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Particles self-organizing into atmosphere

Subatomic Particle PrisonerWe are all of us entities, ensouling a form, and through the intelligence endeavoring to utilize that form for a specific purpose which exists within the conscious will of the true self. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Form, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Bilateral focus and causation of same - According to this proposition, atoms can take care of themselves if they have to. God/dess never intended atoms to defend themselves against us and therefore did not equip them with any kind of defense mechanisms. Atoms are defenseless creatures who are only trying to fulfill their God/dess-given directives. (Particle Wave, left)

This interrelation will produce, finally, the perfected expression (through the medium of matter) of the conscious purpose of some indwelling entity. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of the Thinker, Alice Bailey)

Bilocation tables and ranges - These tables and ranges reference the atoms' response to aggression and how fast it mounts a defense against attack. What foolishness to ascribe such activities to atoms! Adam usually responds to aggression and mounts a defense, but not atom. This is wholly mad on the part of the fizzassists and it is calculated to provide rationalization of bad behavior toward the atoms. Fizzassists believe atoms can defend themselves if they want to.

Band sizing for basin formation - A certain bandwidth is used in the formation of the accelerator for particle acceleration. Used in the production of basin formation, the basin is formed by increasing the width of the band.

Basin describes what happens to the subatomic particle when it tries to escape the particle accelerator. It forms a basin of reality from which to operate. When the basin does not work, the particles mutates. Basin describes the moment the particle expands itself into a new reality to escape the accelerator. Basin is a nice way of saying that the particle is expanding in an effort to escape the torture of particle acceleration. (I love you, Sananda, Buddha, Jesus and Ganesha.)

Band sizing for basin problems - In order to expand their basins, particles give extreme responses to band sizing. When particles have difficulty in giving the correct response to band sizing, they try to escape the accelerator. The fizzassists increase the band sizing to force the particles to expand their basins, but the particles are not responding correctly. Instead, they are trying to get out of the accelerator rather than stay in there and mutate.

Band sizing for border continuity - The particles attempt to escape the accelerator by displaying certain motions and responses expressed as borders. These are their indications of their attempts to escape. Border continuity refers to their inability to escape by displaying certain borders, such as ringed borders, rounded borders and elongated borders. The particles are simply trying to come up with some form or pattern that will allow them to escape their current situation of being forced to travel at high speeds inside vast particle accelerators. The particles are not allowed to be particles and are therefore trying to produce other forms that will be allowed to be particles. The fizzassists are then making notations on how the particles mutate.

Boron RealityBand sizing for boron projections - Particles cannot form the kind of boron projections the fizzassists are looking for. Boron projections are formed by the particles when they are placed in extreme stress like being forced to travel at high speeds inside a particle accelerator. They begin to form projections of themselves in hopeless attempts to reproduce offspring that will survive the torture. The fizzassists place the projections in boron solutions to see what kind of individual the particles have produced. These particle offspring are then treated to more chemical solutions, and this teaches them that they have been born into hell and that they are not divine children of God/dess. This is the same teaching we give people when we give them a taste of the nuclear bomb.

Band sizing for boron projections and production - When trying to escape the accelerator, particles make projections of themselves. They form individual reproductions that may have a chance to survive.

Band sizing for boron quantity - The particles must reproduce according to the requirements set up by the fizzassists. They must form projections of themselves to be placed into the boron solutions. They are required to reproduce several times over so the fizzassists will have many particle offspring to torture. This activity may get us into big trouble because God/dess loves her particle babies. But if do not believe in God/dess like the fizzassists do not, then we have nothing to worry about. Ah, some belief systems are so convenient. Ultimately, it does not matter what the fizzassists believe. Karma, our benign system of cause and effect without judgment, is provided us by the sweet Universe (see section K) and will eventually relieve us of aberrations like particle fizzassists.

Band sizing for boron solutions - The particles can produce additional particles to be placed in boron solutions. They would prefer not to, but we make them do it. The fizzassists could make notes on how long it tokes the new particles to mutate. This is what we are doing with the particle offspring, making notes on how long it takes them to mutate.

Band sizing for formation of boron solutions - Particle accelerators and boron solution results are used to extract money from corporations and governments so that more of these facilities can be built.

Band sizing for permanency of boron solvents and solutions - Band sizing is used to determine quantities of boron solutions and solvents used in basin production and causation. Boron solvents are especially damaging to particles because they scour the particles like scouring pads and remove, little by little, the particles' natural defenses against them.

Boron causation and qualities of same - Boron is used to make the particles perform so that fizzassists can understand how the particles make offspring. Boron is a caustic substance that damages the particles beyond repair. It is like dipping the particles in battery acid to see what they will do.

Boron complications and causation of same - Boron is used to make determinations about the particles. "Boron complications" refers to the injuries caused by the boron when applied to the particles. This result should tell the fizzassists to stop dipping the particles in boron because the little particles cannot take it.

Boron complications and solutions - Boron solutions are used in the destruction of subatomic particles. Sometimes, complications occur in which the particles are not destroyed at the rate the fizzassists were hoping. When this occurs, the particles are asked to commit suicide to make the results comply with the data supplied the corporations. This is logic in reverse and sets up a uniServe instead of a Universe. In a uniServe, the particles are forced to serve our purposes rather than those of the Universe.

A uniServe is a negative Universe existing alongside a positive Universe. Unless the negative uniServe is reduced in size, it will overwhelm the Universe. When this happens, law of reciprocal will go into effect and the Universe may go the way it came, only in reverse. It will come back again when it can expect to be treated better.

Boron particles and certain qualities of same - After subatomic particles are converted to boron particles, they live but a short time. While they are boron particles they are continuously tortured to release what little information they have left before they are utterly destroyed.

Boron patented responses to trials - The particles insist on giving the same responses, the only ones they know how to give, when introduced to caustic boron. Whatever it is the fizzassists are hoping for does not occur because the particles stubbornly insist on responding instinctively to the poison being introduced to their systems. Until they mutate and their response is patented and sold.

Boron possibilities and probabilities - This is a fancy way of stating nothing at all. This terminology is devised so that fizzassists can convince their funding sources of their profound knowledge of abstract math. We, however, are more convinced of their profound knowledge of spreadsheets and bank books.

Boron qualities - Boron is used to make determinations regarding particles and their behavioral patterns. The use of boron is criminal in the extreme, and the only response the particles can be expected to give is one in which they are trying desperately to escape the boron solutions. What is the purpose in testing such as this?

Boron qualities and subsets - Boron is used to destroy particles. The boron produces a motivation on the part of the particles to reproduce.

Boron qualities and substructures - Boron is used to induce particles toward reproductive behavior.

Boron quantities - Boron is used to induce particles toward reproductive behavior before they are murdered. This use of boron is Draconian, to say the least.

Boron results of testing and trials and causation of same - Boron is used to devise ways of determining results while the particles are being put through hell. The results show that the fizzassists could care less about the particles and their torture but want only to produce this bogus material to extract money from governments and corporations.

Boron server qualities - Boron is used to make determinations regarding the ability of the particles to provide service to the fizzassists. They need the particles to perform certain functions, such as removing themselves from the accelerator if the fizzassists are not feeling up to it, releasing themselves from the boron solutions if the fizzassists forget to and returning themselves to their cages if the fizzassists have been drinking. If they are still alive, they can show consideration and relocate themselves to another laboratory when the fizzassists are done with them.

"Server qualities" refers to the use of boron to make determinations about particle over-exposure, so that testing can be continued.

Boron sub-levels and results - The particles respond to the boron by creating sub-levels of existence. This is like setting up housekeeping in two places, the main residence and the cabin on the lake. Some of the fizzassists have just the one home, and others have vacation homes. When not on vacation, the fizzassists try to determine if the particles can create a viable second level existence via reproduction, as a response to the boron solution and solvents. This is completely Draconian because the particles are only trying to survive what is being done to them. And they are being done to death.

Boron subsets - This again describes the attempts by the particles to create another existence apart from the one the fizzassists are creating for them.

Boron subsets and qualities - The particles try to create a friendly environment in which to live and continue in their world. The fizzassists do everything possible to prevent this, and it is for this reason that the fizzassists will answer to God/dess. They are not worried about that at all, luckily, because they consider themselves to be gods. "We have created something from nothing," they recently claimed. It was in all the papers.

Boron substructure - Boron is used to make determinations about the ability of the particles to destroy the fizzassists, who are harming them. The particles are said to be able to set up base camp, register recruits for the infantry, and wage full-scale war on the fizzassists of the Draconian Empire. In response to these actions, the fizzassists are setting up their base camps, registering their recruits through the colleges and universities and waging full-scale war on the particles.

Boron substructure and sun shielding - Boron is used to establish parameters regarding sun shielding and photon production. It is used to cause the photons to react instinctively to the sun shielding so that they produce a substructure measurable in terms of quantity and quality.

Boron trials and substructure results - Boron is used to force the particles to produce substructures measurable by the fizzassists so they can produce results measurable by governments and corporations, so that their funding continues and increases.

Band sizing for certain quark response - Because quarks, the most minuscule subatomic particles, have been stopped by fizzassists from continuing with God/dess's creation, they form little reproductions of themselves to go out into the Universe to continue the Great Work. Instead of being allowed to go out and fulfill their destinies, the new quarks are rounded up into captivity and restricted from their prime directive of producing atoms. This action places the formation of the Universe in the hands of the Dracos, who are behind these experiments. The Dracos (from Draconian laws of the ancient Greeks) are evil (live spelled backwards). They are beings who spread the vices of usury, consumption and greed.

The Dracos exist both interdimensionally and physically. They can be both seen and heard, yet with a difference. Their potentiality is seeded within us, just as is the angelic part of ourselves, and their longing and lust for power comes out especially strong in our particular space-time, energy-matter environment. They are the negative ET's within and without that would do us harm and who serve only their masters--the vices of usury, consumption and greed. The Dracos are the equivalent of Satan, and the fizzassists are their legionnaires.

Band sizing for fixed properties regarding sun shielding - Band sizing informs the fizzassists of the sun's abilities to produce photons at certain rates. The photons are captured for use in experimentation requiring photon particle accelerators and chemical solutions. This helps us make determinations about the production of particle accelerators and how we can use the accelerators to get money to buy more accelerators. This activity is getting us in so deep with God/dess that we may not be able to get back out. (I love you, Solon Centurion)

Band sizing for further illuminations - Band sizing is used to make determinations about illumination of photon particles. With this experiment, we can test for variables such as duration of life span, duration of pain before extinction, termination of usefulness in the Universe, termination of ability to reproduce as God/dess directs them to do and termination of willingness to live. These variables are very important because corporations and governments can be made to believe that such information is critical.

Band sizing for possible quark reproduction - Band sizing is used to derive quarks from atoms. These devices ensure the perpetuation of particles for use by the Draconians. Since we need the production of quarks to defraud the corporations and governments of money, we need to destroy the particles. But we are producing more than just quarks. We are producing karma. God/dess may not be pleased with this use of Her particles to derive quarks for purposes of fraud.

Band sizing for probable quark restructure - Band sizing is used to restructure particles so that they will produce quarks or tiny replicas of themselves, with single nuclei and singularities.

Band sizing for probable stasis and same - The use of band sizing for stasis means the structure of the band is composed to produce certain kinds of individual particles for use in stasis operations. The band size defines the properties of the band that will be used to produce the particles' newborn replicas of themselves, their offspring.

Band sizing for border production - Band sizing is used to make the particles reproduce on behalf of financial directives.

Band sizing for quality and quantity - Certain bands are required to produce certain results, and this refers to the selection of bands of quality rather than of quantity.

Band sizing for sampling and testing - Band sizing is used to take samples of the particles being used in the experiment.

Band sizing for simple sun spotting - Band sizing is used to take photon samples, which are used in a way detrimental to the photons. (Sananda, Buddha, Jesus, Ganesha)

Band sizing for sun screening and sun trials - Band sizing is used to take samples of photons, and the samples are used to make the photons perform certain functions, like shed rings and shed shielding so that fizzassists can decide if the photons can kill themselves by their own functions. .

Band sizing for sun series and sun spots - This activity helps the fizzassists decide what to do if the photons jump out of the accelerator and attack the fizzassists. (Solon Centurion)

Subatomic Particles
Particle World

Band sizing for sun sourcing and sun spotting - This study is designed to shield the fizzassists against attacking photons, when the photons have had just about enough of the fizzassists. Band sizing for sun sourcing and sun spotting gives the fizzassists some idea of what the photons are capable of doing when used in experiments designed to destroy the photons before they can destroy themselves.

Band sizing for sun spots and sun shields - Fizzassists use shielding when the photons are on the attack. The fizzassists are able to design band sizing for just about anything, including photons attacking with ray guns.

Bands of infrared light - The sun's reflective abilities and rays are used to determine qualities exhibited by subatomic particles. The infrared light is used to destroy the photons' ability to reproduce when under attack by the fizzassists.

Bandwidth, bandlength and band size - Bands destroy particles. Bandwidth is a reference to the size of the band used to destroy them. Bandwidth is used to make determinations about how well particles can restructure themselves after being destroyed by our fizzassists.

Bandlength is the same as bandwidth but refers to the length of the band used in the accelerator. The particles are particularly damaged by certain bandlengths because the particle accelerators are geared to destroy particles rather than to preserve particles.

Band sizing is used to produce certain qualities and quantities of particles in the particle accelerator. The purpose of this is to show the corporations the kind of real important work that can be done if they will only continue to fund the experiments.

Barium mixtures and bottled solutions for same - Barium is used in the particle accelerators to produce certain results quantifiable by barium testing. Fizzassists submerge the particles in a toxic solution to see what they will do, whether they will live or die or mutate or what. This kind of activity is against the right to live, and we know it. We just don't do anything about it. Hopefully, God/dess will not come to a logical conclusion and say, "Well, since they do not do anything about it, I suppose they all agree with it." See, I'm just trying to get on record that I definately don't agree with it, just in case someone's taking names and making lists. You can get on this "passover" list, too. Send an email and I'll add your name.

Beryllium and subsystems of same - Beryllium is used in particle accelerators to determine the ability of the particles to survive treatment like this. The "subsystems" referenced here are the particles' own, enabling them to reproduce themselves to survive, but the beryllium is designed to eliminate such reproductions. This is death by design.

Beta particles - Particles of the beta variety are captured by the fizzassists and given such terrible treatment as cannot be described here.

Border fields and border housing - Particles make borders and establish housing to protect them. The fizzassists destroy the housing. Is this what we can expect when we are frying in Hades and are trying to build housing to protect us from the fire? Perhaps we should line our coffins with asbestos, so that our housing will not be destroyed and we will not gain from it the same experiences as we afforded the particles. If it happens this way, we will not take it personally. It is only karma, the benign system of cause and effect without judgment provided us by the sweet Universe. This system keeps everything aligned and balanced.

Border parameters, patterns and positions - The particles desperately produce borders in their attempts to escape from the fizzassists and their torturous testing, and the fizzassists eagerly study and destroy the borders. This creates volumes of reading material useful in extracting money from the governments and corporations.

Border possibilities and predictions - The fizzassists would like to predict the borders the particles will build so they can devise means of destroying the new borders. This is the function of particle fizz666, predicting what the particles will do and then devising ways to prevent the particles from doing it. Or finding ways to make them do something new and twisted.

Border problems and solutions - When fizzassists are unable to predict successfully the borders that the particles will build, they may practice astrology or cast dice to make these predictions. What they will not do is give up and leave the particles alone. They will not be outsmarted by a bunch of dumb particles.

Border qualities and border quantities - The particles create borders to defray the cruelty perpetrated upon them by the fizzassists. Some of the borders are designed for quality in defraying the fizzassists and some are designed for quantity in using sheer number to repel the fizzassists. This production of borders by the particles is a pathetic attempt to repel the fizzassists by using what little means of defenses the particles have. It is really sad.

Border strands and border strains - Particles attempt to repel the fizzassists by creating specific types of borders, and they attempt to propagate this border if it has been effective. This is a terrible abuse of the particles and their ability to defend themselves.

Bosons and qualities of same - This type of subatomic particle is quantifiable and measurable, but not perceptible in terms of negative or positive charge. A boson is neutrally charged and thus not part of the normal range of particles defined as charged. The fizzassists, however, must stand as charged, and so they shall, for destroying bosons, a particle so tiny it is a quark, a minuscule subatomic particle.

Particle fizz666 seems focused into discovering how small is the smallest thing in the world. The entire field of particle fizz666 is built around this study of how small is small, but since this is not enough to produce funding from governments and corporations, the threat of nuclear fizz666 is necessary.

Burner problems and solutions - Burners are used to make determinations regarding quantities of particles for use in particle accelerators. The burner is an apparatus designed to delineate the particles by use of fire, so that they display themselves to be counted. The problems arise when the particles refuse to display themselves. The fizzassists turn up the flames to induce the particles to display themselves. This is torture in its most stressful form. The particles are screaming for help when they display themselves. They are begging for mercy and are getting none. Do you think we can do this and not get as we give?

ubatomic Particles
Particle World

Burner qualities and certain results - Burners are used to produce quantifiable results for duping governments and corporations into providing more funding for the so-called research. In burner qualities, the number and types of particles produced by the application of fire are counted. Certain results involve counting particles so that it appears something important is going on. Bean counting is what is going on. That, and the systematic torture of God/dess's smallest children, subatomic particles.

Fizz666 Delivery VehicleBursting - This lovely term refers to what happens to the particles when enough pressure is applied to them. They burst, explode and expire, their lives end. This is exactly what we mean by compassionless activities being distinctly Draconian. Motivated by usury, consumption and greed and without compassion at all, our Draconian tendencies cause particles to burst apart. (left, Fizz666 Delivery Vehicle, Roman Empire Pickup Truck)

Bursting and qualifications of same - Again, this refers to the causation of particles to burst apart. "Qualifications" is a euphemism to say, simply, they burst.

Bursting and qualities of same - Certain techniques are used to cause particles to burst. These techniques are devised to give the fizzassists the most information about this procedure as can be had. "Qualities" refers to the deriving of that information.

Bursting and subcell procedures - The particles and their substructures burst. Fizzassists like to watch what happens when the particles burst and when their little offspring burst. You know, to see if they burst the same. Kind of like comparative bug squashing.

Bursting qualifications regarding substructure of process - This lengthy and intellectually fraudulent phrase gives fizzassists the air of importance that they crave. It means they have devised creative ways of phrasing their Machiavellian research projects so that the governments and corporations are baffled by their language and continue to fund them out of confusion rather than out of understanding anything. This is exactly what the fizzassists and their organizations are hoping will happen.

Bursting requirements - Fizzassists insist on bursting as a technique to investigate and make determinations about particles. One wonders if they don't enjoy it. We suspect they do enjoy it, otherwise they would not continue to kill living things by causing them to burst according to certain requirements. What a minute! Who is doing this? We are doing this! Shouldn't we stop it?

Bursting representations - Fizzassists can make representations of what the particles look like when they are bursting. This propensity to record for posterity these activities will only serve as evidence against us. Another Holycost. See the works of St. Augustine for more information regarding God/dess's lack of sense of humor in matters such as these.

Bursting responses - The particles give responses when they burst. This is their response: "We are burst." Is there some real important reason for recording this, other than to produce records?

Bursting results - This records the moment in time when the particles burst. Such a sorry example of humanity is this. How is it that we have allowed ourselves to be involved in this line of work/torture?

Bursting subcell requirements - With this terminology, we record what happens when the substructures of the particles burst, along with the particles. This, too, is real important information, isn't it?

Bursting subcell responses - Record keeping is done to make notations about responses given by the substructure of the particles when they burst while the fizzassists are sipping coffee.

Bursting subcell results - Again, the fizzassists are sipping coffee as they record the results of causing the substructures of the particles to burst. Life at its finest moment, is it not?

Buttressing, support systems served and qualities of same, server orientation and server qualities - Buttressing is used to cause subatomic particles to be destroyed by research techniques designed to produce results rather than information. Buttressing is a form of service hardware designed to place the particles in situations in which they cannot escape, nor can they reproduce themselves so that they can continue life.

During buttressing, the particles are placed inside a framework designed to contain them. They are pressured into one area of the frame. After this, they are placed in a quarantined area where they are given a solution to prevent them from producing substructures. When this phase of the testing is complete, the particles are placed in a boron solution so that fizzassists can observe the results of the torture wreaked upon the particles. Next, the particles are thrown away like trash, helpless, injured and nonfunctional. Well, we wish. The fact is, the particles couldn't be taken out in the trash but instead integrated their mutant selves with us. (Solon Centurion)

Chakra System, Dangerous Abuses in Particle Physics
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