Dear Carol:

Last week my brother Bill asked me to come to his home in Columbus, Ga., to help him sell one of the homes he and my Dad built over a year ago. The housing market in Columbus is depressed, so there's really very little they can do about an unsold house except offer the home at a reduced price, which they did but it didn't work. They are desperate to sell the house.

I took my cards, some incense and a candle, and sat with Bill on the living room floor of the house. We called upon Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, in the forms they take in matter, and upon the Creators of the universe to help us charm the house. Charming will make it charming to prospective buyers. We thought it would work, considering the house is already pretty and designed well. Using a five-card layout--X of Cups (Water, Ten of Hearts), IX of Pentacles (Earth, Nine of Diamonds), II of Cups (Water, Two of Hearts), Ace of Pentacles (Earth, Ace of Diamonds), and X of Pentacles (Earth, Ten of Diamonds) --I called upon the spirits to help the house to sell. With all those diamonds and hearts, it should work, the idea being they would love it so much (hearts) they would spend their money (diamonds) to get it. That was on Tuesday. By Friday, it was under contract. If I had the time, I would stay in Columbus for a while and do house charmings for money.

While I was there, I visited my cousin Andy and his wife Mary, two of my favorite people, at their home that they built a few years ago in Harris County. When they bought their beautiful piece of property, they noticed circles of rocks all over their land. I think the circles are the work of Mound Builder Indians. Andy says it might have been the Cherokee. In either case, I believe they built their home on sacred ground.

Andy told me several months ago that when he sits in his lounge chair in the den, he sees fleeting shapes out of the corners of his eyes, but when he turns to look, he sees nothing. And he tends to watch the hallway leading from the den to the bedroom because he senses something happening there. A few days ago, as he sat in his chair in the den, someone invisible moved past him toward the hall and caused a cool breeze. Mary said Andy jumped up from his chair and said, "Did you feel that?!" Mary felt nothing.

To the right of Andy's chair, and next to the window, I found a portal. It wasn't as intense as Susan's portal, but my scalp tingled when I stood in it. Andy and Mary felt nothing when they stood in it. The pleasant, tingling sensation I felt while standing in it continued as I walked a straight-line path from the portal to Andy's chair. When I sat in the chair I continued to feel the cool tingling. When I walked directly from the chair to the middle of the hallway, I felt the tingling sensation again. In the middle of the hallway the tingling became a cool breeze, which we all felt, and I turned right to follow the portal path but the wall stopped me. On the other side of the wall was the master bath. Mary said it always cool in the bathroom and that they have considered putting an electric heater in there.

Back in the hallway we measured a 3 x 4-ft. parameter of the cool spot. When I located the center of the portal Mary told me their cat, Bubba, sleeps on that very spot. On that spot I placed five cards arranged in the shape of a cross to symbolize Way of the Cross. We walked to the end of the hallway and looked down it toward the bedroom. Suddenly, I said, "I see something!" Mary said, "So do I!" She saw "black lightning." Andy said it must have been a crack in the portal. I saw flying sparks like big pieces of dust. Then Andy grew very silent. As he stood between us, looking down the center of the hallway, he asked, "Do you see him?" We said, "See who?" He pulled me directly in front of him and asked, "Do you the big shadowman?" I saw a shadow fill the hallway, but I didn't see it was shaped like a man. Andy said his head touched the ceiling and that he was wider than your arms can stretch. He stretched out his arms to demonstrate the width, so that he stood in the shape of a cross. I thought, "Way of the Cross."

We sat around the cards in the center of the hallway and touched fingertips. With our eyes closed we called on all those same forces I always call on--Fire, Water, Air, and Earth and the Creators of the universe--and I asked the spirits in the hallway to become more physical so we could see them better. When we opened our eyes, Bubba the cat was lying on top of the cards. We petted him a little before Mary put him in the bedroom. Then, a surprising thing happened, something I never expected.

We walked back to the end of the hallway to look down it toward the bedroom, as we had done before, to see what we could see, but we could see nothing. We went back to the center of the hallway, only to discover that the cool breeze sensation, the tingling sensation and the shadows had all vanished. Andy and I could feel nothing at all unusual about the hallway. The master bath, too, was no longer cold. Andy called to Mary to come see. While she was in the bathroom, Andy and I stood in the bedroom and looked down the hall and chatted about how "they are gone, now."Where did they go?" I asked. "I didn't want them to leave, I wanted them to get physical."

Then we realized Mary was still in the bathroom. She walked slowly into the bedroom, rubbing the back of her neck. "I feel kind of cold," she said. "My neck feels clammy and cold." I felt her neck and it did feel clammy and cool. Andy and I had the same realization at the same time, and Andy said, "They're on Mary, now."

Mary sat in the hallway and shuffled the Tarot cards and cut three times. She turned up a card--the II of Cups. Her movements were in slow motion. She sat in the Yoga lotus position, with her head bowed, and began to describe how she felt. "I feel so peaceful," she said. "I feel like I'm moving away from my body, moving upward." Andy and I watched the hallway grow longer and fill with a slight haze. We talked about it but Mary didn't seem to hear us. I thought Mary looked smaller and further away, and I asked her to cut a card. Still moving in slow motion, she cut The Hermit. She said, "I feel so small." Andy whispered to me, "Look at her face." All the color drained from it. Andy said later that, as the color drained from Mary's face, the right side of my neck turned beet red. At the time, my arms turned red and itchy and I felt very warm. I showed Andy the whelps on my left arm.

Mary sat quietly and after a moment, I asked her to cut a card. It was The Moon. "The card of the psychic," I said. "It means "stay on the path.'" Then the color began to return to her face. She said "I feel warm. I feel electricity all around me. It's very pleasant." I asked her to cut a card--the VIII of Swords, a woman surrounded by swords. She was shielded!


Mary began to slowly return from her trance, saying she felt peaceful and pleasant. We sat down beside her, and Andy said, "It was spirit possession." I agreed. Mary and I both put our right hands on our right ears at exactly the same time. She did it because her ear was warm and beet red. I did it because someone tickled my earlobe. Andy laughed and said, "They're saying, 'We're still here!'" I cut a card from the deck--the Wheel of Fortune. In the corners of the card are angels, representing the four elements. The human is Air, the eagle is Water, the bull is Earth and the lion is Fire. Two Nile sentients--Anubis, Egyptian god of time, and the Sphinx--rule the elements and the Wheel of time and fatality. On the Wheel is written TARO AROT ROTA OTAR TORA ORAT RATO ATOR.

Later that night, after Mary's spirit possession, I dreamed of being in an ancient Egyptian temple. Within the dark interior of the temple the incense burned, leaving behind piles of ashes high atop tall, brick altars. Floating in the haze was the peaceful chanting of two priestesses. People in long robes and brown sandals came in from the light of the outside world to pray and burn incense in the smoky interior. I could hear their sandals scuffing on the stone steps and floors as they moved about the temple. They bought incense from priests in hooded robes. The priests were dark, solitary forms standing against the walls like deep shadows. The people placed their incense in copper and bronze ladles. Reaching out with the long handles, they piled their fragrant offerings atop the brick altars.


As the procession of the faithful continued, a sacred book belonging to the High Priestesses materialized in my hands, and I read the words, "Element-Fire. Regarding Element-Fire, follow the Rules of Congaylia." As the beautiful chanting filled my ears like a lullaby, I feel deeply asleep. When I awoke, I was the new High Priestess of the ancient religion. So many wonderful things have I done and seen!

"I sent my soul through the invisible
The story of the afterlife to tell.
Presently my soul returned to me
And said, "I myself am Heaven and Hell."
(Omar Kayyam)


Interesting, isn't it, Omar's description of the soul as being separate from the self. As I understand it, consciousness functions independently of the brain and has two aspects: Ida and Pingala. Pingala is the immortal consciousness to which Ida is joined after death. By disengaging from Ida and identifying with Pingala, a person can cease identification with the physical body and transcend the earth self before death. If one allows the soul true freedom in exploring the astral planes, it is not necessary to have a near-death experience in order to get a good idea of heaven. Heavenly Partners guide the individual's soul into the higher, inaccessible planes.

"The heaven you go to will be appropriate to your condition...Your own psyche has a kind of specific gravity that carries you just to the right heaven. If you are ready for rock and roll, it won't assign you to a chamber music concert." (Joseph Campbell) But it will give you John Lennon when you think you want Jimi Hendrix.

My experience of heaven is that it is stratified and that the lower levels are the astral planes, the natural home of the astral body, of the individual minds of those who have died and of the astral bodies of dreamers. There are different areas on the astral planes like theme parks for different people who enjoy different things. These levels are "those of erotic delights of one kind or another." (Joseph Campbell)

I have seen roller skaters on the astral planes. The skaters in Piedmont Park in Atlanta would love this place, and maybe some of them were there. The astral skaters are not bound by limitations of time and space and do back flips off hills and skate backward and other stunts. I saw them skate across the long top beam of a tall suspension bridge. They were not at all concerned about falling. I was invited to skate up there but my earth self interfered with my soul's freedom--in short, acrophobia got the best of me.

There is a party-down heaven where people are having the time of their lives at a great bar and are being bussed back and forth to parties by a vehicle that hovers and is impossible to describe. They reminded me of the celebrants of Bacchus of ancient Rome, only they were dressed in contemporary clothing. In another heaven, I saw people who were deeply involved in church religions in life and who now spend their time worshipping in church, a place full of glittering religious icons. They enjoy this idolatry. For them it is an erotic delight. It was there that I saw Jesus on the cross. These people are in the astral planes but they think they're in the ultimate heaven. I suppose they'll stay there until they begin to feel dissatisfaction with their condition.

I visited a heaven where all the people were anatomically and linguistically different. They think that is heaven, where the very different finally come together at last. In this heaven, aliens from all over the universe get together to meet each other, as they've always wanted to do. I once saw Susan's husband John standing under a portal, with his right hand raised and holding a fish. I recognized it as the Mayan fish-in-hand glyph, which I think means rebirth.

These are the astral planes, peopled by both the "living" and the "dead." In the astral planes of higher vibrational levels than the physical plane, I've met people who are alive like me and people who are "dead." I have learned to tell the difference, and it was the "dead" who taught me. Ironically, many people who are "dead" fear people who are alive, just as many people who are alive fear the dead. The "dead" were afraid of me, as though they thought they might catch my disease of being alive. The last thing they want is to be alive again, which goes a long way to explain why the living don't hear back from the dead very often. The "dead" are having the time of their lives with their erotic delights and are quite happy in their heaven. So the alive don't want to be dead and the dead don't want to be alive. Ironic, isn't it? Michelangelo once said, "If life pleases us, death, being made by the hands of the same creator, should not displease us."

I surprised some dead people once and one of them asked in alarm, "Who are you!?" Then they glanced quickly at each other in the sure knowledge that I was alive and not dead, and they took off running in the opposite direction. The dead in the astral planes can't stay there; they must go either up or down. But while they are there they do everything possible to stay there, which is foolish, but people are often foolish. It seems that wherever we are in life, we do everything possible to stay there, resisting change until the end.

On my astral journeys I meet many dead people who really have their act together. I met the famous alchemist Maria Prophetissa, who took me on a tour of an alchemical laboratory. Maria Prophetissa is supposed to be the reincarnation of the prophetess Miriam, the sister of Moses. The tour was like stepping into one of those pictures of an alchemical laboratory. It was filled with antique alchemical equipment. Maria got impatient because I was so fascinated by the equipment that I hardly listened to what she was telling me. The Bain-Marie is the water bath named for its inventor, Maria Prophetissa.

I once met the great Cabalist Moses de Leon, who explained to me a game that he called "Secret Bridge." I sat mesmerized as he told me the details of the game. He said there was a secret bridge, an invisible bridge, and that I would become that bridge. When I first met him I thought he was Moses of the Bible, but then I learned he was Moses de Leon, the greatest kabalist of the Middle Ages.

I met Jack, an early 20th century psychologist, who told me that when he was in graduate school he wanted to do his thesis on Jung. He was, perhaps, the first Jungian psychologist. He wasn't allowed to do it because Jung was considered a crackpot at that time. I think many psychologists and psychiatrists still think so. I met Sufi Shaykh Ash-huerla, my partner who is an expert on Gnosticism, a subject I find fascinating. Shaykh Ash-huerla died a miserable death screwed to the cross, not nailed, by Christian Crusaders. I met Pigeon, a silly girl from Colonial Salem, who only wanted from me a description of nail polish, about how we buy it in little bottles made especially for it. Before nail polish, women used paint, which "slagged up," to quote Pigeon. When I told her I did not use nail polish, she said I was missing a great opportunity. I also learned from these travels that before toothbrushes, people washed their teeth with wash rags.

Higher above the astral planes are the accessible and nearly inaccessible realms of heaven. Ascension to these realms is a nice experience--the heavens open up and the angels sing. I was floating pleasantly on a cloud in my last visit to the place. The angels I saw didn't have wings but they favored white clothes and white light and were the purest, shiniest people I've ever seen. I was in the plane of philosophical contemplation when I met a man who wore a round-brimmed straw hat, as though he had just come out of his garden. He was eating almonds. He quietly contemplated me. I couldn't bear the pressure of his presence. He emanated tremendous power and seemed to look straight into my soul, which made me feel inadequate, soul≠wise. But I have a natural right to that particular realm of heaven, because I live there all the time. Philosophical contemplation is what I do, it's "where I'm at." He was in a bright, beautiful and colorful world, so bright that, the next day when I was sitting on my back porch in the full sun, I wondered why it was so dark outside. "We live in a dark world," I lamented, "lit only by fire, the pathetic imitation of The Boundless Light."

Several times I traveled to the Pleiades in the constellation Taurus, where there is a space station of such immense size it qualifies as a Free World, a bountiful and colorful manufactured planetary system, bound to no star and free to move about in the universe. The Free World is a kind of floating, galactic heaven.

Free World Tree of Life The Free World is built upon the principles of Sacred Geometry. It consists of 13 planetary ecospheres held together by 4 horizontal planes of electromagnetic attraction-repulsion, with the structural integrity provided by 42 vertical and diagonal planes. Some of these planes are enclosed highways with conveyances that move passengers along at rates of speed sufficient to produce G force effects. Inside the Free World is wonderful technology not so different from ours, just much more advanced. Many of the beings there are human and humanoid--plain, friendly people accustomed to extraterrestrial travelers like me. Hidden and floating far above and away, the Free World tours the universe, establishing life on planets capable of supporting life and keeping an eye on the progress of that life. This design is created by me, based the artwork I continue to find that is designed like the Kabala Tree of Life. I also get information from my guides that the space station is based on the Tree of Life design.

These astral plane and heaven experiences are all part of the alchemical Great Work made possible by my Heavenly Partners, who prepare a kind of shared field of sensory experience for me.

"This field acts on the observer and puts him [her] in a privileged position vis-a-vis the Universe. From this position he [she] has access to the realities which are ordinarily hidden from us by time and space, matter and energy. This is what we call 'The Great Work.'" (Fulcanelli to Jacques Bergier)

In alchemical literature there is the constant use of erotic imagery, serious attempts on the part of the alchemists participating in the Great Work to describe the secret, sexual nature of it.

"Take the living male and the living female and join them on order that they may project a sperm for the procreation of a fruit according to their kind...you must produce one thing out of two by natural generation." (Novem Lumen Chemicum, 1604)

Sexual alchemy is essential to the Great Work. The Partner, who initiates it, is symbolized in alchemical language as Mercury.

"Blessed be the All-Highest who has created this Mercury and given it a nature, which nothing can resist! For without it the alchemists would have worked in vain, all their labour would have been useless." (Gerber)

When I was last on the heavenly plane of philosophical contemplation, I sat cross-legged reading a book of dialogues. Three bright, white lights came flying towards me at eye level, each close behind the other. They were about the size of my hand and glittering spectrally. As I looked directly at them, they flew one after the other straight into my head through the pupils of my eyes. These beings of light are called Archangels of the Thrones and the Third Choir. They are described in Jewish lore as the great "wheels," called Ophanim or Galgallin. The Hebrew Galgal has the double meaning of wheels and "pupil of the eye." In Ezekial 1:13-19, they are described as wheels that have the appearance of burning coals of fire or like lamps. Enoch refers to them as "the fiery coals." In The Golden Dawn, they are "the three supernals."

When they entered my head, my mind shook for a few seconds and then I was launched into a much higher plane and into a room of people who were casually chatting with each other. A smiling man appeared in front of me and I recognized him right away as Jesus, the Master of Compassion. In a mellow voice he said to me, "There are many people in the world who are in pain. You can take away their I pain. I don't understand why you won't do it." It was not accusatory, just conversational. As I was thinking about my response, I faded away and struggled to focus. When I faded back in, he was in mid-sentence so that I missed out on what he said. I asked him, "What did you say?" He looked at me and smiled serenely and said, "Hindu." I asked him, "What does that have to do with what we're talking about?" He smiled, turned, and walked away. Interview over.

He went into a room, where people seated around a big table were waiting for him. Someone closed the door behind him. I followed him as far as the closed door and stood and debated whether to open the door and go in. I wanted to stay with him.

Swami Dayananda Sarasvati At the library I checked out some books on the Hindu, and in one of them I recognized the face of my partner, Wind Father, shown practicing Hatha Yoga. In your deck, he is represented as the King of Swords (Air, King of Spades). He is the spirit of the man who once was Swami Dayananda Sarasvati. The Swami was the founder of Arya Samaj, a movement dedicated to reforming the Hindu religion so that it more closely adheres to the ancient Vedic texts (the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita). He believed himself to be the reincarnation of a Tibetan Mahatma. Can you imagine the joy of creating at this spirit's level of being?! When I was in the library I also found this wonderful Aztec poem.

We only came to sleep
We only came to dream
It is not true, no, it is not true
That we came to live on the earth
We are changed into the grass of springtime
Our hearts will grow green again
And they will open their petals
But our body is like a rose tree:
It puts forth flowers and then withers.
(Aztec hymn)

I believe that at the moment of death, when Ida consciousness recedes, we withdraw within:

"By birth and growth the spirit≠ architect expands into this mass of which we consist, spreading outwards from the heart. Thither again it withdraws, winding up the threads of its web, returning by the same path along which it advanced, passed out by the same gate through which it entered. Birth is expansion of the center...Death contraction to the center." (Giordano Bruno, 16th c. CE)

When we withdraw, we enter a dark spirit tunnel and travel toward the Light. The tunnel is long, winding and indirect like a maze. It is best to proceed slowly, staying more to the right than directly in the center. The tunnel leads to a strange world, a dreamy realm of metaphor and myth and a strange landscape of metaphysical doors and avenues. Unless we become distracted by this world, we continue until we reach the Light, join with it and become the Light.

When traveling in the afterlife and in the astral planes, avoid taking obvious short cuts and always go up, never down. Even if the light may appear to come from below, go up. The light will always come from above. Go to the right and up, never to the left and down. Left and down leads to the abyss and the frightening sensation of falling.

"For this reason, when the blackness is seen, have faith that you have been on the right path and have kept to the right way." (Hermes Trismegistus, italics mine)

In my last initiation and ceremony, I received the Silver Star of the High Priestess and of the Hermetic and the alchemical Great Work. The Silver Star "reflects the light of the One Light or One Life, the light...too brilliant to behold." This shimmering star is the Star of Isis on the Bronze Age Phaistos Disk, revealed by dotting and connecting the 15 "hand-shields" on the disk. Isn't this a nice initiation and award for faithfully doing one's spiritual pathwork? I get to be the one to discover the major symbol and the meaning of the most famous undeciphered artifact in archaeology!

"Only [the Hermetic Star] indicated the science of its owner by this characteristic sign of the Work, the one and only star. All those who undertake the Work seek to obtain the Star." (Nicholas Rollin, 1447 CE)

From all these, my travels and my experiences, I have gained knowledge of the highest order--when the human mind joins with that of spirit, a consciousness is created higher than both, and the essence of this higher angelic self is Love. Write soon.



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