Trilobite Graveyard Seminar
Trilobite Graveyard, Keep Out! (Exit to the right, please.)


EXPAND-A-MIND-AMOMETER 3 - Check Your Mind Expansion

1) What issues did trilobites have?
a) Too many to mention
b) They had molting issues
c) Financial issues
d) Some of them were media trolls


3) What caused trilobites to molt?
a) They didn't bathe enough
b) They had mites
c) Too much CO2 in the environment
d) They were extremely stressed


5) What caused climate change for trilobites?
a) Huge volcanoes
b) Tectonic shifts
c) The Prophet Isaiah
d) CO2 in the environment


7) Why was lots of bacteria and fungi bad?
a) It created too much CO2
b) They're awfully slimy
c) They don't fry up crisp
d) They smell and taste really bad


9) Why did the trilobites allege fraud?
a) They were litigious creatures
b) Om made promises she couldn't keep
c) They were overly dramatic
d) Say what?!
2) What mistake did Om make?
a) She didn't foresee the CO2 event coming
b) She forced amoebas into the Zapadapt
c) She thought she could stop fungi growth
d) She zapped bacteria


4) When is the Meghalayan Age?
a) Sometime in the distant past
b) Sometime in the far future
c) Right now
d) Time period in a fantasy world


6) Cambrian Explosion is?
a) A rocket re-entry blast
b) Overpopulation of forest animals
c) Geological time period event
d) A rageaholic behavior


8) What is Prefishtoric?
a) A word you made up
b) A time on Earth before there were fish
c) A hair loss product
d) A vitamin supplement


10) Are you a Zap Agent?
a) No, I'm a Democrat
b) I deny I have ever worked for the CIA
c) I am but I don't know what my project is
d) Yes, I am

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