can imagine how glad I am to be finding information like this! In the inner alchemical laboratory of my subtle body, the circulation of energy begins when the Swadhisthana chakra is stimulated, releasing ching or sexual energy. Ching combines with chi, at the heart region. Finally, Ching and chi meet with shen in the head. When this happens, the "ambrosia flows like saliva in the mouth" and the "gold and silver lights" are seen. The psychic inner lights of the Heavenly Partners, now manifest, can always be seen. Alice Bailey called experiencing the guides on the outside of the self "externalization of the hierarchy."

I have collected some good illustrations of the Heavenly Partners as depicted by various cultures at various times, and I will describe them to you. The Toltecs symbolized the partner as the "Smoking Mirror" at the back of the head of the Toltec god Xipe Totec. Near this area is the fontanelle/soft spot at the top of the head, which the shamans say is the entrance-exit point of Spirit, by which they mean how the partners go in and out of me.

The Statue of Prudence at the tomb of Francois II in Nantes Cathedral shows the Divine Androgyny, which I interpret to be the Heavenly Partner and the human being. The statue shows an old man residing at the back of the head of a young woman. For the Taoist alchemists in China, Shau-lao is Tao god of longevity, who gets to a very old age by the healing powers of alchemy. They also believe alchemy brings the reward of immortality. Shau-lao is wearing a Heavenly Partner on the top of his head, and the partner looks just like the magical flying dog in the movie, "The Neverending Story."

In modern Christian lore, the Heavenly Partners are depicted as the Doves of the Holy Spirit. The dove is shown descending to a chalice and paten, a symbolism also used by the Gnostic Catholic Church. The Dove descends to Jesus on the Jesse Tree. The Dove of the Holy Spirit descends in modern Hermeticism. The dove is seen descending on the Tarot card Ace of Cups (Water, Ace of Hearts). This dove-as-spirit symbol is like the hawk-as-spirit of Horus. The Pharaoh Kephren believed his Heavenly Partner was the supernal Horus, son of Isis and Osiris. The most famous image of Kephren shows the Horus hawk residing at the back of his head, sitting right on that chakra. The dove sits on the crown chakra in an image from "Spirit Speaks" magazine.

When the Heavenly Partner or Holy Spirit merges with the individual and resides in the head, seven gifts are conferred upon the individual, symbolized by the seven points of the heptagram. From Olde England, the gifts are:

ye gifte of Wisdom
ye gifte of Pite
ye gifte of Strength
ye gifte of Consaill
ye gifte of Understandynge
ye gifte of Connynge
ye gifte of Dreede


My researches have taken me to Feng Shui, the Chinese Art of Placement, and I've discovered a well-kept secret about Feng Shui having to do with "mirror image reversal." To know about the reversal is to know about the secret knowledge of the Feng Shui masters. I think my research of China has awakened for me a past life memory. It happened in a dream.

My Past Life as Chinese Girl, Lin Po

One night, after a long day of researching China, I dreamed I was Chinese girl, Lin Po. I lived in a poor village somewhere in China. We were starving and we were all standing in line to get a goose. The Red Guard herded hundreds of white geese into a fenced-in compound, where we could look through the fence and point at the goose that we wanted. By the time I got up to the fence to get my goose, the Red Guard went on break on a blistering hot day. They didn't water the geese at all, and the precious geese were slowly dying. Through the fence I watched them fall, one by one, but I couldn't say anything about it or the Red Guard on the other side of the fence might hurt me. Then, I realized I was dreaming and all I had to do was go och chan (invisible) and walk through the fence, like they taught me to do, and water the geese. Just as I thought to do it, a Red Guard holding a rifle appeared on the other side of the fence. I looked at him closely and, although he looked Chinese, I knew he was my partner. I decided to leap over the fence, karate-kick him down, take his weapon away and then water the geese. Just as I thought it, 3 more Red Guard materialized behind him, and the partners outnumbered me. There was nothing I could do except stand and watch the geese die. They fell to the ground, covering it like white dogwood blossoms. I stood in sympathy and in honor of their passing, and I felt compassion just about burst my heart. Just as I awoke, I had a vision of big snowflakes falling and covering the ground like white dogwood blossoms, and I wondered what it all meant. Write soon.

Dear Claire:

I hope the Feng Shui Ninja don't come get you should you ever divulge their reversal secret. And I've wanted to tell you so many times how much you have changed and how peaceful you have become--you have a new wa. However you achieved it is acceptable to me.

Your letter about the dying geese came the same day I found Stretch's body. I didn't actually find his body, just some bloody feathers that I recognized. And I also found Bobcat tracks. I have just purchased a Bobcat trap. Stretch's harem is nearly inconsolable, as chickens go, running around cackling and looking for him. But they still eat, grief-stricken or no. Chickens are so defenseless, especially when they sleep. They were roosting on the ladder I leaned up against the shed for them, and the Bobcat just snatched Stretch down and ate him. He could have eaten all of them in their sleep because, when they sleep, they are really unconscious. Perhaps they were all dreaming they were geese in China.

Poor Stretch. He was my favorite rooster. When you raise chickens, you begin to think of them as pets. I've raised too many roosters. The Arracona rooster, Emperor Number Two, has realized Stretch is no longer around and is trying to acquire his harem. But Stretch was a big, fine Rhode Island Red, not a South American pretty boy. The hens may know the difference.

Finally I have outlasted Jessie, and the Empress is asleep on the floor. Thank heaven. Jessie thinks that I am never done taking care of what she perceives to be her needs and I perceive to be her wants. And she certainly never considers that I might need some time to myself. I believe she thinks she was born to rule. I can see why Paregoric was outlawed. I can also see that when Jessie is 17, this place is going to be stacked from floor to ceiling with old, broken, dusty toys. She won't let me get rid of anything that is hers, no matter what condition it is in. She acts like it is a piece of the ark. She once followed me out on the porch and retrieved the bottom portion of her toy weed eater, the handle long since broken off, with an "Oooo, weee" that denoted total reverence. And since I didn't want to appear to be a dragon-lady type mother and since I couldn't figure out how to explain broken and no good, I let her bring it back in.

Several days ago, Hooch had one of his gorgeous jaw teeth extracted, the size of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic, due to a lingering complication of rattlesnake bite. I guess in a few months I'll have to get him a little partial plate--at least that's what the vet said, who recognizes a whacko animal mental case when he sees one. Now Hooch is lying on the sofa, which I've made up into a lovely little hospital bed. I know that everybody thinks their dog is Rin-Tin-Tin, but Hooch really is.

Jessie fell asleep on the floor a little while ago and woke up like a grizzly poked by a sharp stick. What a mean little girl. Everything I have done since she woke up has been wrong. I just stopped her from painting on her blackboard with a straw full of coke. She thinks of the most bizarre things to do. Day before yesterday, she opened the bathroom door and got the bottle of bleach and water that I use to clean the tubs and sprayed the cushions on the sofa. The sofa was already ruined by un-declawed cats, but whatever possessed her to do such a thing? Before I could discover what she had done with the bottle I had just wrested from her, she closed the sliding closet door on her thumb, and while I was carrying her around comforting her, I kept smelling bleach. But I failed to notice that her jeans and her red socks were getting lighter and lighter, and so were the sofa cushions.

While I was mixing up the Nutri-system Hot Cocoa and Whipped Topping (very good), Jessie got in the cat room and mixed up about ten cups of cat food in their water bowl. I lost it and swatted her on her bottom a few times, but not enough to make her cry. Then, while I was trying to clean up the awful mess, she was standing around holding out her hands looking all distressed because they had wet cat food on them. She can't stand for her hands to have anything on them. You should see how she acts if she gets sand or a dead bug on her hands. Irene Reilly was right when she said, "Mothers is got a hard road."

Now she keeps telling me "We go," and she is wearing her sunglasses and standing with her hands on her hips, which means that she wants to go somewhere, but I do not. She has also taken to admonishing me with her finger when she wants to really play empress. At first I thought, "What a bossy thing for a child to do." Then I realized that I do it to her when I am really serious about what I don't want her to do. Of course, after she wags it at me a few times during one of her trying moments, I want to grab her by it and sling her around my head. She also does it to the cats and the teddy bear.

Jessie just took another short nap and we are both refreshed.

A few weeks ago I had the truck re-shod. I bought the super redneck mudslinger deluxes with big words outlined in white. I found wires the length of curb feelers sticking out of my old tires. It's a good thing I got the mudslingers, because that's what we have here, now. The rain here has been torrential. Four inches last night, 12 inches this week, 8 inches last week. Some areas are being evacuated due to flooding. The water is lying over our place like a sheet of glass, and we are luckier than most people. Most people can't get in and out of their houses. Allyson has gotten stuck pulling out of her drive in a dually one ton pick-up. Kris can't pull off the lime rock road into the pasture to go around a group of heifers staging a sit-in demonstration.

We are expecting another 5 to 8 inches if the tropical storm does not reach hurricane proportions. The local news here is a trip; all the Nawtheners (read Yankees) barking and whining about high water. Almost anybody except Nawtheners knows not to buy a place with cypress trees in the front yard. If people are determined to live in a place that God intended to be a swamp, then they should be prepared to contend with high water. And it is pouring down outside as we speak. I think I just saw one of the chicken pens floating past the back door. Write soon.



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