Indictment Charges
Witness Testimony on the Indictment against Om issued by Home Office Legal Department



I thought I did everything right but I must have done something wrong. I received a summons of some kind, asking me to explain my activities during the Proterozoic Eon through the Katian Age of the Paleozoic Era. I was somewhat confused by that request because, as far as I knew, my activities were what they should have been and what my job description detailed - Zapadapt Climate Change Engineer, Class 1. Beyond that, I am not really sure what explanation is necessary.

I went into a very long think on the question before offering my answer because I wanted to be certain I understood the question and also the implications of my answer. It was quite a strange position to be in because I really thought my work during that time was self-explanatory and beyond exemplary, so my confusion was profound.

My answer was simple and straightforward. I was simply doing my job as best as I knew how and using whatever methods were necessary to get the required result.

In response, their legal department issued a Subpoena Duces Tecum for my diary, which happens to contain in detail all my wonderful accomplishments kept especially for their review but which they collected as evidence against me! I could not believe my eyes as I read the Indictment. They charged me with various offenses, which came as a total suprise to me. They knew everything I did, it turns out, because the Zapadapt Control Panels I was using were actually Artificial Intelligent sonar equipment designed to send progress reports daily to home office without my knowledge.

The charges listed were Breach of Promise, Coercion, Deception with Usury, Forcible Procurement, Usurpation of a Creature's Free Will, Subtle Threats to Amoebas, Creature Kidnapping, Electroshock Harm to a Living Creature, Forcible Transformation, Hoarding Creature Parts, False or Misleading Advertisement, Abuse of Zapadapt Equipment, and a murder charge which, thankfully, was dropped. I mean, did they set me up or what?? "Do what thou wilt," they said. What kind of a set up is that?

Zap Binding Contract

Next thing I know, I came to consciousness with a Dread Messenger in front of me saying, "We learn by Being." By being what, alive? Dead? Is that what it means, that dead is a kind of existence like alive? And we have to experience both? I think I would prefer not to, but my preferences are not the universe's priority. Not yet, anyway.

I don't have to personally experience extinction to know what it's like. Well, at least I think I don't. But the sensation of someone walking on my grave was not something I thought I would experience. I was more mentally prepared for a career advancement. Maybe I was being unrealistic. Most likely.

I am not sure exactly what I am supposed to gain by this, what my takeaways might be, if I can in fact takeaway anything with me. In actuality, the real pragmatic lesson I feel like I learned is to leave their legal department out of it. This is where "do what thou wilt" got me.

Against all odds, though, I found the silver lining. I think I must be somewhat important to merit a messenger of this caliber, regardless the energy of it, and a carefully detailed Indictment several thousand pages long. I don't think they would have bothered prosecuting me to that extent if I was not significant to them.

But when I requested time off and maybe a vacation, I was thinking about a vacation of a peaceful lifetime of fishing, not an immeasurably long rest six feet under.

Om, Class 1 Engineer

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