Subatomic Particle PrisonerThere is a very interesting Sanskrit writing, many thousands of years old, which I am venturing to quote here. It says:

"Every form on earth, and every speck (atom) in space, strives in its efforts towards self-formation, and to follow the model placed for it in the Heavenly Man. The involution and the evolution of the atom... have all one and the same object: man." (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Substance, Alice Bailey, 1922)

Page 28 - SECTION Z

Zen Question - Once upon a time, people involved with life structures decided to rapidly decay those structures on a daily basis, in order to get money and fame. Quick, what should they do to prepare themselves for the afterlife, give up their jobs or just simply quit?

The life structure of fundamental particles is interesting to those people involved in the scientific investigation of them. When the particles are made to decay, something strange happens. The particle vanishes, to be replaced by two or more different particles. Who are these two new guys and what do they intend to do? Where do they come from and what is their function? Are they stable and can we control them? These are questions fizzassists ask to acquire more funding to answer these questions. The new particles are particle babies, offspring of the mother particle that was forced to decay. She reproduced right at the last moment so that life can continue.

Zenith squark - Squark is the name fizzassists give to Spirit, for they cannot even make themselves acknowledge the power of the Divine and give It a respectful name. One of their GUTs is the supersymmetric theory, which suggests that each particle has a massive "shadow" particle partner. For every quark there may be a so-called squark, an invisible spiritual counterpart. Spirit in the world of subatomic particles? Now, that is squark!

Zero - This is the negative space wherein we exist when we do not take action. When we exist as zero negativity it means we are just simply living our lives and doing very little to assist in ascension and enlightenment activities. We are not fully cooperating with God/dess-Universe regarding our purpose for being here. We are ghosts, not Spirits.

We do have a purpose and we are here to discover it. We are Spirit and we can gain spiritual consciousness here and now. This is what we are asking of ourselves. We want mass spiritual consciousness. We believe God/dess will love it if we come together as One and revise our relationship with subatomic particles from one of torture and misuse to one of love.

Zero point - This is the point in time when we realize we can make a difference in the world and when we realize negativity has us in its grips. The idea is to take advantage of it. When we have an issue such as this one, spirituality-not in the field of atom smashing, we have the chance to establish ourselves as points of enlightened perspective in the eternal fabric of space-time and energy-matter. We just stand up and be particles in the particle wave and change the flow of things. We can do it because we are Shambhala Warriors, we are people armed with compassion and insight and focused Buddha Mind. (I love you, Sarasvati, Horus, Visarda Cumperrion Mariano.)

We wish all of us the best of happiness, peace, love and serenity. Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives.

Ganesha I AM the Particle

When I was creating art for this book, this image occurred. The face of Ganesha, elephant God in Hinduism, just appeared in the big particle from nowhere when I saved the image. I think it means everything we do is important and universally known. It might also mean our island planet is about to be up the creek without a paddle!

Claire Grace Watson, Shield Guide
Lord Sananda and The Atlanteans
Amen and Awomen.



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