Trismegistus Fishing
Trismegistus Fishing



Finally, my fishing vacation. Trismegistus works great when fishing. It's a simple shift to tripleclone and catch four times as many fish! And if it wasn't for my Trismegistus abilities, I don't know if I would ever have dug myself out of that hole I put myself in, unbeknownst to myself. I was digging my own grave the whole time I was accomplishing great achievements. It really never occured to me that home office considered the autonomy of one single amoeba to be as important as planetary evolution.

They gave me all the tools I needed to accomplish my objectives but they didn't give me a user manual. What they did give me was freedom to use the tools however I saw fit. Turns out, that wasn't intended as a license to commit crimes or a way for me to rationalize the methods I use to achieve my ambitions. Also turns out, home office maintains some kind of etheric Accountability Board of Directors. I never actually saw them but I could hear them discussing me. It was quite an experience, one I will certainly never forgot and hope never to repeat.

Zap Secure DiaryI have a couple of ideas I would like to talk with home office about regarding the evolution of fish, but right now all I can think about is how glad I am to have put some distance between me and the Dread Messenger. I got a new diary after their legal department confiscated my old one and put it on display in the Museum of Zapadapt History.

I just can't get over that! The autonomy of an amoeba is prized beyond precious but my thoughts as an employee of Zapadapt are on display and the privacy of my thoughts is nonexistent. I am going to discuss that disparity with somebody at sometime.

This new diary is password-protected and also requires a key, making it tamper-proof, hopefully, although I suspect the Dread Messenger knows all of the universe's passwords. Still, I want to make some attempt to keep his nose out of my business.

Fishing Vacation
Fishing Vacation

I don't want it to seem like I'm complaining, after all the criminal offenses I was charged with, but we need a better diversity of fish! I am very content to be fishing and to be on vacation in the Land of Mushrooms and Lava Lamps, it's just that no matter what bait you use, you are only going to catch this worm-looking thing that I couldn't convince the trilobites to evolve into, and for good reason. A Pikaia is definitely not all that inspiring. This thing got me charged with Usurpation of a Creature's Free Will.

Still, regardless the unexpected and totally stressful recent events, I feel so relaxed and peaceful from an uneventful lifetime of fishing that a wonderful sense of bliss and accomplishment has come over me! I think I have been through the worst of it and I seriously doubt anything at all could disturb my peace of mind. I feel free and happy and bother-proof!

Om, Class 1 Engineer

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