Trilobite Alarm at Encountering Strange, Menacing Humanoids with Tentacles


EXPAND-A-MIND-AMOMETER 2 - Check Your Mind Expansion

1) What is an anomaly?
a) Crossbreed of anemone and abalone
b) Deviating from normal or expected
c) A strange bedfellow
d) A cylinder shaped UFO


3) What is a trilobite?
a) A three-wheel bicycle
b) Something requiring a tetanus shot
c) A vicious creature with three sharp teeth
d) "Three lobes," extinct marine arthropod


5) Is a humanoid impossible in Cambrian?
a) No, there are lots of them in England
b) No good fishing back then, why bother?
c) Because they hadn't been invented yet
d) Too early in evolution for a humanoid


7) What is exoskeletal shielding?
a) Creatures in a old Sinbad movie
b) Defense against undead creatures
c) Protection from the external environment
d) Warrior armor in a video game


9) Why did Om recycle the humanoid?
a) She wanted the parts
b) She was protecting the trilobites
c) She was bored
d) She thought it didn't belong there
2) When is the Meghalayan Age?
a) Right now
b) About 500myr ago
c) Right after the Cenozoic Era
d) When Attila the Hun lived


4) Where is home office?
a) Down the street and to the right
b) Nobody knows or they aren't telling
c) Where you can talk to a supervisor
d) Location of Zapadapt wherever that is


6) What is diversity of lifeforms?
a) A lot of different colored creatures
b) A big variety of kinds of living things
c) An alien project airlifting farm animals
d) People arguing with each other


8) What did trilobite defense consist of?
a) Ground troops and air force
b) The buddy system
c) Spiny, thick exoskeletons
d) Threats and insinuations


10) What is necessary recycling?
a) What we ought to do more of
b) Trying to use resources more than once
c) Zap way to clear climate change damage
d) Repeated use of an exercise bike

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