Ocean Amoeba Seminar
Climate Change Seminar for Amoebas, Prefishtoric World


EXPAND-A-MIND-AMOMETER 1 - Check Your Mind Expansion

1) What is an amoeba?
a) A member of the other political party
b) A gift my old aunt gave me
c) A single cell organism
d) The name of my cat


3) What is a Zap Agent?
a) What you say it is, you're making it up
b) An employee of Zapadapt
c) A zipper salesperson
d) A spy for an alien species


5) Name an amoeba body part
a) A pseudopod
b) A central blobapod extendermasher
c) A felt tip pen
d) Don't know but found one in the bathtub


7) Meghalayan Age is?
a) Long ago in Asia
b) The age of my old aunt
c) During the time of Ghengis Khan
d) Happening right now


9) How long ago was 800 million years?
a) Length of Age of Dinosaurs times 4.8
b) Sometime before day before yesterday
c) A long long long long long time ago
d) Are you kidding me?!
2) What do amoebas eat?
a) Anything they can get their blob on
b) Each other if they are hungry enough
c) Fungi
d) Bacteria


4) What is Prefishtoric?
a) Ridiculous, you can't just make stuff up
b) A time on Earth when there were no fish
c) A college class
d) A new video game!


6) Cambrian Explosion is?
a) A tragic accident
b) Population growth in East Umbria
c) Geological time period event
d) Too painful to talk about


8) What is an exoskeleton?
a) A member of the other political party
b) An external skeleton
c) Another name for endoskeleton
d) An undead creature


10) Are you a Zap Agent?
a) No, I'm a Republican
b) I've been called many things but not that
c) I am but I don't know what my project is
d) Yes, I am

(If you are using a cell phone the results won't tabulate. See the answers below.)

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