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I came to consciousness with a message from home office. Finally! Well, I can hardly believe it! In response to my question about legality they answered cryptically, "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law." Really?? What is that supposed to mean? If there are no consequences for anything I do I guess that makes me a special case.

And they had no comment at all about backtravel to 800 million years ago. What about expenses? I didn't expect to go completely without compensation for that kind of business travel. And what about medical? Going back that far in time is concussion territory. I'll need coverage for that.

Do what thou wilt...hmmm. Here is my thinking. If I can do what I wilt then I can use those creature tentacles I recycled into parts to zapadapt trilobites into a species immune to climate change. This would solve a lot of problems, legal and otherwise, and would keep the species evolving even as the old form goes extinct.

Do What Thou Wilt Do What Thou Wilt

I understand the trilobites' resistance to change. I know how much they love their claws and their legs and their shields and their bad selves, but it should make sense to them, hopefully, to run with a species that has immunity to climate change, whether they can understand why or not. The way the climate is changing, the new takeaways for form are simple - an elongated vertebrate that's translucent, skinny, and squishy. That's a Pikaia but it isn't going to be appealing to trilobites, unfortunately. They have to wise up, though, and take on that form.

For these conditions we are in on this planet, forming a consciousness around water is easily the safest thing to do, what with all this land mass formation and continued activity. It's just the nature of the place we find ourselves, and how much smarter it is to acknowledge this reality than to deny it.

Before this phase of planetary development, the wisdom was that having more size meant needing more armor to protect against various harsh environmental conditions caused by the beginning of land mass. That's a trilobite, but it's clinging to the past when it tries to stay in that form.

And before that, when the ocean was just about all there was and nearly intolerable, due to the lack of virtually everything except salt water, just being extremely small was good enough to survive climate change. That's an amoeba. Before that...well, that's another chapter.

Om, Class 1 Engineer

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